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Chapter 66: The World is Compassion

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Alice Farius Holy Land. It’s a great country that worshiped the goddess of charity, one of the three gods that are believed in the Shmegofe (シュメゴーフェ: Shumegōfe) region.

The station street in this country is younger than the capital city, but even as a newfound city, it was full of momentum because it was the gateway from the railway.

Furthermore, there is only the only sacred country. Everywhere in shops, private houses, there are engraved signs that represent the goddess of charity, and you can see several churches just by walking around.

Mira arrived at the station street Holy Gate the night before and spent the night at the hotel in front of the station.

From one place to another, the bell tower of the cathedral is missing, and there are no buildings, including the station, beyond the height of the bell tower. Mira looks at one of these churches and wonders if she will be able to learn Sacred Art (Holy attribute skill/magic) in a newly built one. Anyway, she will surely come to this country someday. There are so many places in the Alice Farius Holy Land about Sacred Art.

This time, Mira plans to ask about the substitution of the tower of Martial Arts. And then, when she moves to a less crowded place, she summons her Pegasus.

Pegasus emerged from the magic circle, rushed into Mira’s chest immediately after looking around. Pegasus presses his face longer than usual. Recently he was summoned every day but then he was worried because Mira stopped suddenly for the past few days.

However, Mira doesn’t realize his feeling and ends up just stroking him like a spoiled child.

Pegasus wasn’t immediately noticeable because it was a less crowded place and the pure whiteness of the city. However, in the Alice Farius Saint Kingdom, Pegasus is regarded as an angel of God, and people gradually begin to gather.

It was shortly after that Pegasus with a girl took off from a path full of birds.

Under Mira’s eyes, a grassland reflecting wind waves spreads out in full view. And in the far front, a muddy mountain range continues to the edge of the horizon. The destination of this time, the abandoned city of Tenjo, is in a basin beyond the mountain range.

Pegasus traveling to the north on the station street Holy Gate with Mira on his back is visibly in good spirits. He doesn’t chase the birds away while flying with Mira. At first, there are only a few of them, but now there are countless birds gathered flying around. And they cross the sky like an orchestra parade.

『Today, there are a lot of accompanying people. This is also going to be a fun trip』(Mira)

Pegasus is happy when Mira says so casually.

Then the birds began to form a formation for each species, widened their wings, fluttered high in the sky, flipped and glide. A rare joint air show was held on the spot, such as formation flight that could not be destroyed even if the formation was changed in small increments.

『It’s amazing!』(Mira)

Mira sends a kite to the birds that swim freely to play. Pegasus confirms that Mira is in a good mood and he shines his wings strongly. The overflowing light glitters like gold powder and spreads to the surroundings, the sound resembling the sound of a bell, melts into the sky, and soaks in the birds.

It was the blessing light given by the spirit beast. It was given by Pegasus as a reward that pleased his Lord.

『It was a beautiful light. So you can do something like this?』(Mira)

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Mira, who has never seen a spiritual beast provide blessing, thought it was also a Pegasus-style play with birds.

As a result of Pegasus felt even better with his master’s word, he sprinkled the light of blessing even more. The blessing of birds became stronger, and Mira doesn’t know that they will get well for generations.

As Mira approached the mountain range and gradually deepened the forest, the number of monsters swirling over the sky increased, so Pegasus scattered the birds a while ago. Now Mira and Pegasus are just flying to jump over the stunning high mountains.

It was a steep slope that would kill you if you fall and deviated from the regular route to the abandoned city. But Mira thought there would be no problem if she flew over on the Pegasus.

(This is okay …) (Mira)

However, the precipice continues to be high, and the forest at the foot of the mountain looks blurry. The higher the altitude, the colder she can feel on her skin through the clothes.

It is one of the three major mountain ranges of the Earth continent and it’s even higher compared with how Mira saw it from afar. The top of the mountain was still invisible through the clouds and looked down on Mira as if to reject everything.

