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Chapter 27 – Growth

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The next morning.

Raphtalia had been studying until late last night, so I woke up and discreetly slipped out of the room in order to see Firo.

It would be troublesome if she were to die from hunger.

I gathered the excess medicinal herbs that I didn’t use in yesterday’s compounding.


I heard a hoarse voice coming from the stables.

Looking at her figure, her feet and neck got longer. From a manjū 1, now she looked very much like an ostrich.

It was an amazing change. Her growth was entirely different from the birds I knew.

Her height was around my chest level, so it was still impossible for a person to ride her.


It seemed that she was hungry. That was why I bought some animal feed from the farm.

Even though buying her food used up a lot of gold, it was still cheaper than buying equipment.

Seeing how rapid she was growing in just a day… I had a terrible feeling about this.

“You. Only a day had passed since you were born.”


‘Surisuri’ Firo clung to me and I smiled softly and naturally.

This doesn’t particularly mean my love towards animals has awoken.

I’m just excited about what she could do when she grows up.

Earning her keep as a substitute for a carriage… my chest swelled with anticipation.

Wait, I can see a tinge of white and cherry blossom colors when I look carefully at the feathers.

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I let the shield absorb the feather as a way of grooming.

The requirement for Demon Tamer Shield III has been met.

Demon Tamer Shield III. True power unsealed… Equipment Bonus: Growth Revision (Medium)

Nothing… So it didn’t have to be blood. Then it might also be good to cut Raphtalia’s hair and absorb it again.

She played and ran energetically, even though Firo was still a newborn.


Although she wasn’t a dog, I played with Firo by throwing a tree branch a distance away, where she then picked it up and returned it to me.

Her legs seemed fast, swiftly catching the branch before it even fell on the ground and quickly returning it.

She was quite intelligent.

Kukuku… it looked like my luck has finally turned around.

I played with Firo until Raphtalia woke up.

It was a rejuvenating type of therapy, these pets.

“Mu.. I’ve never seen Naofumi-sama show such a refreshing smile until now.”

Raphtalia came over to me while softly murmuring her displeasure.

If anything, it was an impish smile.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.”


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Chon, Chon. Firo’s beak peck lightly at Raphtalia.

It seemed she wanted to engage in some skinship.

“Ha~a… Guess it can’t be helped.”

Raphtalia smiled while caressing Firo’s face with both hands.


Firo snuggled up to Raphtalia, squinting her eyes from the pleasant feeling of being caressed.

“Now then, where should we explore today?”

“That’s right. How about going to the southward grassland in order to save food expenses for Firo?”

“Fumu… I guess so.”

The medicinal herbs as well as weeds have grown in abundance within that vicinity. I also think that it’s a good place to go.

For now, the purpose was to save money for better equipment.

“Yosh, Let’s go then.”



Well, we blithely went to the grassland while fighting monsters and leveled up slightly.

Me: Lv 25

Raphtalia: Lv 28

Firo: Lv 15

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Picking medicinal herbs among other things, we focused on Firo’s food and several other harvests.

We defeated various monsters, releasing shield requirements with the best status bonus at around +1 or +2.

… The shield’s Intermediate Compounding Recipe still has not been found.


Firo had grown into a splendid Filorial.

“It’s early…”

The inn’s shopkeeper and the farm owner are both surprised.

The reason might be because of Growth Revision (Small) and (Medium)

“… Raphtalia, incidentally, when I bought the ink did you recognize…”

“A wa wa…”

I wonder if Raphtalia also wanted to grow up like that.


A sound similar to a bone creaking was heard.


Shortly, Firo, who grew up so much that a person could now ride her, sat in front of me.

“You want me to ride?”


Turning her head as I rode on her back, Firo chirped as if it was natural.

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“Then let’s go.”

But was it all right to not attach a saddle or rein?

While thinking about it, I got on since she wanted me to ride her. I was sturdy thanks to the shield.

It would be all right even if I fell.

Riding her… wasn’t so bad thanks to the feathers.

There seemed to be no problem in regards to maintaining my balance properly.


Firo readily stood up.


The view was quite high.

I felt deeply move as I proceeded to ride an animal, even though I don’t know a thing about horse riding.


Firo started running while I was thinking, her chirp is very cheery!

“You, hey!”

“Na, Naofumi-sama–”


Wa, so fast! The scenery passed by me in no time, and Raphtalia’s voice became distant in an instant.


I wanted to see what Firo could do. After going around town, she stopped in front of the stables

And sat, then I got down.

“Are you all right!?”

Raphtalia ran up to me anxiously.

“Oh, yeah. I’m all right. But it sure is fast.”

Firo appeared to not even be that tired and started tending to her own feathers.

I was surprised when it exceeded the speed which I imagined. I might have got a good bargain.

“Well then, that’s enough for today, let’s return to our room.”

And then, someone grabbed the collar of my armor.

When I looked behind, I saw Firo seizing my collar with her beak.

“What’s wrong?”


I got called to stop by a chirp that seemed like a wail.


Oh well.

And, when I tried to leave, I got grabbed once again.

“What is it?”


Firo cried in a slightly displeased way and stamped her foot on the ground.

“Huh, have you not played enough?”

Firo shook her head when Raphtalia asked.

She can understand words

“Are you lonely?”

She cheekily nodded to us.


Then, she tried to appeal to us by unfolding her wings.

“That said…”

I’m reluctant to sleep in the stable, and I can’t take such a big monster to a bedroom inside the inn.

“Let’s accompany her here until she falls asleep.”

“Mu… well, fine.”

This girl has a big body, although it has only been 2 days since her birth. Even if it’s an animal, it’s too early to leave her alone in the stable at night.

That day at the stables, I studied this world’s letters together with Raphtalia.

Firo watched us quietly while resting tensely in her nest.


“Ah… you really can’t read these letters easily!”

If there was a shield like that, I want to find it fast.

“It can’t be helped. Anyways, I don’t think it’s very Naofumi-sama-like if you depend on the legendary shield for everything.”

“… Raphtalia. You’ve learned to even say things like that now huh.”

“Yes. Therefore, let’s learn magic and the language together.”

… ****.

There was nothing that would make this thing easier. While praying that my efforts won’t be wasted, we continued to study at the stable until Firo fell asleep.

Afterwards, we returned to our room and began making medicine with the newly obtained herbs.

The result, well, don’t ask – since I wasn’t able to decipher the recipe.


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