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Chapter 16 – English Test

Only when class was about to start, did Zhao Yanyan finally return sleepily. Seeing me, she asked, “You woke up?”

I nodded while smiling, “With your bento of love baiting me, how could I not wake up?”

“What bento of love? So annoying!” Zhao Yanyan glanced and me and continued, “Did you look at my English notes?”

“No,” I replied.

“You! Are really helpless!” Zhao Yanyan said angrily, then turned around and ignored me.

After a long while, Zhao Yanyan seemed to be muttering to herself again, “Why am I so unlucky.” Then she took out her English book and said to me, “I’ll go through it with you?”

I replied, “Okay!” Although I didn’t need it, but I still wanted to know what Zhao Yanyan would look like when she teaches me.

However my dream was dowsed, the bell rang, and Ye Xiaoxiao walked into the classroom with the test papers. She glanced around the classroom and said, “Put away your books, the test is going to start, you have two hours, although there aren’t a lot of questions, but don’t be careless!”

Everyone put away their English textbooks in a wave of moaning. Zhao Yanyan eyed me, then putted away the English textbook in her hand, as if saying: Let’s see what you’re going to do!

After the test papers were handed out, the grumbling people also became silent, and immediately started doing questions, Zhao Yanyan also started focusing and stopped looking at me.

I took up the test paper and looked at it. The first question was a translation of Chinese to English, the vocabulary that was to be translated wasn’t hard, but a word could be translated into many synonyms or English words that were similar. How was I supposed to translate this? Wouldn’t I be screwed if my answers were different from the model answer? I already forgot more or less all the high school knowledge, how was I supposed to remember if a word was learn in high school or for Level four?!

I raised my hand and asked, “Ye-laoshi, what do you translate it as in the first translation question?”

Seeing I was the one asking, Ye Xiaoxiao said in a negative tone, “Translate it the way it was learnt in class!”

“I was sleeping during class,” the moment these words left my mouth, the classroom was filled with laughter.

This angered Zhao Yanyan who stepped really hard on my foot underneath the table, and scolded me quietly, “Why are you always embarrassing me!”

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t think I would be so blunt, and threw out “answer it however you like” and then ignored me.

Whatever, I thought, isn’t it just translation, there aren’t many words, I’ll just write all of the words with the same meaning.

Finishing the translation, the multiple choice and reading comprehension afterwards were much less complicated, but these sentences are too childish, testing me, who has achieved Level six English, about stuff like “Weather Forecast”! Before 10 minutes have passed, I finished the test paper, wrote my name and handed it in.

Ye Xiaoxiao was convinced that I must have handed in a blank, and got me to place it beside the stand without even looking at it.

After I returned to my seat, Zhao Yanyan said angrily, “Why did you hand it in so quickly, you can’t be guessing again can you? Did you guess pretty accurately last time when you did those math questions?”

“I finished guessing,” I said. “Don’t forget about the reward!”

Zhao Yanyan blushed, and continued to answer the test paper, ignoring me.

I took out a blank sheet of paper, and listed out all he features and advantages of Chines input methods that I’ve seen in my previous life, and prepared to fuse them together, since these things haven’t been made yet, so there was no patent, not to mention copyrights.

When I more or less finished listing, the test also finished. Ye Xiaoxiao collected the test papers and said to us, “Liu Kesheng, Xie Wei, Zhao Yanyan, follow me to the office to help with marking. Everyone else should self study.”

When Ye Xiaoxiao and co. left, Guo Qing immediately turned around and said, “Boss, you’re really my idol, handing the test paper in just when the test started, you didn’t even see how white Ye-laoshi’s face turned in anger!”

Turned white in anger heh? Why did I notice, I was thinking about the input methods, and didn’t notice, it seems like Ye Xiaoxiao’s impression of me wasn’t that good, but that doesn’t matter, when the results come up, her impression of me will naturally improve.

“Oh yeah, boss, I feel like the sanda class we attend on Saturday is really useful. I met a delinquent that used to bully me yesterday near my home, I fixed him up a bit, and beat him until he started looking for his teeth on the floor!” Guo Qing said happily.

“En, fighting techniques are important. The techniques you have learnt are enough to deal with rascals and delinquents, but if you attend competitions or met true talents, power is also very important!” I said.

“Boss, you really do seem to know a lot, but why don’t you learn sanda from the coach, and always train there by yourself?” Guo Qing asked in confusion.

“Hehe, I naturally have my reasons!” I replied perfunctorily.

“Oh!” Guo Qing nodded as if he understood a bit, little kids are really easy to deal with.

In the staff office, Ye Xiaoxiao split the test papers in three piles, one for each of Liu Kesheng and co., then gave them a model answer, and walked out of the office.

Suddenly, Liu Kesheng screamed as if he discovered a new continent, Zhao Yanyan and XIe Wei both looked up towards him, and found out that the test paper in Liu Kesheng’s hands belonged to Liu Lei.

“Let me see!” Zhao Yanyan said to Liu Kesheng.

“What’s there to look at!” hearing Zhao Yanyan walked to look, Liu Kesheng immediately got angry, “What’s there to look at on a test paper finished in ten minutes! He definitely guessed, there’s no need to waste time on his paper!” Saying that, he waved his pen and wrote a big ‘0’ on the paper.

“How can you be so irresponsible!” Zhao Yanyan said anxiously.

“What relationship does he have with you, causing you to be so anxious?” Liu Kesheng said coldly.

“It doesn’t matter what relationship, we have to treat every classmate’s test paper fairly! You are using your position to get even for a private grudge!” Zhao Yanyan was fed up with Liu Kesheng’s actions, and couldn’t help but stand up.

“I’m getting even for a private grudge? Heh! Is he worth it? Fair? There’s no need to talk about fairness when it comes to bad students!” Liu Kesheng revealed an attitude that was going to oppose Liu Lei till the end.

At this moment, the office door was pushed open, Ye Xiaoxiao walked in. In truth, Ye Xiaoxi was standing at the door when Liu Kesheng made that weird shout. The reason she didn’t enter, was to see what was going on inside. Now she had a rough understanding of who was right and who was wrong.

Ye Xiaoxiao eyed Liu Kesheng, “Let me see Liu Lei’s paper!” Although Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t think Liu Lei’s paper could show anything, no matter what the student were like, even if the answers were guessed, there was still responsibility as a teacher to correct it intently.

Liu Kesheng took out Liu Lei’s paper from the pile of marked papers, and handed it to Ye Xiaoxiao carefully.

Ye Xiaoxiao found a red pen and said, “I’ll mark Liu Lei’s paper myself, continue marking everyone else’s!”


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Chapter 15 – Your Yanyan

I arrived at the classroom the following morning, Zhao Yanyan was reading in her seat. What made me annoyed was that Liu Kesheng was actually sitting on my seat gesturing around while smiling.

The tiger’s not getting mad so he’s treating me like Hello Kitty? Sitting on my seat already made me really angry, what’s worse was that it was my Zhao Yanyan that was sitting beside him. I walked over and slammed my hand onto the table, scaring Zhao Yanyan, who was reading intently, as well as the enraptured Liu Kesheng.

I remembered a classic quote from a movie, so I said to Liu Kesheng, “Liu Lei is angry, the results are severe.” (天下无贼)

Liu Kesheng gazed at me with deadly eyes, stood up, and said to me, “Liu Lei, you’ve done it! I’ll remember this, just wait.”

I smiled and replied, “Sure, I’ll wait.”

“Why did you get so angry?” seeing me sit down, Zhao Yanyan complained quietly.

“Of course I got angry, he was harassing our family’s Yanyan, how could I not get angry?” I squeezed Zhao Yanyan’s hand.

“Let go,” Zhao Yanyan pulled away from my grip and said, “There are so many people in the classroom.”

“Our family’s Yanyan knows how to be embarrassed! I wonder who it was that asked to be hugged by others,” I said.

“Oh wow Liu Lei, you’re actually laughing at me! It was because of you that I nearly got scolded to death yesterday. Oh yeah, what do you mean your family’s Yanyan? When did I belong to your family?” Zhao Yanyan said while blushing.

“You’re definitely going to get married to me in the future, so of course you’re my family’s!” I said like it was a matter of fact.

“I’m going to ignore you, being so casual in the morning. I’m going to read,” after saying so, Zhao Yanyan picked up her English textbook and started reading.

Not far away, Liu Kesheng saw that Zhao Yanyan and I were chatting and laughing, so he sent a sinister gaze over.

Seeing that Zhao Yanyan really started reading, I asked, “What are you reading?”

Zhao Yanyan replied without looking away from the textbook, “Ye-laoshi said that there’ll be a test in the afternoon, so obviously I’m revising.”

“Did you miss me yesterday?” I suddenly asked.

“En,” Zhao Yanyan nodded without thinking, then immediately turned around and said, “What’s with you, you’re not studying and you’re not letting others study. Being like that on the side, how can I remember stuff!”

Haha, I laughed. It seems like her reading actions earlier were forced. I said, “What’s the point of studying?”

The moment these words left my mouth, Zhao Yanyan went silent. Only after a while, did she said to me in a serious ton, “Liu Lei, treat it like I’m begging you. Study hard for me. My family will definitely get me to apply to Huaxia University, I don’t want to separate from you.”

I didn’t know what to say either. I didn’t think this chick would be thinking so far ahead, this was a proof of how deep her feelings were for me. However, this was also what was most suspicious, my feelings for Zhao Yanyan, were mixed with the feelings of my previous life and this one, but what about Zhao Yanyan? I was just a classmate that she met not long ago to her, even if we are desk mates, even if my extreme maturity attracted her, and caused her to have a good impression of me, it shouldn’t be possible for her to have feelings for me that easily right?

Based on my understanding of Zhao Yanyan from my previous life, she didn’t lack excellent pursuers, but her heart never moved, did it change when I came to me? I didn’t think I would have some sort of dominating atmosphere just from getting reborn, that was bullshit.

There has to be some sort of unknown reason here. Zhao Yanyan is still that Zhao Yanyan, I was a hundred percent certain about this, her attitude to people and situations didn’t change, the only thing different was her attitude towards me.

Was there really some secret hidden here? Although I feel like things were going too smoothly, this was a good thing, and was progressing towards the better, I could only bury my doubts in my heart.

Thinking to this point, I asked in a probing manner, “If my studies are still bad when I reach the third year, what’ll you do?”

Zhao Yanyan frowned, and went into deep thoughts, as if considering about the most important decision in her life, after a long while, she said determinedly, “Then I’ll pretend to have played under the bar during the National Matriculation Examination, I don’t want to separate from you no matter what.

Hong —— My head instantly exploded.

Even I, who had a mental age of thirty something years, was moved by Zhao Yanyan’s determination, that deep love for Zhao Yanyan from my previous life has finally been returned after I was reborn.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you down,” I laid on the table and prepared to sleep, in truth I didn’t want Zhao Yanyan to see the wetness at the corner of my eyes.

“Ai~! What kind of person are you!” Zhao Yanyan was originally really pleased with what I said, she never would have thought that I would sleep right afterwards. Zhao Yanyan turned around to continue reading in annoyance.

When I awoke, the classroom was very noisy.

“Boss, you’re finally awake! You really are the ‘Napping Emperor’!” Guo Qing said to me after noticing that I’ve woken up.

“What time is it?” I stretched and asked.

“It’s lunch break already! Boss, you really can sleep a lot!” Guo Qing raised out a thumb to show his admiration.

I didn’t think that I would actually fall asleep, I got excited about Zhao Yanyan’s act the entire night, causing me to only fall asleep the latter half of the night, so I was really sleepy when I woke up.

“Did no one call me the entire morning?” I asked curiously.

“The math teacher allows you to sleep, the other teachers have lost their faith in you, and didn’t bother,” Guo Qing xplained.

“Oh!” I nodded. “Did you eat yet?” I asked, I felt really hungry all of a sudden.

“Of course I ate, boss, who knows if you could even wake up during noon! Telling me to wait for you, are you trying to starve me to death!” Guo Qing grumbled. “But your desk mate bought a boxed lunch for you, hehe, she’s so nice to you!” Guo Qing smiled lecherously.

“Don’t say stuff uncontrollably!” I noticed a boxed lunch was really on Zhao Yanyan’s desk.

“Boss, eat first, I’m not going to keep you company, there’s the English test in the afternoon, I have to study!” after that, Guo Qing turned around and didn’t talk to me anymore.

I took the boxed lunch over, and opened the wrappings, then noticed a note that was folded in a heart shape.

I took a while to finally unwrap it, and wondered in my heart, if this chick folded something so deep last night.

