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Chapter 372 – H̲o̲r̲n̲y Engine, Activate!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2174 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1320 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra


At that moment, all the live broadcast’s audiences could hear a machine-gun firing across their screens.

“Gah!” Mira didn’t even have any time to react before her back was struck by countless fists. The intense pain wracked her mind and made her feel like her soul was being torn apart.

‘I clearly looked into the future and counterattacked after finding her weak points. I should have changed the predetermined future. But why would this happen?’

Mira could never understand it no matter how hard she tried. She gave up on thinking under the intense pain.


The super strong, fast, and horrifying barrage of fists ended with Yaeger’s final punch that could seemingly pierce the air itself.

Immediately after, Mira flew out like a cannonball.

“Pfft!” She spurted a mouthful of blood while flying, and every single part of her body was in pain.

For the first time in her life, she was this badly injured.

Suddenly, an immense rage rose from the depths of her heart.

‘The audacity to make me feel so much pain! I will never spare you!’

Mira’s eyes became wide as her magenta pupils glimmered.

The space within the radius of 10 meters immediately froze as time paused. At this moment, both Mira and Yaeger were petrified. However, Mira’s eyes gazed into the future and saw her future 2 seconds later.

Unlike the 8-second blurry future that she saw before, the 2-second future was clear to see, but also drained a lot of her strength.

Under usual circumstances, Mira would never use it easily.

But now she was incredibly angry and her other abilities couldn’t do a thing to Yaeger anyway. So, she had no choice but to resort to this.

The first second. Yaeger disappeared on the spot and suddenly appeared above Mira. She spun her body rapidly and hung her long slender legs on her opponent’s neck. The powerful force instantly slammed Mira onto the ground and created a massive crater, dust scattered all around the air.

The second second. Yaeger fell from mid-air and slammed her fist onto Mira’s head, causing an explosion.

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These 2 seconds into the future were immaculate. Every single minute detail was perfectly pictured. In the fights between experts, the smallest details would decide the victor.

Now, not only did Mira predict Yaeger’s attacks ahead of time, she had even analyzed all those attacks in her head.

Time flowed again.

Mira endured the intense pain and smiled confidently. Her mind worked faster than most people’s. In the final second, she had already calculated a way to win.

‘I suppose that’s instant teleportation that mages use. She also suddenly appeared behind me before, just like that! Hmph. The same attack won’t work on me twice!’


Space trembled slightly and Yaeger appeared. She attacked just like what Mira had ‘seen’. Her speed was crazy fast! However, Mira was well prepared. Surely such an attack would no longer be as effective as it could have been.


The long and slender legs slammed into Mira like a thunderbolt and created a massive bang. No, her legs actually struck Mira’s silver colored arm. She blocked it!

She concentrated her [Body Of Steel] on her arms and blocked it! She was completely unscathed!

“It’s useless, useless, useless, useless. I have seen through your attacks. It’s completely useless!” Mira grinned. She invested all the strength in her body into the black sword in her right hand.

She was about to throw it out with all her strength.

At this moment, Yaeger was full of weak points since she had just launched an attack. She was also in the recovery phase. She couldn’t dodge at all.

‘Die, [Princess]!’

Despite knowing that this attack wouldn’t kill Yaeger, she knew that she still had a chance to win as long as she injured her deeply.

‘I have more combat experience than her. I can definitely win!’

Mira was full of confidence. However, the moment she was about to attack, her vision became dark.

When she could clearly see what was ahead, chills went down her spine. That was the sole of Yaeger’s combat boots!

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“Your next line must be, How could this be?” A beautiful voice was heard.

“How could this be?” Mira screamed hysterically.

Her opponent had obviously lost balance after kicking out. It was impossible for her to kick once again!

Suddenly, Mira could see a fallen sword that was surrounded by flames in the corner of her vision.

She realized it within an instant.

Right after failing the first attack, Yaeger instantly used a special ability and suspended that sword in mid-air. She stepped on it to stabilize herself and launched her second attack!

‘The future hasn’t changed!’

“Is my defense within your expectations too? [Princess]!” Mira shouted.

She received her response in the form of a foot.

The face-ruining kick.

The next moment, Mira was just like what she had foreseen in the future. She slammed onto the ground and created a large crater.

The chat rooms became silent.

What happened just now was so fast that only a select few people could see what had happened.

Everyone else couldn’t make sense of it.

Regardless, they only knew that the Black-hearted Princess was very strong.

“Cough!” Inside the crater, Mira laid flat with all her limbs extended. Half her body was stuck in the ground. After spitting out a mouthful of blood, her face instantly became terrifyingly pale.

The intense pain overwhelmed her senses.

This was the first time that she had ever felt such a feeling, which was worse than dying.

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‘It hurts… Feels like all my bones are broken!’

She clenched her teeth and painstakingly opened her eyes.

At this moment, a figure fell from the sky.

‘I’m dead!’

Feeling the powerful aura emanating from the figure, and seeing the huge palm which was barely visible, Mira became utterly hopeless.

All the spectators stared at the screen intently, bating their breaths.

Many of them felt desperate. While some of them were very excited. Yet, more of them were slightly emotional.

After this blow, the greatest player in the world would be unanimously decided.


Yaeger unleashed her palms. The mountain of swords shuddered, the ground cracked, and clouds of dust rose!

Mira died as she was scattered into a million pieces… Not!

When the dust had settled, everyone could see Yaeger’s palm was only a fist’s distance away from Mira’s head.

“Black-hearted Princess is showing mercy?”
“I didn’t expect her to show pity.”
“What a surprise!”
“Maybe she didn’t want to escalate tensions between both countries. She really values the bigger picture here!”
“It’s just a game. Who cares about national relations? You’re thinking too much!”
“Huhu, after all that, she’s still an American bootlicker. I thought she’s different.”
“What a disappointment.”
“Hey, she already won. There’s no need to escalate and deepen the conflict.”
“That’s right.”

Lots of comments were made in the chat rooms.

Mira blinked her eyes, unable to believe the fact that she was still alive.

Did Black-hearted Princess actually have had a change of heart?

‘How is that possible!’

She denied it while bad premonition rose in her heart.

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“You caused me a lot of trouble. It wouldn’t be worth it if I let you die this easily. I changed my mind.”

Yaeger stood up and smiled, then countless tentacles started wriggling in mid-air.

“Stop, stop! Stay away!” Watching as those tentacles wriggled around like living beings, Mira was mortified.

She somehow thought about horrible things.


Before she finished speaking, those tentacles had already assaulted her.

They invaded her body from all angles.

The next moment, Mira felt like things were crawling all over her body.

The chat rooms were dead silent.

By now, the entire screen was censored. They had no idea what was happening in the game.

However, the cute screams that followed after aroused their lustful minds and wild imaginations!


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