From such a harsh situation, Mira finally leaned back to Pegasus with a slight headache.

『Pegasus, let’s go back… Would you please go down first?』(Mira)

Mira tells Pegasus with her distorting expression and a hurting head. Then when Pegasus realized it, his eyes became sad and more painfully than Mira as he drove down to the forest.

When Pegasus descended in a slightly open area of ​​the oak forest and wrapped Mira on his wings, the glaring rainbow veil overflowed from the wings. The light that covers a part of the gloomy forest in a flash is Pegasus’s greatest healing power. The surrounding particles of light will heal the wounds by removing the darkness of the animals that live in them.

However, there was no dramatic change in Mira’s symptoms but she was slightly relaxed.

『I feel a little easier. Thank you』(Mira)

Said Mira, touching Pegasus’s neck. Mira has some symptoms but she thinks the symptoms will heal if she returns to the flat ground and rests in a forest of stable environment.

After that, when she calms down, she thinks about what to do after this.

Abandoned heavens cannot be reached from the sky. What remains is a regular route through the dungeon from the ground.

But when Mira started to make plans.

『(What’s wrong, what happened!?) Nan~ja~nan~ja,-dōshi~tan~ja!?』(Mira)

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As Pegasus was panicking, he began to shake Mira’s body violently with his face and mouth.

Mira opened her eyes and looked around thinking of an emergency, but Mira’s eyes only saw a dreamy forest somewhere with an aurora.

When Mira fully wakes up, this doesn’t seem to be the case, Pegasus has a sigh of relief and buries in Mira’s chest.

『Fu~mu, you are still such a spoiled boy』(Mira)

For a while, Mira rested on Pegasus again and slowly relaxed on the spot until she recovered.

(If I go through the dungeon, I might need a passport …) (Mira)

The road leading to the abandoned city is a dungeon called “Stairway to the Sky”. If all the dungeons were managed by the union, it was necessary to have a passport issued. Then it will be necessary to return to the town where the union is located.

The light from Pegasus calms down and the forest is back to its usual gloomy air. That’s when Mira got back on track and was looking for a nearby city by expanding the map.

From the gaps between the trees, there are the signs appear and disappear slowly but at a constant tempo. When Mira checked it using Bio-Sensing, she was able to confirm two reactions that were as large as humans.

(What are people doing in such a place? Are they adventurers, maybe?
Chimera Clausen or Isuzu Federation? Or they could be hunters) (Mira)

Pegasus spread his wings walks in front of Mira.

If you listened carefully, the footsteps were approaching straight to this place with a clear outline are now.

『This is truely…』(Black-Armored Man)

When the footsteps approached the distance Mira can see, one of the main footsteps rushes and jumps out of the forest, he speaks in awe in front of Pegasus who standing there.

The man wore a black-armored armor on his body and had a bloody red sheath sword on his waist. It’s a figure that was just like a spear model. He may be one step before middle age but his face is rugged like a shaved rock. But he has rounded eyes in awe, his humanity might not bad. However, Pegasus, who has nothing to do with that, twists himself to protect Mira while scolding the man.

『Hey, don’t start running suddenly.
…And did you see, he is on guard now?』(Intelligent-looking man)

『Mu~, my bad』(Black-Armored Man)

Another man behind the swordsman man, wearing a weapon that emphasizes lightness. His leather armor is green like a crinkled tree, protects only the critical point, and the quiver is lowered on the waist. You can see some feather arrows, but there are dozens of arrows that are thick and long to shoot with a bow. At first glance, he looks like a hunter and has calm eyes that make him feel intelligent even with a ferocious face.

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『He looks like about to attack. Did you do something?』(Intelligent-looking man)

『No, I’m just impressed with this godly appearance』(Black-Armored Man)

『I heard that Pegasus has a mild temper』(Intelligent-looking man)

Two men exploring the situation by exchanging words in front of Pegasus, a threatened threat. Then, in their ears.

