Chapter 149 – Shocking Wedding Robbery

“No! Of course not! What exactly is going on? Who can explain it for me!” Lei Fubo said angrily.

“We thought that you organized it…” the staff said in a troubled manner.

“I don’t care! Hurry up and shout at the people on the helicopter with a megaphone. Tell them that I, Lei Fubo is holding the wedding for my son. Tell them to not mess anything up, or else I won’t be courteous!” Lei Fubo ordered. “The channels are all live broadcasting everything, what are they doing!”

Lei Fubo was extremely angrily in his heart, this was essentially slapping him on the face. His son’s wedding was actually destroyed by unknown people! If he found out, he definitely wouldn’t let them go!

Lei Xiaolong was the most worried. The first reaction that Lei Xiaolong had was, crap!

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Other people might not get it, but how could he not!

He had promised those people to give them his fiancé, but now he was actually holding his wedding! He thought that they wouldn’t cause trouble for him anymore, he never would have thought that trouble still came in the end!

Lei Xiaolong could have never imagined that those people would actually be as daring as to directly pilot a helicopter to cause trouble!

“Listen up, the people down there! Stand on spot and don’t move! Our sniper has already locked onto locations, don’t try to create chaos. We won’t hurt you, but if someone doesn’t listen to the advice, then don’t blame us!” A mechanical and cold voice sounded out from the airplane, then it repeated its message using English.

“What’s going on? Mr. Lei?” The guests all started to ask.

“Mr. Lei, is this not something you organized?”

“Don’t scare us! My god, this is no joke, just what’s going on?”

“Mr. Lei, stop kidding around!”

“Everyone, listen to me!” Lei Fubo tried his best to calm himself at that moment, but his voice had already turned anxious. “This is an accident! We didn’t organized this. This is an accident! Everybody calm down and listen to what they want!”

“Damn! Why did I come to this damn wedding!” A white entrepreneur swore.

“Yeah, seriously, it is essentially joking with my life!” Another person complained. These people who were complaining were all guests that were truly invited to the wedding, while those more important people all sat there properly.

A red dot appeared on Lei Fubo, causing him to freak out. This was the signal on him being locked on by the aiming machine! Immediately after that, a red dot also appeared on Lei Xiaolong’s body.

“Listen, tell them not to move around. My gun might misfire,” The voice from the helicopter sounded out once again.

“Everybody, don’t move! They aimed at me, please don’t move!” Lei Fubo said calmly.

“****! What sort of logic is this! You’re telling everyone to stay after they aimed at you?”

“Yeah, you’re taking our lives as a joke!”

“How can this person be so selfish! We came to his son’s wedding, and now he actually wants to hold us hostage?”

“He’s too terrible! This sort of person isn’t trustworthy at all, let’s not do business with him in the future!”

“Yeah! I’m determined to break all ties with Lei’s!”

Lei Fubo’s reaction caused the guests to all get annoyed as they started to complain.

“I…” Lei Fubo didn’t know what to say at all! Damnit, why did someone have to oppose him? Lei Fubo tried to think about his enemies in business, but none of them were so capable!

“Alright, everybody stand properly! Now —— The show’s about to start!” The voice on the helicopter continued. “The next show —— Wedding Robbery of the Century!”

The cockpit of the helicopter opened and a ladder was let down. Several people fully armed and wore black nylon masks with rifles in their hands jumped down.

After they entered the hall, they quickly positioned themselves and waited.

The last person to jump down was a person wearing a mask and casual clothes.

This person was naturally me! Since I didn’t want my identity to be shown on the screen yet, I wore a mask. However the clothes I wore were the same ones as when I met Xia Jing for the first time.

I stepped onto the red packet dashingly, while Du Xiaowei wore a huge pair of sunglasses and surveyed the surroundings with a rocket launcher like a mobster bodyguard.

Lei Xiaolong was already completely shocked. When someone pointed at him with a rifle form behind, his body trembled and muttered things that we were able to understand.

I waked up and immediately grabbed Xia Jing’s hand, before saying quietly, “Xia Jing, I’ve come.”

Xia Jing looked at me frantically and struggled, “Who are you…”

“I’m Liu Lei! Don’t you recognize my clothes?” My said quietly.

“Liu Lei? Who’s Liu Lei?” Xia Jing said in confusion.

“You forgot about me? Impossible!” I said anxiously.

“I really don’t know you!” Xia Jing shook her head.

I looked at Xia Jing’s eyes in an attempt to see something, but I was disappointed. Xia Jing’s gaze was earnest. Although she was frantic, there wasn’t any of the familiar feeling from before.

What happened! Could it be that… Xia Jing completely forgot about me?

All of a sudden, I didn’t quite know what to do. Was I disappointed, suffering, or what?

Was I just someone that passed through her life? Did she completely forget about me already?

Three years. Three years was enough for a person to be forgotten completely. Perhaps, she really forgot…

I shook my head helplessly. What else could I do? It seems like I thought too highly of myself! She actually said to me ——Who’s Liu Lei!

“Did you forget the things that happened when you came to Songjiang? We met on the streets, and you followed me back him, as well as your reminder before you left…” I said without giving up.

“Sorry… What exactly are you talking about!” Xia Jing look at me in confused, then said rather frantically. “Don’t do anything rash okay, you’ll screw me over…”

How’s that possible? This thing doesn’t seem quite right! Even if Xia Jing doesn’t want to recognize me for some reason, Xia Jing’s eyes wouldn’t show no reaction when I talked about my past with her! This wasn’t an act, which means that Xia Jing didn’t know what I was talking about, otherwise, it was impossible for her to show nothing in her eyes!

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Could Xia Jing have lost her memories as well? It can’t be that much of a coincidence, right?

I calmed myself down, and thought about if there was anything else to it.

When my eyes swept across Xia Jing’s soft neck, I smiled.

“Where’s Xia Jing?” A confident smile surfaced on my face once again.

“What-What are you talking about?” Xia Jing said a bit nervously.

“You’re not Xia Jing, where is the real Xia Jing?” I asked in a tone that did not allow anyone to doubt me.

“That-That’s me…” Xia Jing was clearly frantic. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Leave.”


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