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Episode 39 Peaceful Days ②

Several months have passed.

Right now, I’m having breakfast with Gon. Pure Japanese menu of rice, tamagoyaki, and tofu.

After finding the right ingredients in the capital, I immediately managed to produce tofu. I wasn’t able to produce the same taste as my father’s and grandpa’s, but it was still a proper tofu. Since tofu can be made, soymilk and yuba can be made too. And by frying them together with tofu, I can make「Ohage-san」.

I tried making「Ohage-san」for Gon. I thought that a fox might like it and made an attempt. I made two kinds of flavors and presented it to him.

……Gon cried. He cried while saying that it was the tastiest meal in his life. It wasn’t such a big thing though.

Making tofu every day is a bother, so I making it only once a week. Without the soy sauce, I was using the salt, but, as expected, I definitely want to make it.

On the other note, the renovation of the mansion was finally complete. I didn’t change much, but it took me unexpectedly a long time to complete.

First, I made a bath. Initially, there were four room on the second floor, but I merged two of them to make a bathroom. Both, the kingdom and the empire do not know the concept of a bath, so I took a long time to explain it to the craftsmen. In addition, it was bothersome to install the drainage system on the second floor, however, due to their hard work, a magnificent bathroom was completed.

Following after that, I made a toilet. The toilets in this world are based on scooping. It’s not like I can’t use them, but I was fixated on making a proper restroom. I went out of my way to demolish the previous toilet and expand the room. I drew water from the nearby river and made a flush toilet. The winter in the empire was rather cold, so I attached a warm seat to it. I enchanted the seat with a barrier that was able to change its temperature according to the temperature outside. [1]

I was troubled with the sewage disposal, but Gon said to leave it to him.

Since I moved in this mansion, Gon was often housesitting. Since he is a fox-sama, I thought that he should have been spreading his religion, but there is another fox-sama in the capital. In Gon enters the fray, there would be something like: Don’t you steal my believers! Like that, it will result in a quarrel, so there were no moves from our side.

Then, to kill his boredom, Gon created a vineyard on the mansion’s land.

As expected, it was rather difficult to do farm work in fox form. Without any other choice, he transformed, but it was the same fox-headed human as before, his naked appearance looked very eerie. Fortunately, his skill rose a level and he became a「human resembling a fox」.

He used the water from the toilet as a kind of fertilizer. It is the fertilizer, but you need to be careful of overusing it, lest you want all of your plants to die.

Gon’s vegetables: potatoes, cabbage, radish, and tomatoes, were quite delicious. That’s what you get from an experienced person, who always stayed around humans. When I taught him the way to make sweet tomatoes, he began a desperate research. Maybe he should quit being fox-sama and become a farmer.

Even so, this year was filled with upheavals. Around the same time one year ago, I enjoyed hunting with Eril in the forest. I enjoyed the casual daily conversation with Falco and Elsa-sama. Then, I lost everything, obtained new friends like Irimo and Gon and moved into the imperial capital of the Hideta Empire. I found a job and bought a nice house. Looking back at my slave life, I can say that I achieved something.

It is not gigantic, but it’s a neat mansion, I made a wide bath and a toilet, work is going well, there is no shortage of money, my life is a smooth sailing. I wish it would be like that from now on…….Or so I wished while gazing at the setting sun.

However, I didn’t know. About the events that were about to happen. About the troublesome future ahead of me…..


  1. High-tech. 

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