Chapter 147 – Mom Supports You

When Shelly called me, I found out that the chick was very happy. David actually signed the contracts for six movies with her! This included one by a certain famous director that Shelly had slept with in my previous life. That movie was the one that would become Shelly’s classical masterpiece.

However, I wasn’t worried that Shelly would be harassed by that director once again, unless he doesn’t want to live anymore. If he dared to have any wrongful thoughts about Shelly, then David would tear him to pieces without my doing anything.

At the same time, Shelly’s background also because a mysterious topic in the entertainment circles. At the start, many woman thought that she was David’s woman, but when they saw even David treated her with respect, they all started to speculate. What’s more, David’s sentence of “Even I cannot to offend the person behind her!” caused those who fantasize about Shelly in the entertainment circles to avoid her.

The other movies that Shelly was signed for were the classics of classics. There were famous directors and scripts alongside an all star cast, it was hard to Shelly to not get famous!

It was then that Shelly finally understood how amazing her man was. What she originally dreamed of having was actually gotten so easily. It really seems like she’s with the right person.

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Shelly felt that she was far luckier when comparing her fate with some stars. Plenty girls that were no worse than her had to continuously sleep with this guy or that guy in order to get famous, but ends up nowhere. However, she will be forever with this one man in her entire life.

The overwhelming amounts of advertisement and money thrown in caused everyone to instantly become familiar with Shelly’s name. Regardless of it being the television, newspaper or magazines, the main focus of them were only Shelly. Soon, Shelly’s name also became the most searched thing on Google.

The moment Shelly’s photo album was released, it was immediately widely popular! There weren’t enough to meet the demand! Of course, her photo album had her in a sexy, but unrevealing way.

Meanwhile, David’s company also planned to develop her in the direction of a pure girl. Shelly instantly became famous without any rumors or negative news about her. This was very uncommon when compared with other famous celebrities.

Also, David actually gave Shelly a salary of the same standards as top Hollywood stars when signing with her, in a clear sign of good will towards me. Although this wasn’t worth mentioning at all when compared to the transaction amount between David and I, it caused me to be very happy. After I found out, I also told Hank to add a few of the newest weapons that were produced in the South African military factory into the David’s delivery.

What’s more, several of the male stars that wanted to take advantage of Shelly no longer dared to have any wrongful thoughts. That was because a trending star had tried to tongue kiss Shelly when they were filming, but he got heavily beaten by unknown mobsters, resulting in three broken ribs. After that, he was only able to avoid even more trouble after publicly apologizing to Shelly.

Although Shelly didn’t know what her man did, she also faintly understood at that moment that his identity wasn’t simple. At the very least, he could protect her from harm. Thinking that, Shelly felt her heart to be filled with sweetness.

I didn’t tell Zhao Yanyan and co. about Shelly immediately since I didn’t know if they could accept a western woman. Thus, I decided to keep it a secret temporarily.

As I expected, Lei Xiaolong did not dare to tell his old man, Lei Fubo about what happened in the casino, and decided to have his wedding with Xia Jing as planned.

David easily situated his men around Saint Patrick’s Cathedral with his influence. Of course, the Lei family did not notice all- this.

I really don’t know how David did it, but he actually managed to get three helicopters from his business partners all around the country.

My mom called me in order to encourage me, “Son, are you ready to snatch my gan-daughter back?”

“Mom, you can’t possibly want me to do some sort of shocking wedding robbery, right?” I asked.

“Haha, no one knows mother better than her son! Your dad and I got your Uncle Zhao to specifically bring over Shuguang’s latest technology, the plasma television, and got someone to specifically install a satellite television receive to watch the American channels!” said my mom. “Both your dad and I are waiting for your live show!”

“It can’t be… Is there anyone that teaches their son like you guys? You’re actually telling me to ruin someone else’s wedding?” I smiled wryly.

“Stop, stop pretending with your mom!” My dad’s voice sounded out from the phone instant. “Do you not like that chick Xia Jing? Don’t think that your mom and I don’t know anything, when she was in our home, you slept naked with her. Your mom and I were too embarrassed to point it out! You have to take responsibility for her!”

I sweat! I thought I manage to hide it from them, I never would have thought that they knew everything.

“Err… I didn’t actually do anything with her!” I seriously didn’t though!

“Didn’t do anything? Who would believe that? Brat, you were suggesting condoms to your dad when you were in the first year of high school, what else can’t you do! I don’t care, your mom and I are waiting for your exciting show, don’t disappoint us!” My dad continued. “Oh yeah, the stuff you taught your mom and I were too amazing. Your mom got at least ten years younger. When your Uncle Zhao brought the television over a few days ago, he was completely shocked. He thought he transmigrated and saw your mom when she was younger!”

“Dad, is mom not beside you?” I reminded.

“Nope, your mom went to the kitchen. I have been feeling great recently! Hehe, I’m fine even after rolling in the bedsheets an entire night with your mom. Thank you, my good son! Dad finally knows why you can get so many wives, dad supports you… Ouch!” My dad let out a terrible scream before he finished…

After that, I faintly heard my mom’s voice from the phone…

“You old *******, what are you saying to your son! I was wondering why my son is so lecherous, so it’s all due to you!” said my mom.

“Wifey… Didn’t you go to the kitchen…” My dad said weakly.

“You really wanted to say it behind my back! Oh wow, from today onwards, don’t think og getting on my bed for a week. Go sleep in the living room!” my mom said angrily.

“Son, don’t listen to your dad. Alright, mom supports you. You must bring Xia Jing back!” My mom’s voice sounded out from the phone.

“Okay mom, I understand,” I laughed silently. My dad was screwed this time.

“Wifey, don’t you support our son, then why can’t I…” My dad’s voice sounded out faintly from the other side of the phone before the call was hung up.


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