[Vol 1] Prologue: A New Beginning

Sheena In the distant future of the Halkeginia, the world has regained peace, every species in the continents have learned how to co-exist. After the Apocalypse War, Saito and Louise had crossed dimensions, and went back to Earth via World Door magic casted by Louise. They settled down in Saito’s hometown in Japan. Right now they’re in their forties and have a beautiful daughter called Hiraga Sheena.

Sheena is a 17 years old young lady, she has beautiful blonde pink hair like her mother which is very uncommon on Earth, so she stands out a lot. She has a pair of sapphire-colored pupils in contrast to both her parent. Not to mention her fair skin, well-rounded breasts and slender waist, she is also around 1.7 meter tall. Along with her long and slender snow white legs, she looks just like a model, and a lot of men has proposed to her. Naturally, she turned down all of the proposal.

Their daughter is extremely talented in magic and able to fully utilize all 4 major elemental magic, namely, the Earth, Fire, Water and Wind Magic. Sheena is currently studying at Tristanian Academy of Magic in the continent of Halkeginia due to her talent in magic.

With the power of Louise as a void mage, she can naturally open a portal between the Earth and Halkeginia, and travel freely between the two dimensions.

Right now, their daughter, Sheena, is in her second school year and is deemed as the ultimate genius of the century. Today is the day she will finally summon her own familiar.


Now we will go a little back in time.

On Earth, there is a young man called Silva. He is in his early 20’s and is around 1.74 meter tall. His look is on the average side and nothing particularly stands out. He’s currently working as an IT Technician at the local hospital, and lives with his parent in a rural country called Brunei.

On a certain day, he went out to the shopping district to collect the mail from the post office.

When he arrived at the post station and got out of his car, he noticed that a young girl around the age of ten on the opposite side of the road, she was not paying attention to the cars when crossing the road.

Right about this moment, several cars suddenly appeared from the junction and moved at a high speed. The drivers seem to be racing in this desolate road and did not expect to find a little girl in the middle of the road. They frantically hit the brake and a loud screech could be heard. But at that speed and distance between the car and the girl, there was simply not enough time.

Upon noticing this, Silva didn’t think twice and immediately dashed towards the girl, pushing her away from the car that is fast approaching. He thought he could use the recoil of the push to fall back and avoid getting hit by the car, but the girl was simply too light, so he was able to push the girl away quite easily. There was not enough recoil force, so he simply just fell forward, against his own expectation. The car was already right in front of him and with a “Bang!”. It send Silva flying and rolling away on the ground a few meter away, with blood splattered everywhere.

“Ah… reality is cruel… ” Silva thought to himself secretly.

Silva was worried about the girl, he tried to open his eyes desperately to look at the surrounding, he was not able to move a single muscle at all, but at the corner of his sight, he could faintly see the little girl on the ground crying.

“Ah…… if she could cry so energetically like that, then she’s fine… I’m relieved… at least my life is not wasted like this…” Was Silva’s last thoughts before he take his last breath.

When Silva opened his eyes again, all he can see is pitch black darkness. He couldn’t even see his own fingers in this darkness.

“Where am I? Is this the afterworld? This place is much gloomier than I thought.” Silva shivered at the thought that he might spend the rest of his life in this endless darkness for eternity.


Now back in world of Halkeginia, deep within the forest of Alden, in the continent of Germania. There is a secret village of elves hidden in the dense jungle of Alden.

Inside a beautiful chamber, therein lies the soulless body of an Elven Princess on a large canopy bed. Her name is Ranah Elwyn la Sylphis.

Apparently she was a huge figure who played a major role in the Apocalypse War a few decades ago. She fought against a certain calamity which threatened to destroy every species in the world, she was the one who convinced the proud elves to work together with the other races in order fight against this calamity, and survives to see another day.

But when she went to investigate a certain dungeon some time after the war, she received a critical damage to her soul. Now she just spend all her time on the bed, staring at the ceiling with blank expression… she is slowly forgotten due to the passage of time.


Just at this moment, Silva heard a voice resounding from all directions. At the same time, a magic circle surrounded the soulless body of the Elven Princess, “… I, Sheena de Hiraga des Ornières, command thee, who possesses the noblest soul and body, come forth and serve as this one’s sword and shield!”

Suddenly, a bright radiance appeared in the endless darkness, Silva naturally yearns for the light so stretched his arms in hope reaching the only source of light in this dark abyss. Elwyn’s body floated in midair as the magic circle that surrounded her soulless body intensified. Then all of a sudden, the magic circle warped her entire body and disappeared along with it.

…When Silva opened his eyes again, he saw an alluring beauty with blonde pink hair in front of him, loudly declaring, “From hence forth, you shall be serve as this one’s familiar!”

Silva was completely dumbfounded, he didn’t know what to say, so the girl started by asking his name.

Silva named himself and the girl just nodded slightly before she introduces herself.

” …I see… so your name is Sylvia? I am Sheena de Hiraga des Ornières. Nice to meet you!” With a charming smile, Sheena introduced herself.

“Sheena…… de Orni what?” Silva was not good at remembering names, all the more when it comes to a long and complicated name like Sheena’s.

Sheena chuckled and said, “You can just call me Sheena. I look forward to working with you.” Then she stretched her hand forward to lend Silva, who is currently kneeling on the ground with both knees, a helping hand.

Silva feels something is not right about his body, and when looked down on himself, there are two mountains bulging from his chest, a long and beautiful straight blonde hair draped from one side of his shoulder, and moreover, he is wearing a beautiful white one piece dress.

Silva can tell immediately that this is probably, most likely, not his own body! Silva loves to read to novel, manga and watch anime, and he especially loves the Gender Bender and Fantasy genre, so it doesn’t really surprise him all too much, in fact, he always secretly wished for something like this to happen ever since he was young, but now that it really did, he simply couldn’t believe it.

Silva was not too surprised at first when Sheena addressed him as Sylvia, since a lot of people in his previous life usually pronounced his name wrongly, and called him Sylvia instead. He had to correct them every single time but he didn’t do so now because his body is already that of a female. So it’s pointless to argue over that now. From hence forth, he shall be known as Sylvia.

But this development was still a bit too sudden for Silva… Sorry, I mean Sylvia. She still couldn’t immediately accept it as a reality. Sylvia pinched her cheeks so hard to reaffirm herself.

“Ouch!!!” Upon sensing the pain, Sylvia immediately shouted with tearful expression.

She could feel the pain but she still couldn’t believe it since it is not impossible to sense pain in a dream, so she clasped her hands together and concluded, “Yep, this must be a dream!”

Sheena was confused at the sight and asked, “What are you doing?”


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