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Chapter 65: Railway Travel

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『Can I collect my ticket?』(Railway Staff)

One of the staff spoke to the girl, who had no sign of returning from checking her body odor until now. Mira finally noticed it and raised her face, she handed over the stamped ticket without delay.

(Doing such a thing in front of the staff… They might think of me as a pervert…) (Mira)

『Thanks. Do you have a request for left and right car?』(Staff)

『Nu, is there something different?』(Mira)

『Yes, the left vehicle has many majestic mountain ranges, and the right vehicle has a spectacular view that extends far beyond』(Staff)

『I see, so that’s how it is』(Mira)

After checking the continental map she knew in her brain, Mira replied with “the right car”. There was no reason there, she just somehow chose the right.

Then I will guide you to your room』(Staff)


Guided by the clerk with the sales smile on his face, Mira goes up the staircase with a marvelous shade of marble.

(This is also gorgeous again) (Mira)

Mira revived from her embarrassment and took a look again at the first-class car.

The walls are white like the skin of a young child, no furniture is found. Instead, a crafted lamp illuminates the back and the carpet laid in the passage is as if roses were laid and dyed the floor in vivid red. It is the same as the thoroughness of a royal castle.

『Your room is on this side』(Staff)

『U~mu, thank for your hard work』(Mira)

The staff member goes through the hallway and gets to the front of the door where the grain is clear, he opens the door with a special card key, lightly bowing and using his hands to welcome Mira in.

Mira steps into her room.

『The top floor of the first class is a playroom. In addition to play, there are restaurants and so on. Well then, please enjoy your stay』(Staff)

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With a polite and calm voice, the staff went away without the sound of the door closing behind. But Mira doesn’t really care much about the sound (noise) but is awe at the sight that spreads in front of her eyes.

『As expected of the first class!』(Mira)

The first thing she noticed was a big outlook as if the entire wall had been removed. She can get a panoramic view of the sky and the platform of the station.

The room is also in good condition with a solid table, the leather sofa just like Solomon’s office.

When Mira glanced, there was another door, which was a restroom. It’s so bright that she can’t imagine it being on a train.

There is a familiar bell on the table and Mira understands that it’s for calling an attendant.

Mira put the curtain lunch box she had on the table and started checking the room in earnest.

There are many drinks on the shelves, all of which are charged separately, but the corresponding items are lined up. Mira had no knowledge of it, so she thought it would be a kind of event price.

There are other rail-related documents such as price lists and route maps, famous stories and Bibles on the shelves.

After completing the confirmation, Mira sits down on the sofa and takes out the curtain lunch box from the paper bag. However, she stopped her hand and looked towards the window.

(It would be better to watch the flowing scenery after all…) (Mira)

Mira thought so, put the lunch on the table, open the menu, and check the time to departure.

『Thirty minutes …』 (Mira)

It was a delicate time to wait. Mira opened up the item section to took out an Apple au Lait in order to soothe her slightly aching abdomen

『Nu~, this is』(Mira)

The first parcel in the appropriate place in the item column. Mira received from Amaratte before departure.

Mira doesn’t even leave the vehicle, takes out the package with Apple au Lait and puts it on the packaging.

『That girl, what does she want me to do…』(Mira)

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Out of the open wrapping paper were pants with a slightly transparent side, a total lace camisole with a cup, and black adult underwear with a set of knee socks and a garter belt.

After denationalizing herself wearing the bewitching design, Mira resealed the wrapping paper and put it in one corner of the item box to hide.

After that, she doesn’t do anything, just looks down on the platform and watch Cedric get on for a while. And the bell that she is familiar with is ringing along with the broadcast.

『Left circulation line will now depart. Please grab on a nearby handrail because it will shake. Repeat ──』(Broadcast)

When the broadcast was over, the sound of the bell rang as well as the bells around the town. In addition, the whistle raises its voice and informs the departure.

Rhythm is engraved as a cylinder pushed up by a huge steam sings, and the body changes from static to dynamic. The wheels go up are modulated from the Andante and when the tempo is raised, it eventually reaches Presto. While listening to the pleasant tone, Mira was looking at the city flowing from a high point of view.

