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Re:Library permit the submission of novel submitted by users (“User Submissions”) and the hosting, sharing, and/or publishing of such User Submissions.

You shall be solely responsible for your own User Submissions and the consequences of posting or publishing them.

You may login your account to submit your work for review using this link:

Please use the following format when submitting your work:


This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library (

If you are reading this from other sites, please consider to stop reading from them and read from Re:Library instead. It is big slap to the face for us translators knowing that our readers are reading our work on a thieving site. Thank you kindly.


**Type**: Translation/Original

**Raw Source**: Required if you are submitting translation


Tell us a little about yourself; what motivates you to translate,
where you lives, how old are you, etc.

**Sample Content**:

After your work has been reviewed and approved, the site administrator will create an index page for your fiction and then you will be promoted to Author, so you can publish your work at your own convenience.

After your first submission is approved, you are required to follow a simple procedure when publishing future chapters:

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