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Chapter 2 – Class Summoning and Contract (2)

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We were taken to what was called the audience room.

Sitting on the throne was a sharp-eyed man wearing a crown.

Though I call him “man,” he didn’t seem to be from our parents’ generation; he looked more like an older cousin.

At the very least, he didn’t seem to be the age to have a princess of our generation as his child.

We remained standing instead of kneeling.

I wondered if we should kneel, but since we were not citizens of this country, it seemed that as long as we followed the minimum etiquette, it would be fine.

There are quite a few important-looking people here, but they seem to be looking at us favorably… or at least I think so.

“I am Yanuauli Flaus, the King of Flaus. Welcome, brave heroes from another world.”

“I apologize for the delay. I am Topausion Flaus, the First Princess of Flaus. You may call me Sion.”

So, they are calling us heroes. Heroes to defeat the Demon Lord, I assume.

Everyone seems restless upon hearing these familiar words. It could be that the words are just being translated into something familiar, or perhaps they are choosing words that resonate with people from another world based on past experiences.

Among the important-looking people who have not introduced themselves, there are three holding crystal-like objects.

These are probably used to peek at our stats. If that’s the case, they want to confirm our abilities and skills to see if we are truly fit to be heroes.

Mmm… we don’t have much time.

“Um, Your Majesty. May I say something?”

Summoning my courage to speak up, some of the knights and important-looking people reacted.

Feeling nervous, I thought they might direct negative emotions towards me, so I shrank back even more.

The few seconds until the king responded felt like an eternity. I couldn’t stop sweating. We were brought before them, but it didn’t feel like we were alive.

“What is your name?”

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“I am Makoto Michiyama.”

“Alright, Makoto. What do you wish to say?”

“Um, we… no, I mean, we have heard about being summoned to defeat the Demon Lord.

However, we are people from a world without battles. It’s difficult for us to suddenly fight.

So, if you could give us some promises, we would appreciate it.”

I desperately tried to remember the rehearsed lines. I don’t know if I could properly make a request to someone of higher status, except for maybe teachers at school, and even that is a mystery. But for now, we are guests in this country. As long as it’s not an unreasonable request, they might listen.

That’s what I thought, but the knights reached for their swords.

Just the fact that this tense atmosphere was directed at me made me feel like I would die. However, the king said, “Fine,” so I calmed down for the time being.

“Please go ahead.”

“Thank you. Regarding defeating the Demon Lord, I have nothing to say.

We were told that unless we do that, we can’t return.

But, as I mentioned earlier, most of us have no experience in battles and have never even held a weapon.

So, we would like to wait until each of us can determine if we can fight the Demon Lord.

Also, while we are in this world, we have no one here to rely on. So, we would like the country to guarantee our living conditions, safety, and at least a minimum level of freedom during our stay.”

“Mmm… Naturally, we plan to conduct combat training, and we had no intention of forcing you to die in vain.

Of course, our people will not harm you. Providing you with a place to live in the castle should not be a problem, and we will prepare sufficient meals for you.”

“Then, may we have your promise?”

“Very well. However, the Demon Lord will not wait forever.

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You shall participate in combat training to the extent you are comfortable. Is that acceptable?”

“Yes, understood.”

The contract is now established. We will need to undergo combat training, but our living conditions and safety are guaranteed.

If we don’t want to fight, we don’t have to. It might be a bit challenging to leave this castle, but if we tell them we want to go on a journey to defeat the Demon Lord, we can probably visit other countries.

Safety in other countries is not guaranteed, but that would be the responsibility of those who wish to go.

My role is now complete. With that thought, I closed my eyes.

“Is this sufficient for the rest of you?”

Feeling relieved, the king asked me from behind.

My heart skipped a beat.

When I looked back, there were classmates nodding with disapproval.

I made a mistake.

I raised my voice for my sake, but I didn’t think it would affect everyone.

But, they don’t know my skills.

How does this exchange look to them?

A timid introvert who got excited about being summoned to another world and, going beyond their personality, arrogantly decided on the course of action for the entire class.

If it were Shiina, maybe they would have accepted it somehow, but I can’t pull it off.

Some have complaints, but there’s no one defending me.

Instead, they are getting closer.

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“A hero has emerged!”

Though only a few people have started, the king stands up in surprise.

In front of his eyes is Ichinari, who doesn’t seem to be too upset.

“Aren’t we all heroes?”

Certainly, the people from another world who responded to the hero summon are undoubtedly heroes.

But among them, those who possess the skills of a hero and their attendants are said to have power equal to that of the legendary heroes.


“Swordsmen skilled in sword and shield. Sages who control magic. Holy women, loved by the gods. Spies who support the hero from the shadows.

These are the four skills.”

“I have the swordsman skill.”

Mitama Asahi, the mood maker of the class, raises her hand.

Though she’s good at physical education, it’s strange for a short girl to have the skill of a swordsman, but maybe skills have nothing to do with appearances.

Some of them laugh loudly while saying those words.

And those who heard it laughed along.

Laughing, laughing.

Some are cursing me.

But there’s no one defending me.

The prophecy of being cast away in another world like a typical isekai story, where I’d be sent an assassin at worst, has been sealed.

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However, not a single ally is left.


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