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Chapter 12 – What’s Yours is Mine

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Around high noon, I opened my eyes and Raphtalia was there waiting for me.

“Are we going to the castle town? Koho

“Ha ha.”

She’s coughing once again.

I silently handed her the ‘regular medicine’ and Raphtalia took it while frowning.

After that it was time to drop by the ******** to do some business.

“Fumu… the quality of these isn’t bad. Yuusha-sama, are you familiar with pharmacology?”

Since I was no longer a stranger to the store, I was able to catch glimpses on some of the medicine’s production.

“No, it was my first time making some yesterday. Compared to selling raw medical herbs, which one is more profitable?”

“That’s a difficult question. Although medical herbs are cheaper to use, medicines can usually save lives.”

Although the pharmacist frowned when he saw Raphtalia, I knew from observation that he didn’t use cheap lies and was speaking honestly.

“The price of medicine has skyrocketed recently due to the prophecy, so demand for them are very high right now.”


Either risk failing to craft them for better sales, or selling raw materials to their production line directly; it’s debatable on which of the two will yield more gold.

However, everything has its own silver lining. There’s no disadvantage in continuing to collect more.

“Hey, does this mean you’re not coming anymore?”

“… Didn’t I say something along the lines of: ‘For two weeks, I’ll be selling medical herbs around town’?”

The pharmacist understood my answer and looked at me with an odd expression before laughing.

This time around he gave me some hand-me-down equipment and taught me how to use them, taking my medical herbs as his payment while still buying the medicine off me.

I received various tools besides the mortar.

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Laboratory equipment like: measuring device, flask, and distiller.

These should last me for quite a while before I have to get some new ones.

“Since these used goods were only collecting dust in the warehouse, you won’t know when they might break.”

“I suppose it’s a good enough set for beginners.”

Anyways, with this I’ll be able to try out more formulas.

I just have to dispose of the Balloon skins now.

While on my way to the Balloon buyer, I caught sight of some children from my peripheral vision.

It seemed those Balloon skins that the merchant bought were used as material to make actual, marketable balloons. The children were playing around with one of those as if it was a ball.

Raphtalia was looking at those kids with envy.

“Naa1, what’s that?”


I pointed at the ball those children were playing with and asked.

“Well, that’s one of the practical applications of what we do with the Balloon skins.”

“I see, then can you make another using the goods we’re about to sell?”

“Eh, well… if you really want one.”

We headed over to the buyer to sell our goods and left with money in hand. He then let me have one of the balls that was made from a Balloon skin.


I threw the ball and Raphtalia caught it
I threw the ball and Raphtalia caught it.

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With wide eyes, Raphtalia alternated between the ball and my face several times.

“What? You don’t want it?”

“M-, Mhm.”

Raphtalia laughed merrily, waving her head around.

She laughed for the first time.

“Once we’re done with today’s work, you can go play around with it.”


She was somehow very energetic. This is good progress.

Because an energetic Raphtalia will be more beneficial for me.

After that we returned to the forest, exterminating monsters and collecting herbs just like yesterday.

We were able to go in deeper thanks to my enhanced defense.

… Apparently there is a village if we continued to advance into the forest. However, I refused to follow that *****’s advice.

It was profitable and we discovered various things. It was likely due to the fact that we were approaching the foot of the mountain range.

Oh? We’ve found a new enemy.

An egg-like creature.

This thing looked like it belonged to a branch of the Balloon family.

“We’re fighting this monster for the first time. I’ll be going in first. Once I give you the signal, rush in for the kill.”


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That’s a good answer.

I charged at the monster; it also noticed me and bared its fangs my way.

Gan!* 3

It really did no damage. There wasn’t any pain or so much as an itch.

Rapharia’s blade flew through the air and easily impaled it.


We cleared monsters more vigorously compared to yesterday.

An Eggy.5

Another one of the earlier enemies.

Followed by a ‘Parin*’ sound, Eggy crumbled into pieces with egg yolk splattering everywhere when it died.

“B-ue6, this is nasty!”

Couldn’t the shell be sold? This was such a waste.

It smells rotten so I guess it’s inedible.

I absorbed the shell pieces into the shield.

Since she got used to it, Raphtalia was able to pierce the Eggy in an experienced manner.

Requirement for Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Egg Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Culinary 1

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Another level based skill bonus.

This time was cooking, huh?

We continued hunting the different color variations of this monster.

Requirement for Blue Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Requirement for Sky Egg Shield has been unsealed.

Blue Egg Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Judgement 1

Sky Egg Shield

True power sealed …… Equipment bonus: Beginner Cooking Recipes

Weird, it has only been skill bonuses lately.

Does it depend on which type of enemy we defeat?

Oh well, in the meantime I’ll just utilize my herb collecting skills more.

The day seemed a little bit longer while up in the mountain.

Still, I was a bit concerned over Raphtalia’s equipment.

Here are today’s results:

Me: Level 8

Raphtalia: Level 7

Damn. She almost caught up to me already.

This was undoubtedly due to Raphtalia dealing the finishing blows.


“My stomach’s empty…”

Raphtalia made a troubled expression as she said this to me.

“I guess you’re right, let’s head back for our meal.”

We ended our exploration and headed back to town.

After returning, I sold the Eggy Shells that looked unusable for compounding.