I opened the note, it read:

Lazy pig:

Why can you sleep so much? I bought a boxed lunch for you, so eat it quickly. I can guess the reason, so I’ll forgive you this time. Since I’m the same as you, I’ll go and sleep in grandpa’s secretary’s car.

Make sure you fulfill your promise, my English notes are under the desk, you can take them out and have a look, all of the points are organized. If you get a good result in this afternoon’s test, I’ll definitely reward you, don’t ask what the reward is, it’s a surprise.

It was signed off with ‘Your Yanyan’, hehe, although this chick refuse to admit it from her mouth, she still wrote it on the paper.

I noticed a few characters were scribbled out before ‘Lazy pig’, after careful examination, the characters were ‘Darling’! Zhao Yanyan probably felt embarrassed after writing it so she scribbled it out. The two characters after that were ‘Liu Lei’, but that was scribbled out too, Zhao Yanyan might have felt that it sounded too unfamiliar to address me like that, so she finally chose ‘Lazy Pig’. I laughed happily in my heart, she treated it so seriously even though it was just a note.

I pocketed the note, of course I couldn’t fold it back to what it originally looked like. I picked up the already cold boxed lunch and started eating, but my heart was full of warmth.


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Chapter 14 – Hug me again okay?

I used my hands to lightly wipe away the tears on Zhao Yanyan’s face, and said in a resolute tone, “I promise you! I’ll never leave you!”

Zhao Yanyan and I walked out of the theatre hand in hand like the other couples.

“Liu Lei, Zhao Yanyan called my name softly.

“En?” I replied.

“You wouldn’t think I’m really loose right?” Zhao Yanyan suddenly stopped and said while staring into my eyes.

“No!” I said assuredly. Of course I wouldn’t think so, I had silently watched her grow up in my previous life, how could I not be clear about what she’s like?

Zhao Yanyan looked at my eyes that were without a sliver of falsity, and finally stopped worrying, and said softly, “Did you know, Liu Lei. Today is the first time a boy sends me home, the first time I lie to my family for a boy, the first time going to watch a movie with a boy, the first time I hold hands with a boy, the first time I let a boy touch my body, the first time I care so much about someone that’s not related to me, the first time —— the thought had never crossed my mind before, that I take the initiative to tell a boy, who I’ve only met for a week, that I like you. You took too many first times away from me, Liu Lei. Although I don’t know why, I just like you.”

Although I already knew what Zhao Yanyan had said in my heart, hearing these words come out of her mouth, I still couldn’t help but be moved.

Zhao Junsheng heard that his father’s secretary was busy today, and couldn’t pick up his daughter, so he got his driver old Gao to pick up Zhao Yanyan. However, a boy that was close to his own daughter popped out of nowhere.

This old Gao, why isn’t he calling me yet. Zhao Junsheng complained in his heart. Just as he picked up the phone on the table in his office and was about to call when his mobile rang.

“Hey, Director Zhao, I’m old Gao!”

“Old Gao! What’s going on over there? I was about to call you.”

“Director Zhao, I saw xiaojie and the boy walk out of the theatre hand in hand!”

“Are you sure?” Zhao Junsheng pondered for a moment and asked.

“En, I’m following the two of them in the car.”

“Where are they going now?” Zhao Junsheng asked.

“They seem to be going towards your father’s home, should I get a few people to warn the kid?” old Gao asked.

“That is unnecessary, let’s see what happens first. But focus on helping me find out about the boy’s family background,” Zhao Junsheng ordered.

“Okay! But that kid doesn’t seem to have a lot of money, they took the bus home while sending xiaojie back, and it was xiaojie that paid for the movie just now!” old Gao muttered.

Neither Zhao Yanyan or I mentioned anything about what happened on the bus, and we walked towards Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa’s home.

When we neared a mansion, Zhao Yanyan stopped, and said to me, “I’m going back, the people over there all know me.”

I nodded, but didn’t let go.

“Liu Lei, I really have to go back, or else grandpa’s gonna scold me!” Zhao Yanyan said to me with a look of resentment.

I still didn’t let go.

“Ai——“ Zhao Yanyan left out a soft sigh, clenched her teeth, escaped from my hold and walked quickly in front.

Not even halfway to the mansion, Zhao Yanyan stopped, turned around and asked me with a tearful face, “Liu Lei, I miss you again, can I have another hug?” After that, she ran over and leaped into my arms.

Only after a long while, the two of us separated. Zhao Yanyan looked at her watch, let out an “aiya” sound, and immdaitely ran towards the mansion without turning back around.

I gazed her Zhao Yanyan’s fleeting back, I knew, on this day, history has truly changed, my track of life has shifted.

What kind of house is this? So high class, and there are even guards on the gate?! Subconsciously, I felt that something was amiss, but I didn’t dare to check up close, in case of getting spotted.

I wandered around nearby for a while, then finally found a bus that could take me home.

After getting home, my parents were both very anxious, and kept on asking me why I returned so late. Especially my dad, his face immediately darkened when he saw me return, and interrogated me, “Where did you go after class? Did you go to the arcade again?”

I often stealthily went to the arcade after school during middle school, that resulted in my dad not trusting me. Ai! I was such a failure as a human before.

Of course, I had already prepared my excuse for returning late. It was the same excuse as Zhao Yanyan, the moment I spoke about how the computer teacher had said about I having a lot of talent and was prepared to enter me into the national competition representing Shao Nian Gong, my father became really happy, and he quickly told my mom to go to the kitchen and heat all the dishes, then even took out a can of beer form the fridge, and said that we were going to celebrate.

“See! I did say my son wasn’t normal!” my dad said after drinking a mouthful of beer, “He’s definitely going to be like me in the future, a talent in technology!”

“What do you mean your son?” my mom wasn’t pleased after hearing that, “I gave birth to the son, what does it have to do with you!”

“What do you mean nothing to do with me? Could you have given birth without me?” my father’s mouth had no filter once he got excited.

My mom immediately pinched my dad’s arm and said, “The child’s here, don’t just say things out!”

My dad laughed a few times, then raised his glass and continued to drink.

The two of them treated me like a kid that didn’t understand anything, though in truth I understood more than the two of them combined. Although I was still a virgin, both mentally and physically.

“Son, don’t listen to your dad, don’t ever be like him in the future, found a crappy job, and earn that tiny amount each month, what is it enough for?” my mom said to me.

“What about me? Weren’t you the same?” My dad retorted.

“Hmmph, it is because I was working at the factory, that I regret accepting you, if I accepted Xiao Zhao’s proposal then I would have been out of hardship ages ago!” my mom said unhappily. I’ve heard these words more than once, every time my dad made mistakes, my mom would say these words to annoy him, however I clearly knew that in my heart, my mom still loves my dad.

“What was Xiao Zhao, he was just a teenage looking for work after existing the army at the time! He was helping out at our factory!” my da didn’t back down.

“What’s wrong with a teenager looking for work? I saw it on the newspaper the other day that he’s one of the top ten entrepreneurs in the city!” my mom continued to wave the truth around.

“I still have a good son though! He’s definitely going to bring pride to me in the future!” my dad used his last card, and said proudly.

“Hmmph! I’m also just giving face to our son, or else what do you think, I would have gotten a divorce with you ages ago!” hearing my dad mention me, my mom’s face was also full of smiles.

I did make my parents proud in the future during my previous life, my dad could hold his head up high in the future no matter where he went, and he after told others that I, his son, studies at Huaxia University! However, he couldn’t do it for long before he passed away.

I decided in this life that I would not let things like this happen again.


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Chapter 13 – I like you

At that time, Zhao Yanyan and I didn’t know the two of us were followed.

On bus 6, Zhao Yanyan and I sat side by side on the last row.

“How about watching a movie together later?” I suggested.

“No, if I go home late, grandpa’s gonna scold me,” Zhao Yanyan said quietly.

“Just say you are going to enter the national competition, so the teacher got you to stay behind for private tutoring,” I helped her come up with a plan.

“But-but I can’t lie to grandpa!” Zhao Yanyan said hesitantly.

I saw the chick’s hesitation, it seems like it wasn’t impossible. So I pretended like I was annoyed, “So you don’t like to be together with me.”

Zhao Yanyan immediately fell for the trap, and said with determination, “Okay, let’s watch a movie.”

Zhao Yanyan and I got off at the City Children Theatre. We could see a gigantic poster of Andy Lau at the entrance of the theatre, the Andy Lau’s classic movie “Heaven and Earth” was being aired, and it was because of this movie that the closing song “Wang Qing Shui” became known throughout the country.

Coincidentally, this movie was also one that I liked, I went to the cashier, and took out the remaining 5 kuai note I had left, “Two student tickets!”

The cashier pointed to the ticket stubs on the table, “The normal tickets are sold out, there’s only tickets for couples seats left, twenty kuai per set, do you want it or not?”

Twenty… are they trying to rob us? How’s it so expensive! I swore in my heart. However, I can’t even buy a single ticket with the amount of money I have on me.

Zhao Yanyan probably saw my awkwardness, and took out a small purse from her backpack, and from it a fifty yuan note that she handed over.

I took a quite glance at Zhao Yanyan’s purse, there was at least a hundred kuai note inside. It wasn’t merely surprising anymore, this chick’s family isn’t just a little bit rich, bringing more than a hundred kuai when she goes out, and isn’t scared of getting robbed. However, I ignored a detail, and that’s Zhao Yanyan would be driven when she goes out, today was just an exception.

Zhao Yanyan placed the change back into her purse, then took the tickets and entered the theatre with me.

The couple seats were on the second floor, it is actually a small room blocked off on both sides, furthermore our seats were also on the innermost side, so nobody will pass by. Hehe, this was completely separated form the world! My mind started imagine things.

Zhao Yanyan neatly sat on one side. The movie hadn’t start yet, and a trailer of sorts was being shown, it seemed like the two of us arrived at the right time.

I deliberately sat really close to Zhao Yanyan, she wanted to move away a little bit, but then noticed that unfortunately the other side of her was the wall. I intentionally and unintentionally made contact with her body at times, although I couldn’t see the chick’s expression, I could clearly notice that her breathing rate hastened.

The movie begun, the two of us focused on the movie. Zhao Yanyan was truly focused on the movie, I was pretending. I had seen the movie a lot of times in my previous life, and with a beauty on the side, I didn’t feel like watching the movie.

As I watched the movie, my heart was counting the progress of the plot. Zhao Yanyan also calmed down a lot, and didn’t seem as nervous as before, and allowed our bodies to stick really close to each other.

Seeing that the time was right, I lightly took Zhao Yanyan’s hands in mine. At the split second that my hands touched her’s, Zhao Yanyan’s body shuddered. She turned around to look at me, and saw that I was still ignorantly watching the movie, as if nothing was going on. Zhao Yanyan frowned, and struggled a little, then allowed me to hold her hand after a light sigh.

Perhaps it isn’t on purpose, Zhao Yanyan comforted herself in her heart,

The movie was right at the point where Andy Lau was fighting with the drug lords, the scene was really intense. When Andy Lau was hit onto the floor and was about to die, the entire theatre sobbed, Zhao Yanyan also unconsciously tightened her grip on my hand.

A faint smirk as if my ploy succeeded flashed across my face, hehe, I did plan for this scene.

Zhao Yanyan and I held our hands together until the gun shot rang out, when Andy Lau fell onto the floor, and the song “Wang Qing Shui” started playing, and the movie ended. Zhao Yanyan was sobbing uncontrollably like a lot of the other girls.

I took this chance to take Zhao Yanyan into my eyes, and gently stroked her hair and back. The softness in front of Zhao Yanyan’s thin shirt pressed onto my body. This is essentially seduction, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to control myself…

Suddenly, Zhao Yanyan raised her head, and looked at me with her tearful eyes, and asked slowly, “Liu Lei, I’m so scared, do you think human life is really so fragile?”

I didn’t know what she meant, so I nodded.

Zhao Yanyan bit her lips, as if making a huge decision, and said in a quivering voice, “Liu Lei, I like you! Don’t leave me okay?”

I was momentarily shocked, I didn’t think a girl like Zhao Yanyan would actually say this first, even though I had already confirmed that she had good feelings for me.

I held Zhao Yanyan tightly, and whispered into her ears, “Me too!”

Hearing that, Zhao Yanyan didn’t have anything holding her back anymore, and stayed in my arms with a face full of happiness.

After a while, Zhao Yanyan said to me, “You didn’t promise me yet.”

“Promise you what?” I asked in confusion.

“Don’t leave me no matter what happens. After seeing that movie, my heart started to panic, I felt that human life is really fragile. I keep feeling like you’ll leave me one day, really, Liu Lei, that feeling became really intense just now, I’m so scared! Promise me okay?” Zhao Yanyan said as her tears started flowing again.

