News Update

We’ve got some bad news and info update for you. Let’s start with the bad news first.

As you all know, the main reason we moved to self-hosted was due to Hayate’s influence. I was always skeptical of moving to self-hosted, since I have seen far too many people experiencing downtime immediately after the move. However, he convinced us by saying he will be our web manager and that we will not experience any such downtime with shared hosting. I believed him due to my lack of knowledge, but little did I know, shared hosting is the worst choice ever for hosting a website.

After the move, it’s one disappointment after another, and now, Hayate himself has gone missing for more than a month now. He barely contributed anything to the new site, be it on the site management part or the translation part. So I have no choice but to remove his project from Re:Library. As of today, on 6th November 2016, we are no longer hosting Re:Zero.

Now, moving on to the info update:

You may have already noticed the “teasers” page. If not, you can go and take a look at it now. One of our translator has expressed the intention to pick up some teaser projects, and some have the intention of dropping their projects, so I made this page for all the teasers and dropped projects.

Every project on the teasers list are free-game for any translators. If anyone wish to pick up any of the projects in the list, please fill in this form to contact the site administrator.


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