World of Immortals Chapter 155

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6 thoughts on “World of Immortals Chapter 155”

  1. another thing that can help you get donation joining some of the bigger sites like wuxia world or gravity tales. translation nation idk many other maybe xianxia world. maybe they will like this novel and consider letting you join your views might sky rocket along with donations.

      1. That is common mistake. even big companies started with some connection or backing and even if they didn’t have it they sought them out. keyword connections. human connect even now we are connected and as you translate those books you make connections even if you can’t see them at all someone is still looking someone is still reading.

        Don’t corner yourself into doing it one way. even as we speak those big sites are still trying to get more and more connections. they use Instagram twitter Discord or some other ways to socialize with their audience. to talk and maybe joke with their reader a bit. most of those translator have sponsored chapter during weekday or weekend for chapters.

        at least view other options don’t stick to something that isn’t working for you, change, evolve grow, learn, might even be able to make a big site where all your translated work will be piled up like mt. tai one day, but if you don’t try how can you expect better results doing the same thing? to get different results you need to try new things.

        the light bulb wasn’t invented by doing the something over and over Italian food wasn’t made by putting together the same recipe over and over, even our current technology wasn’t made by putting same components together over and over. one must change or you can’t expect new results.

        I personally love this novel and hope to continue reading it.
        Thank you!! XD

        1. Everything you said is correct, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

          But I’m not moving my content to a big site just cause I want to get a little more popular.

          That’s too mainstream and I never really liked the idea 😐

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