Chapter 33 – The New Teacher

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Hatsumi is still sound behind me, naked and smelling of dried sweat from last night’s unbridled sex session.

“Damn, your sister’s got a rack on her. Does it run in the family?” Mio asks, glancing up and down my sister’s body.

“First of all, this is your doing.” I gesture to my body. “Second, stop defiling my sister with your perverted thoughts!”

“Let me have a go at Hatsumi. She’s so hot when she’s defenseless like that!” Mio licks her lips and tries to run past me, but I’m quicker to stop her.

“Oh, no, you don’t!”

Her shoulders drop. “I’m good for a threesome, too!” Mio puckers her lips for a kiss.

“No, damn it. It’s Monday, so we have school.”

“Where the heck were you yesterday, anyway?” I ask Mio as we walk to school.

“Hana and I went to Yumi’s for one of her ‘sleepovers.’ Gotta say, not really my thing, but every succubus’ got their own kink.”


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me anymore that Mio goes around having sex without me. She has to feed, too. It’s also normal for her to want to hang out with her succubus friends from the other world.

“What?” Mio lightly bumps my shoulder. “Jealous you weren’t invited?”

“No… I don’t care what you do in your free time. Hmph.”

“Kehehe! I came by to see if you’d like to join, but you were busy.”

“Wait. When did you get back?”

“I dunno, sometime past midnight. Brought Hana and Yumi over, too.”

“You… what?”

“Yeah. They wanted to check out our pad. Ended up watching some sister lesbo action instead.”

I grab Mio by her shirt. “YOU GUYS WERE WATCHING?!”

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“Anyway, looks like you’re not going through with wearing a girl’s uniform?”

“And, why would I have otherwise?”

Mio’s lips wrinkle into a frown. “I think you’d look cute.”

Mio doesn’t look me in the eyes when she says it, but her compliment makes my heart skip a beat nonetheless. Never would I have imagined liking being called cute until today.

*Would Mio like it if I called her cute? Would she even care? *

“By the way, I found this under your bed.” Mio pulls out an onahole and teases the **** with her tongue.

That’s not cute at all!

“Oh, my god— put that away, we’re in public!” I snatch it from her hands and shove it into my backpack.

“Wait, before you— nnnghh… aah…!”

Mio shivers as though a chilly wind had blown by, but we’re in the swing of summer so it shouldn’t be cold. She’s a little bent over, face turning red, and walks with a twitch in her gait.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“That, uh… that’s not an ordinary sex toy…”

I open my backpack to the glistening slit of the pocket 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂. When I poke it, Mio arches her back and stifles a moan. The toy feels real to the touch.

“Gross! You take it—” Before I can hand it to Mio, I see Gouda running up to us. Not wanting to make a scene out of it, I quickly zip my backpack close before he sees it. “H-hey, Captain!”

Memories of my threesome with Gouda and Kana pour back in as he approaches. My eyes instinctively trail to his crotch, and I’m reminded about how big he is.

“Morning, Saeko. I just wanted to let you know we’ve got an important meeting at club practice today.” Gouda says, nervously scratching his nose.

“You can bet we’ll be there. Right, Mio?”

We turn to see Mio clutching her stomach, legs wrenched together.

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“Ahh— oh, god… yes, we will… ahem…”

“Okay, ignore her. Uh, S-Saturday… did you…?”

“Ahh, the karaoke mixer? It was good, we should get together again sometime. And, don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul about you being a girl.” Gouda’s understanding takes a huge weight off my shoulders. But…

Does he remember what happened after…?

I want to ask, but at the same time, I don’t want to bring up a memory he might not remember.

I gotta know. Kana acted weird when I brought it up, too.

“About what happened after, when Kana showed up—”

“K-Kana? That kid? Nothing happened after. We all left once we got out of the karaoke place, yeah?” Gouda clears his throat, checks his wrist for a watch he doesn’t have, and then excuses himself. “Gotta get to class. Sorry!”

“Wait… why are they acting weird?!”

Do they have no memories of the threesome?

After I left—

I left them both in the love hotel together without ordering them home.

Oh, 𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓽.

What do I do? They’re under a serious misunderstanding because of me!

“Hey…” Mio tugs on my sleeve. “Why don’t you keep the onahole with ya today?”

In the end, Mio desperately refused to take back the pocket 𝓹𝓾𝓼𝓼𝔂 and now I’ve got erotic contraband on me. Fortunately, I found a paper bag to stuff it into so she isn’t as stimulated.

The class is in high spirits. They’re typically always rowdy in the morning and around lunch, but today more so than usual. And that has to do with…

“Alright, class.” Suda Sensei doesn’t enter with his usual briefcase. That’s because as of today, he’s no longer our homeroom instructor. “I know you’re eager to get rid of me, but I need to introduce your new homeroom teacher first. Torii Sensei, would you please enter?”

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“With pleasure.”

The melodic voice is followed by a tall oriental woman whose black hair appears to dance in cadence to her steps. Just like the day Mio entered, the class erupts into another cheering ovation.


However, I don’t share their enthusiasm.

My spit lodges in my throat, and the air around me thickens. I’m suffocating… but not.

There’s something black…

Tickling… creeping in from the corners of my vision.

It’s all so black.

I recognize this sensation. It’s similar to Mio, Yumi, and Hana… yet more.

This woman scans the room until her lavender eyes fall firmly on me. Mio doesn’t seem to afford our new sensei the same attention as our classmates. She’s too busy texting away at her phone.