I couldn’t help but admire a woman’s intuition, she was right, if history doesn’t change, then I would die in an accident when I attend Zhao Yanyan’s wedding when I’m thirty-one. However, this life was different, I have been reborn, fate was grasped in my own hands. Furthermore, I guess that a lot of the xiaogui also knew that old bro Yama was backing me up, they probably didn’t even dare to wish for my death. Speaking of old bro Yama, I haven’t contacted him for a while, I should call him when I have time, I do kind of miss him. Of course, this was only mentally, I don’t want to see him so soon.


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Chapter 12 – No One’s Picking me up Today

After the lesson, Zhao Yanyan and I were kept back by the geezer to inform us about the benefits of entering the competition, stuff like improving one’s self etc. Most importantly if we received a place in the finals, then it would add marks in the National Matriculation Examination. I was fine with what he said, but Zhao Yanyan was completely tricked by his words, and nodded in agreement.

“No one’s picking me up today,” Zhao Yanyan said quietly when we went down the stairs.

After hearing that, a flower bloomed in my heart, if I didn’t have memories from my previous life then I might not have understood the underlying meaning, but if I still couldn’t understand it now, then I’m an idiot.

“I’ll send you back,” I replied deliberately in a casual tone.

Zhao Yanyan blushed after hearing so and didn’t make a sound, but didn’t refuse either.

Thus, the two of us walked side by side to the bus station without speaking. Finally, I was the one who broke the silence and asked her, “What bus are you taking?”

“Bus 6,” Zhao Yanyan replied quietly.

It might be due to it being her first time being with a boy, so Zhao Yanyan appeared to be very nervous. So I said, “Let me tell you a joke.”

I saw it on the Internet in my previous life that when two people are together, if one doesn’t say anything then the other person will have to continuously find topics to talk about, and the most effective way to close the distance between two people is through jokes, as long as the atmosphere become more lively, then the relationship between the two will improve.

Zhao Yanyan nodded.

Therefore I begun, “A bear and a rabbit pooped in the forest, the bear asked the rabbit, ‘Doesn’t it matter if the poop sticks onto the fur?’ The rabbit replied, ‘It doesn’t matter.’ Thus the bear used the rabbit to wipe his ***.”

Hearing that, Zhao Yanyan covered her mouth, and wanted to laugh, yet tried to hold it in, causing her face to go bright red. After a while, she finally calmed down and said to me, “Where did you hear this joke, it’s so disgusting.”

“If it’s so disgusting, then why did you laugh so hard?” I retorted.

“Who laughed, I didn’t laugh at all,” Zhao Yanyan replied calmly.

I reached over to her armpits and started tickling her, then said, “You’re still not admitting it, let’s see if you’re laughing now!”

Zhao Yanyan quickly dodged to one side, but how could she escape my five finger mountain, she was immediately caught. I caused her to laugh loudly and unrestrictedly.

Suddenly Zhao Yanyan stopped laughing, and looking at me with bright red cheeks, after withstanding my assault for a while, she said quietly, “Move it away quickly!”

“What?” I was really confused. Right afterwards, I felt my right hand grabbing something really soft. What was it? I squeezed it subconsciously.

“Aya, you’re still squeezing!” Zhao Yanyan shouted angrily.

I finally understood, my right hand, was right on top of the softness in front of Zhao Yanyan’s chest, she surprisingly didn’t wear a bra… I took my hands off it while laughing dryly.

All of a sudden, both of us felt really awkward, neither of us spoke. A Bus 6 stopped by the two of us, then drove off.

After a long time passed, I asked, “Are you angry?”

Zhao Yanyan shook her head.

“Sorry, I really didn’t do it on purpose,” I said.

Zhao Yanyan nodded, then said quietly, “I know.”

(Passerby A: He definitely did it on purpose, I can be the witness!)

(Passerby B: This young man doesn’t look that dirty, but it’s hard to know what people thinks, who knows what he’s really thinking.(

It looks like she’s not angry! I said happily to myself. Now, should I follow up this victory, or should I take it slow? The two ideas fought fiercely in my mind.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t know I was hesitating about what to do, seeing my changing expression, she thought I didn’t believe her, so she lightly grabbed my hand and said, “Liu Lei, I’m really not angry, really. If you don’t believe —— don’t believe me then touch it again.” She pressed my hands against her chest immediately after she finished.

I wouldn’t have imagined Zhao Yanyan making such a bold move even in my dreams, it can’t be that this chick actually cares about me that much can it? But I still took my hands away quickly, although I really wanted to continue to touch, if I continued like that then I would really become a pervert, this was the street after all.

Zhao Yanyan also felt that her actions just now were too much in her heart, it’s all bad guy Liu Lei’s fault, I actually did that kind of embarrassing things when my head heated up, would he think that I’m really loose?

I quickly said to Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, it’s all my fault. How about I tell you another joke?” I deliberately didn’t say the Zhao character.

It seemed like Zhao Yanyan didn’t dislike me calling her that, and pouted, “I don’t want to her your disgusting jokes.”

“Then I’ll tell one that’s not disgusting,” I replied.

“Then okay, tell another one.”

Therefore I said, “There was once a fool, he would always reply with “no” whenever he was asked something. When asked have he eaten? He would answer no When asked have he slept He would also answer no.” I deliberately paused here, then suddenly asked, “Ay~ Oh yeah, have you heard this joke before?”

“No,” Zhao Yanyan replied while shaking her head. Then she suddenly noticed, and little fists rained down upon me, while she said angrily, “Liu Lei, you’re so mean! You called me a fool!”

Within a Hongqi car far away, a middle-aged man in his thirties hurriedly took out a Motorola GC87C mobile, this is the first G series phone within Huaxia, and not many people could afford it. In 1994, this phone was a symbol of status.

The middle-aged man dialed a number, “Director Zhao, I arrived at Shao Nian Gong.”

The person called Director Zhao on the other end of the call asked, “Old Gao, have you seen Yanyan?”

Old Gao replied, “I do see xiaojie, but xiaojie is with a boy.”

Director Zhao asked, “Old Gao, didn’t you say Yanyan don’t care about her male classmates at school? There isn’t any need to worry, aren’t they just chatting?”

Old Gao replied, “But-but Director Zhao, this is different, they seem really close!”

Director Zhao asked surprisingly, “Close? Close how?”

Old Gao replied, “I see xiaojie —— xiaojie grabbed the boy’s hand and placed it —— placed it ——“

Director Zhao said in annoyance, “What is it, spit it out!”

Old Gao restructured what he was going to say for a while, then finally made the determination to say it, “On her *****!”

Director Zhao didn’t understand, and asked, “What are you saying? What *****! How many times did I tell you to say things more elegantly, but you just won’t change ——“ Then Director Zhao immediately reacted, and shouted, “Old Gao, what did you say? Yanyan let that guy touch her *****???”

Old Gao immediately said, “Yes, I say it with my own eyes.”

Director Zhao stayed silent for a quite a while on the other end of the call, then finally said, “Never mind, Old Gao, don’t disturb them for now, follow them. Then report to me afterwards.”


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Chapter 11 – Genius!?

Zhao Yanyan gazed at the boy sitting beside her that was repeatedly typing a string of characters, and thought curiously: Why did it seem like he’s not paying attention while studying, yet also seemed like he understood everything?

Like in that math lesson, he was definitely sleeping, yet he got all the questions on the blackboard correct, even if there were only right and wrong as the answer, it wasn’t possible to guess it all right. Also, this time, he actually typed so quickly although there was no pattern in these characters, after careful observation, it was a repeat of the alphabets fghutemvga.

What did this set of alphabets mean? fgh was definitely not English, and not pinyin, then what was it? The intrigued Zhao Yanyan carefully remembered this set of alphabets, was prepared to find a chance to ask her mysterious deskmate.

“Now, everyone can follow the method I just mentioned to practice typing, turn on the computer, and enter CAI2 underneath the DOS prompt, then press enter,” the geezer started walking around in the computer suite, and once in a while, a student that didn’t understand would ask him this and that.

Ai, I sighed, how good would it be if this was in the future, I could buy a pirated CD for three or five kuai at the Electronics World, yet right now I was getting anxious about where to buy a copy of TC2.0.

Suddenly, a gasp was heard from beside me, and was followed by the excited voice of a geezer, “This classmate, how is your typing so fast? Have you practiced before?”

I didn’t need to think, this was definitely the voice of the computer teacher. I turned my head around, and saw the geezer use an unnaturally excited gaze to stare at Zhao Yanyan, who was beside me. ****, I swore in my head, what kind of gaze does the old pervert have, he couldn’t possible have his sights on our Yanyan.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t think the teacher would become so excited, and answered quietly, “I practiced at home before.”

“You have a computer at home?” the old man asked with a face full of surprise.

“En, there’s one in my dad’s room,” said Zhao Yanyan.

The geezer gazed at the monitor in front of Zhao Yanyan, “127 alphabets per minute, classmate, go and represent our Shao Nian Gong in the National Teenage Computing competition!” the geezer’s expression was like he just found a treasure.

Zhao Yanyan answered shyly, “A lot of people are better than me.”

Seeing Zhao Yanyan say so, he continued to try and convince her, and finally Zhao Yanyan said, “Then I’ll talk about it with the people at home.”

The geezer stood there with a face full of smile, and then saw me on the side, “This classmate, why aren’t you practicing?” The old man pointed at the blank screen in front of me.

“There’s no need to practice,” I replied emotionlessly.

“What?!” the old man shouted angrily after hearing my reply, “What do you mean by no need? Typing is the basis of computing, if you can’t even pass typing, then don’t think about getting anywhere, just don’t learn at all.”

What kind of attitude was the geezer putting up, he was just full of happiness facing Zhao Yanyan, then was treating me like I owed him money. I retorted unhappily, “How do you know I wouldn’t pass?”

The geezer said, “If you think you can pass, then show me right now! If you can beat her——“ The geezer pointed towards Zhao Yanyan, “Then I’ll waive your lesson fees!”

“Sure! It’s a promise!” I said, although the school fee of four hundred kuai wasn’t a lot, to me who was lacking in funds, it wasn’t a small amount of money.

Under the geezer’s look of disdain, I opened the typing practice software, the geezer’s gaze became more imposing, since he thought I was typing randomly. I entered into the program and chose the highest difficulty without thinking, and tapping the keyboard familiarly.

Gradually, the geezer’s gaze turned from imposing to surprise to excitement, “Genius, definitely a genius!”

Zhao Yanyan also stared at my monitor in disbelief, 336 alphabets per minute, without any errors. In other words, on average the keyboard was tapped 5 to 6 times per second without any mistakes.

The geezer completely forgot about the tones of disdain he used towards me, and didn’t care whether I agreed or not, and immediately announced, “You two will be entering this Teenage Computing Competition! Our Shao Nian Gong will finally have its time to shine!”

“Then my school fee——“ I was scared that the geezer will go back on his words.

“It’s waived, not only is it waived, I’ll also tutor the two of you privately, the computer suite will always be open for the two of you!” the geezer said excitedly, and begun to think about how much fame the Shao Nian Gong of Songjiang would gain if they managed to get a prize.

I didn’t have much interest for private tutoring, the thing I was most focused on was how to quickly earn money. I suddenly thought that if I asked the geezer to get a copy of TC2.0, then it’d be rather simple, since he is in the industry, specially now that he has certain expectations for me, if I raise it to him now, then I believe he wouldn’t refuse me. Therefore I said, “Laoshi, do you have TRUBOC 2.0?”

The geezer momentarily blanked after hearing it then immediately reacted and asked with a face full of surprise, “You know how to program?”

“A little!” I replied.

“That’s great! It’s simply wonderful, I was still stressing over the programming contest in the computing competition, how about this, you enter that as well,” disregarding whether or not I agreed, the geezer already made up his mind. Ai, whatever, I’ll just enter it, nobody forced me to make the request.

The geezer promised to get me a copy the following week, and then asked me multiple questions, which I just answered perfunctorily.


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Chapter 10 – Input Method

I told my parents about registering for the computer class when I got home, father didn’t object this time, instead, he encouraged me to study hard and don’t give up halfway in the middle.

Father, as an engineer in the factory, knew exactly the importance of studying computers to work in the future. He gave me the class fee without saying anything else, and praised my sensibility of starting to study. In 1994, computers were not yet become the gaming devices that parents would say that are in the future, nor were they called electronic drugs. Computers were still very mysterious in the eyes of most people at this time, and were a symbol of high tech automation.

