Episode 67 Bandit Extermination ②

「It is a disgrace for the imperial knight’s order」

Fumed Rico as she listened to my report after I returned to the mansion.

「Well, it reached the conclusion. We did what we should have done」

Pius declared our victory and concluded the topic. I ordered the guys to take a break, asked Kuena to prepare tea, and entered the office together with Gon, Rico, and Ferris.

「Are we going back to the mansion?」

「No, to be honest there is still something left to do. There is still someone in the bandits’ hideout. Well, a monster to be precise」

「It is better to deal with it」

「Please, bring me with you! I will definitely be useful! 」

There are three monsters in the hideout. Two of them don’t seem to be too dangerous, but the third presence is rather big. I have a bad premonition about this, so let’s deal with them as soon as possible.

「Then, are you going now?」

「After dinner, I will. Rico, you should just return to the mansion ahead of us. Gon, Ferris, and I will deal with the monsters」

「If that’s the case, I shall wait for you here」

「Then stay together with Pius and Kuena. If there is a danger, do not hesitate to leave this mansion. If we take too long, you should return too」

「I understand」

After dinner, we immediately straddled Irimo and rode towards the hideout.

It takes about a day to reach this place on foot, but with Irimo, 20 minutes are enough. Ferris can fly even in her human form. As expected, she isn’t of Irimo’s level, I flew towards the forest while keeping an eye on her.

After a while, I saw a small mountain and a mansion halfway up. I could also see a number of tents surrounding it from all sides. Apparently, the underlings spent their lives camping.

I erected a barrier to completely conceal our presence and entered inside. The insides of the mansion were brightly lit. There is a big monster presence in the reception room nearby. I headed there first and tried to open the door when I heard a voice from the other side.

「He’s late~. Aaa~ my whole body is aching~. Can’t he hurry up~」

I quietly opened the door. There was an unprecedented beauty inside. Not just that, she was dressed incredibly erotic.

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Is she about 20 years old? Her breasts were squeezed together and except for the most important places, she was essentially naked. There is no such uncle who can hold himself back at such a sight.

「You are finally back~ Welcome home~. Are you alone~? Then let’s do it with just the two of us~. Fufufu」

This is bad, she is totally in my strike zone. However, looking closely, she has black wings on her back. Gon, who was riding on my shoulder, said.

「She is a succubus. A demon that feeds of male’s energy~. Master, you can’t let your eyes wander」

The excess ero made my heart race, but it’s not on the level of being mesmerized. Clear thoughts, clear thoughts. The succubus twisted her waist and walked towards me with her index finger in her mouth. Although it smells of the Showa era, it is erotic.

「The bandits are dead」

The succubus’ body trembled. She looked dumbfounded for a moment, but then furrowed her brows and flew into a rage.

「Did the all the men die~? Where should I get the energy!? Energy……energy……」

A black fog came out of her body. I immediately responded by locking this succubus inside of the barrier.

「I will suck all of your energy!」

A sharp needle was released from the inside of her body. Unexpectedly, it broke through my barrier and a part of it flew my way. I accepted the blow with a new barrier, but the remaining part flew towards Ferris.


「……..I’m absolutely fine」

The needle has stuck in her arm, but it seems that it wasn’t able to penetrate the scales on it.

「My scales won’t be broken by this little thing」

「Damn it!! I hate the little girls like you the most! But I won’t kill you. I will use you as a bait to attract more men」

「Are you retarded? Instead of speaking ridiculous thing, you should worry about yourself more」

Right after I saw my barrier being broken, I erected a new one, a stronger one. I should resist a dragon’s breath with ease. I wasted about 3000MP on it, it is a superb article.

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「A barrier master…..It doesn’t seem like I can break it. Fine. I won’t resist you. You can play with my body however you want」

Saying that the succubus became completely naked in a second.

