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Chapter 5 – Class Summoning and Contract (5)

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It’s been one month since we arrived in this world.

I’m not sure if this world has a concept of months, but when I asked Alcus, he said it’s been 30 days, so for me, one month is accurate enough.

During this month, our classmates have been spending their time relatively freely.

While there’s training, the time of restraint is less compared to a normal school day.

Moreover, if you can achieve excellent results in training, you’re allowed to secretly visit the town. It’s probably a strategy to maximize effectiveness in less time.

Even though we have a rest day every six days, the life here is lavish: luxurious rooms, high-quality furniture, and the presence of maids that were unthinkable before the transition. The girls can even have a personal butler if they wish, so there are hardly any complaints now.

And fewer complaints would be directed at me.

Both in physical and non-physical ways, with violence.

No matter what I do, since both the center of the class and the kingdom pretend not to see, I’m nothing more than a good target.

Moreover, even while living this kind of life, the upper echelons are already stronger than the kingdom’s regular soldiers.

They’ve shown such remarkable progress, yet there’s quite a bit of dissatisfaction with the growth.

This is because despite the training, our stats only rise by a total of 1 to 2 points per day.

Seeing the numbers rise in a game, it’s hard to be satisfied with just this.

However, for the people of this world, even a daily increase of 1 point is intimidating.

With an average of around 150, you can be considered top-class in this world.

In total, it’s around 1050. Even if it’s assumed to be a daily increase of 1 point, it would still take about three years to reach it, considering I don’t know how many days there are in a year here.

In reality, it’s said that there’s some limit to one’s ability. But as Heroes, it’s not hard to imagine that we have a higher limit than normal people.

Or rather, my initial magic power value is already 300. If I could use it all, I could easily become the top magician in this world.

But most of it is being consumed by skills.

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Yet, this seemingly high number of 300 isn’t entirely meaningless.

Kanami Tanizawa in Hirayama’s group has a skill called “Charm”.

In simple terms, it seems she can make the opposite sex fall for her.

However, it didn’t work on me. I guessed the reason is my high magic power.

There’s a category called “Mental”, so I thought it might be related to that, but there’s no way a mental value of only 15 could nullify it.

While it seems the magic training is related, the stats don’t clearly define what each represents.

For instance, in terms of magic power, it seems to relate to MP, magic attack, and magic defense as in a game.

So, if you want to know how I’ve been in this past month, please take a look at my stats.

Makoto Tsuyama
Age: 16 Gender: Male
Vitality: 20 (+10)
Magic Power: 35 (+5) (300+50)
Strength: 20 (+10)
Endurance: 30 (+15)
Intelligence: 58 (+5)
Resistance: 27 (+10)
Agility: 25 (+10)
Title: Traveler from Another World
Skills: Translation, Contract

Aside from magic power, it’s an increase of a total of 60.

With magic power added, it’s 110, but still, 90% of it is being consumed.

It seems my classmates are generally around 25 to 30, so while I seem to be growing extraordinarily, it’s more accurate to say this is a natural outcome.

After all, every morning, we jog, swing swords in training, study magic without fail, serve as someone’s punching bag after training, and practice magic until late at night.

I don’t quite understand why there’s such an abnormal increase in magic power, but other abilities are merely the result of putting in two or three times the effort of my classmates.

However, from the perspective of people in this world, it might seem enviable.

Probably even if they trained as much as I did, their stats might not increase. It might be interesting to investigate this aspect, but rather than doing that, I should put effort into becoming stronger even just a little bit.

In the beginning of this new life, for the first 15 days, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t catch up, and I was ridiculed by my classmates, succumbed to violence, and there wasn’t a day without shedding tears.

However, as time went on, the tears stopped flowing, and instead, dry laughter started to emerge. Simultaneously, I became less concerned about what was happening around me.

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Even if I continue with my current efforts, even if my stats were to become on par, it wouldn’t mean I win.

After all, my classmates have two skills each except for translation.

With only one skill, my stats would need to be far higher to compete.

Actually, there’s a male student named Michihisa Fujiwara who is said to have only one skill.

However, he should have another skill.

After all, the name of the one skill revealed is “Hide”.

I’m not sure how effective it is, but since he has the skill “Conceal”, he’s probably hiding the other skill and the character “Conceal”.

The other skill must be “Stealth”.

I don’t know all of my classmates’ skills, but somehow they tend to receive skills that suit their characteristics.

Fujiwara’s position in class is, in a negative sense, a people-pleaser. He doesn’t belong to a specific group but always seems to be with someone.

And if it were known that he is a follower of the hero with the “Stealth” skill, the castle would become chaotic. The fact that it’s still not chaotic probably means he’s still keeping it hidden.

In that sense, Fujiwara holds a neutral position in my mind. He has never been a target of bullying.

In this manner, there are a few neutral figures among my classmates from my perspective, but it’s all without any resentment.

