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Chapter 64: Cedric Di Noir

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『We inform you of the operation of the Continental Railway.
The left circulation line will arrive at this station shortly.
Please note that the stop time is one hour from arrival. ──Repeat』(Broadcast)

After purchasing the Station lunch, Mira went down further, the broadcast echoed on the premises.

『Fumu, it’s about time』(Mira)

Mira looks at the guide map while holding a paper bag with a box lunch box, and walks toward the center through repeated broadcasts.

At the same time, adventurer-like people began to move as a lump. Because economy class is free seating, good seats come with a first-come-first-served basis.

As she goes through a wide corridor made of marble, the passage is divided into straight and right turns.

Mira glances at the wooden signboard hung from the ceiling and turns right.

In the middle of the passage, there was a silver pillar that was as wide as three Mira who joined hands. As Mira approached, a part of the pillar opened, and a man wearing a uniform of the station staff stood there, looked at Mira.

『From here on, the Car will be dedicated to the first class. Are you sure you want to check the ticket?』(Station Staff)

He seems to be a middle-aged man around fifty, he speaks gently to Mira with a smile without prejudge.

(I wonder if this is the ticket gate …) (Mira)

Mira takes a first-class ticket out of her waist pouch and passes one of them. After checking the ticket, the station staff pressed a special stamp on it and returned it to Mira.

『Since there is a ticket confirmation in the car, please present the ticket with this mark. Then have a good trip』(Station Staff)

『Umu』 (Mira)

The ticket is engraved with a sign like a hologram, and the letter “Silver Side” emerges with the light.

(How elaborate) (Mira)

Mira looks at such a ticket with interest and then returns it to her waist pouch.

Beyond the ticket-gate is the first-class waiting room. Leather sofas and chairs are provided, and well-dressed men and women are relaxing in each place. A large space well-decorated by vibrant and a fireplace without fire quietly.

Mira puts her breasts up a little and sits down on a nearby sofa. At the same time, curious eyes are poured into the girl.

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Everyone in the first-class waiting room must have good standings. There are aristocratic children, butlers, good merchants, executives of the organization, etc., and all of them offer escorts with appropriate strength.

The girl who appeared there was so beautiful that even if she said to be the royal family, people would believe right away. But there is not even one butler, maid, guardian, or adult.

It would be inevitable that the mysterious girl wearing a fashionable outfit gathers attention.

Mira feels a little uncomfortable, she rolls up her left arm sleeve and opens the menu. Currently at 12:37. After confirming the time, she tries to take out an Apple Au Lait.

(Nuo… The number is running out) (Mira)

Every time something happened, Mira took out an Apple Au Lait from the inventory, she didn’t pay attention that it was already running out.

Then a gentleman man walks to Mira, who was thinking about buying Apple Au Lait somewhere around the place.

『Greeting, young lady』(gentleman)

『Umu, greeting』(Mira)

Returning the greetings, Mira glances at the man.

He wears a gray large bag in his hand, he looks young and has no characteristics of a long-lived species. Slightly reddish maroon hair leaks out of a deep green Tyrolean hat.

Behind the man was a male and female escort wielding swords.

Mira thinks that a man, who calls out to a beautiful girl like herself without any context, is suspicious.

『Excuse me for the sudden. I am Cedric, who works for the “Grimmdart” company』(Cedric)

『Mira~ja (The name is Mira)』(Mira)

Cedric introduces himself as if to explain. Mira relaxed a little and replied briefly. Behind Cedric, two of the escorts nod. A tall and strong man was standing proudly but the woman smiled slightly when she met Mira’s eyes.

『Then, Nani~yo~ ja (What do you need)?』(Mira)

After confirming the escort’s ability, Mira turns back to the man and asks him while looking up.

