Chapter 12: Give me a chance

Inside the “Talent Hall”, one can’t see any of their fingers, the black robed Elder Lee ignores the darkness, took a book from the shelf that reaches the roof.

This book records the life story of the one who started the “Dark Sect”.

In the darkness, a pair of green flames bobs up and down, the only sound heard is that of Elder Lee flipping through the book.

“How does Lin Fan train <Titanium Demon Body> to such a level, it is unprecedented!” Elder Lee mumbles to himself, the recipe of <Titanium Demon Body> recorded on the book is just a random thing that the master created, for letting the sandbags to learn, no one have seen anyone trained it to Lin Fan’s level.


The next day.

Lin Fan flipped over, the first thing he did was to unzips his pants and checked on his little friend, Lin Fan is glad that it is still safe and sound after what he did.

From now on, Lin Fan swore that he would never do such a thing, that is just like killing a person, maybe worst.

Lin Fan went on alert when he heard knocking on his room door, who could it be that came looking for him? What if is Han Lu?

But it shouldn’t be, since what I did yesterday, Han Shisiong should straight up kick my door down, I know i would.

Lin Fan didn’t think much, he cleans his room a little bit and opened the door.

“Eh, and you are?” Lin Fan looked and the person in front of him, he cannot recognize the face.

“I live beside you, you must be the new outer sect disciple who just moved in right?” the person in front looked at Lin Fan with a sense of how a brother looks at a younger brother.

“Oh, it’s Shisiong, please come in.” Lin Fan was happy that some free experience was sent to his door.

“Hehe, Lin Shidi is too nice, Ni Shisiong ordered me yesterday, to take care of Lin Shidi, it’s the serving time for the outer sect right now, Lin Shidi just joined, I bet that you do not know where is the mess hall, allow me to lead you there.” Yin Bai Chen looks at Lin Fan, felt that this noobie treats people with passion, he seems like a nice person, must interact with him more.

“Ok, then I’ll just follow Yin Shisiong.” Lin Fan spoke with joy.

On the way there, Lin Fan asked bunch of questions and Yin Bai Chen responded to each of them.

“Yin Shisiong, this is a gigantic mess hall!” At this moment, Lin Fan pan his view around the mess hall, heads filled up all of his view, with their levels floating above their heads, that, to Lin Fan, are all experience.

Lin Shidi, all disciples in the outer sect have their meals here, so this hall is naturally large.” Yin Bai Chen explained.


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Under Yin Bai Chen’s lead, Lin Fan reached the serving area, and took one portion for himself.

There’s meat and vegetables, not bad.

Is just that none of the items on his plate are recognizable, even though that it smells very nice.

Ever since stepping into mortal stage, Lin Fan is already very hungry, he gobbled down the food without a second thought.

Just as he thought, that is no normal food as he noticed that his experience bar increased a little after finishing it.

Lin Fan lift his head and saw Yin Bai Chen staring intensely at him, “Why are you looking at me like that Shisiong?”

Ever since he saw that kind of look from Shisiong, every time anyone looks at him like that, he feels a shiver going down his spine, knowing that someone somewhere is thinking of his unviolated body.

Yin Bai Chen smiled, “Nothing, I’m just surprised by how fast Shidi ate his food.”

“Ni Shisiong, can I only get one serving of this?” Lin Fan asked.

“Since this is prepared beforehand, everyone can only get one portion.” Yin Bai Chen responds with a smile on his face.

Lin Fan giggled suddenly

To Lin Fan, everyone is just experience, if he doesn’t mock people, then it’s wasted.

Hearing that, Lin Fan knows his next step of his great plan.

Lin Fan casually reached out for Yin Shisiong’s food and slides it in front of himself.

“Yin Shisiong, I’m not full yet, just look at me eat bah.” Lin Fan said.

At this moment, Lin Fan was hoping that Yin Shisiong would slip the desk and fight back, even though you are a pretty nice guy, but Shidi got to level up.

Unexpected by Lin Fan, Yin Shisiong got stun for a bit and smiled.

“Ok, it is my fault that Shidi is not full, I’ll give you my portion.” Yin Bai Chen responds.

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Lin Fan was shocked by that, but…but….

Lin Fan suddenly realize, why is it so hard to trigger people now? What is wrong with these people with their big hearts?

“Yin Shisiong, are you not hungry?” Lin Fan asked.

“Sure I am,” Yin Bai Chen nods.

“Are you not mad that I took your food?” Lin Fan suddenly have a urge to cry, can’t you just follow my lead and beat me around a little?

Yin Bai Chen shook his head smiling, “As a Shisiong, one should take care of his Shidi, if Shidi is hungry, Shisiong should naturally let Shidi be full.”


If there was no one around, Lin Fan would have just burst out crying, why ever since he joined the outer sect, everyone he met is like a saint, where am I going to find people to trigger?

“Shisiong, I’m not hungry, you can have your food back.” Lin Fan slides the bowl back to him.

“Shidi, if you are really hungry, I’ll be ok.” Yin Bai Chen pushed back the bowl to Lin Fan.

“I mean it.” Lin Fan rejects the bowl of food.


Just at this moment, there was a bang that came from a distance away in the mess hall.

“Give me your food.”

Lin Fan’s eyes followed to the direction of the low voice, a man with the size of a small mountain stood there, grabbing another’s bowl of food.

“Shisiong, but that is mine.” A silky voice that definitely belongs to a girl came from the crowd.

“And it is now mine, what do you want?”


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Lin Fan immediately stood up with joy in his heart, FINALLY I found this type of jerks, Lin Fan didn’t believe that among the eight thousand plus outer sect disciples, there no assholes like that.

“Lin Shidi, don’t start anything with that guy, he’s under Yi Shisiong.” Yin Bai Chen warned with a slight change of tone.

Lin Fan got happier after hearing that he is under someone strong, not bad, not bad.

“Yin Shisiong, who is Yi Shisiong?” Lin Fan asked while planning something in his head.

“He is at the same level with Meng Shisiong, being one of the ten legends in the outer sect. Even though the outer sect is normally peaceful and bands in-fighting, if it involves personal interest, no helping it. Just, take my advice and don’t start anything with that guy.”

“Oh.” Lin Fan nods lightly.

Yin Bai Chen sighed in relieve, knowing that Lin Shidi is like a new born calf that is not afraid of the tiger, always getting into trouble.

Only when Yin Bai Chen looked up that he realizes that Lin Shidi is already heading towards the bully. He quickly gobbled down his food and followed him.

This Lin Fan, what is in that head of his? Please don’t let him start   any trouble.


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