Chapter 121 – Stopped Supply

“No reason, the people that contacted me just revealed to me in a way that it was the decision of the higher-ups!” Chu Gao shook his head.

“The higherups’ decision!” I slammed the table and roared. “Don’t why have a contract, what right do they have to stop the supply!”

“Boss, don’t be angry first. How about we treat their higherups to a meal?” Chu Gao asked.

The reason I got angry was not because of them stopping the supply. IT was because Shuguang’s higherups actually took revenge for personal grudges using an official manner! I could already be sure that it was due to that Young Master Zhang, Zhang Liguang! What does he think Shuguang Corporation is? Something that belongs to his company?

“Treat my ***!” I said angrily. “Come with me to Shuguang Corporation’s Yanjing branch office. I do want to see just who dares to block us off! We have the contract, if it doesn’t work, then we’ll sue them!”

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“Sue? Boss, we are just a small starting company…” Chu Gao hesitated.

“Hehe, if we sue Shuguang, then our company will immediately become famous. This might even be a chance!” I laughed.

Doing that wouldn’t be sinister of me. Shuguang is my company, since it already had a reputation, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with doing something that both hurt and benefited myself at the same time, right!

Actually, I also wanted to use this incident to give a warning to the directors of other branch companies, telling them not to do whatever they want because they had the power to.

As for this Zhang Liguang’s father. Hehe, I’ll treat him as an unfortunate sacrifice. No matter how capable he is, failing to teach his son properly and bringing his son to the company to use the company’s power for his own benefits was enough to fire him.

In the afternoon, I went to Shuguang Corporation’s headquarters in Yanjing city with Chu Gao.

Chu Gao was very shocked when he saw the fanciness within the Bentley. He never would have thought that his life changed so much. He turned from an unknown student to the director of a company, and was even going to negotiate with Shuguang!

“I want to see the person in charge!” I said directly to the receptionist.

“Sir, do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asked.

“No, we are Shuguang’s business partners, New Century Corporation,” I said.

“Then, I can only help you ask our Director Zhang if he has time!” said the receptionist.

The receptionist made a call, then said to me after a while, “Sorry, Director Zhang is reviewing documents…”

Reviewing documents! Does he not know Shuguang’s employee regulations? Customers comes first! Which means that all tasks should have the customers as the priority! This Director Zhang actually used reviewing regulations as an excuse to refuse to meet the customers.

Chu Gao looked at me helplessly. He seems like he has been shut up before.

I smiled and said to Chu Gao, “Since he’s refusing to see us, then we’ll go up to find him!”

“Gentlemen, you can’t go up…” The receptionist quickly stopped us.

I took out a card from my wallet and handed it to the receptionist, “Headquarter inspection!”

The receptionist momentarily blanked after receiving the card. The hand she used to hand the card trembled a little. This was the card with the highest power from the headquarters, it provided the right to check the accounts and other things of any Shuguang branch. This was something she had been taught the first day she arrived at work. She didn’t think that she would see it for the first time after working for more than three years.

“Sorry sir, please wait a moment. Let me just note it down!” The receptionist said in a worked up manner, then swiped the card before returning it to me respectfully.

“C’mon, let’s go up now!” I said to Chu Gao.

Chu Gao looked at me in disbelief…

The interior of Shuguang Corporation the safest in the world. You required authority cards regardless of taking the elevator or opening a door. My card could do anything.

That was why not many people questioned us after Chu Gao and I got in. Shuguang Corporation was so large, there were several hundred people in the branch, it was impossible for everyone to know each other. That’s why the staff couldn’t help but use these cards to identity each other. Normal employees would only have the right to take the elevator, open their office and their cabinet.

“Why do you…” Chu Gao pointed at the card in my hand and asked weirdly. “Why do you have their card?”

“Oh? This? Hehe, Zhao Yanyan’s father is a high-level person at Shuguang Corporation’s headquarters. The card is for her, I just borrowed it!” I said with a smile.

“So that’s why! You scared me, I thought you were really from their headquarters!” said Chu Gao.

“What if I really am?” I asked.

“If you really are, then fire the general manager here! Just what sort of attitude is this!” Chu Gao said angrily.

When I arrived at the general manager’s office on the twelfth floor, I turned the handle. It was actually locked!

What the hell! Shuguang Corporation has clear regulations stating that offices are not allowed to be locked during office hours!

I did not bother with knocking. I directly swiped my card, causing the door to open.

“Who!” A voice yelled out from within.

At the time, I already pushed open the room door and saw a fatty making move on a female employee. The female employee’s clothes have already been ripped and was furiously resisting the fatty’s attacks.

“What are you doing!” I interrogated.

“Who are you, how did you enter? Hurry up and **** off, don’t ruin my business!” The fatty said in rage, and continued to attack that female employee as if no one else was there.

“Save me!” Seeing that someone entered, the female employee furiously resisted the fatty.

“Let her go!” I walked up and pushed the fatty away.

“Are you okay!” I looked at the girl being assaulted. Her uniform was already ripped. Thus, I said to Chu Gao, “Give her your coat!”

Chu Gao showed a “why me”, but he still took his coat off and handed it to me.

I helped the girl put on the coat. The girl brushed her messed up hair, then raised her head and exclaimed, “Liu-dage, it’s you!”

I carefully checked the girl beside me out. There was a very familiar feeling just now, but I didn’t look at her carefully.

It was actually He Xiyuan! I nearly couldn’t recognize her. They say that a girl changes a lot when she grows up. After not seeing her for a few years, she actually became even more beautiful, her body also became more voluptuous, turning her from a pretty girl to a mature young woman.

The anger in my heart burned even more. I sent a flying kick towards the fatty and swore, “******* fat ***, you actually dared to bully my, Liu Lei’s, little sister!”

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The fat *** fell back from the chair and onto the floor. Chu Gao was already annoyed with this fat ***, so he no longer held back after seeing me make a move. He immediately rushed up and beat up the fat ***, causing the fat *** to turn even fatter.

“Why did you come to Yanjing city!” I held He Xiyuan’s hand and pulled her down to sit on the sofa. I’ll just leave that fat *** for Chu Gao to let his anger out on.

He Xiyuan did not say anything, and merely blushed. I was very confused, “Did that fat *** already…”


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