『Who are you?』(Mira)

Yes, a little hallucinating voice like playing a glass bell came out of nowhere.

『This voice is… is it Pegasus-sama?』(Black-Armored Man)

『No… behind him』(Intelligent-looking man)

The Intelligent-looking man notices the girl standing behind as he salutes Pegasus to pay respect. The Black-Armored man, who was standing in front of Pegasus, was in a completely blind spot, but after he was told he noticed there was certainly a girl there.

『Such a… Heavenly Maiden…』(Black-Armored Man)

Even though in a gloomy forest where moths are piled up, the girl has a lustrous silver hair that seems to bounce, white skin that can even be touched, and its beautiful, pretty face. And above all, she stands beside the Pegasus like some now of the human world.

『No, I’m Mira. I’m an adventurer. And what about you two?』(Mira)

While the young maiden touches the Pegasus to soothe him, the girl goes one step further and asks. It was a dreamy voice that strikes the eardrum clearly.

『My name is Heinrich. I’m also an adventurer.』(Heinrich)

『Gilbert. I’m… like a scholar?』(Gilbert)

Three people finished self-introduction and started talking again.

(He is obviously a samurai. Heinrich isn’t a name that suit him…) (Mira)

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Pegasus relaxed vigilance with the two men’s attitudes but was still worried about Mira as he spread his wings. Gilbert agrees with that figure. Originally, the reason why the mild Pegasus was so alerted was based on the intention of simply protecting his master, the girl named Mira.

『I’m sorry to make you surprised.
While we were aiming for our destination, we just saw the light suddenly expanding in the forest and came to confirm the cause.』(Gilbert)

Gilbert explains that he isn’t hostile while raising his hands slightly. His word is certainly something that Mira remembers and she thinks that the light they saw was definitely the healing light scattered by Pegasus.

『That’s how it is. Was that light coming from him?』(Gilbert)

『Yeah, that’s right. Looks like he tried to cure me』(Mira)

After answering Gilbert’s question, Mira gently embraced her arm around Pegasus’s neck.

The Pegasus sprinkles and pampers, Heinrich shifts his gaze to the girl with a thin and long sigh.

『As expected of Pegasus-sama』(Heinrich)

Heinrich is awe as if to be convinced.

『Trying to cure?
With how strong that light is, it must be really serious.
Are you all right now?
I have some medicine so I’ll share it』(Gilbert)

Gilbert suggests that the amount of light that was shining dazzlingly even from a distance may have been to cure a really serious injury with a mysterious expression.

But of course, Mira was not injured. So, she felt a little awkward

『Oh, I’m not injured.
I just tried to get on the Pegasus and cross this mountain, but I felt sick on the way.
I just got off and took a break.
He just tried to take care of me.』(Mira)

『Flying mountains?
What a mess… It’s probably a kind of altitude sickness.
This mountain is over 3,000 meters above sea level.
It’s reckless to fly over.』(Gilbert)

『Altitude sickness…? Well, I forgot.』(Mira)

The altitude of the mountain range that surrounds the abandoned celestial city is about 3,500 meters. If you ride Pegasus, you will go up to thin air with an overwhelmingly faster speed than normal climbing, so it was inevitable when you neglected measures.

Mira has visited the abandoned city many times. This is because once she enters the area, she can ride directly on the floating island. However, this experience became a trap and there was not enough recognition about the altitude.

Now that it has become a reality, elements are intermingled, making the former general exception.

『I don’t understand well but if you want to cross the mountain, why not go through the tunnel that connects the sacred roads?
If you are an adventurer, tolls and taxes will not be a big deal』(Heinrich)

Heinrich’s policy was to leave Gilbert with the difficult conversations, but it’s clear to anyone that it’s quicker or easier to cross a high and steep mountain from above or just tunnel through the ground. Therefore, Heinrich said the words that came to mind.

The answer returned to that question was beyond the expectation of Heinrich but in the category of Gilbert’s expectation.

