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Chapter 28 – Exit by a Kick

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The next morning. Raphtalia woke up early today, so she went to the stable with me.


When we got there Firo let out a happy-sounding shout and ran to us.

“Is your body an adult now?”

Somehow…I feel like her head has grown one size since yesterday, but I’m not too sure.

“For the most part, this size is about average, right?”

“Now that you say it, that’s true.”

Firo’s form was about the same as the appearance of the Filorials I saw around the castle town or on the road.

Her color has turned white… well, there was a little pink mixed in.

It was a beautiful mix of colors.

That slave dealer. He actually does a pretty good job.

“Are you not starving today?”


Firo tilted his head and chirped.

Yeah. Looks like the growing period has passed.


She was still making that weird noise though.

Well whatever.

After that, we finished breakfast and thought about what to do from now on. In the middle of that.


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While going the the town Firo looked at the wooden carts with jealousy.

“Do you think she wants to pull those?”

“Probably so”

“Is something the matter, Hero-sama?”

While pointing to the carts and chatting with Raphtalia a man from the village asked us.

“Right, my Filolial was looking at the carts, so I was talking about whether she wanted to pull them.”

“Well… Filorials have that kind of habit after all.”

The man nodded and look satisfied as he turned towards Firo.

“Right now this village is in the middle of rebuilding our buildings and we don’t have enough people. Hero-sama, would you be willing to help out if we gave you one of the carts?”


That was not a bad offer. I finally got a monster like this so there was no reason not to use it.

If it goes well it seemed like we could do some other work while moving things.

“What would we have to do?”

“In the nearby forest we are cutting some timber, so we would like you to bring it to the village”

“The forest….”

Now that he mentioned it, we haven’t gone to that forest.

“We’ll be back late but is that ok?”


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“I got it. We accept.”

And so I took on the villagers quest and received one of their carts.

The wheels and stuff were all made of wood. It was small and cheap-looking, but I got it for free so no helping that.

It wasn’t new but rather seemed a little old.


We set up Firo with her own cart. She seemed happy and started pulling the cart.

The villagers also prepared a bridle for us. If I just looked at it, it seemed like something for a horse.

“Ok! Today we’re setting out for the forest!”



I pointed to the way we were going and Firo, filled with energy, started pulling the cart.

Thud! Thud!

So the cart lightly…

Thud! Thud! Thud! Bumpbumpbumpbumpbump!

Gradually a loud noise sounded from the cart. Like yesterday the scenery swiftly passed by.

“Too fast! Too fast! Lower the speed!”


We slowed down, and Firo bumped the cart along letting out an unsatisfied cry while walking.

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“Uu… somehow I’ve started to feel sick…”

Raphtalia might be getting motion sickness. She slumped down and laid down in the cart.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… but, please don’t shake it too much…”

“I see, Raphtalia has gotten motion sickness.”

“…It looks like it. Are you okay Naofumi-sama?”

“I’ve never gotten it…”

Getting drunk from alcohol and getting motion sickness were unrelated.1 When I was a primary school kid, I remembered guys sitting next to me watching me read light novels or manga and said it made them feel sick so they changed seats.

Also, I remember when we took the voyage that lasted about a day to see our relatives, my entire family was down with sea sickness while I was playing phone games inside the ship.

“Well take it easy, Firo and I will carry you to our destination” “I’ll take you up on your offer…”

Raphtalia said weakly as she laid down in the cart.

In the middle of that journey… I met someone I didn’t want to on the road.

“Buha! What is that! Haha, oh no, that’s just too funny. Buwahahahahahahahahaaha!”

He looked at me and clutched his stomach while laughed out load. That ***** stood behind him and laughed along.

I don’t know what tickled their funny bones, but just being laughed at irritated me.

What’s with you Motoyasu, right off the bat.

Motoyasu found us on the town road while being surrounded with women and started laughing.

“I-I mean right! You’re super lame right now right!”

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“What is?”

“Did you start peddling? I guess people without money get desperate. Your bird is lame too!

Mu… peddling! That’s not a bad option.

Depending on Firo’s ability it could be possible. I’ll start thinking about it seriously.

“Laaaame! It’s not a horse but a bird, and what’s with that color. There’s that thin pink mixed into the white. It’s normally just white right. Plus it’s slooow!”

“I don’t know what’s normal but…”

I don’t get this guy’s sense of humor.

This is becoming a waste of time. I’ll ignore these guys and get going.

While I was thinking that Motoyasu got close to Firo while pointing.

Right after that


Firo aimed at Motoyasu’s crotch and kicked up with her tough leg.

I saw it.