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『I just saw your operator’s bracelet by chance and Mira-sama appears to be a senior adventurer.
The adventurers who use the first class are rare so I want to speak with you.
No, it’s my bad habit that I want to hear when I’m curious』(Cedric)

『Fumu, so that’s why』(Mira)

『Yes, only advanced adventurers ride in the first class, they are those who are extremely disliked to have contact with others or have circumstances』(Cedric)

『So, You were worried about me.
But sorry. I don’t have any circumstances.
It’s my first trip with the railroad, I was just a little inspiring』(Mira)

『It’s also great. You know how to use money』(Cedric)

In response to Mira, Cedric raised the tone of the voice by a semitone and took a palm-sized case out of the coat.

『Please take one』(Cedric)

Cedric handed out one card saying so. The group name Di Noir group, the coat of arms of the horse and the eagle, and the name of the man, the letter is Cedric Di Noir, were there.

『Di Noir … It’s an unheard name』(Mira)

When Mira receives the card, that is, the business card, she traces what is written on it and says what she thought.

『Haven’t you heard of it?
This was what I did but I was self-confident.
Actually, our company mainly deals with products for adventurers, but as long as you can enjoy money like you, I thought that you would definitely like our products as well.』(Cedric)

『I see. Products for adventurers…』(Mira)

Hearing Cedric’s words, Mira recalls a relaxed odor used by the Emera. The tools that were created for the demand of the real world, they are recognized as one of the major changes in this world.

『Oh, did I get you interested?
Then, as a sign of being acquaintance, allow me to give Mira-sama a promising new product from Dinoir Firm』(Cedric)

Cedric opened his bag, took out something that was astonishingly big to show off. It was about one tatami size, covered with a blue cloth on the front, the back was made of black and durable material. At first glance, it looks like a thick plate but it’s well decorated, and if you look closely it looks like a bag.

『What is this (nan~ja)? Rather, is the bag an item box?』(Mira)

Certainly, he brought something big out of the bag. However, Cedric doesn’t wear the armlet of the operator, so he can’t use the item box function. However, the operator’s bracelet with the function of the item box is made by people. If so, it would be possible to make a bag with that technology.

Mira focuses more on the bag in Cedric’s hand than on the new product lying in front of him.

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『Yes, that’s right. It is a diversion of the operator’s bracelet technology used by advanced adventurers. Well, it’s a custom-made item, so there’s only one in this world』(Cedric)

『Ho~u, a custom-made product』(Mira)

Operator bracelets are used by adventurers in the form of rentals, but their production costs are considered great. Cedric must possess great influence to have such an expensive product in the form of a bag as his personal belongings. But Mira doesn’t know much about it, so she doesn’t realize how precious it is.

『Rather than that, I want you to pay attention to this new product』(Cedric)

『That’s true. What is this (nan~ ja?)?』(Mira)

『This is the latest sleeping bag』(Cedric)

A new product that keeps you safe on the ground. When Mira turns her gaze at the mysterious object, Cedric puts his hand on the cut (hole/zipper) with a good expression. After a little lifting and turning, the blue plate-like object quickly changed to look like a bed mat and the other part changed its form like a pillow.

『Ho~u… this is rather interesting』(Mira)

『You seem to be interested. Allow me to explain in detail』(Cedric)

So Cedric began to talk about the new product scheduled to be released a month later, the features of sleeping bags for advanced adventurers.

『As you can see, this sleeping bag is out of the question for normal people to carry around.
No adventurer will use such a bulky thing.
But what if they can use the item box?
I was interested in the operator bracelet used by senior adventurers.
It is no exaggeration to say that this bag was made to verify its convenience. I was impressed with such wonderful technology and planned to make it a business』(Cedric)

A new product that Cedric thought of that was made for adventurers, assumed the use of item boxes.

As for production, Mira can only remember refinement. That’s not because it’s useful to people but because it was a result of her simple thought and action. Mira naturally listened to Cedric’s insatiable attitude as a merchant.

