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[Vol 1] Chapter 8: True Monster

Before leaving the Yellow Hew village, Willard had spent a lot of time studying the map of the various regions in route to Marquis city. At this time, he had full knowledge of the layout and what to expect at some highlighted points. He further studied the  map of Marquis city itself, he had gotten enough information to make sure he could navigate his way around perfectly.

While the group of six made their way to Marquis city, Willard stood in front leading the way. Azeya behind him was inexplicably livid. He was staring at the back of someone he had come to truly hate, like he was a retainer. To make matters worse he was ordered to escort him to the city, without the option of choice. This was someone that had publicly ridiculed him and had strangely gotten away without a scratch. “How dare this brat look down on me.” Azeya thought to himself.

“Why am I escorting him like a retainer? The chief must be crazy asking me to do this” Azeya continued with his thoughts.

Willard noticed Azeya’s piercing stare, and could not help but chuckle. His voice while giggling could be faintly heard by Azeya, which in turn only fueled Azeya’s anger. “When I get the opportunity, I will kill this brat,” Azeya said to himself.

The group of six had made their way through various villages and forest, Willard seeing the various places for the first time was more taken by the different scenery than the other warriors. As they made their way further along the journey, the day was slowly fading. Willard decided to spend the night at the nearby Blue Rose village. They easily found rooms at an inn and paid for their accommodations. The group temporarily broke off as some separated to their rooms, while others went out for food or entertainment.

Willard went to a nearby restaurant to get some food and drinks. He casually ate and drank, and used the opportunity to listen to the various ongoing conversations. The Blue Rose village and the Yellow Hew village were similar in that they were both small and rarely had much going on. The Blue Rose village was a little better because they occasionally had outsiders spend some time in the village. Willard continued his casual drinking till later at night when the temperature was a little colder. On his way back to the inn, Willard stared at the sky with a look of lust. “It’s a full moon today” He whispered to himself.

Willard couldn’t help but remember his time as a god. There was a particular event where he created an artificial moon over his territory in the ninth heaven. “Enough with the sad thoughts.” Willard scolded himself. “I better head back before I get a cold.” While walking back, Willard noticed a strange silhouette following him. At first he thought it was just paranoia, but after a while, he was certain someone was tailing him. Willard turned around and kept quiet for a bit. In a place like the Blue Rose Village, Willard was confident in himself, there were few who could truly pose a danger to him now that he had reached the early 6th level of natural energy, and also was at the  2nd level of elemental energy.

“Stop hiding like a rat, and come face me directly.” Willard abruptly said while staring at the distance. In mere seconds, a hazy figure emerged from the darkness. The figure was slowly walking towards Willard. “I certainly applaud your courage, but today I shall be punishing you on behalf of the heavens” The figure said as it was walking. Willard immediately recognized that voice, it was one he heard for past two years and one he had come to loathe.

“Oh, it’s senior Azeya.” Willard remarked with a smile. “Why have you been following me? Don’t tell me you have been missing me.” Willard sarcastically said.

Azeya had a somewhat irritated look on his face as he heard Willard’s statement. How could he possibly miss Willard? This was the person he hated the most right now.

“I am certainly going to kill you tonight, but if you record down that martial…..” Azeya was saying before he was interrupted by Willard. “Do you know why this village’s name is called Blue Rose?” Willard rhetorically asked. “You see, there is a native rose plant that has an interesting property to it. It absorbs light from the moon, and gives off a shimmering distinct light blue color.” Willard continued. “I am thinking we should dye these roses red tonight. What are your thoughts?” Willard said with a smile on his face.

Azeya hearing that had a lost expression. He never had any intentions of forgiving Willard, but he was originally planning to acquire the martial technique with the provision of false hope. Now that seemed pointless as Willard had pretty much declared he was going to fight him. Azeya took the initiative to attack, he launched forward punching with the full strength of a peak level 7 warrior. Willard could see his movement clearly, which made it easier for him to evade the attack. Azeya was shocked at what he saw, how was it possible that this brat in front of him was fast enough to evade his attack. While Azeya was momentarily shocked, Willard had started gathering and channeling earth elemental energy through his body. If the sun was out, Azeya would have noticed the apparent darkening of Willard’s skin as he was circulating earth elemental energy through his body. The earth elemental energy had greatly strengthened Willard’s body to a very high degree.

“Again” Azeya thought to himself as he charged at Willard. This time he noticed Willard had not moved to evade the attack, but rather it seem like he was planning on taking the attack on. “You fool,” Azeya said smiling as his punch connected with Willard’s fist. Moments later, large torrents of extraneous pain started surging through Azeya’s fist. He quickly stared at his fist to notice that he was bleeding and that two of his fingers were broken. Azeya stared back at Willard with a look of dread. “Monster. A true monster.” Azeya said while moving backwards. Willard used his movement skill and appeared right in front of Azeya. With his right hand shaped like a blade, Willard stabbed Azeya in the chest. Willard’s hand easily tore through his chest bone piercing Azeya’s heart and making its way out the back of his body.


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