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Chapter 13 – Remedy

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

The sun had set and the night grew cold; it was about time for Raphtalia’s stomach to grumble. Leaving the luggage behind at the inn, we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner.

We had some snacks just awhile ago.

Raphtalia got them from an unfamiliar shop, though I had no idea what was so good about them.

Good grief, I needed a way to fatten up my wallet. I guess camping out will be our plan from now on.

So I’ll let you eat your fill for now!

“Let’s see, Delia-set for two people and a Neapolitan1 please.”

After giving the order to our server, our dinner soon arrived.

“Let’s dig in.”


Raphtalia began eating by stuffing food into her mouth with her bare hands again.

Judging from her growth, I would say that she was roughly around 10. She had been eyeing my plate, so I went ahead and ordered extra.

“Eat up while you can since we’ll be camping out from tomorrow onward.”


Nodding and eating at the same time is bad table manners. But since she’s eating so gratefully, I’ll excuse her behavior this time.3

After that, we returned to our room where I took note of Raphtalia’s appearance yet again.

“Your hair is a mess, let’s trim it a bit.”

“… Hai.”

I patted Raphtalia head with a ‘pon*’ since she was making an uneasy face.

“It’ll be fine. I’m not going to give you a weird haircut.”

Besides, it was her current appearance that looked weird.

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Using a knife, I began trimming off the excessive hair with a ‘gushi*’.

I trimmed her hair to about shoulder length before I was done.

“Alright, this much should be good, right.”

Compared to her old hairstyle, this one was at least more presentable.

With this, she would look quite nice after dressing up.

Raphtalia began twirling around, her face swelling with confidence.4

I wonder what she’s so happy about.

The shield reacted when I was cleaning up the leftover hair.

I never would have imagined that.


I opened my status to confirm. Though it appeared that my Lvl and ‘Tree’6 were still insufficient.


Crap, she turned around.

“Now then, you should hurry up and go to bed.”


She was being strangely honest, unlike yesterday.

Well, that’s good.

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She might weep again, so I busied myself by compounding inside the room.

Nutritional Supplement was created.

Nutritional Supplement Quality Bad -> A Bit Bad. A medicine that relieves fatigue, it is also effective as a method of rapidly recovering from malnourishment.

Recovery Potion was created.

Recovery Potion Quality A Bit Bad -> Normal. A medicine that treats certain illnesses. It will be less effective against more severe diseases.

Fumu… there are various things that can be made using the mountain and forest herbs.

Because of this, I can trade these at the ******** for a splendid sum of money.

It was just that the materials were consumed at a fearsome rate that was borderline hazardous.

Altogether, I made 6 Nutritional Supplements and a few other remedies.

However, it was still very difficult to make high quality medicines; I had no chance of winning against a specialist.

Since I’m the Shield Hero and not a Pharmacist.

… Let’s absorb some of them into the Shield then.

The requirement for Calorie Shield has been unsealed.

The requirement for Energy7 Shield has been unsealed.

The requirement for Energic Shield had been unsealed.

Calorie Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: Stamina Boost (Small)

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Energy Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: SP Boost (Small)

Energic Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment Bonus: Stamina Consumption Decrease (Small)

For the time being, all of them gave status related bonuses.

Just what is ‘stamina’ anyways? 8 Is it like physical fitness?

It seems that I’ll need to experience this myself.

Next we had the medical herbs, but… I wonder if it’ll become more difficult if I continue to recklessly learn more crafting skills.

I want more combat bonuses.

Or maybe it’s because I can’t meet the unsealing requirement with only the herbs I had collected.

Well, that’s fine.


While stretching and preparing to go to sleep, I spotted Raphtalia squeezing her eyes tight. Looks like she wasn’t able to get a good night’s sleep; that was a sign she was about to weep.


I covered her mouth right before she screamed, then I held her in my arms while gently patting her with a ‘pon pon*’. 10

Phew, I was somehow able to calm her down tonight.

But she would cry again if I tried to let go of her now.

Guess it can’t be helped. Let’s sleep together then.

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… It felt kind of chilly.

Feeling the sunlight shining on my face, I opened my eyes.

Raphtalia, who was supposed to be sleeping next to me, was trembling in a corner of the room.

“What’s wrong?”

“Gomennasai gomennasai, gomennasai gomennasai!”11

I furrowed my eyebrows at Raphtalia who was desperately muttering apologies; I could roughly guess the reason due to this damp chilliness which was coming from underneath me. I see… Raphtalia wet the bed.


She thought I would be angry.

I had never heard of a 10 year old wetting the bed, but there was no way I could be angry after looking at those frightened eyes of hers.

I went over to Raphtalia.

I reached my hand out, startling Raphtalia as she curled herself up into a ball and shielded her head.

“Good grief…”

I used that hand to pat the shoulder of a trembling Raphtalia.13

“Wetting the bed wasn’t something that you can control, right? Come now, hurry up and undress so you can wash yourself up.”

She’ll need a spare change of clothes too, I suppose.


Raphtalia looked at me with a mystified expression.

“You’re not angry?”

“How could I lash out at someone who’s been regretting their actions? You reflected on what you did, so I’m not angry.”

The sheet was stained. I wondered how much I’ll have to pay the Innkeeper… we’ll keep it as a piece of cloth for the time being.

After that, I explained the situation to the Innkeeper, paid for the damages, and then rushed off to buy some spare clothes from the Weapon Shop.

Although the well water was a bit cold, I washed the sheet clean and packed it in our luggage bag.

It seemed like a great idea to dry this sheet by tying it on a branch and hanging it as we walk through the meadow.

“Now then.”

It’s getting a bit irritating to walk with Raphtalia, who continued apologizing.

“I told you not to worry about it!”

“… Hai.”

Haa… She really was an obedient child.

However, it would also be troublesome for me if she had no motivation.


Raphtalia’s stomach grumbled again.

Oh, and her face was flushed with shame.

“I guess it’s about time for breakfast.”


Raphtalia walked besides me while holding onto the hem of my shirt.


“Alright then, you’ll need to take this medicine as punishment.”

I handed a ‘recovery potion’ over to Raphtalia.

It seems like a persistent illness, one which required a regular intake of medicine, so this is exactly what she needs.

Raphtalia’s face turned extremely sour after just a sniff. However, she was very enthusiastic about drinking it since this was her punishment.

“Uwaa… So bitter…”

“Just bear with it.”


Raphtalia, who finished drinking the whole thing, had a blenched face and looked about ready to vomit.

By the way, that compounded medicine seemed to fetch a good price. But since the quality was poor, the horrible taste was even worse.


  1. ナポラータ I’m pretty sure I got the name right, but since I’m not a food enthusiast, please correct me if I’m wrong 
  2. she said hai while chewing 
  3. lit trans: I wanted to tell her to choose between ‘eating and nodding’ -> sounds awkward so I rephrased it 
  4. literally meant new self with a new image 
  5. sucking/absorbing sfx 
  6. as in evolve tree, just to clarify things 
  7. one of them is エナジー, pronounce enajii, another is エネルギー, pronounce enerugii. Contact me if you can somehow provide us with a good pair of names for these 2 shields 
  8. do note that stamina was written in romaji-english in the Japanese version. 
  9. a sound Naofumi let out when he stretched 
  10. I liked the sfx from the original version so I tried my best with fit it in o3o 
  11. gomennasai = I’m sorry 
  12. sfx for sigh 
  13. Raphtalia-tan moe. 
  14. sfx for swallowing liquid. 

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