Chapter 43 – Sento, Round 2!

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Rika’s parents were kind enough to put a closed sign on the mixed baths so we could hang out in private. Mio and Hana were a little disappointed. They were probably hoping to get it on with other guests.

“Uwoooaaaahh! This is a sento? Naked bodies together in one place, soaked from head to toe. What a place to let pent up feelings loose. My head is spinning with ideas. Let’s start filming! Start rolling the cameras— aguuhh?!”

Mio smacks Hana upside the head, picks her up, and throws her into the water.

“Pl-Please don’t throw each other in baths!” Rika dives into the water to fish up Hana.

“Guys, the student council president is here. Please don’t do anything stupid!” I warn Mio too late— she cannonball dives after them. Her impact kicks water over the edge and soaks both Hana and Rika.

“I’ll just pretend I didn’t see anything. We’re all here to take a dip, right?”

I turn around to see Hitomi entering the baths. She’s only got a small towel slung over her shoulder, seemingly not embarrassed to be seen naked. Her toned body and modest bust leaves much for me to be embarrassed, though.

Hitomi’s always been viewed as unattainable because she’s way out of everyone’s league. It’s easy to see why— she’s smart, athletic, attractive, and cool… If Gouda is whoideal all the boys want to be, Hitomi is that way for the girls.

Her half-body tattoos are also making me feel all sorts of— wait…


Across the entire right side of Hitomi’s body are intricate tattoos of a dragon fighting an oni against the background of crashing waves. All drawn in the ukiyo-e style of ancient japan. I, nor anyone else, would have noticed at school; the body canvas extends no further than her shoulder and neck, perfectly hidden underneath a shirt.

“This? Just something that runs in the family. Got it back when I was still living in Tottori.”

Hitomi says ‘runs in the family’ like it’s no big deal. Students would go crazy if they learned how hardcore their honor student of a president is. The faculty, less so.

“Ah, Hiichan! You still haven’t removed those tattoos?” Rika waddles across and adjusts her glasses.

Hiichan? I guess they’re more familiar with each other outside of school.

“Idiot, there’s no way I’m going to get rid of this.” Hitomi taps Rika on the head with her foot, sending her back into the water. Then, she winks at me and says, “I’d appreciate it if my tats stay between us.”

“No problem, ahem… shall we go in?”

The moment I take a step forward, my foot slips from under me. Hitomi catches me before my head paints the floor in red.

“Careful.” She says, cradling me. “Save splitting the watermelon for the beach.”

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I can feel her breasts against the back of my head. She’s got ahold of my hand and guides me into the water. Even as we get in, she doesn’t let go of me. And has me sit down in front of her like Hatsumi used to have me do in the bathtub.

“Uh? H-Hitomi??”

I’m getting some crazy deja vu, like I’m being played with by my sister all over again. Hitomi brushes a finger through my hair, and her other hand lightly squeezes the underside of my breast.


“Seeing is one thing. Touching is another. It’s still hard to believe you’ve turned into a girl.” She says while her hands are still fondling me.

“Things sort of happened…”

From across the pool, Mio throws a glance my way and grins. She holds up the two fingers in front of her mouth and sticks her tongue out.

Damn it, Mio.

Hitomi strokes my stomach, gradually getting closer to my crotch. Squirming in her grasp only serves to encourage her, but I make no attempts to escape. She brushes the hair from my ear and leans so close I can feel her breath.

I don’t understand? Did I accidentally charm her?

“Mmm. I thought you were cute as a boy, I would’ve even gobbled you up.”

If the water isn’t hot enough yet, my head is adding to the steam.

Wait. She used to like me?



“Uwawa… I don’t think we should be doing this sort of thing— iiee!”

Her teeth lightly grinds on my ear, sending a shock through my entire body.

“But seeing you as a girl might not be so bad.” She coos, and then nibbles on the other.

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“Hi-Hitomi… what if someone sees… or if Rika…?” I ask, glancing over to the other three.

Ahh… I’m starting to lose control. If the others weren’t here, I would have pounced on Hitomi already.

“The troublemakers are good for one thing, at least.” She points across the baths where Mio and Hana are playing keep away with Rika’s glasses. “Imagine my surprise when Mio was willing to give me a hand.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve been watching you since year one. You couldn’t have noticed; I was too careful.” Her arms snake around my body. “I’ve always wanted to just hold you from the back, whisper into your ears.” Her breathing becomes shallow, panting like a dog in heat.

The usual stone-faced and upright student council president isn’t there, her eyes are replaced by a distant stare, and her touch becoming more aggressive.

I can smell it. The distinctly sweet and intoxicating smell of lust.

Hitomi’s hand skitters down my stomach to meet its eager destination. I open my legs to allow her fingers to explore my slit. She drags her finger across the opening of my 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂, and teases my 𝓬𝓵𝓲𝓽 with her thumb.

Her touch is melting me more than the warm bath is. She’s clearly done this before. Experienced hands lull me into a trance, making me writhe and beg for more.

I lean back onto her body and draw my fingers along the length of her thighs. Hitomi’s soft lips clamp down on my neck.

“Watch out!” Mio yells from the other side.

Before we get to the good part, a loud splash followed by a squeal interrupts the moment.

“Hana, are you okay??” Rika wades across in a panic.

Hana floats face down in front of us. Rika rushes up to her, but before she notices us, Hitomi slips to my side. Her finger is still playing with my 𝓬𝓵𝓲𝓽, hidden under the rippling water.

Mio throws an apologetic look at me.

We soaked for a few more minutes and figured we shouldn’t take too much of the sento’s time. It is a business after all, and we came here as friends without paying a single yen.