There’s no interest or concern. Mutual non-interference. Neither a medicine nor a poison.

However, recently, with the last vestiges of sentiment, I’ve been thinking of trying to make contact with someone from the neutral group. They will most likely evade me.

As fellow inhabitants of the same world, having attended the same school and learned together in the same class, this would be my last emotional connection.

The fact that I’m aiming this sentiment not at a friend but at a neutral person seems to be quite characteristic of me, and ironically fitting.

And that moment surprisingly arrived sooner than expected.

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Morning jogging. Though my stats have been steadily improving, it’s mostly inertia now. If not, it’s just futile struggling.

Running from the early hours when only the maids are up, on this particular day, an unusual presence approached me.

“Tsuuyama-kun, you’ve been running like this every day.”

“Hey, Fumizuki. What, here to laugh at me?”


She shook her head desperately. Her name is Fumizuki Yume. Although we hardly ever talk, I think we’ve been in the same class since elementary school.

She doesn’t interact much with others, and her actions are often peculiar. It seems she didn’t come to laugh, but her approach is quite clumsy.

Even though bullying against me is escalating, with some girls even avoiding looking at me, it’s a miracle that she’s talking to me like this.

Why are the girls’ harassments so low-quality? Even when they target me, they usually do things like pouring water on me, hiding my belongings, ripping my clothes, or causing psychological distress rather than physical violence.

In a class where most of my classmates have shifted from neutral to hostile, she is one of the few neutral girls.

The other neutral students are, surprisingly, the sage Tsukihara and his friend Yamabe, who might still be neutral, and recently, Someno Tsubaki who has been wielding a staff. Tsukihara is quite subtle, Yamabe and Someno would probably make unpleasant faces if they saw me, so they’re in the realm of total non-interference, leaving Fumizuki as the only exception.

Among the boys, there’s Fujiwara, and before coming here – or maybe even now – the effeminate Iori Megi and Monobe Kunuya who used to just read books. The three of them have absolutely no interest in me.

“If you have nothing to say, can I continue?”

“Oh, sure. Could we talk?”

“Talk? …Alright. I also have something I want to talk about.”

Some kind of connection. Let’s invest my last bit of sentiment in her.

Fortunately, there are no maids around this time, so it’s convenient for a private conversation.

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“So, what did you want to talk about?”

“I was wondering why Tsuuyama-kun’s stats were improving so remarkably. But today, I think I’ve figured out why…”


“Th-That’s right. So, Tsuuyama-kun, are you overexerting yourself?”

“Do I look like I am?”

“No… I’m sorry. Why… No, I’m sorry…”

Fumizuki repeats the same words.

The first time was reflexive, the second time seemed like she had accepted something.

Since the conversation isn’t progressing, I decide to lead it myself. I don’t feel obligated to entertain her story.

“If you’ve seen my stats, does that mean you have some kind of appraisal skill?”

“Yeah, how did you know? But no, I was the one who said it. I can see skills too. One of mine is ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of None’. It’s kind of fitting for me.”

Fumizuki’s laughter is self-deprecating, but I don’t understand why she says “fitting”.

Moreover, it’s not exactly a positive term, but I don’t think it’s all bad since having a skill is better than none.

“What’s the effect?”

“I can do everything decently, but I can’t excel at any one thing. Actually, I learned to use magic pretty quickly, but I was soon surpassed by everyone else. The teacher told me, ‘You’re about on par with an average adventurer’.”

“Do skills fall under ‘everything you can do’?”

“Specialized skills like Fujiwara-kun’s, the hero’s, are impossible for me. But if it’s something I can do even without a skill, then it’s okay.”

“It’s like being able to use the swordsmanship that a hero would use, even though you can’t exactly copy the hero.”

“That’s amazing. It’s something like that.”

If that’s the case, then my sentiment might not be in vain.

It all depends on Fumizuki.

“Alright, let me tell you something. But before that, I want you to promise not to tell anyone else what I’m about to say without my permission.”


“If you can see skills, you might have an idea of what I’m talking about?”

“I understand. I won’t tell anyone.”

I confirm that the skill has activated and then provide her only with the necessary information.

“If you want to live happily in this world, contact Fujiwara as soon as possible.”


“He probably has the ‘Stealth’ skill. He’s skilled at acting covertly, so I want you to raise your ‘Jack of All Trades’ skill to a practical level using his stealthiness.”

“Okay, I got it.”

“And then, if you trust me, I want you to promise me that you’ll do what I’m about to say from now on.”

“I promise.”

“If I ever die, use all the abilities you have to escape from this castle as smoothly as possible.”

I can see from Fumizuki’s serious expression that she’s confused.

However, I don’t intend to say more than this.

If she believes me, then based on the coercion power of skills, she will escape from this castle.

As Fumizuki tries to stop me with “Wait,” I convey that she doesn’t need to talk to me anymore and return to my room.


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