Chapter 20 – Thank God it’s Friday

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Mio and I wake up the next day to a Hatsumi-less morning again. It’s incredibly unusual for her to not be taking care of the house. Even though I’d never admit it to her face, it’s lonely without Hatsumi making breakfast for me in the morning.

Her absence might have to do with the fight she got into with Kotaro. I should look into that when I get the chance.

“I know finding the sword is important, but let’s keep an eye out for Hatsumi when we go looking downtown again.” I tell Mio who is just finishing her second bowl of cereal.

Mio gulps down the milk and slams the bowl on the table. “Fwuah~! Y’know, I originally disguised as a human so I could start having Hatsumi’s cooking. I’m cool with tracking her down first.”

“Sounds good.” I take our bowls to the sink and start washing them. “I have Kendo Club today, so we might have to postpone our search to the weekends.”

“Uhm… morning…”

The two of us see Kana peeking in from the hall. I immediately turn my head away so he can’t see me blushing. Screwing him and not remembering it is one thing, but after Mio went to sleep I couldn’t contain myself and rode him until he went limp. That I remember…

“So… Saeko, you’re really not a boy anymore?” He asks even though he experienced it all first hand the last two nights.

“I’m sorry, Kana. I didn’t mean to keep it from you for so long.”

He shakes his head. “It’s fine. Mio explained everything to me. I just want you to know that I’m here to help if you need me.”

“D-do you really mean that?”

“Well… I’d support you if you stayed this way forever, too!”


He grabs my hands. “I really am in love with you! If you don’t transform back, I’ll take responsibility and—”

“Don’t say something like love so casually, damn it!” I pull away from his grasp and slap him. “Ahhhhhh! I’m trying to turn back into a boy and you’re making this very complicated!”

“Sorry!” He says through a bruised cheek. “But if you ever need more sexual energy, Mio says I’m like an endless supply. As long as it’s with you—”

I slap him again, this time so hard he smacks into the wall. “Oh, crap. Kana?! I’m not used to this extra strength yet, sorry!”

Kana falls limp to the ground, eyes spinning.

“Kahahaha!” Mio puts her arms on her hips and steps on his crotch. “I like this guy. You two have got the professional gag routine down pat!”

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“That wasn’t supposed to be funny! Help me get him up before we’re late to school.”

As soon as we get to class, Sensei is scrutinizing Kana’s face.

“Kana…” Sensei says, “Is your home life okay?”

“Yes, Sensei. I just fell down the steps is all.” Kana says, not even trying to be convincing.

Sensei returns to the front of the class to begin his lessons. “Okay, class. Let Kana’s face be a lesson to hold the handrails when going downstairs.”

I hide my face under an open book and glance over at Rika. She looks perfectly fine, if not just sitting a little awkwardly. When we greeted her this morning, Rika didn’t seem to react to us like she got double-teamed. I assume that was due to my charm.

For me to accidentally charm her sets a dangerous precedent— if that were to happen again, and on a wider scale, that would cause a lot of trouble. Not to mention, it seems like I’m needing to feed more often than I thought.

“Ahh, that’s right. I almost forgot to tell you. Starting next week, I will be transferring to another class, so you’ll be getting a new homeroom instructor. Make sure to treat her well.” Sensei drops this bombshell on the class, and everyone groans in unison.

It is pretty unusual to get a new homeroom instructor in the middle of the term. Not that it matters too much, I have bigger things to worry about.

After school, Mio comes up to me with a letter in her hand. “I found this in my shoe locker. Someone picking a fight with me?”

I go over the contents of the letter and quickly surmise that it’s a love letter. “Uh, someone’s interested in you.”

Mio hasn’t been here for a week, and she’s already being confessed to, huh?

“Like, the wanna f̲u̲c̲k̲?” She asks, sniffing at the letter.

I squint my eyes at her. That’s certainly something she’d come to the conclusion of. I should probably go with her just in case. “Remember what I said. No students.”