I’m still feeling blue-balled— which I never thought was possible as a girl— after the incident with Hitomi.

The three of us are sitting in the lobby to cool our heads before leaving. Rika and Hitomi are talking to the latter’s parents. They’ve apparently known each other since childhood and are as good as friends as I am with Kana.

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Mio and Hana are doing their post-bath relaxing on the electric massage chairs. Their expressions are filled with bliss. Of course they are, it’s on my dime after all.

“Aaah… I can climax at any moment on this thing…” Hana remarks. An older couple walks by appalled at her comment.

“Where are you going?” Mio asks as I’m about to head outside.

“Just getting some fresh air.”

I never expected Hitomi to be a playboy; I quite literally fell into her arms. My body is still tingling from being played with. I wonder if we would’ve had sex if Hana hadn’t interrupted. Just thinking about it is making me blush.

“Hey, aren’t you cute!”

A couple of older guys surround me as soon as I step outside. They’re probably from Tsukiji University taking a stroll after their afternoon courses. I don’t like the way they look at me, and the smell of their lust reeks of rotten intent.

One of them puts an arm around me. “Hanging outside of a sento, huh? How about you join us for a dip? What do you say?”

The look they’re giving me is repulsive. I wouldn’t want to screw them even if they were the last guys on earth. If fun is what they are looking for, I have a better idea.

“How about—”

The chime of the sento doors opening cuts short my plot. Hitomi shoves the guy off me and wraps a defensive arm around me.

“Gangin’ up on a girl? I’ve seen tougher guys comin’ outta preschool daycares.” Her contemptuous snarl is made more intimidating by her accent. Since she hasn’t tied her hair up yet and the top buttons of her shirt are undone, she could pass as a school delinquent.

It’s enough to cause them to take a step back, but their presumed leader clears his throat and regains his composure to fire back.

“Oooh, scary. I like girls that bite.”

Hitomi snorts. She turns her attention to me instead and says, “Play along, will ya?”

“Play along with— mmmmph??”

She doesn’t wait to throw her lips on mine. If this is supposed to be a pretend kiss, her invading tongue is doing a good job of fooling me.

Ah… this is bad, I’m being swept up in the moment.

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Hitomi finally pulls away even though I haven’t had enough. She sneers at the guys that were trying to hit on me.

“If ya get the point, then ya can also get lost.”

They shuffle away in defeat.

“Are you okay?”

I don’t hear her ask that. She simply tilts her head, and when I think she’s about to kiss me again, the other girls come out from the sento. We quickly separate to avoid being seen.

“The bath is supposed to relieve stress, but I feel like I’m even more stressed coming out of it.” Rika comes out hanging her head.

Mio slaps her butt, jolting the class rep to her feet. “That’s because we didn’t play this time around.”

“Your idea of play is…” My retort is cut short when I spot Kotaro across the street. Mio follows my gaze and lights up, too. She grabs mine and Hana’s hand, and peaces out.

“Nice hanging with ya— Hitomi, Rika. We’re taking off!”

I barely see them say their goodbyes before we’re already across the street.

“Waitwaitwait! Why am I running with you?” Hana yells, trying to keep pace with her short legs.

“Because we might need you. Please, Hana?” I beg.

What luck, seeing Kotaro for the second time after school. It’s almost too perfect. I need to find out what happened to make him start avoiding Hatsumi. My only conclusion is that a succubus is involved, and might have him enthralled.

Kotaro makes a sharp turn into a love hotel. Mio grabs the both of us by the collar of our shirts and pulls us into an alley.

“What gives??”

“When I was out one night, I saw him enter that same love hotel.” Mio says.

It was my first time hearing. She never mentioned that she’d seen Kotaro out in the city before.

Hana peeks out of the corner to try and look inside. “Angel Cloud? Ooh, that’s Rowenna’s ward. I think?”


The name doesn’t ring a bell to me, but it does for Hana and Mio.

“Uwahaha… I was originally assigned to her station until she pissed off the wrong taskmaster.”

Mio notices my confusion and then adds to it. “Taskmasters are lesser succubus who’ve distinguished themselves enough to command others. Like that… pffft, one that chased us.”

Oh, yeah. I wonder what happened to her after Mio gave them a whipping?

“Sense anyone?” Mio asks.

She should know that there are only six succubus inside. If she means any greater succubus, then there aren’t any. I’m sure Selene would have found them if they were in the center of the city like this.

“Nope. Just six succubus. Won’t they know we’re coming because I’m not hiding my aura?”

“Fine by me. I’ve been itching for a brawl.” Mio says, cracking her fingers.

She raises an ignited hand and gives us the signal to charge in. The three of us burst out of the alley and storm into the love hotel, but what awaits us isn’t just succubus.

Kotaro, Kana, Principal Murata, and Coach stand between us and our foes. The succubus behind them cackle menacingly. One of them comes forward and points a finger at me.

“Can’t fight when you have people you don’t want to hurt around you, huh? The queen was right. A little bait was all we needed.”

“Rowenna, you 𝓫𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱. You scared little 𝓬𝓾𝓷𝓽𝓼 can’t fight fair?” Mio scowls through clenched teeth.

“Kana, Kotaro? Get away from them!” My words fall on deaf ears. They stand there like statues awaiting orders. I try again, this time, louder. “Kana, get over here!”

What happened? My charm isn’t working.

Rowenna flies into the air and stops short of crashing into the ceiling. “Time to get the party started. Sick ’em, boys!”

All of them brandish a knife. Kana charges right for me.


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