Chapter 664: Violent Opening

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Author: The Sole Survivor Original Source: SFACG
Translator: CatatoPatch English Source: Re:Library

I followed Lixiang’s gaze and found two bifurcated zombies doing their best to crawl towards us. Naturally, I ignored them.

“Start the car.”

“Alright. Everyone sit tight, and make sure to put on your seat belts!” Seeing as I had obediently chosen to sit in the front seat rather than beside Jiaojiao, Bitong was practically beaming as she yanked the steering wheel to the left and slammed on the accelerator.

Under her forceful driving, the hover car jolted to life, then a second later, shot forward like an arrow in the specified direction.

“Woohooo!! Now we’re talking!! Slam ‘em!” Steeped in the exhilaration of the sudden burst of speed, Jiaojiao pumped her fist her in the air and yelled excitedly.

As if by her direction, Bitong actually drove the car into a path filled with zombies. That scene was… disgusting. The sudden bump and splat on the windows… maybe I was just being overly sensitive here… sensitive to zombie parts splattering onto my windows…


Amidst Jiaojiao’s excited screaming, our hover car ended up running over a dozen zombies before smashing through the fancy glass gates of Joyworks Game City… And like an excited wolf in a sheep pack, we had no intention of slowing down at all as we raced straight for the exosuits. It wasn’t like there were any survivors wandering around now, so Bitong was more than happy to slam the accelerator like a mad bull…

I mean… the car was like a mad bull… not Bitong… why would I call her mad…

Each time we ran over a zombie, the car would give an obligatory jump, then a bloody mess of parts would come spraying over the sides, like we were a harvester plowing through a wheat field.

Honestly, all that blood and gore wasn’t even the most disconcerting thing right now, it was the sinister smile on Bitong’s face that only grew wider as she slammed into another zombie.

Not to say that I wasn’t happy she was killing zombies, but I wouldn’t want her to turn into Black Bitong because of that…

A while later, Bitong had basically cleared the first floor of Game City, finally stopping outside the room where the exosuits were housed.

“We’re here.”

Upon coming to a stop, Bitong motioned for me to get off first.

“I’ll check the area, you guys watch out in the car.” I said without hesitation, before circling around the car to confirm our safety.

Bitong’s forceful driving was definitely effective, but a hover car was no zombie killer, so the actual number of permanently dead zombies weren’t many; a normal hit that would have killed or maimed a person did not apply to these zombies, as their heads were their only weak point. This stubborn, no, annoyingly stubborn aspect of their undead nature meant that even as a head, they could still bite a person, they just couldn’t move.

With a few well-placed slashes of Icy Inferno, I finished off the two crawling zombies, then sweeped the surrounding areas. At which point, I tapped on the previously bloody, but now cleaned from the force of my swings, windows.

“It’s safe now. Come on out.”

The girls quickly disembarked and took up positions behind me automatically.

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I took aim at the door of the exosuits game room, and prepared for the worst. From the flashing light above, this room should still be in use. However, there was no way of telling if it was a zombie or a human inside there right now. Based on the rest of the city however, caution was definitely needed.

Realising my intent as well, Bitong nodded her approval. In an exceptional situation like this, there weren’t many restrictions left, other than murdering, of course.

Sharp as a reaper’s scythe, Icy Inferno cut through the door like it sliced through flesh.

In no time at all, I carved out a large rectangular shaped hole that could easily fit me as long as I kept my head down a little.


Clearly not used to slicing apart a door, the sliced-off portion summarily slumped to the floor with a hefty thump. I whipped my head around to quickly scan the area, fearful that the sound might have attracted more zombies.

Yet a second later, I remembered that Bitong had taken the liberty prior of knocking over every zombie we came across on this floor. They might not be dead, given a hover car wasn’t the best head smasher around, but they were probably unable to move.

In other words, there was no need to worry at all… or so I thought…

The moment the game room was exposed, a three meter tall, blue exosuit-clad figure stormed out of the room and charged right at us.

I immediately focused my SP into my feet and aimed a kick at its solar plexus.

Like kicking an iron wall, the resulting force sent me stumbling back, though I managed to steady myself with a quick tumble. As for that exosuit, it staggered and fell to the ground… then got up unharmed a second later.

There were still two more exosuits behind it, both in different colors. However, when the first exosuit fell down, the other two seemed to have been affected as well, coming to a stop immediately.

“Humans?” The blue exosuit promptly switched on his helmet visor, projecting the image of a twenty odd, blue-haired handsome man inside.

“So you guys aren’t zombies…” Even though I could clearly tell that the pilots of these exosuits were human, I did not lower my guard either. Instead, I quickly stepped in front of the girls and asked in a stern voice. “Why did you attack us?”

“Sorry about that. I thought you were a zombie.” The blue-haired youth laughed sheepishly. “Are you okay?”

“Do I look not okay to you?” I snapped back, still affected by the potentially fatal attack he nearly inflicted on us. “Have you not considered that a zombie can’t even cut a hole in the door to begin with?”

Despite my harsh tone, the blue-haired youth did not seem angry. He apologised once more. “That was my bad, I was too nervous. Sorry…”

Honestly, I understood his concerns, but that charge was truly a close call. Had I been a normal person, I would be dead by now. After all, these exosuits, entertainment or not, could hit a person with the force of a hover car.

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