The computer suite of Shao Nian Gong was very small, with only around twenty computers, they were all a single colored Lenovo 386. There were only four or five people sitting idly when I entered, completely unlike the atmosphere with several tens of people in the sanda class the previous day. No wonder the trial fees were that expensive, it was any lower, then there wouldn’t even be enough to pay the teacher.

The computers in this era could be said as extremely boring for our generation, nowhere near as exciting as gaming devices. It was because of computers being so mysterious that a lot of children, and even parents, thought of it as a scientific device detached from the mundane life, only a few parents with foresight would send teir students here to study.

I sat down at a seat near the back, and turned on the computer. The familiar self-checking sound rang out, and made me really excited as I stared at the screen, waiting for the familiar little widow to pop up.

En? Why did the screen go black? I stared at the prompt in front of my eyes, then suddenly remembered, the computers within the country were sill in the DOS era.

Isn’t this making bricks without straws? I, who had gotten used to a graphical user interface, actually had to face such a prompt, it was fortune that I had studied DOS6.22 and TC2.0, or else I would have had no idea of where to begin.

I skillfully got out the folders menu in the hard disk, and saw that the only programming languages that could be use were BASIC and LOGO, TC wasn’t even installed. There were a few other programs that could be used to practice typing. BASIC was the language I was the worst at while studying and was also the least used one, even if when I did use it, it was through VB, so I didn’t have to remember the language itself. I have never even used LOGO, nor have I ever seen any co-workers use it.

“Liu Lei?” Suddenly I heard an extremely moving voice call out my name, and it was a voice I could recognize even in my sleep, from our cute classmate, Zhao Yanyan.

“Liu Lei, it really is you, why are you here?” Zhao Yanyan frankly sat down on the seat beside me.

“I should be the one asking you this right? Aren’t you learning to dance?” I stopped what I was operating and asked Zhao Yanyan.

“How did you know I’m taking dance lessons here?” Zhao Yanyan looked at me suspiciously.

Sweat begun to drip from my forehead, she nearly saw through me, logically speaking I shouldn’t have known that Zhao Yanyan was learning to dance here. School only started for a week, Zhao Yanyan never mentioned it to me, but in my previous life, I knew that Zhao Yanyan would learn to dance at Shao Nian Gong every Saturday.

I took a deep breath, and pretended like it was nothing, “I saw you when I came to learn sanda yesterday.”

“Oh, you’re learning sanda, I can’t tell. But that’s not right, Liu Lei, “Zhao Yanyan immediately spoke in a laughing, yet not laughing ton, “I didn’t even come to dance class yesterday, so Liu Lei, come clean, how did you find out?”

My god, this is impossible! I was adding insult to injury, it really was like when a clever person becoming the victim of their own ingenuity. However, at that momnt my savior appeared, an old geezer walked onto the podium, and said to us, “Good, be quiet everyone, I’m about to begin the lesson.”

As expected, Zhao Yanyan stopped asking me when he spoke, and took out a small notebook from a little backpack and got ready to take notes.

I was puzzled, Zhao Yanyan also came to the computer class? I never heard about it in my previous life? What’s more was that girls were generally uninterested in these things, and this could be seen from Zhao Yanyan being the only girl in the room.

“Why did you come to learn this?” I asked.

“Who’s rule decided that you could come and I can’t?” Zhao Yanyan whispered to me without moving her sight form the podium.

“It’s just that I can’t focus now that you’ve come,” I murmured.

“Why can’t you study, isn’t it great for you that a beauty like me is studying by your side?” Zhao Yanyan whispered to me as she listened to the geezer on the podium speak, so she spoke distractedly, and ridiculed me without thinking. However she noticed that there was something wrong with what she had said, and blushed right after the words left her mouth, making her very shy.

I pretended like I didn’t notice and continued, “It’s because I’m just looking at you during the lesson, so I can’t focus.”

“Who are you trying to trick?” Zhao Yanyan replied, “I don’t know who it that would sleep the moment lesson starts.”

“I can’t look at you in all lessons, you’ll get embarrassed, “I said shamelessly.

My words caused Zhao Yanyan’s cheeks to go bright right, and she didn’t reply for quite a while, before replying quietly, “Just focus on the lesson.”

“Computing is a mysterious study, we can use it to draw pictures, write text, process data, and even program programs that we like, such as games…” The words that the geezer endlessly spoke were nonsense even more nonsense than nonsense. On the other hand, Zhao Yanyan was enjoying it, and noted down something once in a while. Other people were the same. I laughed at them in my heart, you’ll understand what is meant by as dull as ditch water, once it comes to learning to write programs.

In the DOS era, what programs could be programed to make money? It was an era were the copyright laws weren’t developed, Huaxia didn’t have a large number of computers, and was also glutted with a lot of pirated software, it was impossible to force people to spend money on the legitimate versions, thus I went into deep thoughts.

My hands flew over the keys quickly, it was a subconscious action I would do every time I thought about problems, the screen was full of fhqutemvga that I have entered, it was the sequence that needed to be typed in Wubi to entered the three characters Zhao Yanyan. I laughed wryly, and gazed at Zhao Yanyan on the side, the girl was still listening to the geezer’s crap intently, and didn’t notice what I was doing at all. Thank god what I typed out was Wubi, if it was in pinyin than the chick would probably think that I was sick in the head, but she might also become so moved that she would repay me with her body, also this possibility was nearly zero.

I cleared the screen, it seems like my habit wasn’t good, if people around me learnt Wubi in the future, then I’d be seen through. Wubi! That’s right, I slapped my thighs. According to my understanding, there wasn’t a perfect pinyin input method in this era, a lot of people were memorizing the ways to type in Wubi in order to improve their typing speed. Yet the number of people that actually use the Wubi input method were a dime in a dozen in the future, they all used pinyin. Furthermore it was also way too far-fetched to get the people that worked governmental jobs that wouldn’t often type.

If I could move the pinyin input methods that would be seen in the Windows platforms like Zhineng ADC and Sogou pinyin into the DOS platform, then that would really cause a new trend.


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Chapter 9 – Sanda Training

Guo Qing’s family was probably was the same as my mom, agreeing immediately upon hearing the chance of robbery.

On Saturday, Guo Qing and I met at the gate of Fourth High as we decided, then took a bus to Shao Nian Gong for the Sanda class.

Guo Qing and I followed the information on the flyer, and arrived at registration office on the first floor of Shao Nian Gong. There were children and parents that have com to register their children for classes everywhere, it could even be described as an ocean of people. In my previous life, I knew that youth education was a very profitable business, this industry bloomed after 1997, however in the current Songjiang city, there was only one Shao Nian Gong monopolizing the market.

Although I know this industry could be described as baoli, I clearly understood that, currently I could not gain anything from it. First of all I didn’t have any startup funds, second of all, I don’t have any teachers.

Finally, Guo Qing and I arrived at the front of the queue, I told the teacher at the registration office, “Laoshi, the two of us want to register for the sanda class!”

The teacher looked at the two of us and asked, “Sanda is very dangerous, and you could get hurt, did your parents agree?”

Both of us immediately nodded, “Yes!”

“Oh!” the teacher gave both of us a form and said, “Complete the form and go to the cashier to pay for the trial fee.”

Guo Qing and I took over the form; on it was written the trial fee was 5 Yuan. It really was a different era, having to pay for trial lessons. I remember in my previous life that adverts for youth specialty classes were everyone, and the trial lessons were all free.

I looked at the registration form, personally information had to be written down on it, basically just name, age, and the school that we were attending etc. On it other side of the sheet was the instructions, and underneath that were the introductions for the open lessons, I looked over it briefly, and it was mostly dancing, singing and piano. Suddenly, my gaze stopped over three characters, and slapped my thighs, it really was a good situation of unable to find anything after wearing down all my shoes, then finally getting what I want out of nowhere.

I asked the teacher at the registration office, “Laoshi, did your computer lesson start?”

The teacher at the registration office looked for a moment, and said to me, “Not yet, tomorrow morning is the first lesson, do you want to register?”

“En, please give me a form,” I replied.

I took the form and noticed that the terms and conditions were more or less the same as those of the sanda class, but the trial fee was actually twice the amount, 10 kuai. I shook my head, it seems like computers weren’t really popularized, in the eyes of commoners, it really was a high tech item, costing so much to learn.

Guo Qing saw that I took a form to study computer, and asked me in shock, “Boss, what are you learning this for?”

“Technology is the future…” I knew that saying this was very hard to understand for the current Guo Qing, from his perspective, it was more worthwhile to play games rather than learn about the computer.

“Che——“ Guo Qing said in disinterest, “I have no interest in this, so I can’t accompany you, Boss.”

I laughed, “No problem, I was just curious, I might just listen for one lesson.”

I thought, it was good that Guo Qing didn’t attend, I don’t need to listen to his questions when he sees me writing programs.

After paying the trial fee, Guo Qing and I followed the information on the registration form to the sanda practice area at the top floor of the Shao Nian Gong, there were a lot of gym equipment that were very ancient from my perspective. A strong man full of muscles received us, and through speaking to him, we found out that he was our sanda coach, his surname was Zhang, and his name was Yang. He was the champion of the Youth Sanda League in the Songjiang province, and after graduating from university, he came here to teach students.

I also attended such leagues in my previous life, and became the national champion of the university students, I knew exactly how difficult it is. It looks like this coach, Zhang Yang, must possess unordinary strength. This was very lucky for other people in the lesson, the phrase a good teacher will have great students did not come from nowhere. However, to me, it didn’t matter whether the coach was good or not, I already grasped various techniques of sanda, so the purpose of me coming to the Shao Nian Gong was just to train my power. Don’t ask me why I didn’t go to the gym instead, were there gyms in 1994?

I told Zhang Yang my intent, and explained that I just came to train my body, Zhang Yang didn’t object, since whether or not I listened in on the listen, I still had to pay the lesson fee.

The teaching was in the morning, Guo Qing and the others learnt sanda from Zhang Yang, and I followed my own method to train my body. Everyone else, including Guo Qing, were puzzled by my actions, but they got used to it over time. Since it didn’t really matter, they just didn’t think about it.

Guo Qing and I went to a small restaurant near Shao Nian Gong at noon to eat lunch.

“Boss, why aren’t you learning? Coach Zhang is pretty good!” Guo Qing asked me after eating a mouthful of fried rice.

“Isn’t it fine if you learn? We’ll leave together after school everyday!” I said.

“Don’t try and trick me boss, I’m not your dad, the school gate is right at the city center, and there are often police patrolling at night, don’t talk about robbers, there isn’t even a thief,” Guo Qing glared at me.

“Hehe, I actually just wanted to train my body, it doesn’t really matter wheher or not I learn sanda,” I smiled.

“Ai, boss, why do I feel like you’re very mysterious sometimes, you’re completely unlike people our age,” Guo Qing looked at me, and said it word by word.

My heart tensed up after hearing it, he didn’t have noticed anything did he?

But Guo Qing continued, “Boss, did you mature too early after drinking a lo of honey?”

“**** off!” I swore, that scared me to death. “You’re the one that matured early, I saw you have a lot of hair when we went to the bathroom together yesterday.

“Ya~ Boss, can’t you be a little quieter, you can’t just talk about people’s privacy out loud!” Guo Qing immediately blushed.

In the afternoon, the training area was open to the participants of the sanda class, but most people had already left. The self awareness of a kid of ten-odd years was still really poor.

When Guo Qing and I returned to the training area, it was already empty. Guo Qing didn’t want to return, and was prepared to go to the arcade with me in the afternoon, but I was already uninterested by the arcade machines at this age, Guo Qing also lack much ideas of his own, so he followed me back to the training area.

I continued my strengthening training, while Guo Qing started hitting the sand bags on the side un-methodically. With my memories of my previous life, I clearly knew what kind of training was the most effective for my body, I was improving the flexibility of every single muscle in my body at the quickest pace possible.

My training had a focus, although this couldn’t give me a physique for bodybuilding, it had a clear effect in terms of improving the body’s strength and agility.


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Chapter 8 – Are you a Superman?

After class Guo Qing turned around, “Boss, you’re not just good! You argued against our class tutor in the morning, then slept in math class in the afternoon, and you actually got all the questions on the blackboard right, boss are you a superman?”

Hearing that Zhao Yanyan said, “Che, who knows if he just guessed.”

I immediately uttered, “I guessed it, guessed it, I just have good luck.” Then I laid back onto the desk and continued to sleep, I thought about the problem of earning money till very late the previous night, and stayed awake the entire morning, so I was already so tired that my eyelids were trembling.

“Ya, why are you sleeping again? What’s with you!” Zhao Yanyan grumbled quietly.

