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Chapter 32 – Reward

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Firo was wearing my mantle as we head to the weapon shop.

Old Man: “Hey lad.”

The Old Man waved as we approach.

Naofumi: “Did something happen?”

Old Man: “Yeah. Wait a moment.”

The Old Man closed the weapon shop and guided us.

We arrived at the magic shop where I received the magic book.

Magic Shop SK: “Oh my.”

The aunt from the magic shop beamed when she saw the Old Man.

Magic Shop SK: “Why don’t you guys come in?”

Naofumi: “Right, Firo, don’t change into your true form until I permit you to.”

Firo: “Okay.”

At the back of the magic shop, there was a workplace that smelled like nature.

We were guided to that workplace.

The ceiling was quite high, about three meters.

In the middle of the floor was a magic square with a crystal.

Magic Shop SK: “Sorry that it’s a little small because I’m working.”

Naofumi: “No it’s fine. Anyway, is there any clothing for children here?”

Old Man: “This Aunty from the magic shop is an acquaintance that could help you.”

Magic Shop SK: “That’s right~”

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She removed the crystal and put an outdated sewing machine on a pedestal.1

Magic Shop SK: “Is that child really a demon?”

Naofumi: “Yeah, let me take off the mantle first before she changes. Firo, return to your original form.”

There should be enough room in here for her original form.

Firo: “Ok.”

When I gave the command, Firo removed the mantle and returned to her original form.

Magic Shop SK: “Oh my, oh dearǃ”

The magic shop Aunty looked up at Firo who had returned to her Philorial Queen form in surprise.

Firo: “Is this all right?”

The scene was very strange as Firo’s voice contrasted greatly with her body.

Even though this was a fantasy world, it was still weird…

I looked towards Raphtalia

Raphtalia: “What is it?”

Naofumi: “Nothing”

That reminds me, Raphtalia was also a Demi-human.

Now that I think about it, if it was the past me, I would agree in regards to Motoyasu’s behavior in trying to attain a relationship with her. However, that is what the past me would have done.(!)

Magic Shop SK: “So what kind of clothes do you need?”

Naofumi: “Can you make something that won’t break when she transforms?”

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Magic Shop SK: “Strictly speaking, I’m not sure I can make clothes.”

Naofumi: “What!?”

Magic Shop SK: “Hero-sama, what do you see?”

Naofumi: “Magic shop… And a witch.”

Magic Shop SK: “That’s right. I only have some knowledge on transformation.”

Though I don’t really know what is considered common sense in this world… But I know that witches can transform into animals.

Magic Shop SK: “Oh my, it takes a great amount of magical power and a very troublesome procedure to transform yourself into an animal. Wouldn’t it be bothersome to put on clothes every time you transformed?”

Hm? So it seems it was possible for witches to transform.

The Aunty answered while working on the bobbin.

By appearances alone it resembles a sewing machine from my world.

Magic Shop SK: “It would be fine if she transformed at home. But if she does so in a crowded place, it would be pretty serious.”

Naofumi: “Yeah, that’s right.”

That’s why Firo’s clothes are my main concern. Walking around naked would stand out.

Magic Shop SK: “Therefore, it would be best if the clothes can be automatically worn when she transformed and stored safely when reverting.”

Naofumi: “I see.”

True, if the clothes just disappear after she reverts back, the problem would be solved.

Magic Shop SK: “There’s a technique passed down by a certain demon category of the Demi-humans that is able to deal with this problem. A famous example of a clothing incorporating this technique is the vampire’s mantle.” 2

Yeah, like when they transformed into bats or wolves. So it was also true in this world too.

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Magic Shop SK: “Well, this bobbin machine makes the materials for those clothes.”

Naofumi: “Oh… So how exactly do the clothes transform?”

Magic Shop SK: “Strictly speaking…… what are clothes exactly? It is something that can be seen by others right?”

I tilted my neck and gave the Aunty of the magic shop a puzzled look.

What is she trying to get at?

Magic Shop SK: “What I mean is, this item can transform the threads to magical power and magical power to threads. Therefore, the user can change the threads to magical power at any time.”

Magic Shop SK: “To put it simply, the user can change the threads to magical power and vice-versa.”

Naofumi: “Oh, I see.”

Now I understand why the Old Man from the weapon shop brought us here.

It’ll certainly be weird to call these clothes. When not in human form the magical power would circulate in the body, and it would become “clothes” once back to human form.

Magic Shop SK: “Now then, Firo-chan right? Turn the handle of this tool slowly.”

Firo: “Ok”

Firo begins to slowly turn the handle of the bobbin machine.

A thread comes out immediately and the Aunty wrapped it around a spool.