(T.N: So many katakana, forgive me if there are mistakes for the true English words for steam-train refer)

(The figure looked heavy but it’s unexpectedly fast) (Mira)

The train travels on the rails at an unimaginable speed. Immediately the scene below the window flowed backward which made it not visible anymore.

In a few minutes, the silver side was projected backwards, and the train quickly jumped out into a region full of nature. The area around the rail is leveled and managed by human hands, but it’s slightly off, there is still an area with ​​monsters and animals. The car body is specially processed to avoid animals, and it makes the wind noise louder than just running. If you look side by side, it will look like a giant iron beast.

In Mira’s field of view, the border between blue and green can be clearly seen, and the infinitely transparent sky blue has a white color without itchiness.

From time to time, Mira’s eyes chased after the birds flying up to the sky and finally, she picked up the inner lunch box.

『It’s an unbearable moment.』(Mira)

With a smile, Mira opens its lid. The scent that was trapped in the moment spreads all over her nasal cavity.

At last, she enjoys the scenery she wants to see from the window.

When Mira ate a side meal, chewed white rice in her mouth, she tried to reach out for a drink but then she stopped.

『Apple au Lait would not fit!』(Mira)

Apple au lait that melts the acidity of apples moderately and harmonizes the sweetness of honey and milk. Mira wasn’t usually worried about eating and drinking, but this time she shows her commitment.

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Mira regrets having forgotten to buy tea at the station, after picking the Apple au Lait, she puts it back and stands up.

(There were a lot of drinks in place. I wish they had tea) (Mira)

Mira was reminded that drinks were placed around here and headed to the shelf. The shelves for paid beverages were large, and the bottles lined up like a mosaic.

『Umu~…』 (Mira)

Mira searched for tea but couldn’t find it. There was only liquor.

Mira thinks for a moment and picks up an Ale or Wine from Apple Me. She checked the price list, put a silver coin on the tray and returned to the table.

(Speaking of which, this is my first Wine since I came to this world) (Mira)

Mira thought so as she was pouring ale into a glass. She cheered alone, raised the glass and enjoyed the journey with the scenery and lunch.

『Our train will arrive at Riverfall Station soon. Please be careful not to leave anything behind』(Broadcast)


The girl lies on the sofa, wakes up and lifts herself up with the voice of the car broadcast.

『That voice …』(Mira)

Mira’s warm cheeks have pink color. She turns her gaze out of the window without thinking as if she fell asleep. There is the figure of herself lit by a faint light floats in the air and the back is filled with the darkness (reflection from glass).

The train travels without getting lost in the darkness without the moon and the stars, it begins to slow down and arrive at the next station.

『Thank you for your ride. The next left circulation line is scheduled to depart at 9:00 tomorrow morning』(Broadcast)

Mira has no luggage, she quickly put away the three empty bottles and listens to the in-car broadcast while looking at the town underneath. Even on a late-night, the place was bright as if daylight had settled. Mira looked up and the passengers got off the train.

As she passes through the station, she can see a square that is slightly larger than the Silverside. There are countless inns here in front of the station, and there are some inns with strange signs that stand out.

『Where should I stay today?』(Mira)

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Once the people overflowing from the train go out to the plaza, they will spread from there looking for an inn. Mira didn’t retighten the loose cheeks and slid into it.

About 20 minutes since she started searching for inns. Mira checks in at an inn with a theater.

The main theater was adjacent to the cafeteria. It was an inn with a slightly grown-up atmosphere where she could enjoy a meal while watching a play.

There is a stage that goes up at the end of a cafeteria reminiscent of a classical party venue, where there is a play every night.

The reason why Mira chose this inn is that today’s performance is a story related to the nine wise men. She was wondering how she was communicating.

Mira is now sitting near the center of the cafeteria and has been waiting for the drama to begin.

When the audience seats start to fill up and the vacant seats become inconspicuous, the place gradually begins to calm down.

After a while, when the meal was carried, the Narrator moved to the stage, the light that filled the cafeteria was turned off and the applaud can be heard all at once.