When I was deep in my sleep, a book was smacked hardly on my head, an angry but alluring voice entered my ears, “Liu Lei, stand up!”

I sleepily opened my eyes, and gazed at the beauty in front of my, “Sis, let me sleep a bit more!”

With a “hong” sound, everyone started laughing.

I rubbed my sleepy eyes, and noticed that it was my class tutor Ye Xiaoxiao beside me. I immediately cleared up a lot, and stood up from my seat, “Hello Laoshi!” I greeted her mechanically.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked at me angrily and roared, “Liu Lei, you’ve got guts! Sleeping in class, according to other people’s reports, you were already sleeping in the last math class! How many days have it been since school started, you’re already slacking off like this, stay back after school and go to my office.”

I sat down, and noticed Liu Kexing slyly laughing at me. ****, I though, he actually told on me behind my back.

Walking back to the platform, Ye Xiaoxiao said to us, “This is an English lesson, please open the textbooks and flip to the first chapter!”

I listlessly took out the English textbook and threw it only to the table, I already passed Level 6 in English during university, I’m actually been told to to learn these simple English conversations,

Repeating the passage endlessly with everyone else, I was going to break down. Fortunately just as I was at the edge of breaking down, the bell rang. Ye Xiaoxiao placed down her books and said, “School’s over, the students on duty should stay back and clean. Liu Lei, come with me to the office!”

I closed the English book in boredom and stood up, Guo Qing turned around to me and said, “Boss, be careful!”

I replied to him with an indifferent smile.

I followed Ye Xiaoxiao to the fourth floor, and into the innermost office. Ye Xiaoxiao took out her keys and opened the door, and got me to go in first. Then Ye Xiaoxiao took out the key from the lock and locked the door.

There were only the two of us in the office, a male and female alone in a room. She just locked the door, was it hinting at something for me? Should I immediately rushed over, tear off her clothes and do something?

Just as my thoughts were wandering all over the place, Ye Xiaoxiao walked over to her desk, and slammed the teaching plan onto the desk with a “pa” sound, “Tell me, Liu Lei, what is going on?”

I was still imagining things in my head, and what excited me most was that from the angle where I was standing, I was able to look past her neckline and see the half-hidden whiteness of Ye Xiaoxiao’s…

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t notice my expression, and continued, “Liu Lei, my impression of you wasn’t bad when you reported in, and I wanted to assign a leadership position to you, but you disappointed me!”

Ye Xiaoxiao stood up, and faced me, with only the distance of a fist between us, I would even smell the faint aroma that was being emitted from her body.

This shouldn’t be the smell of perfume, but the natural body fragrance that girls possess…

However, Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t notice that standing in front of her was a pervert in a child’s clothing that was about to assault her, and continued to educate me, “I know the middle school you graduated from was really bad, and your results are terrible, but you shouldn’t give up on yourself because of this, since you have come to Fourth High, you should treat it as a new start in your life. I won’t say anymore to you, go back and reflect upon it!”

Ya! I’m finally free, Ye Xiaoxiao, Ye Xiaoxiao, didn’t you know how much pain I was in? You were so close to me… Isn’t that baiting me to commit a crime…

I didn’t dare to stay any longer and immediately turned to walk out of the office. Just as I was about to exit from the door, Ye Xiaoxiao stopped me, “Liu Lei, did you understand today’s English lesson?”

I didn’t wanted to stay any longer, so I nodded perfunctorily.

“It’s good that you understand, there are more stuff to remember for English. Liu Lei, work harder, and don’t let your teacher down!” Ye Xiaoxiao said.

I nodded and walked out of the office. I only noticed now that Ye Xiaoxiao were really thinking about the students, why did I hate her so much in my previous life?

After returning to the classroom, I noticed everyone had already left, I packed up my bag and left school.

When I reached the school gate, I surprisingly found out that Guo Qing was actually standing there waiting for me. My heart couldn’t help but be moved by this.

“Why didn’t you leave yet?” I asked.

“Boss, I was waiting for you! How was it, did Ye-laoshi make it difficult for you?” Guo Qing asked caringly.

“No,” I shook my head, “Ye-laoshi is pretty nice.”

Hearing that, Guo Qing oddly, “Really?” Guo Qing was puzzled, I was called by Ye Xiaoxiao to be scolded, and now I was saying good things about her, that was incredible.

Guo Qing and my home weren’t far away, so we took the same bus back, on the bus I asked Guo Qing, “Are you free Saturday and Sunday?”

“I don’t really have anything to do, why?” Guo Qing asked.

“I’m going to take a Sanda class, do you wanna come?” I said.

“Sanda? That seems interesting, I’ll go back and talk about it with my dad, “ Guo Qing replied.

I was afraid Guo Qing’s dad wouldn’t agree, so I told him what I said to my dad.


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Chapter 7 – I’ve Nothing to do with Him

High school knowledge was rather simple in my eyes, anyone that attended university should feel the same. Although there were some equations that I haven’t touched for years, I’m still a top student that graduated at Huaxia University, so some things were very easy to pick up. I used a morning to look through algebra and geometry, and summarized everything, the theorems and formulas involved didn’t even fill up a page. It was good that the school also gave out the textbooks for the second year, or else I had to go and buy it from the bookstore myself.

Zhao Yanyan looked at the boy beside her who didn’t listen to the teacher from the first day, and just quickly flipped through the textbook and write stuff on a sheet of paper. She wondered, did he understand while flipping the pages so quickly? What if he didn’t listen to the teachers about the class tests? Zhao Yanyan’s cheeks became redder as she thought on, and thought in shame: I don’t need to care about what he’s doing! Although Zhao Yanyan thought so in her heart, her eyes still glanced over once in a while.

Her little movements didn’t escape my eyes, although it seemed like I was focused on studying these simple high school math, but anyone who went to university would know, the tiny bit of knowledge from high school is nowhere near enough in university.

Hehe, this proves that some history could still be changed after I got reborn. If it was before, how was it possible for my proud desk mate to peek at me? It was always me who peeked at her!

Guo Qing and I went to the restaurant, Ju Yuan Snacks, which we frequented in my previous life at noon. Guo Qing and I had similar family backgrounds, both were of the working class, we would only get five kuai of pocket money tha includes our car fees. That’s why both of us loved this restaurant, normally both of us would spend three kuai for a plate of vegetables, then get two bowls of rice, this means that we only needed to spend two kuai each, then subtracting the car fees, I can still save two kuai. If it was in my previous life, I would be extremely happy at myslf for every two kuai everyday, but now, I had a grander scheme, this two kuai also means almost nothing to me.

When we got back to the classroom, I noticed that Liu Kexing sat on my seat again, and Zhao Yanyan was wrapping textbooks intently, it didn’t take much to know that those must be my books. Liu Kexing probably never thought that his dream girl would help me wrap up my textbooks, I wonder how he would feel if he found it out?

I frankly walked over to my seat and spoke to Liu Kexing, who was sitting on my seat, “This classmate, don’t always sit on my chair, if you have some kind of attachment for this spot then apply for a seat change from the teacher!”

Then stopped looking at him, and said softly to Zhao Yanyan, “Thank you for helping me cover the books~!”

The moment these words left my mouth, Zhao Yanyan’s face became bright red. Liu Kexing’s face also changed, from yellow to white, and then to red, then finally pale before he said, “Yanyan, why did you cover the books for this bad student?” He probably already asked Zhao Yanyan who she was covering the books for earlier, but Zhao Yanyan was too embarrassed to reply.

I snorted, “Yanyan, that sounds like you’re really close! Who is she to you?”

Having his line stolen by me, Liu Kexing awkwardly left. He probably swore at me over a hundred times in his heart, and was probably thinking of multiple ways to trick me! If it was in my previous life, then I might have been afraid, but now I’m not even scared of Ye Xiaoxiao, why should I be scared of this fox borrowing the tiger’s fierceness?

“I really don’t have anything to do with him,” Zhao Yanyan whispered.

“En?” I momentarily blanked.

Zhao Yanyan immediately realized what she just said, and became embarrassed, why did she have to explain herself to him? Immediately changing the subject, she said, “Liu Lei, I helped you covered all your textbooks.”

“Oh, okay, thank you!” I deliberately pretended like I didn’t hear anything, but I felt like a flower bloomed in my heart. As expected, this chick definitely started to fall for me.

I found the physics textbook from the pile of books, and seeing the pure white cover, as well as the beautiful handwriting on the cover, I felt extremely happy.

I was completely speechless at the physics and chemistry stuff on the high school textbooks, it was way to simple, it was all common sense form daily life, I only spend two periods to look through all the interesting stuff on the books. The content was like the daily life encyclopedia that I saw on the Internet in my previous life. I didn’t even bother looking at the English stuff, I often socialized with the directors in the main office, English was like my mother tongue. I also had a lot of experience in the high school Chinese stuff, which didn’t even have any textbooks and just needed us to accumulate vocabulary in our daily lives. Did I even need to learn the Huaxia language with so much experience from my previous life?

Seeing the textbooks that Zhao Yanyan covered in my pile of books, I said pitifully, “It really was a waste of these textbooks, I probably won’t ever touch them again.”

After reading the books, I laid on the table, and completely ignored the math teacher that was speaking on stage. Zhao Yanyan looked at me weirdly and whispered, “Liu Lei? What happened? Are you sick?”

I continued to lie down and replied, “What the teacher is teaching is too boring, I want to sleep.”

Zhao Yanyan frowned, ai, what a failure, I actually fell for such a bad guy. No, I had to think of something. I was definitely going to apply to Huaxia University, what if this person doesn’t get in. Zhao Yanyan thought foolishly.

Just as Zhao Yanyan’s thoughts were wondering, a strict voice sounded our, “The male student sleeping by the window on the third row from the back, come up and do these questions on the board!”

Zhao Yanyan immediately reracted her thoughts, what was she doing? She actually thought about such shameful things.

I stretched, then waked over to the blackboard. Seeing those questions, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Isn’t this insulting my intelligence? On the blackboard where a few simplest geometry questions, I said to the teacher depressed, “Can I not answer then?”

The students all started laughing when they her my reply, the most irritating was Liu Kexing’s.

The math teacher looked at me coldly, “No!” Then immediately scolded the rest of the students, “What are you laughing about! If you think you can do it, then come up to the blackboard and do some questions!”

The class immediately became quiet, all of the students looked intently at me, who was deemed unlucky. But how could I disappoint everyone? I took up the chalk and immediately ticked and crossed a few things without thinking, then threw the chalk on the side and walked off the platform.

These questions were just exemplar questions that the math teacher used to teach. A lot of the knowledge weren’t even taught yet, so calling me, the sleeping student up to the platform, was just to put on airs, but I unexpectedly got it all correct.

The math teacher’s expression darkened, but still calmly said, “Since you already understand, then don’t waste your time sleeping, do something more productive.”

All the students let out an uproar; they didn’t think the math teacher would say so. The math teacher immediately used the whip to tap on the blackboard and said, “If you think you already understood everything like him then you can also go and sleep! He got these questions all correct, what I’m going to talk about next is the way thinking and the steps to solve these questions…”


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Chapter 6 – I’ll Help You

After school I didn’t immediately return home, rather I went to the barber to get my hair cut. Splitting the hair in the center or the side was the current trend, I chose to have a thirty-seventy split for mine. Although I looked childish in the mirror, I looked much better than before.

Walking on the street I was familiar with in my previous life, looking at the ancient buildings on both sides that showed a stark contrast to the tall buildings in my previous life. In twenty years, Xinjiang City will have an earthshattering change. It is in these twenty years, the new Huaxia will also leap forward in a lot of areas, and bring the socialist economy to a new height.

Now that I have been reborn, I knew the economic, cultural and technological development of the next twenty years like the back of my hand. Could I do something for my country? Although I was the CEO of an international company in my previous life, it didn’t mean I don’t love my country, in fact, I really wished that Huaxia could also have their own international company.

However, these are not what I need to think about right now, most importantly, can I use my memory of twenty years to earn some funds to pickup girls? Starting a business wasn’t hard for me, who was a business fox, but the difficult part was the lack of startup funds. My parents can’t possibly give it to me, and they aren’t able to either. I already used up a large school selection fee when I started high school, causing our economic situation to be rather dire, I can’t possible not feel embarrassed for continue asking for a large sum of money right?

The thing I need to do right now is to make a business without using any money, in order to complete my startup funds.

(Hey, hey! Don’t think wrongly, how is it possible for a good modern socialist teenager to do things like murder and plunder? I don’t want to go to jail that earlier, I haven’t XXOO’d Zhao Yanyan yet.)