『I gathered information relying on a lot of messengers.
What would adventurers want?
And the first sleeping bag was developed.
This is for promising adventurers like Mira-sama』(Cedric)

Cedric after making his long introduction started talking his business to enumerate the features of the new sleeping bag.
Since the capacity of the item box depends on the weight, it must be thoroughly reduced in weight. Certainly, it was possible to lift even for someone as small as Mira.
Next, cleanliness. Cedric gave a demonstration and disassembled the sleeping bag for each part. You can wash each part individually.

Then, next was the insect repellent process that Cedric noticed from the information of the adventurers.
This is the most annoying problem for female adventurers.
It would certainly not be comfortable to have a grotesque insect in your sleeping bag when you wake up in the morning.

Cedric has incorporated an insect repellent device that uses a magic tube as a power source that the Dinoir Company handles. Cedric demonstrated but there wasn’t visible to the eye. It was a plain impression.

『I’m confident but how does this sleeping bag look from Mira-sama, a very promising adventurer’s POV?』(Cedric)

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After completing the explanation, Cedric changes his facial expression and turns his ears to not miss a phrase. On the other hand, since Mira has never had an adventure like an adventurer, she smiles and talks.

『Fu~mu~, it seems comfortable』(Mira)

『That’s true! As expected of Mira-sama. I promise a comfortable sleep that never disappoints you!』(Cedric)

Mira can’t say anything because she has never been forced to do anything. Mira tried to continue but after seeing Cedric’s delight quickly responded to the word “looks comfortable”, she couldn’t speak anymore.

Mira swallows her words and confirms the feel of the sleeping bag. The surface is covered with a strong cloth and when she put her hand through the gap, the cloth is soft and comfortable. The bottom is elastic and certainly better than a cheap sleeping bag.

『Is this really okay?』(Mira)

『Of course. If it can be used at a relay point (advertising) for other adventurers, etc.』(Cedric)

『I see (Naruhodo~ no~u), something like that』(Mira)

Currently, Cedric was on a round tour of the continent by rail and visiting adventurer societies across the country. His purpose was to advertise new products, especially to famous adventurers who were going to be his customers.

Then, a beautiful girl who is an advanced adventurer and has good money to ride the first-class train. Maybe he doesn’t have enough advertising personnel to prosper so much. That’s why Cedric called Mira directly. Mira herself felt overwhelmed somehow but she was thankful to receive it as there was no particular condition.

『At Dinoir Co., we also sell other products. Meeting Mira-sama here is something like fate, so I would like Mira-sama to have a handful of products that our company that I proud of. And this is a special coupon』(Cedric)

『Nu… Well, I may remember when I need it』(Mira)

The female escort was slightly jerking her cheeks from the side.

『The train will arrive at No. 7 left circulation line soon.
Dear customers, please make sure that you don’t cross the white line』(Broadcast)

A bell sounds as a reminder following a familiar broadcast. The tone inspires Mira’s expectation and Cedric has a (business?) smile on the girl.

『This must be the first time Mira-sama gets on the railroad. How about looking at the moment of arrival once? I have seen it several times, but it was very powerful』(Cedric)

After completing his missionary activities, Cedric told Mira about experiencing the surprises he had learned as a person, not as a merchant.

『Hoho~u, if you say so, let’s see』(Mira)

Cedric and the female escort woman have a soft smile. Mira is also interested in that like a child.

『Well then. Thank you for the sleeping bag』(Mira)

『Yes, see you again. Please come to any of our stores if you need repair or refill magic tubes for repellent insects then it’s running out, we will handle them.』(Cedric)

Mira waved her hand as if she was in a hurry and jumped to the platform from the back door of the waiting room.

Cedric sees the back of the impressive girl and confirms his bag stock.

(I just gave it over but what about the results?) (Cedric)

Cedric began to consider further new products while feeling a strange sense of accomplishment in this fateful encounter.