Then, the threads started to gather on the spool.

Firo: “Hmm? I feel like some power is leaving me.”

Magic Shop SK: “This changes magical power to threads. It is tiring but please endure. It is still insufficient to make the clothes”

Naofumi: “Hmm… Interesting.”

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Firo was still a child who was barely one week old.

Firo looked tired while spinning the machine.

Naofumi: “Endure it and I’ll promise you something.”

Firo: “Food? Delicious food?”

Naofumi: “Sure.”

I am a man who keeps his promises. I’ll let you eat your fill of delicious food later, Firo.

Firo: “I’ll do my best!”

Firo begins to energetically turn the bobbin machine.

Firo: “Yay, I’ll work hard!”

The Aunty seemed surprised at the speed at which Firo worked.

Naofumi: “Old Man, I remembered that owe you a meal. Are you free after this?”

Old Man: “I left a note at the shop explaining I’ll be closed till early afternoon. So what’re you going to treat me to, lad?”

Naofumi: “How about this, can you prepare a big iron plate?

Old Man: “What’re you going to use that for?”

Naofumi: “I’m going to cook.”

Old Man: “The lad’s home cooking? I was expecting something different.”

Naofumi: “What was that?”

I was slightly offended by the Old Man’s disappointed expression.

Old Man: “Oh well, what did I expect.”

Naofumi: “Raphtalia, go to the market to get meat, vegetables, and charcoal. I think Firo can eat the portion of 5 people.”

Raphtalia: “Understood.”

I handed some silver coins to Raphtalia to go shopping.

Firo: “Food~ Food~”

Firo was in high spirits while spinning the bobbin machine.

Magic Shop SK: “That’s enough. You can stop spinning now.”

After awhile, the Aunty told her to stop.

Firo: “Will there be more food if I turn it more?”

Naofumi: “No. you can stop.”

Firo: “Okay~”

Firo returned to her original form.

Firo: “Master~ food~”

Naofumi:”Hold on a bit.”

Firo: “Eh-…”

Firo sounded very disappointed. Raphtalia hadn’t returned yet, so there was no food.

Naofumi: “When we leave the shop, return to your human form.”

Firo: “Ok”

Do you really understand?

Magic Shop SK: “You can use this to make your clothes.”

The magic shop Aunty gave us the threads.

Old Man?: “I’ll go ask someone who knows how to weave this.”(!)

Naofumi: “I have high hopes for that fellow. Firo, let’s go.”

Magic Shop SK?: “What should I tell the young lady who went shopping?”

Naofumi: “Tell her we’ll be waiting at the gate leaving town.”

Magic Shop SK?: “Understood.”

Following the Old Man from the weapon shop, we left the magic shop.

Magic Shop SK: “As for the fee, I’ll be sending it to the weapon shop~”

Naofumi: “How much would that be…?”

I asked a little anxiously.

Magic Shop SK: “Making the magic string? Because the crystal is expensive, I’ll charge Hero-sama 50 silver.”

Damn! Why is Firo so expensive?

In the future, we need to be careful with her clothes, it was like wearing money.

We headed to the weaver with the threads.

Weaver: “This is some unusual material, I could do a lot with this. Go to the dressing room and measure your size. I should be able to complete the dress tonight. You can pick it up later.”

After she said that, we went straight to the dressing room.

Even though it was only making a piece of clothing, it will still take quite a while.

Dressmaker: “Wow…… What a very cute child!”

The Dressmaker was a girl with glasses and a scarf.

She seems a little plain. By that, I mean she looks like someone from my world who would write doujinshi.

Dressmaker: “Her wings are just like an angel. She seems similar to a Demi-human… Well enough of that, I’ll work on your order now.”

Naofumi: “Is that so?”

The Old Man puts a hand on my shoulder.

Old Man: “Bird Demi-humans usually have the hands or legs of birds, or features of a bird in other parts. But this child only have wings so it’s very wonderful”

Firo: “Hm~?”

Firo tilted her neck while looking up at the Dressmaker.

Naofumi: “Yeah… This fellow is a demon that can transform into a human. When she reverts to her true form, her clothes break.”

Dressmaker: “Interesting…… So that’s why you need clothes made from magical power.”

Her glasses gave off a dangerous light.

As I thought, this girl reminded me of an Otaku.

I felt a little nostalgic because I had an acquaintance selling doujinshi within a circle. She would often give me admission tickets for the circle and was quite friendly.

Sigh… There was no such thing in a different world.

Dressmaker: “Because the material is excellent, making a simple one piece dress may be good. And if she does not receive any impact during the change from magic to clothes, then it would be perfect.”(!)

Naofumi: “Eh? Uh sure?”