『Trucking back Over 30 years ago, persecuted surgeons were living in one country and connecting their lives. This is the story of the heroes who will be revered as Nine Sages with respect and awe in the future.』(Narrator)

In a narrative tone, the man’s introduction tightens the spot at once. As the performance started, the curtain rose as the place fills with musical notes, and the youth wearing the king’s costumes and the nine others wearing robes were standing on the stage.

『As expected they are going to attack again. Then we will take the initiative. The battle this time will be a prelude to make our name spread throughout the continent. I’ll show them the power of Art Masters (Elders) (He talks in the old profound language)』(Solomon’s Actor)

『As our king wishes』(9 Sages’ Actors)

A young man who acts as the king sharply narrows his eyes and shakes his right hand. Nine people answer with all their voices as they give a bow with the right hand on their chest. This is a military ceremony of the Arkite kingdom.

This time, the first game of the Arkite kingdom, which made the name of the 9 Wise men known throughout the continent, was a drama of the Elder Ward Defense Battle. And this first act is developed in the scene where the king and the later nine wise men challenge the first game and plan the strategy.

Mira was watching the stage with high excitement while cutting the meat into the places.

(Solomon’s words when they first declared war weren’t that dignified!) (Mira)

The actual words of Solomon are “Uwa, they are really coming after all.
What should we do? Everyone is doing their best, but isn’t the front line in a tough spot with just the 9 of you, sages? The soldiers are not growing up much, Uuuu~”

The actual military ceremony compared with the play…
This is how the youth’s dream is…) (Mira)

In addition, the nine Sages are set by vigorous members when they win the Elder War defense, we didn’t get into shape yet at that time.

However, there’s no reason to tell that truth that unless they are (friend) players. Mira enjoyed the stage comfortably, the battle filling with imagination was the best part of the play.

The drama is one of the showcases of Act, where Danbalf’s Holy Knight maintains the front, and Luminaria falls from the back. The scene that shows the power of the Sages the most during defense warfare.

(I’m so cool!) (Mira)

The stage is developed with the surgical tools and music developed for the stage. But Mira was more focused on the performer of Danbalf. Whether the age of the actor is of the elder age, he is a veteran and suits the role. His every move was brilliant and played the role of a skilled Sage. It’s no exaggeration to say that he looks more of a Sage than Mira, which was Danbalf herself.

Mira sends cheering to the Actor with the Danbalf role. The performer then casually returns to Mira with a smile. It’s a stunning flow that comes from a solid margin and accumulated experience.

Speaking of Mira, she was able to meet the ideal image of a man twice, and she was in good spirits.

The play ends with applause. In the cafeteria where the lights returned, Mira ate the dessert cake with a full smile.

On the stage, the orchestra that swelled the play is now playing a gentle song as the water flows. It will calm down gently while leaving the lingering finish of the last scene.

After finishing eating the cake, Mira tried to take out a drink and then frowned her eyebrows.

『Nuo~…… That ’s right』(Mira)

Mira remembers that her stock is running low as she squeezes the empty bottles of Apple au Lait. Then she got up with both hands on the table, she approached the cafeteria and spoke to the chef there.

(T.N: When you remember something, you might slam your hands on the table and get up)

『May I have a bit of your time? Do you handle Apple au Lait like these bottles here?』(Mira)

With that said, Mira puts the Apple au Lait bottle she drank earlier on the counter. After a long time, a woman who was washing turned her face to Mira’s voice.

『Are you okay?』(Bartender)


『Your face is red, is it fever?』(Bartender)

The woman is worried, she tries to check Mira’s forehead. However, she doesn’t feel particularly hot. Mira tilted her head.

『I am very healthy. More importantly, are you handle Apple au Lait?』(Mira)

『We don’t handle Apple Apple. But we have Sweet Berry, which is delicious around here.』(Bartender)

『Oh, do you sell it in bottles? How much is it?』(Mira)

Mira, whose voice is slightly higher than usual, points to the woman when she picks up the bottle.

The woman finally came up with the reason why Mira has a red face. “Ah, she is drunk.”