We made 9 silver today, including what we sold this morning.

It was doubtful that we could make much from these shells. However, they were bought from me for an unexpectedly high price.

The medicine and herbs also fetched a good price, making me reconsider what we should eat today.

Well, considering that Raphtalia had been drooling all over the food stalls for awhile now…

I had no intention of pampering her, but she should be rewarded for her good work. So, why not?

“Let’s drop by, just for today.”

“Eh? Is it okay?”

“You wanted to eat here, right?”

Raphtalia nodded fiercely at my question.

She had become quite honest.


She’s coughing once again.

I silently handed her a ‘regular medicine’, then I ordered what looked like hardened mashed potatoes on a skewer from one of the stalls.

“Here, you worked hard today.”

After swallowing the medicine, Raphtalia happily accepted the skewer I held out and stuffed her face with it.

“Thank you!”

“N-, no prob…”

… I’m glad that she had become so energetic.

I looked around for a cheap Inn while eating and walking.

“Do you want to stay here tonight?”


Raphtalia crying all night long was troublesome enough already, please at least spare me the fights with the Balloons.

We went into the Inn.

Upon entering, the Innkeeper blatantly scowled,7; however, he instantly switched on his business smile.

“There’s a chance my companion here will be crying at night, is that alright?”8

I dangled the Balloon concealed under my cloak threateningly in front of the other party as I asked.

“Tha-, that’s a bit――”

“I can count on you, right? We’ll be keeping the noise at a reasonable level.”

“Y-, yes.”

Ever since coming to this world, I had learned that blackmailing was an important part of business.

This whole damn country had made me into a target of ridicule; the damn king wouldn’t be able to fully comprehend the damage his actions caused me.

No, even if he did, he would probably say something like ‘it couldn’t be helped’.9

Seriously, all these parallel world elitists.

I paid the fee and then unloaded our luggage inside the room we rented.

Raphtalia’s eyes sparkled while looking at the ball.

“Come back before nightfall. Also, stay as close to the Inn as possible.”


Good grief, she really did act like a child her age.

Demi-humans seemed to be the object of contempt, but there shouldn’t be any problems if she was seen and treated like an adventurer.

Looking out of the window, I saw Raphtalia playing with her ball. I then did research on more methods of compounding.

Approximately… 20 minutes had passed since then.

That was when I heard a loud, childish scream.

“Why is a Demi-human playing in our turf!”

What was that? I peered out of the window.

No matter how I look at it, all I saw was some ****** bullies pointing at Raphtalia and harassing her.

Good grief, no matter where you go there will always be these type of kids lurking around the place.

“This brat. You have a nice toy, so hand it over.”

“Eh-, a-, that’s…”

Raphtalia seemed to be aware of the demi-human’s low standing in society. So their reaction wasn’t strange to her either.


I went out of the room and headed downstairs.

“I told you to hand it over.”

“N-, no…”

These ******* punks were intending to use violence as they encircled the frail and defiant Raphtalia.

“Hold it right there, you little shits.”

“What do you want, old geezer.”

Guh, old geezer he says!

Whatever, I’m only 20 this year and I don’t care about this world’s standards for age.

I don’t even care if I’m an old geezer to them.

“What reason do you have for demanding other people’s belongings?”

“Hah? That isn’t your ball, is it?”

“It’s mine. I’m lending it to this girl. If you stole it from her then that means you stole it from me.”

“Just what are you saying, damn geezer.”

Sigh… It seemed they couldn’t even understand that much with all the blood rushing into their brains.

Even if he was a kid, I never intended to forgive him. Those who steal from people deserved to be punished.

“I see I see, then I’ll give you an EVEN BIGGER BALL.”

Noticing my demeanor, Raphtalia squeezed out her voice, telling the startled children.

“Run away!”

However, the eyes of those little shits underestimated me.

I silently snickered deep down while I took out the Balloon that was biting my arm.



The Balloon immediately paid the brat a visit with a bite on his ***.

“So kids, that one was a REAL ball, you guys want some too?”


“That was not a joke. Dumbasses!”

“Die! ******!”

“I’ll kick your *** too, you little ****!”13

I turned back towards the Inn with the brats cursing me as they ran away.

“Er, umm…”

Raphtalia grabbed my mantle.

“Oi, there’s a Balloon still living in there.”

The frightened Raphtalia quickly flinched her hand away, her timid look making me laugh.


What was she talking about?


While stroking Raphtalia’s head, we both returned to the Inn.


  1. hey 
  2. definition: yes. It’s like hai, just a bit more unrefined and slang-ish but still is polite, usually accompanied with a nod 
  3. sfx, bites your teeth together. 
  4. a variation of “Aha!” 
  5.  エグッグ contact me if you have a better suggestion 
  6. puking/disgusted basically 
  7. tsk tsk tsk, Naofumi, you got charged with **** and now you’re booking a room with a tanuki loli, just what are you planning 
  8. Naofumi. Oh Naofumi, you just dug a real large hole there for yourself. 
  9. I fixed it up for some clarity, basically it was saying something along the line of: no, even if he knew about that, it is highly possible that he will just say that he could do nothing but swimming(this is like a proverb in this case) along. 
  10. sfx, sigh 
  11. he’s just screaming in pain 
  12. more painful cries 
  13. they are just throwing childish verbal abuses at this point 

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