Chapter 718: Sima Junmo

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

“Look closer, this is an official appointment letter from the Federation. There’s even the President’s seal and signature… are you seriously telling me you don’t recognise it?!”

“I already told you, I don’t. Stop being so persistent. Just because you’re pretty doesn’t mean you can do as you like!”

“Are you calling me a woman? You must be illiterate. That’s right, otherwise why can’t you read the letter? Ugh… nothing is worse than dealing with the illiterate, especially when they are blind as well!”

“Who are you calling illiterate? Who’s blind? Just because you’re hot, doesn’t mean you can get away with insulting others! It doesn’t matter how good looking you are if you go around treating others like morons – no one will like you, especially not me!”

“Why the heck should I care if you like me or not? Wait! When did I even say that I’m a girl? I am a man!”

“Hah! You think you can just change your gender just because you’re beautiful? What are you if not a girl? Geez, get your gender right before leaving the house, why don’t you!”

“That’s it. I can’t take it anymore! Where’s your superior? You can’t be the only survivor in this building. Bring him out, I have something important to discuss with him.” At this point, I was beyond exasperation and did not want to waste anymore time dealing with a coward hiding behind the anonymity of his exosuit.

“There’s no need for that. I’m already here.” A door not too far behind the police sentry I was arguing with opened up. An equally battered and bloodied exosuit stepped through a second later and addressed me. While he still did not reveal his face, I could tell from the voice that he was a middle-aged, mature officer. “You mentioned you are from the Bureau of Enhanced Humans and Supernatural Ability Users?”

“That’s right. Here’s my appointment letter, I hope at least you are able to read.” I enlarged the holographic letter so that even a short-sighted person could see it, let alone a pilot whose sight would be auto-corrected by his exosuit.

“There’s no need for that, I know you.” The mature officer’s voice almost quivered at that last word. “I just received a notification from the brass mentioning that we will be temporarily placed under your command should we encounter you. Till the danger in Southern Plains is resolved… I couldn’t believe the notification at first, but I understand why now… you’re so… outstanding… to oversimplify things with my limited vocabulary…”

“Huh? Could you just get to the point in one sentence? It’s annoying trying to piece together what you’re saying when you speak in fragments.” I curtly cut him off, slightly creeped out the longer he spoke. Somehow, I was getting a bad feeling from him.

“Right. Right. Initially, I thought that you were chosen just because of your looks, but, oh, how wrong I was.” His holographic display turned on, revealing a tanned man in his thirties with a squarish face. His gaze shifted slightly as he smiled shyly. “I’m saying I accept your authority.”

“Oh, then you have my thanks.” Even though having a mature man smile at me like that made my butt cheeks clench a little, his ready acknowledgement of my command made me feel a lot better. “Start by introducing yourself, then we can talk about your situation. How many combatants do you have? Are there any survivors under your care? Lastly… have you guys noticed anybody who has awakened supernatural abilities?”

“My name is Sima Junmo, I’m a commander of a Special Assault Tactics (SAT) squad. As of right now, there are five members in my squad, including me. They are all capable subordinates…”

Sima Junmo began explaining his situation next. Apparently, they were suddenly attacked by those skeletal beasts last night. Coupled with those ghosts ambushing them, their losses were heavy. That was how their squad size was reduced to five. However, these five were all seasoned veterans, seeing they actually survived an attack from those incorporeal monsters. This sudden increase in the undead’s power led to Sima Junmo making the decision to hole up in this position.

In actuality, there was one more reason why he had to do so. That was because he also had fifty civilians to guard. As policemen under the Federation, Sima Junmo and his men were all fiercely loyal to their duty. While they still drew breath, they would never abandon their charges. Unfortunately, this hampered their movements significantly. In light of that, they could only take up a defensive position while hopefully waiting out this entire undead crisis.

Roughly ten minutes ago, Sima Junmo received a message from a representative of General Rodenas, informing him that the Federation had noticed something was amiss in Southern Plains before the zombie apocalypse. In order to investigate this abnormality, they even created a new but secretive bureau.

Naturally, the seasoned Federation policeman that he was immediately realised that this was just the Federation’s version of bullcrap.

But regardless of whether or not the citizens actually bought this story, the civil servants of the Federation were basically convinced, seeing as the General even went so far as to pull that Goddess of Hope into the mix. When he first saw the photo of said girl, he was quick to throw shade at the general. Perhaps this girl was just the old bear’s niece, or maybe something more?

The moment I heard him say that, I almost wanted to roast him alive in his bloody tincan. But I soon gave up on that idea as trouble soon reared its ugly head once more…

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“But I understand now, you got to where you are by sheer ability.” He then stared at me with the intensity of the sun. “Only a girl as perfect as you could be considered a goddess…”

“I’m sorry, but let me interrupt for a second…”

“I know, I know. You’re going to say that you’re a man and all that.” Sima Junmo briskly cut me off. “I understand completely. It’s not easy travelling out and about as a girl. Especially for a goddess such as yourself. But that’s not an issue anymore. I hereby swear on my life that I will protect you!”

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