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Alright, here are the current novels I’m CONSIDERING doing teasers for, which also doubles as novels I have an interest in translating. I will repeat, it is stuff I’m considering to do teasers for, by no means does it imply that I will definitely do teasers for all of them. Out of them, I am pretty much guaranteed to do teasers for Special Forces Spirit and Ace Evolution, I haven’t made my mind up for everything else.

In addition to all of the ones below, is there anything you guys want me to do a teaser for? I will put them into consideration as well, or I will tell you in another post why I refuse to do it.

English Name Special Forces Spirit / Ultimate Hunt
Chinese Name 特种兵魂 / 终极猎杀
Author 夜十三 (Night Thirteen)
Synopsis Having served in the Northeast Field Army, Ye Tianming who was called an “extremely dangerous person”, was chosen into the Blue Sword Special Forces in surprise. He’s crafty, cocky, prideful, yet he possess talent and planning above others. He walked on the front line, leading his teammates in Blue Sword erase the attempt of invasion by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam; he chose elites and dealt a huge blow to the opponent in a military exercise; he is neither good nor evil, and openly defied orders to save his teammates; he went overseas, and entered terrible trouble in order to save his fellow citizens…
Desert breakthrough, wilderness sniping, escape through Gobi, hunting overseas… After a series of tests through blood and flames, the fresh troops led by Ye Tianming grew up quickly, and became an iron-willed lion. They have the speed of cougars, the power of lions, the craftiness of foxes, and the stealth of a snake. In front of evil, they have an aura fill of murderous intent; in front of justice, they seem to show the hot blooded spirit of special forces. They have no unit designation, no honor, and even no gravestones, in the age of peace, they composed a soul-stirring song of generosity!
Selutu’s Remarks The story is centered around Ye Tianming, a retired member of the special forces Blue Sword. However, it doesn’t just talk about the military aspect of his life, rather it centers around him as a person, showcasing that behind the military of every soldier, they are a human of flesh and bone – they can feel, they can get hurt, and they can love.
More on the story, the characters are rather distinct, and although it has a modern setting, it does have a sort of wuxia feel to it, especially in the ways that the MC handle things. I personally don’t find it surprising, due to his background as a special forces soldier that comes into contact with blood and war all the time. It is a story filled not only with iron-will, but also vengeance and the feelings of betrayal.
WARNING 1: This is sort of a harem, well, okay not really, but it does have harem elements in it.
WARNING 2: This novel does have elements of nationalism, and borderline racism + stereotyping.


English Name Special Force Soldier in the City
Chinese Name 特种兵在都市
Author 夜十三 (Night Thirteen)
Synopsis Yang Luo was once a king of soldiers that made all of the soldiers in the country feel terrified upon hearing his name, he is the killer, Judge, famous throughout the underworld, he is the genius doctor in the medical world, he controls the mysterious organization Gaomai. He is cocky and arrogant, he doesn’t care about the method in order to achieve his goals. He is full of the air of ruffians, all sorts of beauty will go crazy for him. In this bustling city, Yang Luo displays a life of hot-bloodedness full of excitement.
Selutu’s Remarks This novel centers around Yang Luo, the successor of Ye Tianming as the captain of Blue Sword. You could say that his character is kind of similar to Ye Tianming in regards to how he has a delinquent-like personality despite being a soldier. However, his background is completely different, while Ye Tianming comes from a small rural village, Yang Luo is of a very rich and powerful family within China, even though he had grew up in a small village in the middle of nowhere. Yang Luo as a character has have less morals compared to Ye Tianming, and is more impulsive, despite both being military geniuses.
The novel goes quite deep into politic situations as well as military situations both within China as well as around the world.
WARNING 1: Like it’s predecessor, is a novel with harem elements, but is not truly a harem, even though Yang Luo’s dream as a child is to pick up every single beauty in the world.
WARNING 2: The stereotyping and racism plays a far greater part in the novel, compared to it’s predecessor.


English Name Ace Evolution
Chinese Name 王牌进化
Author 卷土 (Juantu)
Synopsis A genius idiot born from an incestual marriage!
A young man with triple identities of worker, murderer and university student!
Cardillacs and Dinosaurs, Sangokushi, KOF, Knights of the Round, Shdow Force, Street Fighter…
Each one of the arcade games you are familair with has already been changed into a prerequisite for survival!
Slaughtering Shiranui Mai with Ya Otome, Jigoku Gokuraku Otoshi to kill Li Dian. There is only what hasn’t been thought of, there isn’t anything that can’t be thought of!
On an unknown day, when you walk down the stairs, you may accidentally walk into this —— arcade nightmare!
Selutu’s Remarks As you can see, this novel shares the same author with The Ultimate Evolution, of course it does, it’s written before it. It is also an infinity style novel, but It uses arcade games as settings instead. Compared to The Ultimate Evolution, I found this novel to be far better.
The main character is Fang Lin (who also appears in The Ultimate Evolution), he is the person described in the synopsis. He is a cold and dark character that acts without any real morals in the beginning, due to the murder he has committed. As the novel progresses, you will see him slowly gaining back emotions, and feelings, which I found to be very interesting. Despite what others say, Ace Evolution gets the teamwork element introduced in the novel far quicker than other novels of the same genre.
What makes the MC more refreshing to read is the fact that he acts as the brain of the group, and you will read about his non-conventional thought process.
Oh, something else I really enjoyed about the series is how the MC loves to trick and rip people off, and this characteristic will be shared by a NPC he later brings out of a world. That NPC is most likely what brought me the most humour in the entire novel, and I have laughed continuously time after time simply due to that character.
WARNING: Contains a scene of rape later on in the novel.