Mira went to her platform where the train hasn’t arrived yet, she raised her impression out of the sight beyond her imagination. The sky-covered arch was far enough to look up, and the top of the platform partitioned for the first class was cut off like a cliff, and in front of it, the thick white line from the broadcast was visible on the floor painted black.

(I feel like the scale is too big …) (Mira)

It is a vast place where you can believe that it is a warehouse for military weapons.

Mira feels a sense of discomfort in the space that is quite different from the impression of the station in her memory as she ponders whether the train is really coming.

When waiting for the arrival of a train with a station employee wearing a uniform, the sound of a high-pitched bell sounds. A heavy rumbling sound, similar to that of a whisper, began to cover the inside of the platform as if it was crawling through the air.

Mira still couldn’t see anything past the partition that separates the premium class but she felt with her skin that something was approaching with overwhelming pressure.

A powerful but some warm whistle sounds from far away. Soon after, it appeared into the platform with the sound of the compressed air erupting and the scoring of the metal.

It was indeed a lump of iron.

The wind film struck by the body rolls backward and passes as if stroking the platform. The girl’s silver hair plays like powder snow in the sky, and flies undisturbed with the train in front of her.

『Is this a train …?』(Mira)

Arriving at the platform, its black body becomes more prominent. The overall shape is similar to a steam locomotive. Even though a black chimney stopped at the top, a little steam was still rising. But the size is unusual. It was like having a wheel on a three-story condominium.

『Left circulation line, the train will departure at 14:00, one hour later. Please be careful not to be late. Repeat…』 (Broadcast)

At the same time as the broadcast, the door of the car body opened with a noise and a beautifully decorated girl descended as if flying.

『I’m first. So Gordon, what will we ride next?』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

『Yes, Milady. It’s a carriage from this city』(Gordon)

『Carriage again!? I’m sick of it』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

A white-haired gentleman called Gordon follows a girl who speaks loudly. The carving (scar? wrinkles?) is deep with the seasons (aged?), it was full of the charm of a man different from youth.

『What are you…(doing)?』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)


『I’m talking to you. Y~O~U!』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

『Nu, do you mean me?』(Mira)

Suddenly, the girl screams before Mira. Her eyebrows were picked up and she seemed to be slightly angry. Mira now glances at the girl. The girl’s long blonde hair is rolled up on the side, she is wearing a frilled outfit, standing like a wealthy lady.

『You looked at me a while ago. I hate that. Can you stop it?』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

The blonde girl says that with her arms crossed and her chest bent. Mira ponders to her words.

(What are you talking about …?) (Mira)

Mira didn’t remember watching at all until the girl talked. She traced her memory just before and remembered her actions. And she got the answer.

『Oh, I didn’t look at you at all. I was watching that person. He is so handsome that I can’t help but admire』(Mira)

Mira was watching Gordon refraining behind the girl. The old gentleman was close to her ideal (Gandalf), and his decorations are suitable for the age, such as monoculars, and accents of casual accessories, somethings that she still wants to do even with a young girl body like Mira.

『Wha… what…』(Side-Drill Blonde Noble Girl)

『Oya, me?
It’s an honor when I am told by such a beautiful lady like you.』(Gordon)

Gordon thanked Mira like a gentleman and softly smiled while gently calming (cheering?) the shocked noble lady.

『I’m sorry if I caused you trouble because I was interested. Well then, I bid you adieu』(Mira)

After Mira returns with a small bow, she passes by the side of the two and gets on the train. At that time, the scent that slightly wraps Gordon praises the tip of the nose and admire its perfection.

(Is it a perfume just now?
Slight incense that not too strong.
That’s wonderful.) (Mira)

Gentlemen not only decorate themselves but also care about others. Mira notices that and, at the same time, crawls her neck and turns her nose to check her body odor.

『U~mu, I don’t know』 (Mira)

The staff members waiting in the car stared awkwardly at the appearance of Mira turning her clothes around and checking.


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