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Episode 18 Rebellion in the Kingdom ②

While grasping Eril’s hand, I looked outside the carriage.

At first look, it was your usual noble district, but there was one thing different. The smell of blood.

In front of every mansion, the kingdom’s army, now the rebel army, stationed their troops. Apparently, a lot of supporters of the prince were killed. Despite the fact that the rebel army occupied the capital, the district was wrapped in silence.

It took us an hour to reach the main gate, the sun was already on the west. When we got off from the carriage, we saw a big commotion involving the soldiers and the people. The atmosphere was ready to erupt at any moment.

At that moment, a part of the wyverns flew towards us from the roof of the royal palace. They raised a big roar and landed in front of the gate. The commotion died down like it was never there.

With this as a sign, a few men appeared above the gate and the silver-haired man loudly proclaimed.

「Listen, people! I’m the marshal of the Juka Kingdom, Shigea Karugi! Today, we, the kingdom’s army, decided to abolish the corrupted king and his aides, and establish a new Kingdom! We will destroy this rotten and corrupted regime and establish a new powerful kingdom! For the kingdom to be reborn there is a need to spill blood! The kingdom will change in the spilled blood! First, we will deal with those who caused this kingdom to rot and make one step closer to the powerful kingdom! 」

The soldiers loudly cheered. With this as a sign, a lot of people appeared atop the wall. Apparently, the soldiers dragged them. Men, woman, even children. They wore the expensive clothes, most likely, they were of the royal blood. Some ladies were screaming like crazy, but soldiers beat them up and made them silent. Among them was a man who kept screaming ignoring the soldiers.

「Someone, kill Karugi! Kill him! Right before us!! Kiyo-san! Someone! Shoot! Tosuka! Saio! What are you doing!? Shoot these people! 」

This is probably the king. His body is like that of a pig. His face was void of any traces of royalty. In addition, he was naked. And by his side, there were four girls, with their bodies exposed too. They were probably captured together on a bed and dragged here as they were. They closed their legs, bent their bodies and were staying there quietly.

While looking at the king with disdainful eyes, Karugi lifted his right hand. Then the soldiers expressionlessly dropped the royal family from the wall. Shouts and screams blended in the air. The people collided with the ground, some of them were dead, some of they lost their consciousness, and the unfortunate ones were crippled. The wyvern greedily ate the people then. The wyverns on the roof also landed to partake in it. Truly a picture of Avi hell.

The people were brought atop the wall once again. Most likely, it is the opposing nobility. There were people who couldn’t move on their own. These people, under the sign of Karugi were pushed down too. They too became the wyvern’s prey.

Scattering the blood and pieces of meat around, the wyverns returned to the palace’s roof. Then, the gate opened and the marquis Versam, Mrs. Elsa, Falco, who lost both of his arms, and his highness appeared.

「Is barrier master, Rinos, here? If you are here, then come out! 」

「Rinos-dono, our lord is calling for you. Please return to your master. Please step forward」

Said the grinning Madoisen. Without sparing him a glance, I step forward. Eril follows me from behind.

「Oh, isn’t it Eril! I’m in luck today. You will be mine. M-Marshal, I will take Eril. You don’t mind, right? You truly have a nice body. These *****, that ***. I will lick all of your body. Hihihihi」

Laughed the slender man next to Karugi. Eril was glaring with a「****** duke….」. Apparently, this man is the brother of the king, duke Hira.

「So you are Rinos. Were you the one who laid the barriers around them? I thought of cutting them down but wasn’t able to make a scratch. Nice skills. I like you. From today, you will be serving me and become my shield」

「Understood, But there is a condition. I want the Master, marquis Versam, lady Eril, the teacher Falco and his highness to be released. If you are willing to accept」

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「Know your place!!!!!!!」 [1]

Karugi shouted loudly.

「You are a slave! You are the captured property. You can either serve me or die, there is no other choice! If you are willing to serve, I can leave you with your life! Nothing more! Those people will be killed! 」

The three people under the barrier are restrained, but there are no visible wounds on them. I’m more worried about Falco. The blood has stopped, but he was twitching unconsciously. His aura is still present, he is still holding up. The recovery magic needs to be applied as soon as possible. First things first, let’s cast the barrier of Falco too.

「I have a thing to ask from you. Tell us the method to unlock the treasury of the Versam family」

「Then, at least, let me treat Falco’s wounds. If he dies, I will never talk」

「It seems you do not understand where you stand, Hey, Shen, do it!」

A man appeared next to Karugi. His appearance was completely unexpected by me.


  1. That was fast, I thought he had amounted to more. 

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