English Name Special Forces Teacher
Chinese Name 特种教师
Author 黑暗崛起 (Darkness Rising)
Synopsis King of assassins, Ye Huang, went back to Yucheng to become a university teacher, he met a sexy 36D police beauty, an otherworldly beauty teacher, a weird beauty student, uniform seduction, urban white collar, what kind of miraculous journey will it be? A man has two rows of tears, one for common people, the other for beauties…
Selutu’s Remarks This novel talks of Ye Huang, a retired assassin that was supposed to be the best assassin and his attempt to return to everyday life after slaughtering his way out of the assassin organization he was in. It will start off as a city life novel, and gradually transfer into a xianxia. Compared to the first two novels on this list, this novel is quite a bit more cliche, but I still found it to be a very enjoyable read.
Just for those of you that are interested, I think that as of now, you can split the novel into three main sections: everyday life section, dealing with a national conspiracy section, and the xianxia section.
WARNING 1: It is a complete and utter harem. In fact, the harem actually plays a huge part in the story, at several points, other people even points to how the MC has a harem that allows him to get stuff done.
WARNING 2: It contains mild racism against Japan, but I think it is totally ignorable, just treat it as if it said Country X instead.
WARNING 3: It’s an ongoing novel, but the updates are rather slow.


English Name Beauty Playing Landlord
Chinese Name 玩美房东
Author 寂寞的舞者 (The Lonely Dancer)
Synopsis Grass around your burrow isn’t as great as wild grass? Laozi just likes grass around the burrow!
Rented a mansion to be a landlord, feeding a group of female tenants: Nurse uniform seduction? Just and cold beauty police? Mature sexy female magnate? Icy and pure superstar? Hot and open little taimei? Kid-like huge breasted loli… All types of grass around the burrow! Fuck, you have all sorts of problems? Okay, then look at me, the beauty playing lanlord, punching the Nanshang nursing home, kicking the Beihai kindergarten, helping you solve these issues!
Xiao Feng says: Laozi will beat off the teeth of whoever dares to eat the grass around Laozi’s burrow! I will beat him unable to take care of himself!
Selutu’s Remarks The MC of this novel is Xiao Feng, an assassin that was taking a three month break in order to search for his parents. This is the novel I’m currently reading, so I won[t be able to comment too much, but I am enjoying the novel thus far. The MC does get involved in gang related things very fast, since three of his bros are in gangs, another one of his bros is doing private detective work, for which he fill ins for two days, thus meeting one of the female leads.
WARNING: Harem, if you haven’t noticed from the synopsis.


English Name Amazing Waifu Fell in Love With Me
Chinese Name 极品仙妻爱上我
Author 穿越的土豆 (Transmigrated Potato)
Synopsis Ling Xiaofan is the core member of the group Edge of the Nation, he is a master that hides in the mundane world. Originally hoping to live a life of normality and peace, the calmness of his life was broken something he thought was a R18 game, the perfect loli he designed actually appeared in reality. What follows is, beauties? Money? Power?
Selutu’s Remarks I would just say it now, the first chapter of this novel nearly made me cry. The novel talks of Ling Xiaofan, the MC of this novel, is a soon to be ex-member of a secret government organization, and a high school student. Before the novel begins, he tried to quit the organization, but was told to live a normal life for a period of time, before he officially quits. If he uses the weapon designed for him at that time, he would have to return to the organization. Eventually, due to certain circumstances, he chooses to return, parts of this involves a certain loli that he designed.
It is a modern day novel, with traces of sci-fi elements, here and there. The core of the novel actually revolves around the loli that he designed, her being something from the future (yes this is a spoiler, but it gets revealed very quickly).
WARNING: Harem. It is a real harem.



English Name Huadu’s Special Master / Pickup Master
Chinese Name 花都特种高手/泡妞高手
Author 穿越的土豆 (Transmigrated Potato)
Synopsis Tang Shuai and a girl called Xiao Meng had a joyful Valentines Day, then he died in Xiao Meng’s hands. With rage and regret, Tang Shuai was reborn in the body of the second young master of the Tang family. Coincidentally, the Tang family’s second young master is also called Tang Shuai.
Since then, Tang Shuai’s life changed.
Accidentally gotten stuck with a little vampire loli, who made Tang Shuai take responsibility of her. And this responsibility was actually making Tang Shuai pickup girls, this-this seems to trouble Tang Shuai, who was once a loser.
Tang Shuai: Long-legged policewoman, busty female CEO, sexy female killer and a rich daxiaojie all seems pretty good.
Momo: idiot, don’t just use your mom, go.
Selutu’s Remarks This is a novel about vampires and harem, but that’s not all I liked about the novel. The MC of this novel, Tang Shuai, is actually rather smart, and he is someone with a truly normal sense of moral, this doesn’t change much throughout the novel.
He does keep this sense of moral even after getting reborn, even though the owner of the body he reborn into was one of those rich sons that was wasting their life away.
I would say this novel is rather humorous, and entertaining to read.

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  1. If i had to say , pickup master would be the one id most want to read , 1 its lighthearted or so it seems and 2 a properly done harem is pretty rare tough i have a bit of hopes reading the synopsis .
    second would be amazing waifu
    and third , ace evolution , tough i still have yet to read any of those infinity type series it sounds interesting

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