「You can start whenever you want, you know? Taste me as you desire」

「……Master, let’s leave this succubus here for today」

「Is there something?」

「It won’t be too late to think about her tomorrow」

「……That’s true. It’s better to spend some time to reset my mind and come again later」

「Don’t say that~. Treat me like your toy~. Your thick and sturdy…….」

……With Ferris’ education in mind, we silently left the room.

「Why didn’t you kill her?」

「Un, let’s leave her be for a while」

「Ah! Are you going to weaken her by not giving her anything and then kill her? As expected of Rinos-san. But why did that monster stripped naked? I thought that she was going to undo her human transformation…….」

「Un, well, there is that. It was probably her plan to make an enemy relax his guard」

「I see! She pretended to surrender by getting naked and wanted to launch a sneak attack! She is as sly as a black dragon! You’ve seen through her, as expected of Rinos-san! 」

「Ah, un, that’s right. Hahaha……」

Her sparkling eyes pierced my heart. Feeling weak in my legs, I headed towards the weaker monster presence.

The map sowed that it was in the basement. The staircase leading to the basement was situated in the back of the mansion, once I descended there, I was greeted by the darkness. I released 「Light」spell to illuminate the surroundings. The basement was full of swords, axes, other weapons, and rusted armor. There was a steel cage placed on the big table. When I approached it, I saw a tiger-patterned kitten with wings on his back.

「Isn’t it a child of geryuon?」

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「They run faster than the wind and can fly in the sky. It wields wind magic and has formidable power, it can easily one-shot a bear. Once grown up, it can contend with the strongest creatures in the forest, it is an S-rank monster 」

We approached the cage.


Once it perceived us, it slowly lifted its head and stared at us with its shiny eyes.

「Oi, are you okay? Did the bandits catch you? 」


It seems that it can understand our words but can’t talk. Yet, it still tried to tell us something.

「Kiyu kikiyu kiyu」

It kept crying like that.

「Please, wait for a minute」

Ferris approached and intently stared at it. After a while,

「It seems that this child was brought here after he got lost in the woods. And….un? It seems that his mother came here to save him……un un…..And she met her demise. Then……she was dismantled before this child’s eyes…..He wants to be released to avenge her」

「….It was painful for you. Relax. The bandits have already departed to the afterlife. I avenged her in your place, you don’t need to fight anymore」

「Ki~yu. Ki~yu」

「Thank you very much, or so it says」

「Nevertheless, you are amazing Ferris. You can understand even the words of such a child」

「No. It is the telepathy. Our dragon tribe is able to transmit the thoughts. Just like this」

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『Rinos-san, Rinos-san』

Cool. I can hear her voice in my head. This is convenient.

For now, I wrecked the cage and released it outside. Once outside, it flapped its wings and jumped into my chest. What’s up with it, it’s super cute.

While hugging this child, I headed towards the third presence. There, I saw a fainted girl.

「Who is this girl?」

She had a cute face and deer’s horns on her head. Is she some kind of beastman? I tapped her on a cheek, but there was no reaction. For starters, I decided to grab this girl too and leave the mansion. Then, I set up a teleportation barrier and returned to out reception room.

「Welcome back. How was it? 」

「For now, give this child geryuon something to eat. As for this girl, let her sleep somewhere」

Kuena moved like the wind to prepare everything. Since the girl was just asleep, I let her sleep on a sofa. In preparation for the worst, I cast a barrier on the girl.

「Just what happened exactly?」

I told Rico about my encounters in the mansion.

「This is surprising. Let’s keep them here for a while. Depending on the case, we may also bring them to our mansion. By the way, what kind of monster was that succubus? 」

This is, I’m having a hard time to explain. That appeal……I can’t, I can’t. While I was contemplating, Ferris answered first.

「Ah, about that, she was naked」

「Rico!…..I mean……I want you tonight, can I? 」[1]

「Of course!」

I received an immediate answer. As a reward for all the work, I brought everyone home through the teleportation barrier.

That night, I loved Rico to my heart’s desire.


  1. Crisis masterfully averted. 

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