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Chapter 1 – Class Summoning and Contract (1)

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During school break time, amidst the clamor of my classmates, I sat at my desk, having finished preparing for the next class, and continued reading the book I had started.

Though often considered serious by my classmates, I was engrossed in reading an isekai (different world transfer) novel. I loved anime and games, and if possible, I would spend the whole day playing. I was of above-average height, not particularly good at sports, not overweight, nor did I have exceptionally attractive features. Just an ordinary high school student.

While opening my heart to these thoughts, I focused my eyes on a conspicuous string of characters.

At that moment…

The floor started to emit a faint blue light.

My classmates began to stir.

This situation…!

While I was thinking such irrelevant things, my surroundings turned completely white.


When I opened my eyes, I found myself in an unfamiliar place, still wearing my school uniform. I looked around with half-closed eyes and realized that I had been sleeping along with my classmates.

It was a mix of boys and girls, giving off a somewhat unhealthy vibe.

What on earth…? I suddenly remembered.

We were abducted and summoned to a different world.

Some of my classmates were still asleep, and probably the ones who summoned us were around, so I needed to think in the current situation. While it wasn’t necessarily confirmed as an isekai transfer, I couldn’t figure out how a group abduction like this had occurred. Of all things, I never thought I’d get involved in a class transfer.

I decided to wait until most of my classmates woke up before I moved. What could I do in my current state? Although I wasn’t sure about the summoning conditions, there wasn’t much use for us here if we were just brought here as ordinary high school students.

There might be forced labor or kept as pets, but it wouldn’t make sense to summon us for such purposes.

In that case, there might be some special powers bestowed upon us during the summoning.

I pretended to sleep but rolled up my body.

Status. Open Status.

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It felt ridiculous, but I tried to visualize it, and a translucent window appeared in front of me. I adjusted its position so that no one could see it.

Tsumaya Makoto
Age: 16, Gender: Male
Strength: 10
Magic Power: 30 (300)
Physical Strength: 10
Endurance: 15
Intelligence: 53
Resistance: 17
Agility: 15

Title: Traveler from Another World
Skills: Translation, Contract

What was this? The age and gender seemed fine, but as there was no basis to compare the seven abilities, I couldn’t tell if they were high or low. Especially the magic power. What does “30 (300)” mean?

Also, according to the title, it seemed to be confirmed that this was indeed a different world. I already knew that when the status was displayed, but…

Lastly, the skills. In stories, the protagonist usually possesses cheat skills, and it’s common for people to summon others in the hope of getting such skills. When I tried to focus on it, I could understand what they were.

“Translation” was a wonderful skill that translated any language, breaking down language barriers in an isekai transfer. If you had this skill in the modern world, it would greatly increase your chances of getting a good job.

However, it seemed more like a skill given to everyone who moved to a different world. Otherwise, how would they negotiate in this world? It would all fall on me.

Another skill, “Contract,” enforced the power of agreements and promises, and forcibly breaking it would lead to severe consequences, even death. A divine punishment.

Promises could be made verbally, and as long as it was objectively clear that an agreement had been made, it would be valid. Even simple exchanges like “If you break this, you owe me a million yen,” and “Okay” would be binding. Denying that you ever intended to make a promise wouldn’t be accepted.

In addition to one-on-one contracts, you could make contracts with one against many or many against many. However, only the leader of the group or someone with delegated authority could make a contract.

So, even if I were to catch someone from the surrounding people and ask them to make a contract on behalf of the country, it wouldn’t work.

Also, when making a contract, one party would be me, so in a many-against-many contract, if I was not recognized as the leader, it would turn into a one-against-many contract.

Depending on how it’s used, it’s a pretty cheat-like ability.

However, its power is so strong that the majority of my magic power is occupied by this skill. “30 (300)” indicates that I originally had 300 magic power, but because of this skill, it has decreased to 30.

…Doesn’t this mean I’ve been given quite a troublesome position?

First, the abilities. The original magic power was 300. The highest next to that is intelligence with 53. Aren’t the others too low, like 10?

I wanted to quietly blend in, but the contract skill doesn’t seem to allow that. In a world where everything is unknown and we have no backing, I can’t relax unless I make a contract.

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Frankly, if I miss the timing to use the skill, we might all end up as slaves.

If I want to be fully prepared, I can only use it once. Since it’s certain that the opponent is the leader of the country, I need to make the promise before they confirm my status, or an intelligent person might notice.

We’re just ordinary high school students. There’s no way we could win a battle of wits, and if we don’t decide the outcome before they investigate us, we’re in trouble.

I was deep in thought when I noticed that most of my classmates had woken up and that the door to the room was opened.

Five people came in, a beautiful blond woman and several people who looked like knights. The knights’ armor seemed the same as the ten surrounding us.

The woman was dressed in a luxurious dress of black and white, her dignified demeanor and slightly fierce gaze suited her well. Her figure was beautiful, probably about the same age as us or a little older. In Japan, it’s almost impossible to see such a Western beauty in person.

She’s most likely a princess.

Her beauty captivated not only me but also the boys and even the girls.

Particularly, the class representative and our organizer, Ichinari Takatoshi, seemed to be staring at her intensely. As the class representative, he had a good relationship with the girls, and I think he must be used to seeing beautiful girls. Yet, his reaction was so strong, I wondered if he had fallen for her at first sight.

“I apologize for suddenly summoning all of you to our kingdom.”

As soon as the beauty arrived, she bowed her head to us.

Some of my classmates with a bad attitude protested, saying things like, “If you’re going to apologize, don’t do it in the first place,” or “If you’re going to apologize, let us go back,” but they fell silent when the knights around her glared at them.

Ichinari looked at the protesting students with a weary expression, but I thought their objections were understandable. Rather, I would have to say I felt that way too.

The beauty gestured to the knights to step back, and with an apologetic look, she bowed again.

Since one of the knights referred to her as “Your Highness,” it seemed pretty much confirmed her status.

“What brought you here is that we want you to fight against the Demon King, who threatens our kingdom. As some of you might have noticed, this is a different world from where you were before. Moving between different worlds requires a tremendous amount of power. Also, while this kingdom has the magic circle to summon people, there is no magic circle to send you back.”

“But if we defeat the Demon King, we can return to Earth, right?”

“Yes, that’s what’s said.”

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Ichinari repeated the princess’s words, and she nodded in response.

Slaying the Demon King was a rather common plot in stories by now. At least in our generation, no one who hadn’t come across games or stories of defeating the Demon King.

It was a remarkably straightforward goal, and at the same time, I felt frustrated with the skill of the kingdom’s side. After all, just hearing the word “Demon King” made me feel like I had entered a story.

Even those classmates who were protesting earlier seemed to have expressions that said they wouldn’t mind becoming the hero of a story.

No matter how much we pretended to be villains, we all longed to be the protagonist of a story. We were a bunch of self-centered individuals.

Moreover, this world had status. That alone would make anyone excited.

However, my status was probably weak, so I didn’t feel excited at all. On the contrary, I felt rather deflated.

“Let’s talk about the details in another room. Will you come with me?”

Though phrased as a question, we had no choice but to accept. Even if they left us here, we wouldn’t be able to do anything.


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