Chapter 21 – Happenings with the Maids [1]

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2808 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1362 words
Editor(s): Fire

After that, I talked about the academy, my job, and my life living alone with the twins’ urging and time went by really quick.

「My lady, will you be staying for the night?」
「Nope, I’m going home.」

The twins plus mother groaned but what else can I do? It’s still fine right now since we’re in the parlor but there are servants here, you know. Those that don’t believe there’s a difference between the current me and past Kotone even. Staying here in this situation is pretty complicated.

「Yup, thinking it through, I really can’t.」
「But I was already thinking of taking a bath and sleeping together with big sister.」
「I already planned on doing things together with you as well.」
「Give me a break.」

They should still feel somewhat perplexed with Kotone’s change but the twins also changed so much that I feel really perplexed about them myself. Why are all the Kisaragi family members dual-faceted?

「I, well, I’m a boy so…」
「Sleeping together should be fine. We’re family, after all.」
「Then please stay over, big sis!」

I said too much, huh. From the looks of it, it’s pretty much settled that all of us will be sleeping together if I stay over. Is there even a bed that can fit the four of us?

「I don’t have a change of clothes.」
「Don’t you have the clothes you used to wear?」
「T-those, huh.」

Right now, I generally prefer wearing casual outfits. The type that can be worn by both males and females. However, Kotone’s clothes are obviously female clothing and gaudy ones at that.

「Wearing that going to work tomorrow is like some punishment though.」
「They all are gaudy and showy after all. But it can’t be helped.」
「Well, no, I can just go home.」
「You think you can run?」

Why are you using that line here? Looking around, the twins have me sandwiched and Misaki is standing guard next to the door. It’s a solid formation, but there’s a fatal weakness.

「Misaki, if you don’t move from here, you’re not getting any cake.1
「Be my guest, my lady.」

She readily moved away. Seeing this, the three were dumbfounded while Sakiko had her hand on her forehead in disbelief. Putting it bluntly, as long as I bribe Misaki with snacks, escaping this house would be easy. However, this also has its weakness.

「Sakiko, secure Misaki.」
「Affirmative, madam.」
「Mother, do you think I’ll be cowering in your shadows?」
「Enough, now shush.」

In a blink of an eye, Misaki got rolled into a mat. As expected of Sakiko, she’s used to it. And now I’ve lost my pathway to escape. I know that this is just a farce though.

「To begin with, what about the other servants? They don’t think well of me, you know?」
「I had them take the day off, so it’s fine.」
「Oi, what did you do, mom?」

No wonder I didn’t see anyone other than Misaki and Sakiko. If you could do something this forceful, then do it from the get-go, mother. How do you lose to father like this?

「Seeing how you are now, I thought that maybe I can change myself too. I thought maybe I can try more things.」
「You just used your authority, didn’t you? Besides, with practically no servants around, wouldn’t it be inconvenient?」
「Since we have Sakiko, Misaki, Nana, and the head chef, it’s not an issue.」
「Hm? Nana is here?」

Nana is the maid mainly attending to the twins. If I remember, she’s constantly jittery and insecure, which caused her to be bullied by Kotone.

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「She’s on the lookout to inform us if anyone ever comes.」
「I feel kind of bad for her being left out and all. Can’t you invite her too?」
「My lady, it’s unknown if she can keep herself together upon seeing you, after all.」

Sakiko’s answer is understandable. After being bullied so much, I don’t think she can calmly meet and drink tea with someone who bullied her around. I can easily imagine her trembling and spilling her tea.

「Have you told her that I’m here?」
「No, she was only told that an important guest of the madam is visiting.」
「Then there’s a chance that she wouldn’t recognize me now, right?」
「That might be true but… wouldn’t she still notice?」
「Sakiko, even you couldn’t recognize me when you saw me as I am now.」

Unable to refute it, Sakiko fell silent. Still, this is basically a gamble. It sounds bad but it’ll be a game of whether I can trick her or not. If I can, then I’ll expose my true identity later on. As for the rest afterward, I’ll just go with the flow.

「Alright then, Misaki, lead her here.」
「It’s impossible in my current state.」

Oh yeah, she is rolled inside a mat right now. I frankly thought that Misaki can escape bindings of that level easily if it’s for the sake of snacks. I guess it is impossible.

「Then I’ll try meeting her myself.」

With that decided, time to move. So I slipped out of the twins’ grasp. This sort of stuff is easy to break out of with proper timing. It’s not like they can have a tight hold on to my arms forever, after all.

「Where is she?」
「At the front door, surely.」
「Well, I’ll be going then.」

Now how should I talk to her? I guess I’ll have to refrain from acting in a way that would remind her of Kotone, first of all. The goal, for now, is to get her to the tea party at the parlor. After that, I’ll manage somehow with the help of the family. I haven’t thought of things that far, after all.

「You are Nana, right? Would you care to join us for tea?」

I said as kindly as I could, focusing on having a gentle smile. If this can lower her guard by even just a bit, that’s a good omen.

「No need to be concerned, I am here under orders from the madam, you see.」

Looks like she didn’t notice that I’m Kotone. Now I just need to take her along, by force if I have to.2 Still, I can’t really imagine someone as diligent as her breaking down just from the sight of Kotone. Though I do remember having done things that would warrant it.

「It’s more enjoyable with more people around, you know. The madam would prefer this as well.」

Since I’m talking differently from my usual polite speech, it really feels off. I’m trying to be as feminine as possible but it’s actually giving me goosebumps.

「However, if I go, there will be no one left to welcome any arriving visitors.」
「The madam has decided to turn down visitors for the remainder of the day.」

Though I haven’t really asked about this from mother. It’s a complete lie. Still, if someone comes to visit the mansion without father around, that’s honestly pretty suspicious. After all, mother shouldn’t have any involvement with the businesses.
If anyone were to come, then it would probably be someone with personal connections to mother. So there shouldn’t be any issues.

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「Enough now, come along.」

Since we’re likely not going anywhere at this rate, I took her hand and dragged her to the parlor. Either way, any visitors arriving without prior appointments shouldn’t complain about a few minutes of waiting.

「Misaki, what are you doing?」
「It’s as you see.」

The first thing she saw was the rolled-up Misaki. Rather, you’re still stuck like that? Sakiko is just ignoring her and refilling mother’s black tea.

「Don’t mind her much. Please, have a seat.」
「No, for a maid like me, to sit together with the madam and-」
「Enough already, sit down.」

Not letting her finish, I grabbed her by the shoulders and made her sit down on the seat next to mother. Why are the Kisaragi maids so reserved with the family? I guess because it’s their job? That sounds pretty stifling to me.


  2. Lio: Scary

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