Firo was measured again after she put on her mantle and then the dressmaker started designing something.

Dressmaker: “I want to see her true form!”

Firo looked at me with a troubled face. I gulp and looked around.

Naofumi: “Looks like she would barely fit here”

When Firo returns to her original form, her head would hit against the ceiling of less than two meters high.

Dressmaker: “Can you sit down?”

Naofumi: “Yeah, I think that’s better.”

Firo stared at the dressmaker girl while changing back to her demon form and worrying about the ceiling.

Dressmaker: “Oh-… This gap is good!”(!)

To be unfazed even after seeing Firo’s true form… This dressmaker is capable!

But at the same time, she’s absolutely the doujinshi-type that has a very unpleasant personality. I’m glad this is a different world.(!)

Dressmaker: “I’ll bet that a ribbon will suit her.”

Firo’s neck size was measured by the dressmaker. Then she went back designing clothes again.

Dressmaker: “Well I’m going to wait for materials to arrive!”

She seems excited while answering.

Old Man?: “This fellow is a good craftsman.”

Naofumi: “I guess…”

She’s the type to be absorbed in her work and will accomplish it by all means.

Old Man?: “Well, looks like everything would be completed by tomorrow.”

Naofumi: “That’s fast. By the way, how much is this going to cost in total?”

Old Man?: “I recommended you to this place so it should be around 100 silver pieces.”(!)

Ugh… I received a shock.

Naofumi: “Firo, do you understand? I spent a grand total of 400 pieces of silver on you. I expect you to work diligently.”

Firo: “Okay!”

Do you really understand? We left the shop with Firo in her human form.

We joined up with Raphtalia, who was waiting at the gate of the castle town.

Raphtalia: “Naofumi-sama, I bought the ingredients you asked for.”

Naofumi: “Firo costs 400 pieces of silver. Raphtalia was cheaper.”

Raphtalia: “Please don’t say it like I’m a cheap woman!”

Sigh… Guess I have to live with this.

Naofumi: “Alright, Old Man, bring the iron plate. Firo, get a cart and carry it from the weapon shop.”

Firo: “Ok!”

Old Man: “Alright…”

Firo left with the Old Man for the weapon shop and came back pulling a cart.

…… Why was she pulling it in her human form?

An iron plate around the size I had imagined was inside the cart.

Naofumi: “Alright, let’s leave the castle town and go to the riverbank near the grassy plains.”

We arrived at the riverbank.

I took out the iron plate, put it on a griddle and immediately put charcoal under it.

Naofumi: “Raphtalia and Old Man, take care of the fire.”

Old Man: “Yeah yeah.”

Raphtalia: “Okay”

As expected of the Old Man of a weapon shop, it seems managing fire is his forte.

Firo: “What about Firo?”

Naofumi: “Be on guard so that balloons won’t approach us…”

Firo: “Okay~!”

I had Firo, who was curious on what we were doing for some strange reason, do something else because she is likely to mess up at the chores we were doing.

I cut the meat and vegetables, that Raphtalia brought, into appropriate sizes and put it near the grill.

Old Man: “Lad, the charcoal is ready.”

Naofumi: “Yeah.”

Raphtalia and the Old Man had already heated the plate as per my instructions, so I just put the fatty meat onto the grill for the oil.

Then I spread out the vegetables and meat so that they aren’t directly on top of the fire.

Old Man: “You sure are skilful.”

I used a stick and a knife to turn the meat and vegetables so they don’t burn.

Naofumi: “Well, this should be fine.”

Yup. Today’s lunch is a barbecue by the riverbank. Firo’s reward.

Naofumi: “Firo, it’s ready.”

Firo: “Okay~”

Firo was already drooling from the smell when she took the skewer I handed her.

Firo: “Yaay~! This is delicious!”

Firo started throwing meat and vegetables that were just cooked into her mouth.

Naofumi: “Hey don’t eat everything, this is for everyone.”

Firo: “Mfkay~”

Firo nodded while stuffing her mouth.

Do you really understand?

Naofumi: “Well no matter. Raphtalia and Old Man go and eat.”

Raphtalia: “Okay.”

Old Man: “Sure.”

I put the meat and vegetables onto some leaves and handed it to Raphtalia and the Old Man.

Old Man: “Oh, this is deliciousǃ I’m surprised grilled meat tastes so good.”

Raphtalia: “For some reason, the dishes that Naofumi-sama makes are strangely delicious.”

Naofumi: “I’ll take that as a compliment”

Old Man: “I’m not flattering you. Why does it taste so good?”

The Old Man looked at his plate with a puzzled expression.

Naofumi: “It’s probably because of the cooking skill from my shield.”