“Mom, I want apply for a Sanda class,” I said at the dinner table during dinner. This was the result of deep considerations; I was proficient in music, languages, football, basketball, Sanda and a lot of miscellaneous skills. However aside from Sanda, everything else was technique based, only Sanda was something that needed my body to be fit, if I don’t have the power, then any techniques learnt is pointless. Although I could train my body at home, it would be slower than with professional equipment.

“Learn that for what! We sent you to Fourth High was for you to focus on studying, why did you start thinking about other stuff?” My dad replied angrily before my mom would express her thoughts.

“Dad, let me finish——“

“Finish what, I already said no!” My dad interrupted.

“What are you doing! Let our son finish speaking!” My mom glared at my dad, and he immediately stopped making a sound. In my family, my mom held absolute authority.

“Dad, mom. The high school I’m attending is very far away from home, it’s fine now in the summer, but when it comes to winter, it gets dark very quickly, and they say that it gets quite messed up and there are a lot of robbers at night, this is all for my own safety. Even if it doesn’t come to use, it’s still training my body,” since I’m a thirty something years old person, I was still able to utter these random excuses.

Hearing that it was for my safety, my mom immediately agreed, “I think Leilei has a point, I agree with this. It’s been decided!”

Hearing my mom’s decision and my explanation, my dad didn’t say anything else and the decision was made.

After dinner, my parents started to educate me on how I must do them proud and how expensive sending me to school was. If this was my previous life, I would have perfunctorily replied, but I had just been reborn, and felt nostalgic. I was willing to talk to them about my dreams, and promised to study hard from now on, causing them to be extremely happy, praising that I had grown up after attending high school, and that their school fee weren’t wasted.

I laughed at myself silently, why was I so dumb in my previous life? It was so simple to coax my father and mother, yet I had always made them angry.

At night, I laid on the bed, pondering about what I would do in the future. Today was the day of me getting reborn, it could be considered perfect when I looked back it. The only stain on the imperfection, was that I didn’t known where to begin to get my first bucket of gold.

What could be worth something without any startup cost? Working for others? Impossible, ignoring the fact of finding a business that would want a high school student like me, even if I found a job, it would take forever to earn enough money to start my own business with the tiny salary. Suddenly I had a thought, remembering the industry I worked in in my past life, how did I forget about where I begun? Computer software, this was definitely an industry that could earn a profit without any startup cost. With what I know, isn’t it all too simple to code a few programs?

However this was 1994, an era where computers weren’t popularized, where would I even find a computer to write programs? The first thing I thought of was a network café, but then I immediately decided against it. Network cafes would only be popularized around the country after 1996 at the very least, there probably even isn’t a computer suite for playing games.

Finally, I decided on two methods: one, my father’s company worked on electronics, as one of the engineers in the factory he definitely had a chance to work with the computers in the factory, but the office computers often held important information, and I don’t known if my father could take me to use it. Two, the Songjiang University definitely had a computer suite for university students, but I didn’t know if it was open to the public, if it was open to the public, then everything is solved.

Ye Xiaoxiao got us to take out our textbook the first thing in the morning. Seeing that my book wasn’t covered, her expression turned dark, “Liu Lei, stand up!”

Everyone looked at me with pity, although I did see the happiness on Liu Kexing’s face, a typical face for a villain.

Under everyone’s gaze, I calmly stood up. This Ye Xiaoxiao’s actual age not even close to mine, why should I be scared of her? This was hilarious, and her angry look was also very attractive. Compared to Zhao Yanyan, Ye Xiaoxiao’s look of a mature woman attracted me more, since I am a person in his thirties. At that moment, I was fantasizing while staring at Ye Xiaoxiao’s chest, it wasn’t on purpose, but as a student, when the teacher told you to stand up I think that most people would involuntarily look down. I stared at Ye Xiaoxiao’s large breasts, and thought about the XX AVs I’ve watched in my previous life. How good would it feel to do it once with Ye Xiaoxiao

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t know my true thoughts, if she knew she probably would get so angry that her lung would explode.

Ye Xiaoxiao asked, “Why didn’t you cover your books?”

I continued to fantasize about her *****, and answered, “Why must I cover the books?”

Ye Xiaoxiao didn’t think that I could answer like that, the question was kicked back to her side like a ball. She probably could never imagined that I, who was well versed in debates during my previous life, knew many amazing techniques. During debates, the one who played their final card first would lose their initiative, so I would always throw a question back during debates. However how would Ye Xiaoxiao know so much, she definitely dug a trap for and jumped right in.

The entire class looked at me, a student that argued with the teacher, in surprise. In their eyes, I definitely had a death wish.

Ye Xiaoxiao angrily replied, “No reason! I said it must be covered, so you must cover them! If you don’t have your books covered tomorrow then get out, you don’t need to attend lessons any more.”

After Ye Xiaoxiao left, Guo Qing turned around and held up his thumb, “******* awesome! Boss, I’m going to follow you from now on!”

Zhao Yanyan whispered to me, “Why didn’t you cover the books? Don’t use something like why must we cover the books to reply.”

This chick was smart, she blocked off my path with a single sentence. I rplied lazily, “Actually —— it’s because I’m too lazy to cover them!”

My sentence caused the chick to stare at me in shock, perhaps she thought I was way too blunt.

I ignored her after I finished, started reading the textbook. The chick would peek over at me once in a while, as if she wanted to say something, but never had the courage to.

Finally Zhao Yanyan acted like she made an important decision, and turned around, then whispered in a tiny voice like a mosquito towards me while blushing, “Liu Lei, how about I help you cover the books.”

I glanced at her weirdly, from my memory; this chick didn’t take that much joy in helping others.

Seeing my glance, Zhao Yanyan twisted her body and replied shyly, “I just thought that if you don’t cover the books Ye Laoshi will get angry tomorrow, what’s more, Ye Laoshi also told me that class leaders should help other students ——“

****, this can’t me! What a bad excuse. This chick can’t have fallen for me right? I thought proudly. Of course, how could I refuse such a sweet thing? So I shamelessly said, “Sure, sorry trouble you.”


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Chapter 5 – Best Friend

The class leadership positions were chosen the same as what I knew, Liu Kexing was the class rep, Zhao Yanyan was the group secretary, Xie Wei was the study commissary. The sports commissary was a sports specialty student called Li Dahu, his academic lessons were terrible, and we were always the last few in grades.

After announcing the class leadership positions, Ye Xiaoxiao got the male leaders to go to the staff office to carry books. Watching Liu Kesheng and co. walk out of the classroom full of pride, I found it rather humorous, they really are a bunch of kids, thinking that they became some sort of important official, in reality they were just a long term work that would work for the teacher without payment.

I flipped the textbook with the fragrance of ink, a nostalgic feeling emerged in my mind. Perhaps it is only a smell that people that have been students would remember, after working, I had to read a lot of books everyday, but never smelled this ink fragrance again.

Zhao Yanyan looked at my actions of smelling every single textbook in confusion, she also opened the textbook and smelled it, and asked confusingly, “Liu Lei, what are you smelling?”

I was lost in a daydream and so I answered without much thought, “Ink fragrance, after some years have past, you’ll understand after you’ve grown up.”

Zhao Yanyan looked at me as if I was an alien, “You’re so weird, acting as if you’re a lot older than me.”

I freaked out and immediately laughed dryly, “Not really, I just heard it from a gege.”

“Oh!” Zhao Yanyan nodded.

After seeing everyone receiving the books, Ye Xiaoxiao said to us, “Wrap up the books tonight with either kraft or calendar paper, no patterns on the wrapper. It’ll be checked in class tomorrow!”

I was a bit speechless, isn’t it just a textbook? Why put so much emphasis on it? We’re in high school already, and yet we’re treated like we’re in primary school, but seeing no objections, I didn’t say anything either. After all, the school was still the world of the teachers, who would dare to oppose them? Even though I was dissatisfied, I could only follow instructions.

The morning passed by quickly, and Guo Qing, who was sitting in front of me, asked me to have lunch with him. It seems like even though I had been reborn, history hadn’t changed, we became great friends after Guo Qing and I had lunch. An unhappy thought emerged in my head, if history didn’t change, then Zhao Yanyan still wouldn’t become my girlfriend.

“What happened to you?” Guo Qing asked kindly after thinking I was sick due to seeing my face become stark white.

I shook my head, I’ll think about those things in the future later. At least I got Guo Qing, who’s a great friend, I couldn’t help but admit that he extremely loyal. When we were in the second year, someone from Class D called Yu Wenrui bullied me, Guo Qing, who was usually cowardly, took up a chair and fought with him, but was beaten badly by Yu Wenrui causing him to unable to school for a week. However, he told me afterwards that if he had a chance to choose again, he would still rush in without thinking.

“Bro, you’re good, the class beauty is now your desk mate!” seeing I was fine, Guo Qing started to chat with me again.

“Of course! I did tell you that she’ll become my desk mate before!” I proclaimed shamelessly.

“Che, keep boasting. You got lucky, but let me tell you, if you actually have an interest in her, you have to make your move as soon as possible!” In my previous life, Guo Qing was the only person in high school that knew that I like Zhao Yanyan, he often liked to help me come up with plans when I was free, but I never dared to do anything.

Thinking to this point, I started laughing dryly, Guo Qing was deserving to have become my best friend, he noticed that I like Zhao Yanyan after knowing me for less than a day. However, what I said during seating arrangements was already so obvious that only idiots wouldn’t understand.

Seeing that I didn’t reply, Guo Qing anxiously said, “Don’t tell me you have no interest, let me tell you, there are a lot of people in our class interested in her. In the morning I heard several boys in front of me talking about your desk mate! Our class rep also seems interested in her, since he kept looking over to your side when they were handing out books.

I opened my eyes wide and stared at Guo Qing in wonder. You managed to figure that out. Guo Qing isn’t just a bit talented. But I knew, this kid was the same as me, he had a bunch of plans in private, yet would chicken out when it comes to taking action. In my previous life, we often discussed in private about how to become the center of attention, but we were still nobodies when we graduated from high school.

We discussed topics we were both interested in when we ate, although my personality changed greatly from my previous life, in my subconscious, Guo Qing was my best friend. After a meal, we already became buddies that could talk about everything. Of course, this everything was limited to Guo Qing, if I told him everything I would scare this teen so much that he would have mental issues.

When I returned to the classroom, I found Liu Kesheng sitting on my my chair, and was talking delightedly to my wife I decided on. Zhao Yanyan was clearly uninterested in what he was saying, and was flipping the textbook that was handed out today, only occasionally nodding to Liu Kesheng.

This guy really took actions quickly, and sat on my spot when I wasn’t here. I walked by my seat and tapped the desk twice, and coldly said, “Excuse me.”

Liu Kesheng was in the middle of speaking, and seeing my disruption, he said impatiently, “I’m discussing about the future of the class with the group secretary, wait a bit!”

I replied expressionlessly, “It’s lunch time, you have no right in interfering with my stuff. If you want to talk about work, then please change a location!”

Liu Kesheng didn’t think I would say that, and stood up unhappily. It should be known that he was also the class representative in middle school and people didn’t dare to oppose his words, since just saying a bad thing about you to the class tutor was terrible.

Liu Kesheng snorted, and left. He didn’t forget to stare at me, who dared to challenge his authority, in the eye.

Seeing Liu Kesheng leave, Zhao Yanyan said to me quietly, “Why did you talk to him like that, aren’t you scared of him complaining about you to Ye laoshi?”

I laughed with disdain, “Then let him!”

Zhao Yanyan thought I was angry from my expression, and immediately explained, “Liu Lei, don’t misunderstand, I’m not reprimanding you, I’m just scared that——“

Before she finished, I spoke to her with s smile, “Of course I misunderstood, I thought that fellow was disturbing my beautiful desk mate, so I chased him away.”

“You!” Zhao Yanyan didn’t think my expression would change that fast, nor I would be so straightforward. In truth, Zhao Yanyan already understood why Liu Kesheng was talking to her, she was already the target of admiration for many boys, so she understood Liu Kesheng’s goal just after a few words. She just didn’t think I would see through it, causing her to blush and turned her head away, “I’m not going to care about you anymore!”

I pretended to not care, and started humming a pop song that I hard in my previous life. I peaked at Zhao Yanyan, who was pretending to read, and I cold tell from her expression that she was clearly listening to my song.

A teen was still too soft in my eyes, there was no way on competing against me, an old fox that was used to reading emotions in the business industry. As I expected, Zhao Yanyan finally couldn’t resist turning and asked, “Liu Lei, what song are you singing? How did I never heard of it?”

“Yi Sheng You Ni. You haven’t heard it?” I asked casually. No, of course she hasn’t heard it before, this song was only popularized after 2003. It is an old song to me, but it was a song that didn’t exist in this era for Zhao Yanyan.

