[Vol. 1] Chapter 29 – Fujoshi

(TN: There are no graphic BL scenes in this chapter it is mentioned though.)

“Carlo-sama, can I talk with you for a bit?”

 Melissa suddenly came over when I was sitting in my office.
 After her Reina also came in.
 It’s unusual for Melissa to come without being called and it’s not the time for a meal yet.

 What is it?
 She was obviously angry.
 Did I do something? (TN: Oh, oooh you did a lot of stuff….)
 Is it because I recently went out to play at night and visited the Fawn Pavilion and the Moulin Rouge?

“What is it?”

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 Ah, my voice broke out of tension.
 I hate people being angry at me.

“It’s about this Reina”

 That gentle Melissa looked like an ogre when looking back at Reina.
 Reina turned her gaze downwards and didn’t dare to turn this way.
 Aah, the one she’s angry with is Reina, huh?
 Once I knew I wasn’t the one in trouble the tension left my body.

“Did Reina do something wrong?”

“Because I couldn’t see her working in the morning I searched for her and found her hiding in the shadows to read this kind of thing!”

 That reminds me, didn’t Melissa hold something like a thin book in her hand?

“What is it?”

 When she heard my question Melissa’s face suddenly reddened.
 Reina became smaller and smaller. (TN: Yeah, well, the title says everything)

“Ehm, this is just too much to explain it with my own mouth. It is too dirty for your esteemed eyes but could you view it to decide upon Reina’s punishment?”

 What’s going on?
 The problem wasn’t her being absent from work but the contents of this book?
 It feels like an ordinary novel.

 I took the book from Melissa and opened it.
 Then Reina began to sob.

 Hoho, is the Earl with the scar on his cheek the main character?
 He kind of looks like me. (TN: Cause that’s you. My condolences)
 That beautiful knight of the Imperial Guard with blonde hair who swore allegiance to the Earl.
 The best swordsmen of the country.
 There’s also a refreshing brown-haired knight appearing.
 In addition to being handsome, his sword skills were incomparable.
 The blonde knight competes against this knight and ends up losing.
 Isn’t that just like Lunos and F? (TN: Eeeyup)
 ……What the hell is this?!?!

 The two knights compete with each other to gain the Earl’s favour and before long they fall in love.
 Affection exceeding friendship sprouted between the rivals.
There were love scenes between the two knights and between the Earl and the knights. (TN: … I’ll… just… whatever…)

 Tha, that fellow, did she become rotten……This is too early for this era.

 I never thought I’d read BL with me as the inspiration in my life
 Good grief, no matter in what world fujoshi always exist, don’t they? (TN: They are everywhere, everywhereeee)

 Oh well, because I’m 2D otaku trash entering the Comiket while yelling I understand them to some extent.
 But for the Maid Reina to get corrupted.
 Even though I thought she was cute but her panting over me, F and Lunos doing those kind of things was kind of disappointing.

“So, Carlo-sama, what is Reina’s punishment? Though, I think a dismissal is only natural”

 Melissa with a beet red face said this in a severe tone.
 When she heard that, Reina raised her voice while bursting into tears.

“Aah, Carlo-sama, I’m sorry! I’m going to reflect on it so please anything but dismissing me. Please let me stay here!”
 Mmm, well I don’t really think reading BL isn’t particularly bad.
 I don’t think it’s good to skip work to read, though.
 I’d appreciate it if you would stop just that.

“Melissa, Leave the rest to me. Would you let me talk with her alone?”

“Certainly. Please be strict.”

 Melissa lowered her head and left.

“Reina, sit down.”

“Bu, but……”

 I let the puzzled Reina sit on the sofa for visitors and I sat down on the opposing side.

“Are such books popular?”

“Eh, no, such things would never……”

“You don’t have to hide it. I think it’s understandable to like those kind of things and I also know some girls who like it. How long have you been reading these kinds of books?”

“……For about three years”

 Because Reina is now 17 years old she started with 14!
 She’s an elite in a sense.

“Are those around you reading this as well?”

“All my friends read them.”

“This book here, too?”

“Yes, we take turns reading them. I promised my friends to give it to them this evening and I didn’t have time to read so I skipped work……I’m terribly sorry”

 Aah, my figure got exposed to everyone (teary eyes).

“Carlo-sama, please don’t fire me. Please let me stay here!”

 Reina burst into tears again.
 I’m the one who wants to cry.

“Ehm, well, don’t cry. Let’s over look this incident this time. I’ll convince Melissa, too.”

“……Aah, Carlo-sama!”

She looked at me with wet eyes.
 Her face was cute but being looked at by those eyes, honestly, I pulled back a little.

“However, don’t read those books while you are in the mansion, working. What did your friends say?”

“Ehm, actually, it was one of my friends who wrote this book.”

 ……A BL writer, what kind of friends do you have? (TN: I have enough of those, too….)

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“She frequently tells me that she envies me for working at such a heavenly place.”

 What heaven, good grief.
 Besides, as soon as she realised she won’t get fired she got really lively.

“Ehm, Carlo-sama, that friend told me to ask you something when I get the opportunity.”

 I got a reeeeally bad feeling about this.

“What is it? Let’s hear it.”

“Ehm, that, uhm……”

 Reina fidgeting like that is pretty cute.
 But it’s something hard to say after all, huh?

“Ehm, if I dare to say, but, Carlo-sama, if you could answer this, you’re a uke, right? And what do you think about Gekokujo? I think it’s very wonderful!” (TN: Gekokujo = juniors dominating their seniors, 下剋上に関 gekokujo ni kanshite that’s the full thing)

 ……This girl is done for.
 She’s completely corrupted (white eyed)


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