『We are selling it, but today’s portion is already sold out. The bottles will be sold for 200 riffs tomorrow morning, you can pre-order them. What will you do?』(Bartender)

The woman talks gently to Mira like cute mischief child rather than a hangover guest. Mira opens the item column and checks the stock of Apple au lait then raises her face.

『I will ask for 20』(Mira)

『Yes, twenty. Then please come to pick it up tomorrow』(Bartender)


Mira returned to her room after she ordered a Sweet Berry au Lait to replace Apple au Lait. The woman wrote 20 Sweet Berry au Lait on the order form.

The room she stays today is very mediocre but simply furnished.

After returning, Mira goes straight to the shower, takes off her clothes, and bathes in hot water from her head.

Mira, who is more uplifting than usual because of intoxication, had a sweet smile on her appearance in the mirror.

Early in the morning, Mira wakes up to be hangover halfway through the broadcast of the train’s operation information, which leaves about an hour later. When she gets up from the bed without wearing a single string, she clearly recognizes the reverberation of the dreamy sound with the consciousness of being intoxicated, as if she was floating in the heat.

『One hour …』(Mira)

Mira sowed, collected the loose clothes and picked up underwear from her bag.

Mira dressed up and went down the stairs to the cafeteria.

Then it became a battlefield. Most of the people in the cafeteria are passengers on the railroad, and like Mira, they are listening to the broadcast and rushing into the cafeteria.

Mira received 20 Sweet Berry au Lait that had been ordered at the counter and handed over 4 thousand riffs with breakfast.

Twenty minutes left until departure. After sewing out the waves of people coming and going in front of the station, Mira goes to the station.

(It’s really crowded) (Mira)

Riverfall Station is wider than the Silver Side and is divided into multiple blocks. There are souvenir shops near the entrance. While trying to get a small miracle, Mira looks for a store that sells Station Lunch.

Then, at the store near the campus, she managed to purchase chestnut rice and green tea, then she rushed to the waiting line.

Unlike the economy class, which is still crowded with passengers, the first class is much calmer. Mira was able to get on in the remaining five minutes, gave a ticket before being told by one of the staff in the car.

『Thank you for using us today. There are left and right vehicles. Do you have any preference?』(Staff)

『That’s right, I will use the left』(Mira)

『Understood. Then I will guide you to your room』(Staff)

This is only her second time but Mira responds as if she is a regular. The staff looked at her with a smile.

From the left vehicle, an unmanned place is confirmed in the back of the wide rail. Unlike the first class, it’s made of stone as it is, and it is a simple but vast space, and it’s not difficult to imagine that it will overflow with that many people in time.

The rails on the front were thick like a log, and it seemed to represent the strength of the train on board.

(If it’s so big, the foundation will be suitable) (Mira)

With a different waiting time than yesterday, Mira spent time until departure, following the station staff from time to time visiting unattended rooms.

The train departs from Riverfall and arrives at the next station, Baloche City, in less than five hours.

While the stop time was only one hour, but it was short to visit the premises, Mira slammed the books on the bookshelf.

(Well, is it a special feature of the station town’s inn? Isn’t it fun to try out a good inn?) (Mira)

While thinking so, Mira was on the way back to the sofa with the book in hand, then she heard the sound of hitting the door faintly. Mira opened the door and the attendant who led her to the room stood there.

『Excuse me. We have arrived at Beloche City, will Dear Customer go to the next station?』(Staff)

『Yeah, that’s the plan … oh, I see』(Mira)

As Mira answer, she recalls the purchase of a ticket. One ticket is equivalent to one station, and one more ticket is required to go to the next station.

『I have the ticket but do I have to get out and stamp it?』(Mira)

After taking the first-class ticket from the waist pouch, Mira asked so.

『No, if you have it, you can leave it there.』(Staff)

The attendant answered so gently. In response to this, Mira asks about the next station and gives out the ticket.

『Have a nice trip』(Staff)

As the attendant walks away, Mira spreads the book on the sofa and starts looking for an inn that fits the taste at the next station.

Eventually, the train started to move, and two days later, Mira arrived at the land of the Alice Farius Holy Land. (アリスファリウス: Arisu Fariusu)


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