Yi Sheng You Ni? Zhao Yanyan blushed, she wasn’t sure if Liu Lei said it deliberately or if there really is such a song. What was Yi Sheng You Ni, isn’t this way too blunt? But seeing my attitude, she didn’t retort.

“No,” Zhao Yanyan shook her head. “But it is pretty good, who is it sung by?”

“This —— This, I also forgot about it!” I was also a bit unsure of what to say, I couldn’t tell her that it is by Shiu Mu Nian Hua right, in this era, Shiu Mu Nian Hua was probably in high school like me.

“Oh! I wanted to buy a tape with it,” Zhao Yanyan nodded her head in disappointment.

“But ——“ I said replied seriously, “If you give me the money for a tape, I can sing it for you anytime.”

Seeing my seriousness, Zhao Yanyan didn’t think I would say that, she glanced a me a bit, but didn’t say anything, then she looked down and stopped talking to me while pretending to study.

After this pointless chatter, my relationship with Zhao Yanyan also improved quite a bit. I was already very hapy with this effect, I have spoken more to her in this one day than the three years of high school in my previous life.

I didn’t plan to build any kind of relationship with her in one day, although I was very confident, since getting a girl simple and easy, but getting too hasty with anything would only have the opposite effect. I did know this.


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Chapter 4 – Xiao Ye Laoshi

I followed Xiao Yeye’s instructions and stood on the line of First Year Class B students beside the red paper. Under my strong demands, my parents walked out of school with attachment. I found the reluctant goodbyes between students and parents rather amusing.

“Grandpa, go back, I’m fine here by myself,” a sweet voice resounded beside my year, instantly touching my heard.

I turned around to look, and became excited beyond words, I saw the person that was constantly on my mind in my previous life, Zhao Yanyan. She was exactly the same as she was on this day in my previous life, wearing a white dress. In front of me, she became a refreshing air in the hot summer.

There was a kindly old man beside Zhao Yanyan, but why was he so familiar to me? Before thought too much into it, that old man said to Zhao Yanyan, “Yanyan, it’s your first day at high school, I’m worried.”

Zhao Yanyan shook her grandfather’s sleeve and said in a spoiled manner, “Grandpa, other students don’t have their parents with them, I’ll become a laughing stock if you’re here.”

Ah, Zhao Yanyan’s graceful voice caused my heart to sway. I’m already a thirty something years old man, but I was entranced by a girl of ten odd years.

Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather’s thoughts seemed to be the same as mine, and he was unable to resist her elegant ton. Shaking his head, he spoke a few words, then spoke to a young man behind him, “Secretary Zhang, I have another meeting later when I go back, pick Yanyan up tonight.”

Secretary Zhang nodded, and left with Zhao Yanyan’s grandfather.

When almost everyone lined up, Ye Xiaoxiao walked over, and got us to line up in height order, with boys and girls in separate queues. This was all the same as my experiences in my past life, since I was rather tall, I was arranged to stand at the end of the male queue. In front of me was a boy named Guo Qing, he became my best friend during high school.

Guo Qing was the same as me in my previous life, introverted while possessing a dream of someday becoming the center of attention. It was due to this that we easily became great friends. Watching the back of this boy that stuck with me to discuss with me after class if a certain girl was pretty or not, or the new tape released by a certain celebrity, I spoke with thought emotionally: I wonder if I can become great friends with him in this life.

After the queues were sorted, Ye Xiaoxiao took us in front of a class room on the second floor, I didn’t have too much memory of this point, because in my past life the new school building had already been build after I started the second year, and after the class selection, the Science classes also moved over there.

After that we sat onto the seats in the classroom in male and female pairs under Ye Xiaoxiao’s arrangement. Everyone around me were already calculating their seat, of course the thing they were most focused on was which girl would become their desk mate. As I expected, from the position where their sights stopped, their ideal desk mate was Zhao Yanyan. Although they didn’t say anything, but it was obvious, all of them were calculating whether or not their future desk mate would be that girl weating the white dress.

I deliberately clapped Guo Qing’s back, and pointed towards Zhao Yanyan’s direction with my finger, “Will she’ll become my desk mate?”

After I said this, several boys immediately looked towards me with disdain. In their heart, they all treated me as a toad that wanted to eat swan meat. I laughed coldly in my heart, what’s the point of the glares, didn’t I just say out loud what you wanted to say?

When it came to us, I could tell, all of them looked anxiously towards the girls, only I was calmly standing there. Possessing memories of my past life, I clearly knew that Zhao Yanyan will become my desk mate.

When I walked into the classroom with Zhao Yanyan, a lot of boys looked at me with jealousy, giving me goosebumps. That’s weird, why didn’t I have this feeling in my past life? I didn’t understand whether I matured a bit later in my past life or if boys in my class matured rather earlier.

Both Zhao Yanyan and I were quite tall, so we were arranged to sit at a desk near the window on the third row from the back, this was the same as my past life.

After we sat down, Zhao Yanyan reached her hand our friendlily, “Hi, I’m called Zhao Yanyan!”

I remember it was rather hesitant at this moment in my previous life, and because I didn’t reach out my hand for a long while, it made it very awkward for both of us. I won’t have that kind of shy action anymore, what a joke, being the company CEO, what kind of person have I not shook hands with? What kind of situation have I not faced? Furthermore, how can I miss this rare opportunity to touch her.

I liberally shook her little hands, “Liu Lei, please take care of me from now on!” When I let go of her hands, I didn’t forget to lightly rub her hands at a suitable place. Zhao Yanyan’s face immediately turned red, but I pretended not to notice anything and turned back. I was laughing inside, I didn’t think that this girl will also be shy at times.

After everyone sat down, Ye Xiaoxiao started rambling on. It was just about how high school was different from middle school; what we were learning were broader and harder; don’t think that we’re half way there just because we entered a key high school, high school is the easiest place to fail; everyone should work hard etc.

Although her voice sounded nice, but what she said didn’t interest me at all, it wasn’t just a little bit weird having a man who was mentally thirty something listen these encouraging words for children.

I focused on the Ye Xiaoxiao that I despised in my previous life, and without me knowing, my sights were focused on her delicate face, I noticed that I really matured a bit too late in my previous life, I actually despised such a beautiful teacher? It was different from Zhao Yanyan’s immaturity, Ye Xiaoxiao already had a hint of a mature woman, no wonder so many male classmates liked to bombard Ye Xiaoxiao with questions after class in my previous life.

Looking down a bit, my sights rested on that incredible full breasts. I couldn’t help but have a slightly nasty thought, did she had sponge pads inside?

This thought caused me to sweat a little! It was completely different to my serious attitude before, did it finally explode after holding it back for so long in my previous life? Like a certain great person said, if it doesn’t explode in silence, then die in silence? Then what about me? Died in silence then get reborn and explode?

Perhaps to a person that have experienced life and death, there would be changes on both personality and thoughts! I was too focused on my career in my previous life and didn’t enjoy life, this life I will place my life as the priority, and my career as secondary.

I noticed that my dear Ye Xiaoxiao laoshi was really a first class beauty, she was about 1.7 meters tall with long legs, her skinny jeans also showed off her voluptuous body. It could be compared to Zhao Yanyan after she grows up in terms of both looks and her body, listening to her class could be said as an enjoyment, why didn’t I realize this before.

After that it was self-introductions, and it was also done in terms of the seating arrangement. I noticed that a lot of people were quite careful, and only simply said their name and the school they graduated from after sitting down. Only the ones called Xie Wei and Liu Kesheng summarized the position they held in middle school and the prizes they won, I saw that a hint of approval from Ye Xiaoxiao’s eyes.

This Liu Kesheng was also our class representative in my previous life, and had a grudge with me. Now that I look at it, it really didn’t matter, that person was also a pursuer of Zhao Yanyan, and Zhao Yanyan was our class’s group secretary.

Liu Kesheng often used proper business as an excuse to ask to change seats with me during study periods, I believed him at the start, but then I noticed his alternate motive, and being Zhao Yanyan’s secret admirer, of course I wouldn’t give chances to my rival in life, and our grudge gradually built up from there. This caused him to often say bad stuff about me in front of Ye Xiaoxiao, causing the disagreement between Ye Xiaoxiao and I to worsen.

That Xie Wei, will also take on a leadership position in our class. If I remembered correctly, he is the study commissary, but after the second year he was switched off, due to his grades worsening.

Zhao Yanyan’s self-introduction was also very impressive, her expression was plentiful, causing them to stare intently with their mouths watering. In comparison my own was very plain, although I was decent at speaking and was quite calm, but it didn’t catch Ye Xiaoxiao’s attention too much.


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Chapter 3 – Reporting In

“Leilei, get up quickly! Don’t be late on the first day of high school!” a female voice I am very familiar with sounded out beside me.

“Mom, my whole body is breaking apart, just let me sleep a while longer!” I pulled the blanket over my head and replied habitually.

That’s not right! I quickly got up from the bed, did I buy an apartment for myself in Yanjing City, where the company is? Why is my mom here?

I opened my eyes, and surveyed my surroundings. The broken single bed, the ancient red desk, the messy shelf, all of it was so familiar yet foreign.

My mom, who was in front of me, was so young. This all shows, my old bro Yama didn’t lie to me, I was reborn.

Of course, there was another possibility, and that I had a dream, a very long dream. In the dream I managed to reach thirty, and became the director of Company M in the Huaxia region. I attended my dream girl’s wedding, then died in her wedding, after that I met old bro Yama.

Thinking to this point, I subconsciously touched what was in front of my chest. The “cell phone” that old bro Yama gave me was still there, it seems like I had really been reborn.

I happy leaped up from the bed, and hugged my dear mom.

Mom patted my head and smiled, “You are a high school student from today, that means you’re an old child now. You’re still acting spoiled in front of mom?”

I shook my head, the mother that I would hug whenever I see her even after becoming thirty in my past life, she also said: In mom’s eyes, you are always a child.

I got dressed quickly, and said to my mom, who was helping me organize my school back, “Ma, is today my first day attending high school?”

“Of course!” My mom looked at m in confusion.

“Ah!” Unable to hold back the excitement in my heart, I couldn’t help but scream. I have really been reborn, I actually returned back to 1994, the me that was about to enter high school.

The reason I was so happy was because I knew that I will never miss Zhao Yanyan in this lifetime. I opened the window, and took a deep breath of fresh air, then shouted out the window, “Beauties, I’m coming!”

I turned around, and noticed that my mom was still standing in the room, and was staring at me with her mouth wide open.

“Hehe!” I laughed, I was able to understand my mom’s expression. If you saw your child scream out for beauties after just entering high school, you probably will feel the same.

My mom touched my forehead, “Leilei, you don’t have a fever right?”

I shook my head with a smile as I walked out of my room and into the bathroom, and saw myself with a full head of messy hair in the mirror. Was I really do dull at this time in my past life? ****, what is this image, no wonder no girls liked me, this was worlds apart from the handsome me during university. I decided, the first thing I’ll do after rebirth would be to improve my own image.

After a simple washing up, I went to the kitchen, mom was making breakfast, dad was reading the newspaper at the dinner table. There were no wrinkles on father’s face right now, his hair was also completely black, he was thirty something, the prime age for his career.

In my memory, the nationalized factory where father worked at didn’t close, father’s future was bright as the youngest engineer at the factory. However, things wouldn’t go as expected, without any experience in my previous life, nobody would expect the kind directory at father’s factory will take out all of the funds of the factory and the salary of the workers and run away. He was captured later on, but the funds had already been transferred to another country, so all that was left was a factory shell that was in debt for over a hundred million, it was forcefully expropriated by the bank within a month.

After father was laid off, he constantly sighed, and his hair also became a lot whiter, he barely managed to support our family through driving a tricycle. This situation continued until I graduated from university and begun to work at Microsoft, the financial problems a home were finally dealt with then.

But my father’s body already wore down, and passed away within a few years.

Since I have been reborn, I naturally have to prevent this from happening, at least with my current ability, I had no problems with supporting my family.

“Dad, I missed you!” after getting reborn, I saw my father who I thought I would never see again in my past life, I couldn’t suppress my own emotions and dived into his arms.

Father put down the newspaper in his hands, and caressed my back in wonder, “What is it with this child today?”

I didn’t want them to become suspicious, so I explained, “Dad, I had a bad dream last night. In my dream, Director Zhang of your factory scammed all of the factory’s money.” Regardless of anything, I still warned him ahead of time.

“Don’t bullshit, Old Zhang is not that kind of person!” Father angry put me down.