『My destination is not the other side, but the abandoned city.
If it was flying, it would be quick.
Speaking of that, do you know where the union of the city issued the “Stairway to the Sky” passport?』(Mira)

Mira thought that an adventurer in the area would definitely be more familiar than her.

『If it’s “Stairway to the Sky”, the Rowin union is the closest to the southeast. But the required rank is B, but is it okay?』(Gilbert)

『Nan… ja~ to~… (What…)!?』(Mira)

In the last word of Gilbert, Mira has a half-finished face. Mira’s current rank is C, which is just taken for the dungeon pass, so no work has been done to raise the rank. Even with Solomon’s power, the limit is C.

Mira, who was cut off the way to go, hangs down like a flower.

Just as it is difficult to move up from D to C rank, there is a corresponding challenge to go from C to B. It ’s not an easy road. When Gilbert learns that Mira may be lacking in rank, he notices her arm. It’s an operator’s bracelet.

『Is Mira-san rank C?』(Gilbert)

『Yeah, that’s right』(Mira)

When looking for something and Gilbert says so, Mira raises her gaze. Then Gilbert points to Heinrich.

『I’m also C rank, but Henry (nickname) is A rank. We are also planning to “Stairway to the Sky”. He already has a passport. We can piggyback if you like』(Gilbert)

Gilbert’s proposal was a ship. Mira tried to jump in immediately, but after a short break, she raised doubts about the incredible truth.

『I’m thankful for the offer, but is it really good?』(Mira)

『Oh, as you can see, we are both warrior classes. No matter how many ranks A there is, I thought I was a little impatient to challenge the B rank dungeon.
Apparently, Mira-san is an Art Master.
Furthermore, you are C rank.
It’s much better than just going with two people.』(Gilbert)

『Fumu~ I see.』(Mira)

The reason that Gilbert said is certainly straightforward. Unless Gilbert himself misleads the ranks. Nonetheless, for Mira, who has nothing to do so far, taking that idea is another option.

『Speaking of which, what kind of Art Master are you?
If you’re a magician or a saint, it’s very helpful.』(Gilbert)

Gilbert sends his gaze to Mira as he hopes. How many times will she see it? Mira answered the question as usual.

『The summoner!』(Mira)

Declared. The sound of a long-lasting insect resounded from nowhere, and the voice of a ridiculous bird passed through the sky.

『I see. Summoner, is it? So you made a lot of effort to reach C rank. Maybe the Pegasus is a summoning technique?』(Gilbert)

Gilbert suddenly becomes crisp, but he finds a possibility in the form of a spirit beast snuggling up with Mira. For Pegasus, it’s because it has the power of A rank. And Mira’s words answered that possibility.

『Yeah, that’s right』(Mira)

As Mira gently touches and slides the surface of the Pegasus, the Pegasus flutters the wings as if clearing the mist, embodying that joy.

The appearance of a spiritual beast that is quite nostalgic was reminiscent of Mira being the only sorcerer.

『I see, I wondered how it was, but it looks like there are no problem.』(Gilbert)

『It’s amazing to summon Pegasus-sama』(Heinrich)

When Gilbert turns his gaze to Pegasus again, he adds a safe color to his expression. Heinrich was grateful whenever he met with Pegasus.

『At least you can protect yourself』(Gilbert)

『It’s unnecessary worry. I can protect all of us just fine』(Mira)

『As long as you are reliable』(Gilbert)

Gilbert gave up and shrugged his shoulder lightly as he recalled the rumors that recently flowed, his face slowly changed into smiling with Mira’s confident invincibility.

『I’ve got the story together. Let’s go. From here, it’s about 30 minutes to the “Stairway to the Sky”』(Gilbert)

Gilbert looks around and uses the map function to mark the appropriate point and calculates the time required to reach the destination dungeon.

『Fumu~, it’s a subtle distance』(Mira)

That said, Mira turns her hand to Pegasus to send him back. Immediately after that, Pegasus pushed back Mira’s hand as if to refuse it.