I saw Motoyasu’s stupidly laughing face distort into shock as he flew back about 5 meters while spinning.


“K-Kyaaaaaaaaa! Motoyasu-sama!”

Haha, that must have crushed his balls.

I felt really exhilarated. Just being able to see this made buying Firo worth it.

As expected of my monster. She must have gotten revenge for me.

Firo, tonight I’ll specially let you eat something delicious.


While flapping her wings around, Firo steadily took off running.

After a while I couldn’t see Motoyasu’s group.

Wow… I’m feeling very exhilarated. I didn’t even dream I’d be able to see a scene like that.

“Wh-what happened?”

Raphtalia who had been lying limp lifted her face and asked.

“Hm? Nothing.”

“… in spite of that you’re making a radiant face I haven’t seen before.”

Oooh. It’s showing on my face huh.

Still, that’s some amazing leg strength, to send the hero of the lance flying that far.

“Umm… please go a little slower.”

I ran Firo with a radiant feeling, enough that Raphtalia’s words didn’t enter my ears.

After that, Raphtalia threw up during the trip and when we reached the forest she seemed to be at her limit.


Raphtalia moaned with a white face. I realized I had gone too far and felt sorry.

It’s all Motoyasu’s fault. He had made me feel so energetic and exhilarated.



Firo, same as me, looked sad and sorry.

“I-I’m al…right”

“You definitely don’t look it. It’ll be nice if we could find a place to rest but..”

“Ah, Shield Hero-sama”

There was a cabin near the forest. A villager that looked like a lumberjack came out of it.

“Aah, the villagers asked me to come and get some lumber but..”

“Umm… is your companion alright?”

“I think, probably not. I want to let her rest, but do you know a good place?”

“Well then there’s a cabin over here, let’s let her lie down.”

He said that and led us to the cabin. I supported Raphtalia’s shoulder and laid her down on a bed.

“If we say that Firo can only fight easy-ish enemies, then for today we’ll focus on transporting things.”

Raphtalia seemed to be weak to vehicles, so until she gets used to it let’s not go fast enough to bump the cart around.

“So, sorry but could you place the lumber on the cart, we’ll be back in a little while.”

“Ah, yes.”

Firo was unhooked from the cart and was looking in at us from outside the cabin.

“Okay, let’s go.”


She had kicked Motoyasu that far into the air. It seemed like I can expect quite a bit from her attack power.

Let’s take a little stroll around the forest. (!)

We went into the forest and unexpectedly didn’t encounter any monsters.

I walked around the quiet forest with Firo.

It might have been me getting immersed in the forest, but I felt like the air was really clear.

Come to think of it… this was the first time since coming to this world that I took the time and looked around at my surroundings.

I wonder why.

Seeing Motoyasu’s pained face must have blown all my troubles away.

… No.

I think it was because Raphtalia believed in me.

That Raphtalia was now motion sick and not here.

I felt kind of lonely.

Thinking about it I’ve only been with her for half a month or three weeks or so. Even so, it seemed like we’ve developed a natural relationship.

“It would be nice if there was medicine that worked on motion sickness.”

For now I’ll gather any herbs I see around here.

“Even so… no monsters are coming out huh..”

I’ve been walking for a while but there was no presence of monsters.



I heard Firo’s voice from unexpectedly far away.

I ran towards it and saw that Firo had just put something into her mouth.

… Was it just my imagination? That looked like an animal resembling a Usapiru.

Eventually Firo swallowed with a gulp.


Firo walked over here like nothing had happened.

34 EXP gained.

… Let’s not worry about it.

After a little under an hour, we finished foraging around the woods and returned to the lumberjack’s cabin where we saw the lumber had been packed onto the cart.

Entering the cabin, Raphtalia was still lying limp on the bed.

This was a problematic effect.

Raphtalia won’t last if Firo ran at top speed.

This might require some training. If Raphtalia doesn’t get used to vehicles we won’t be able to do any transportation work.

“Seems like some training is needed to get used to the cart.” “Uu…uuuu”

Raphtalia let out a moan in response to my words. As I thought, it seemed tough.

“Umm… I finished loading the lumber but..”

“Ah, yeah. Then I’ll head to the village and back, so can I leave her to you?”

“Yes! If she’s Shield Hero-sama’s companion then I’ll protect her no matter what.”

I’m a little worried, but I don’t have the patience to sit around doing nothing.

“Then we’ll get going.”

I got on the cart and gave the order to Firo, who was all prepared, to set out.


Letting out an energetic voice, Firo took off running.


  1. In Japanese, motion sickness literally means getting vehicle drunk 

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