Does she not sense what I do? Is Torii Sensei not… a succubus?

The chair I’m sitting on becomes brittle, and the ground beneath me fracturing. I feel like if I move an inch, I’ll fall into the swirling abyss below me.

However, just as quickly as it came, the oppressive atmosphere vanishes.

“Settle down, guys. Don’t scare her off before she even begins.” Suga Sensei’s voice pulls me back. “Alright, Torii Sensei, I leave these troublemakers to you.”

“I’m sure you’ve raised and taught them well. Thank you.” Torii bows.

“Rise!” Rika orders the class. Everyone, myself included, thank Suga Sensei one final time. “Bow!”

“I’ll be feeding your coursework to the shredder in the faculty office if anyone wants to say goodbye.” Suga remarks on his way out.

“Now, then—”

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The class immediately shouts over her, barraging her with personal questions. It’s just like when Mio was introduced.

“Sensei, are you single?”

“What do you do for fun, Torii Sensei?”

“Sensei, where were you from originally?”

Torii Sensei sports a sleeveless blouse and a long black skirt, it’s an outright stereotypical look for a school instructor. But despite her simple and moderately conservative outfit, her appearance is almost bewitching.

“Okay, class. I can answer your questions during lunch or after school. We have to begin homeroom!” She says, clapping her hands twice.

“Ehh? Booorriiinnngg… can we just chill instead?”

“I wanna nap. Lectures are just gonna put me to sleep anyway.”

Mio, and several other gyarus she’s recently befriended, groan over Sensei’s attempt to grab our attention. Now that I get a good look at this combination, she fits in a little too well.

Torii Sensei takes their disinterest in stride. “Now, now. This is your third year of high school. Your future depends on—”

“Sensei, you’ve got a bombshell body. I bet you make for a good 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴.” Mio’s brazen comment draws a round of gasps from the class, but it’s enough to give Sensei their full attention.

“Ito… Mio? A young lady shouldn’t be using such vulgar language. And the topic of sex isn’t appropriate here.”

“Not surprised. No one wants to get it on with an old hag. Kahaha!”

Mio and her band of gyarus burst out laughing. Torii Sensei silences their fun slamming her hands on the desk.

“O… old hag… you say…? Maybe some remedial lessons will shape you girls right up? Hmm?”

The rest of class goes by without so much of a peep from Mio and the gyarus. I guess the fear of staying after school for extra lessons is as natural to Mio as it is to us students.

Then, the bell rings. I still have half an hour before kendo, so I might as well get some homework done in class.

Torii Sensei and most of the students have left. Mio went to go hang out with the gyarus before joining me for kendo. The only ones left are myself and Kameshiro’s usual gang of slackers who are part of the going-home-club.

Which is strange because they’re usually the first to leave. It’s fine. Whatever.

I just need to grab my stuff and change in the bathrooms.

Fifteen minutes go by and the boys still haven’t left yet. I’ve been watching the clock more than I’ve been working on my assignment. They’re just standing by the door, occasionally whispering and throwing glances at me.

This is getting too nerve-wracking. I need to just get up and leave.

But as soon as I grab my stuff to go, Kameshiro and the other boys surround my desk.

“Uhh… what’s up?” I ask, my voice coming out more meek than I expected.

“Kameshiro told us he saw you changing in class a few days ago after everyone left.” One of the boys says, sending a chill down my spine.

I thought I was careful? Did I not lock the door at the time? I screwed up. I messed up bad!

I try to play it off. “I dunno what you’re talking about… that wasn’t me…”

Kameshiro slams his hands on my desk and lowers his face so that our eyes are level. “Nu uh, I’m sure it was you I saw. And you were stacked.” He held his hands in front of his chest to mimic breasts.

I gulp hard. “You were seeing things. I’ve been a boy all my life. Some of you’ve seen me change before, too!”

“C’mon, Saeko! We just wanna see if it’s true.”

“Did you really turn into a girl?”

“I always thought you looked feminine, I guess it suited you after all.”

The boys in the class are surrounding me. There’s no escape. I feel their eyes violating every inch of my body. They’re reaching out to me with their hands, but I can’t slap them away. I already feel the towel wrapped around my chest coming loose.

At this rate, they’re going to find out. And when they do… with me alone in this room with them…

My breath is getting shallow, and a sense of excitement is rushing down to my lower body.

Nowaynowaynoway. I can’t be getting turned on by the thought of being found out. Worse… what might happen when they do…

Damn, it! Now is not the time to be getting 𝓱𝓸𝓻𝓷𝔂!


The classroom door slides open. Torii Sensei is standing at the entrance.

“That’s enough.”

My unlikely savior returns to class in the nick of time. She marches up to us with her arms crossed.

“School’s over for the day. If you aren’t part of the student council or any clubs, this is my first and last warning telling you to leave.”

Much to my relief, the boys don’t press the issue any further and leave.

“Thank you, Torii Sensei—”

My chin is forcibly lifted. I’m face to face with her, staring into her purple eyes. Her head tilts to the left, then to the right.

I recognize her. This is the woman I bumped into at Kobe.

“S-Sensei…?” I manage to quip out before she presses a thumb to my lips.

“You…” Her gaze seems to look past me. Into me. This woman who I’ve only just met regards me with a tinge of familiarity. “You’re a succubus, aren’t you?”


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