『Mu…,nan~ja, dōshitan~ ja… What is it? What’s wrong?』(Mira)

Every time Mira tried to the Pegasus, he turns to the left or to the right to dodge.

『Umu~. You are really a spoiled boy.
However, there are three people now, we can’t ride on your back』(Mira)

Mira crawls at Pegasus’s ears as she says so, but no matter how Mira says, Pegasus just shakes his head. Heinrich was watching the scene from the side and talked.

『Maybe Pegasus-sama suspected the two of us? I can get the feeling of worrying about his Lord.』(Heinrich)

Mira looks at the Pegasus’ eyes and waits for his response.

The Pegasus stared at Mira to affirm it. Its eyes are not like a child who is hungry for affection, but a sapphire that shines like a strong will. When Mira asked “is that so?”, Pegasus nodded.

『Well certainly. In such a forest, one loli (young lady) and two unknown men. To be honest, it’s a suspicious composition from anyone. I understand his worries.』(Gilbert)

Gilbert leans against a nearby tree with his arms crossed and says so.

『Hmm, was that reason?
But don’t worry about that trivial thing.
Even both of them together still are still no match for me.
You know?』(Mira)

Mira speaks powerfully as she touches Pegasus’ head with her hand. In other words, both Gilbert and Heinrich aren’t a threat. That’s what it means.

Gilbert laughs at how to persuade “Yes, you don’t have to worry about it”, but Heinrich, who had the pride of a samurai only in his skill, wasn’t silent.

『I won’t keep silent on that remark.
Pegasus-sama certainly has the ability to do so, but you are overconfident in your skill.
What can you do alone against the two of us?』(Heinrich)

(Good grief, stop making the situation more complicated now) (Gilbert)

While thinking so, Gilbert looks up to heaven as Heinrich’s bad habit came out. Samurai men hate being able to look down on their arms whether they are lying or joking. Heinrich, whose rocky face was even stronger, bowed once again when he met eyes with Pegasus despite such an attitude.

『Fumu~, surely your arm looks good.
And if something goes wrong, what do you want to do to me?』(Mira)

(T.N: Mira’s phrase can be used for a perverted meaning as well)

Immediately after he was convinced that Heinrich’s abilities, which were confirmed lightly, were above average, Mira returned a joke.

『About that, I…』(Heinrich)

Heinrich began to explain by moving his hands suspiciously while peeking at Mira, who looks like a heaven girl at first glance but slowly turns to a little devil.

『Harry. You are completely frustrated』(Gilbert)

Gilbert sighs, calls out to keep his friends from behaving shamefully. Although he is trying to hide his obvious grin.

『Wha… What did you say?!』(Heinrich)

Heinrich, who had been imagining how to manage Mira in his brain, is brought back to reality. And in the figure of Mira with a devilish smile, Heinrich showed a missing face that could only be described with dots and lines.

(Staying with this guy seems to have a lot of fun!) (Mira)

Gilbert laughs at how much delusion Heinrich has developed from Mira’s joke.

Mira points to them and this time speaks to Pegasus in a low voice.

『See? They look like no bad guys.
So please be assured』(Mira)

Pegasus judged the two men safe but he was reluctantly being sent back by Mira.

『Well, please rest assured I don’t swing that way』(Gilbert)

『Me too!』(Heinrich)

Heinrich shouts as if biting Gilbert.

『Mira-dono, I only suggested the most likely general view』(Heinrich)

『I know, I know. Samurai are strict and serious.』(Mira)

Mira follows that and glances at Heinrich who started making excuses.

『Yes, that’s right!
I just hope you understand.
Even if I’m losing this sword, I guarantee the safety of Mira-dono.』(Heinrich)

(T.N: In case you don’t know, for Samurai, their katana is the life and soul)

Heinrich raises his voice while putting his hands on the sheath.

Thus, Mira had the means to enter the stairs to the sky, the road leading to the abandoned city.


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