Old Man: “The power of the shield?”

Naofumi: “Well, at least I think so.”

From the corner of my sight I see, Barbeque is now available. Quality: Good -> Great quality.

To think that such a strange icon would exist.

Old Man: “That’s quite a mysterious shield. I’m envious.”

Naofumi: “I can’t take it off so it’s quite inconvenient.”

Not to mention the non-existent offensive power.

Oh right, there was the special effect from the Bee Needle Shield. So now I can use the [Shield of the Needle] to attack enemies.

Although the enemy would have escaped before I beat it, unless it’s slow like a balloon.

As expected, when the monster realize it was in a disadvantageous position, it would just run away.

Sometimes, a smart monster would ignore me and aim for Raphtalia.

Old Man: “Haven’t you become quite strong?”

Naofumi: “I don’t know… Compared to the other heroes…”

Old Man: “Is that so, are the legendary weapons that powerful?”

Naofumi: “That’s right, I learned from experience.”

Old Man: “I see”

Naofumi: “Then-”

Because skills could be acquired in various ways, the power of a legendary weapon was way above average.

Moreover, accumulating status improvements whenever a shield was unsealed was good.

Monsters, materials, levels, and the skill tree. There were many different conditions that would unseal new shields.

Besides, the exclusive effects of any shield that was released would give permanent bonuses.

Even a weak shield could be helpful if I unsealed it.

Due to the Equipment bonuses carrying over, the more shields I unsealed, the stronger the skills I could use.

I can see how many bonus stats I got. My stats in general were higher than Raphtalia’s. Maybe it was because I’m a hero.

Especially in the aspect of defence. I have 3 times more and that’s not including the permanent bonuses from unsealing other shields.

Because I never attack, all the better gears went to Raphtalia. After all, the Hero of the Shield only has the potential in defending, that’s why my defence is so high. But the price for that is having 1/10th of attack power.

The only difference between a resident of this world and a hero are the effects granted by this shield.

If I didn’t have these effects, I would never be able to beat a monster with just defence.

After all, the only reason a hero is different from a normal person was because of the legendary weapon.

It could be considered that you are only a hero because you have the legendary weapon.

I hate it, but I am only a hero because of this shield.

It seems there is an influence from being the companion of a hero.

Raphtalia is superior to normal Demi-humans because of the effects from Slave trainer Shield and Firo’s abilities are on par with her despite the level difference.

I don’t know how much effect Growth Correction had, but it seemed to be quite large.

The effects of Slave Trainer Shield and Demon Trainer Shield were good. I wonder what effects Friend Shield would have, if that even existed.

Basically, existences called companions are essential for a hero.

Friend huh…… something that I don’t have.

Old Man: “I see… It seems that heroes really are different from us commoners.”

Naofumi: “That seems to be the case.”

Travelling around the world, absorbing various demons and materials to grow stronger.

Honestly, there’s just so much more to know.

I don’t understand how much I can improve the shield.

And even if I don’t do anything, the wave of disaster will strike.

I don’t know how many times it will come either.

It’s been twice already. Maybe 5 times, 10 times, or even 100 times, I don’t know.

Whatever it is, I can’t just sit around and do nothing.

That reminds me…There seems to be a worrisome shield called Curse Series.

At that time when I almost lost Raphtalia, the Curse series was released and had started to erode the shield.

I’ve looked for that skill tree many times. (!)

However, I can’t find it no matter how hard I look.

I’ll try asking for help.

[Curse Series]

I hesitated to even touch it.

I had only written that sentence. But when I checked it many times, I felt a shock and the letters change(!)

Curse Series The Curse Series bestows power but consumes the user. Hero, Do Not Use It!

Therefore, I decided to stay away from this topic.

When I need it, the power will appear. This shield seems to have many limitations.

Firo: “Master~ there’s no more meat”

Naofumi: “What!”

When I looked, there was no more meat. Everyone had already finished eating the stuff I prepared.

All that was left were vegetables.

Firo: “Is it already over? Firo still wants to eat more.”

Naofumi: “Uhmm, well… Go to the forest and catch 5 Usapiru. I’ll cook those too.”

Firo: “Okay~!”

Firo rushed to the forest at full speed.

Old Man: “Oh man, that was delicious. Totally worth it.”

Naofumi: “If you think that, then discount the price of clothes.”

Old Man: “Lad, if I gave you anymore discount, I would suffer a huge loss.”

Oh well, we barbecued next to the riverbank till evening and then called it a day.

By the way, Firo caught 10 Usapiru.

I barely had time to eat. Mostly because of managing the barbecue and dismembering the Usapiru to roast.


  1. Remember the bobbin machine? That one from Sleeping Beauty. 
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