Chapter 100 – Sea Water Conversion

“Director Liu, what did we come here for, you can’t be wanting to rob me, right?” Xu Qingwei was a bit confused.

“Of course not! What’s the point of me robbing a poor person like you! Okay, hold my hands and close your eyes!” I said.

“Ah? Boss, you can’t have that sort of interest, right? My god, poor Yanyan!” Xu Qingwei said in depression.

“Okay, there’s no time to joke with you! Quickly do as I said!” I ordered.

Xu Qingwei could only close his eyes, and allow me to hold his hand. I instantly teleported to my private research facility in the Pacific Ocean with him.

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“You can open your eyes now!” I said.

“Ah!” Xu Qingwei exclaimed. “What’s going on? Why did we…”

“Hehe, this is one of my special power, you can think of it as a superpower!” I explained. There were two reasons I brought Xu Qingwei here like that. The first was because it was convenient, the second is because it can work as a method of shocking him, so that Xu Qingwei wouldn’t dare to have the thought of betraying me, since an unknown power was very terrifying.

“Director Liu, why did you turn so deep and amazing now?” Xu Qingwei said slightly respectfully.

“Hehe, was I not amazing in my previous life?” I smiled

“No, it’s just that I feel like your aura makes people kind of afraid…” said Xu Qingwei. “Director Liu, you can’t be scared that I will betray you, so you’re deliberately scaring me, right?”

“Ugh… How could I!” As expected of someone I chose, Xu Qingwei was very bright.

“Haha, don’t worry, Director Liu, how would I dare to do anything to wrong you since you’re so awesome. What’s more, wouldn’t Yanyan hate me to death then!” Xu Qingwei laughed.

I nodded, I didn’t need to worry about Xu Qingwei at all.

I introduced Xu Qingwei to Sun Sikong. Sun Sikong was very happy, and when he found out that Xu Qingwei was a master at computing, he got even more excited, because a lot of the experiments were modeled used computers.

Afterwards, Sun Sikong introduced several new research results for me. One of them was the sea water conversion system, the desert greening plan as well as a introductory spaceship. Although the speed and safety far surpassed that of the most high-tech spacecraft we have right now, it was unable to achieve spatial jumps. In other words, it was currently unable to fly out of the solar system. However, I was already rather satisfied with the result, since having this much result in several months’ time was enough to satisfy me.

There were also some new laser, ion and photon weapons. I was going to choose the suitable ones to equip the mercenaries on the island with it.

“Oh yeah, how is the production of the nuclear shield on this island going?” I asked.

“It has already been completed. According to the modelling and calculations of the computer, it can completely stop any attacks from nuclear weapons, we just didn’t try it out yet!” Sun Sikong said.

“Old Sun, you really know how to joke, I only need it for emergencies, where am I supposed to get a nuclear bomb for experiments!” I laughed.

“Our laboratory can produce a nuclear bomb, it’s just that the side effects of the experiment might affect some of the islands and countries near the island!” said Sun Sikong.

“Okay, I’m already very satisfied like this!” I nodded.

Xu Qingwei, who was on the side, was completely awestruck by our conversion. It was like he was watching a sci-fi flick, these were advance technology that couldn’t have possibly appeared even in his previous life!

“Director Liu, you can rule the world with these things!” Xu QIngwei exclaimed.

“What’s the use of ruling the world? Helping the human race is my greatest wish! That’s why, I have no interest in putting these weapons into the public!” I replied.

“I understand Director Liu, I will assist Dr. Sun!” Only at that moment did Xu Qingwei truly submit to my power.

I took the data for sea water conversion, then directly handed it to Su Yuanchao for him to handle it.

Since water has always been one of the most lacking resources in the world, when East Asia Motion released the news, large amounts of journalists from all around the world rushed over to Yanjing city in preparation for the press conference that was going to be held.

During this press conference, Su Yuanchao refused to answer any of the journalists’ questions, he merely expressed that it wasn’t easy to realize the technology, and it was also very technological. However, the cost was able to affective ensure that the tap water from everywhere would be equal. Furthermore, the water conversion factory will also be directly established and maintained by the main company. As for the exact plan, it would be realized first within the country, only after that would other countries lacking water nearby would be considered if we had the ability to do so. However, the exact plan still needed to be discussed with our government.

All of the countries that were not very friendly with Huaxia’s government were all very disappointed. As for those countries that were on good terms with Huaxia became ecstatic. They all started asking the department in control of this in our country, about whether or not that can be prioritized for the consideration for building water factories.

Under the support of our country, several large-scale water factories were quickly and successfully established near the ocean, completely solving the issue of these areas having a water shortage all the time.

Immediately after that, East Asia Motion established a water base within several countries that were friendly with Huaxia. The policies they provided were unbelievable. Not only did they provide the land for the water factories for free, there was no need to pay any taxes either. The only condition was for us to ensure that we could provide enough water.

All of a sudden, East Asia Motion corporation leaped onto the position of the second largest corporation in the world, just below Shuguang Corporation. Some people even predicted that East Asia Motion will surpass Shuguang Corporation very quickly.

A lot of people thought that once these two super corporations that were within Huaxia got into a conflict for business, it would become the next financial disaster, causing a huge impact to Huaxia’s economy. All of the opposing nations waited thirstily for that day to arrive, but just who would understand, it was impossible for this day to arrive.

In the blink of an eye, February’s Chinese New Year Eve had arrived. In this period of time, I was surprisingly able to enjoy the piece. I bought a grand mansion of three thousand squared meters in Yanjing city, that came with its own courtyard, underground garage, swimming pool as well as a set of entertainment areas.

Although the price of houses were as expensive as gold in Yanjing city, this was nothing for me who could even afford islands.

Under Chen Weier’s aid, Yu Ting essentially finished all of the courses in university through self-study. Aside from going out, the three of us stayed in the mansion all the time. Yanjing city’s underworld was also surprisingly quiet. I had originally assumed that the Daxing Gang would suddenly attack us, but Guo Qing was disappointed. It was like the Daxing Gang didn’t even exist, their traces pretty much vanished from Yanjing city, even the crowd became a lot more orderly.


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