I knew that this dream I made up would not have any warning effect, it looks like I had to take it as it goes. I might even have my own career when that happens.

After breakfast, my parents went with me with report in. I had wanted to go by myself, but my parents refused. That was understandable, since I’ve never been to anywhere further than one kilometer away from home by myself. My primary school was on the street right behind my home, less than five hundred meters away. Middle school was also near my primary school. On the other hand, the Fourth High I was going to report to was more than ten stations away from my home, because this was the first day reporting in, no parents would be at ease, furthermore even parents of children going to university were like that as well.

The entrance of Fourth High was very busy, filled with parents and students like us that had come to report to school. Fourth High was one of the key high schools in Songjiang City, father also paid quite a lot of money for me to attend to this school. I was a typical bad student in middle school, and the middle school I was in was also notoriously bad, if it wasn’t because I was introverted and cowardly, I probably would have been depraved. Only students that have attended there would understand how terrible that school was; robbers, murderers, rapists, gamblers, a lot of the juvenile offenders in Songjiang City came from there. It would be unbelievable for that school managed to train out a talented person, I had naturally gotten a bad result in the citywide Senior Entrance Exam, and had to pay a very high price to study at Fourth High.

I couldn’t help but gasp as I say the row of good cars by the road, there were so many rich people in this era! Using my experience of my past life, I knew that there were too few cars that cost more than a million here. My sight stopped on an Audi 100, what attracted my attention wasn’t the model, but the car license plate. At this moment in my previous life, I didn’t know the meaning behind this car license number.

With Song 0 (松0) at the start were all cars belonging to governmental organizations, the number of this car license was also very small, so it clearly meant that it was the car of an important leader. It looks like our school was full of hidden talents.

Everything was all the same as my experience in my previous life. I was placed into First Year Class B. This was a key class, the result of my father’s gifts.

I quickly found the teacher responsible for receiving me, a cute girl that just graduated from a normal university, she’s also Ye Xiaoxiao, my class tutor from now on. Of course, this was from the perspective of myself as a thirty year old in my previous life. In my past life, my parents were all very confused, the class tutor of an important class that they spent a lot of money for me to get into was actually a girl that just graduated.

I only found out afterwards that our Ye laoshi has a very important background. It is rumored that her father is a very important person in the Department of Education, aside from her who teaches us English; all of the teachers of the other classes were all exceptional teachers. The reason for this arrangement was to turn Ye Xiaoxiao into a famous teacher after the College Entrance Exam three years later. In reality, Ye Xiaoxiao did become a famous teacher after we graduated, our class totaled at ninety-two pupils, aside form a few transient student, all of us got into university.

In my previous life, I didn’t have a great impression of our beauty of a class tutor. I believe this was the same from her end, is was my fault that I dragged the class behind in the first two years.

“What’s your name?” Ye Xiaoxiao asked me.

“Ye laoshi, I’m Liu Lei,” I answered sensibly, without any sense of nervousness that other students showed when they meet their teacher.

Ye Xiaoxiao looked up at me in shock, “How did you know my surname is Ye?”

I didn’t reply, only pointed at the nametag on Ye Xiaoxiao’s breast with a smile. I didn’t realize in my previous life, but the breast of our class tutor isn’t just a little big.

Ye Xiaoxiao also noticed the way I stared at her chest, but she didn’t mind. She just thought I was looking at her nametag, nobody would believe that a kid just entering high school would stare intently at his teacher’s breast.

Ye Xiaoxiao took out a form for me to complete, I took a lot, it is just a simple information form with our height, ethnic group, and which primary and middle school we graduated from. Ye Xiaoxiao looked at me in shock as I rapidly filled out the form. You have to know, other students were all afraid of writing the wrong stuff, so they all asked a many questions as they filled out the form.

Ye Xiaoxiao received my completed information sheet, her couldn’t help but twitch her eyebrows when her sight stopped at my results in primary and middle school. This was also within my expectations, the middle school I attended was publically admitted as a trash school, and my results on the Senior Entrance Exam had two failed subjects. The tiny bit of good impression that this beautiful teacher was probably going to disappear.

But that’s good; I didn’t want to be chosen as for any class leadership positions. With my experience in my previous life, class leaderships roles were thankless roles.


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Chapter 2 – Accidental Rebirth

It was impossible for me to have heard Zhao Yanyan’s words, because I was already dead, in other words Ge pi le.

When I awoke again, I found myself inside a large palace. It looked like those royal palaces that you could often see in TV shows based on the Qing dynasty, but it also had a pretty eerie atmosphere.

Right in front of me, was a humorous looking old person that said there thinking that he was very dignified, beside them were two unique looking people that seemed to be some sort of judge. Above the three of them was a large plaque, on it was three large characters —— Yama Palace.

Ugh, you can’t be serious. My first reaction was that if this was a TV show shooting? Seeing the scene, it should be a horror one, but based on what those three people were wearing it seemed like a comedy. I couldn’t help but sigh, there are too many third rated directors now!

As my thoughts wandered, the funny old man in the middle slapped the table in anger and stared, “Who is the one down there, why are you not kneeling in front of Yama?”

I momentarily blanked, they probably treated me as a part-time actor. I shouted, “Hey, old man, you found the wrong people right? I don’t want to act!”

Hearing me say these words, those three also momentarily blanked, Judge A on the side muttered to himself, “His grandmother, this person can’t also have mental issues right?”

Judge B took out the Life and Death Note, but couldn’t find anything all of a sudden, so he said in surprise, “Something’s wrong, there shouldn’t be anyone dying right now, who is the person down there?”

The funny old man slapped the table again and said, “The person down there, you’re already dead! Give me your name quickly, so I – Yama – can organize your reincarnation!”

I died?? How did I die? I suddenly remembered, that’s right, I’m dead. After I overdosed in alcohol on Zhao Yanyan’s wedding, then died after the rescue failed I found myself here.

It seems like I am actually dead. ****, I’ve been an utter failure this life, in the first half of my life I was just struggling, then I died without tasting love. This made me remember a classic quote from a very old movie: There was once sincere feelings in front of me, I didn’t treasure it, and only couldn’t regret after losing it, that is the most painful thing in a human’s life. If god would give me another chance, then I would tell the girl three words “I love you”, if I had to add a limit to this love, I hope it is: ten thousand years.

That old bro Yama said that I could reincarnate? That means I still have a chance to taste love, in my next life I will not let any of the women I love go! I thought so angrily.

That’s why I said to Yama, “Old bro Yama, I’m called Liu Lei, help me organize my reincarnation quickly!”

Yama angrily replied, “Screw off! Who in your grandmother’s name is your old bro, I am even older than your ancestors!”

After many years of experience in the business industry I understood how to flatter people, I knew that if I wanted Yama to organize my reincarnation in a good family, then I have to kiss this old man’s ***. I laughed, “I just meant that old bro looks so young, so energetic looking, if you didn’t tell me, I definitely couldn’t tell how old you are! Look, when I walked in, I thought it was a TV show shooting, that’s why I begun to think, where did the director find an actor as handsome as you, you’re so much more handsome compared to Chow Yun-fat and Andy Lau!” Saying this, I thought, Yama probably haven’t seen Chow Yun-fat and Andy Lau, so I immediately added, “So much more handsome than that brat Pan An!”

Hearing my words, Yama’s expression filled with delight, and turned his face filled with creases towards Judge A and asked, “Do I really look so young?”

That Judge A was probably used to flattering him, and replied without much thought, “Congratulations Yama, congratulations Yama, you are top tier among ghosts, more handsome than anyone!”

Yama laughed happily after hearing so, and said kindly to me, “What’s your name again? Oh right, it’s Liu Lei, You are like my best friend! This king will accept you as my little brother! Don’t worry little bro, I’ll definitely organize a good family for you!”

I quickly thanked him, my heart was filled with joy, my ploy worked!

Yama said to Judge B, “Find out life and death times of my little bro!”

After searching for a while, Judge B’s face was filled with incredible emotions, he said surprisingly, “Yama, look, your stepbrother has a life of hundred and eighty years, he couldn’t have died now!”

Hearing that, Yama took over the Life and Death Note seriously, after a long time, he slapped the table while clenching his teeth and yelled to outside the palace, “****, which blind xiaogui brought my little bro here?”

After a while, a xiaogui walked over in fear and immediately fell onto the floor after seeing Yama, “Please don’t be angry, Yama, this lowly one, this lowly one had coincidentally passed by the hospital, and seeing this brat, no your little brother was about to die, so I conveniently took him here!”

Ah? Hearing that I was mistakenly brought here, I was completely speechless. I’m way too unlucky, I though this kind of mistaken arrest only happened in the world of the living, I didn’t think the world of the dead was this dark as well.

Yama shouted angrily, “**** this, are your eyes growing from your ***? You caused an incident when there isn’t any! This Life and Death Note clearly says, my little bro would have an incident, but it didn’t say he’ll die! Someone come and boil him into the oil wok, and never allow him to reincarnate!”

Several odd looking people… Actually, ghosts instantly arrived, and took the xiaogui away.

I was uninterested about what would happen to that xiaogui, I just wanted to reincarnate quickly, I said to Yama, “Old bro, can’t you organize little bro to reincarnate first?”

Yama replied with a sour look, “Little bro, it’s not that old bro not organizing it for you. Rather, it’s because you were brought here by that blind idiot before your life was used up, so —— ai, there’s nothing I can do!”

My heart was instantly frozen, but I still asked persistently, “I can’t be the only on who died because of an accident right? What about them?”

Yama replied, “Those people? They are just random ghosts that spend the days wandering around in the underworld, waiting for their lives to be used up so they can reincarnate.”

I was unwilling to give up, “Since I was mistakenly captured, is there a method to return my soul to my body?”

Yama looked at me in pity, “Little bro, old bro ask you, did you sign up to be an organ donor when you were alive?”

I nodded and asked confusedly, “Why did you bring it up?”

Yama shook his head in pity, “I do want to return you, but now your organs have already been put onto someone else, your body is probably already dissected by med school students…”

It looks like I wasn’t just a little unlucky! Could I be fated to spend a hundred odd years in the underworld?

At this moment Judge B seemed to remember something, and whispered a long while beside Yama’s year. Hearing that, Yama slapped his thigh and shouted, “ That’s right! My grandma, how did I forgot about this? Little bro, do you want to be reborn?”

“Rebirth?” I muttered, this wasn’t a foreign term to me, it was something often seen in web novels.

Yama though I didn’t understand, and begun to explain, “By rebirth, it means to return your soul to your body in the past——“

I waved my hand, “I understand what rebirth means, does that mean that anyone who died before their time can choose to be reborn?”

Yama shook his head, “That’s not true, we have a limited number of spots for rebirth in the underworld, it also have to accepted in heaven. I intended to sell this spot for a high price, but since you are my little bro, I’ll give you this chance! Especially since I don’t lack money.”

It seems like this spot was extremely valuable! I was right to admit Yama as my old bro! I heard that people that were reborn would often have some special powers, would I have some too? So I asked shamelessly, “Old bro, would I have any special powers after getting reborn?”

“About this,” Yama thought about it, “I don’t have any power to decide, if you really want some special powers, I can help you apply for it, but it might take quite long.”

Hearing such a chance, I immediately asked, “How long?”

Yama thought about it and said, “There’s no way to tell, maybe a day, maybe a year, the application for special powers of the previous set of people that were reborn were just returned yesterday, so this time will be quicker, probably just a few hundred years!”

Seriously, several hundred years? I quickly asked, “Did that person receive any special powers afterwards?”

Yama replied, “Receive my ***, that person’s great grandson already died, and died unhappily. His even shouted out his last words ‘When will my great grandfather have special powers’!”

Hearing that, I nearly fainted, I guess I’ll pass on it. So I waved my head, “Old bro, never mind that, if I can get special powers then so be it, if I can’t then whatever!”

Yama faintly smiled, “But old bro can give you a phone, if you have any requests for old bro, call me anytime!”

Phone? I asked, “I can still call you after returning to the world of the living?”

Yama nodded confidently, “Of course, it was just created by Edison and Bell. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Edison is the chief scientist of our Yama Technology limited.”

Judge B handed an exquisite jade pendant to me, so I asked curiously, “You can call with this?”

Yama replied with pride, “Of course, it’s a telepathic link, you can communicate with me, a god, when you miss me. The one I gave you is the newest model, it is efficient night powered, the same as solar power in your world of the living. It will charge automatically in the dark.

I’ll just believe this phone that old bro Yama is bragging to me about, and carefully hung it around my neck.

“Okay, it’s almost time, Judge A, send my little bro back,” said Yama.

I rolled my eyes, this guy is actually called Judge A.


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