World of Immortals Chapter 175

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This is the Twenty Fourth and LAST Chapter of the Week!

Important Announcement

And since this is the last chapter of the mass release, I’ll take this chance to say something.

I am currently unemployed and in dire need of help from every readers out there. My parents are starting to put the pressure on me to find a “real” job soon. They say doing this won’t bring food to the table. As much as I have to agree with them, it still hurts when even your parents don’t support you in chasing a dream job.

Though, I understand where they are coming from. If your child spent more than eight hours per day translating and only earn a few cents to show, would you openly support them? If it was me… I also had to think twice before I encourage my child to continue translating.

In order to convince my parent that I am not doing this for nothing, I need support from everyone. If everyone could just pledge $1 per month on Patreon — all I’m just asking is just $1 per month from each person, no more, no less — then I might be able to convince them to let me continue translating.

My deadline is mid October, if I still can’t show any result to my parents by then, I will have to find a temporary job to get by until I find a better job, and slow down my current pace against my will.

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