Mio shrugs. “Ugh. We’ve crossed that line already!”

“We’re going to find out who it is and turn them down, and that’s that.”

Mio and I start heading behind the school when Kana catches up to us in the schoolyard.

I turn to him and ask, “And… where do you think you’re going?”

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“I’m just following you like I always do.” He says as a matter of fact. It’s true that we used to hang out together on a daily basis: before, during, and after school, even on the weekends. But now that I’m a girl, it’s weird to have him hover over me so much.

I have to break it to him gently somehow. “I get that you’re feeling some things for me, but I need some space to figure things out.”

“Oh, so we’re in that phase of the relationship?”

“Eh? What phase? And, hey! Who said we have a relationship going?!”

“After all the sex—”

“AHHHH!” I cover his mouth. “Mio and I are just going to turn down a confession letter. DON’T FOLLOW!”

“Sure thing, Saeko.” His eyes gloss over and he obediently leaves


“Kahaha! You’re getting real used to this transition!” Mio can hardly stifle her laughter.

I throw my hands up in defeat. “Let’s go already!”

We head behind the school where one of the boys from our class is waiting. He approaches us and says to Mio, “I’m really interested in you. Please go out with me!”

“Just say you’re not interested.” I tell her.

“Look, kid,” Mio begins, “You’re not really my type, but I’m down to let you screw me.”

“EH?! That’s not what we—”

“Yes, please!” The guy runs up to her, not even ashamed of the boner bulging from his pants.

“Hold on a sec,” I push the guy away and pull Mio aside, “I said no students!”

“Ugh, fine. Sorry, kiddo. No can do.”

“Okay…” His shoulders slump, and he walks away with the rejection.

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I check the time. Kendo club is about to start. I haven’t seen Yuuto since Wednesday when I gave him a *******. If Rika doesn’t remember, then hopefully neither will Yuuto.


When we get to the club room, no one is there as usual except for Coach who is getting things situated for practice. He sees me and Mio come in and waves. “What took you?”

“Sorry, we had to take care of something.” I say. Mio lays down on a bench and pulls out a manga to read. She must have taken it from my room.

Wait a minute… I’m a full-fledged succubus now. I can just use my charm on Coach and make him let me join the team. That was the plan right? Isn’t that why I agreed to awaken my powers to begin with?

Thinking about it now, wouldn’t that just be cheating to rely on my succubus powers? And if it backfires, I might end up having sex with Coach. Not exactly keen on having a middle-age d̲i̲c̲k̲ inside me.

No. I have to keep my promise. A promise between two men, that I would help them win Hyogo and in return earn my spot on the team. The tournament is next weekend, if we win I’d have the rest of the school year to be an official Kendo member.

I can do this. I just need to hang in there and not abuse my new powers.

“Oh, Saeko. I was thinking of having you and Mio participate in club activities today.” Coach says out of nowhere.

It’s almost as if he read my mind. “Do… you really mean it??”

“Basic training with the team. You won’t be in full gear. Don’t think the bogu1 will fit you unless we order custom made.”

“It’s fine. I can change into my jersey!” I pull Mio from the bench and towards the lockers. “Let’s get changed.”

“Whaa? Me, too?” She groans.

“I’ll never get a chance like this again.”

Coach has finally given me an opportunity to actually participate. I’m not turning this down.

The lockers adjacent to the club room is completely empty. We still have some time before the club members get here, but we should be quick just in case.

By the time Mio and I change out of our uniforms, it strikes me like thunder— I don’t have my jersey. In my excitement, I forgot my backpack in the club room.

“What? You gonna go back out there naked?” Mio holds her own jersey in front of her. I feel defeated knowing she was more prepared than I am.

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Then from the other side of the door, the clatter of footsteps and chattering fill the club room. The kendo members are already here.


“First one changed gets to ask Mio out!” One of the boys says. The doorknob turns, and the door swings open while I’m still naked.


  1. Training armor for Kendo

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