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Chapter 58: Promises and Reports

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Tower’s bedroom.
After a comfortable sleep, Mira gets up in the bed with the sunlight coming in through the window.
Her disordered silver hair shines with the sunlight and sways according to the movement of her head

(Has she already woken up?) (Mira)

Mira glances and checks the pillows next to her.
Luna is still asleep while curling.
After checking on her appearance, Mira opens the bracelet menu to check the current time.

(I’m late …) (Mira)

The time indicated that it was past 9:30 in the morning.
Mira closes the menu, stretches and gets off her bed to go to the living room.

Then, she noticed the clothes placed on the small table in front of her eyes.
It is a very familiar design.

(Good preparation as always) (Mira)

It was a magic robe set.
When Mira put her hand on the hem, she heard a knocking on the door and Mariana came in.

『Good morning. Mira-sama』(Mariana)

『Umu, good morning』(Mira)

『I’ll help you』(Mariana)

She immediately offered to help as she saw what Mira was trying to do, and rather Mariana appeared in good time.
She came to dress up Mira instantly without waiting for Mira to reply.

Mariana was full of energy, in addition to changing clothes, she also divided Mira’s long silver hair into two sides by 2 nearly-transparent ribbons.

Mira also satisfied with the twin-tailed figure that brings out more cuteness in front of the mirror.
Mariana as well, she had a joyful smile as she fixed Mira’s hair.
The two of them smiled at each other while looking at the mirror.

After waking up with the exquisite time of breakfast with Luna, Mira tells Mariana her rough plan of her action.

Like: She will head to the castle and report to Solomon.
Depending on the deciphering situation of the documents left by Soul Howl, she might need to go to the new destination.
Depending on the location, she might go for a long time.

Mira was a little apologetic, but Mariana smiled at Mira “Please don’t worry” as if she didn’t feel lonely.
Mariana was no longer feeling sad.
Instead, she felt great pleasure, protecting the home where her master will return to.

Mira is relieved to see Mariana like that. She looked at the crest on the back of her hand which is her bond.

『Well, I will be going soon』(Mira)

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Mira drank tea with her right hand while she enjoyed brushing Luna’s fur with her left hand.
After finishing her breakfast, Mira said so. Then, Mariana brought a basket from the kitchen and handed it to Mira.

『I already prepared lunch, so please eat later.』(Mariana)

『Umu, thank you』(Mira)

When Mira received the basket and said thanks. She tried to give Luna to Mariana while checking on Luna’s condition.
Mira was surprised that Luna didn’t show any discomfort or sadness.
Maybe Luna has opened up to Mariana or Luna felt comfortable with Mariana after sleeping in the same bed last night.

『I leave Luna to you』(Mira)

Having said that, Mira entrusted to Mariana after holding Luna tightly.

Mariana receives Luna gently and replies.

『Have a nice day』(Mariana)

Although it’s just some brief words, the feelings seem to be transmitted.
But there was something Mira didn’t notice.
Mariana is pouting.
Mariana wants Mira to give her a hug as well so that she won’t feel lonely. (T.N: not fair, only Luna gets a hug)
In the future, it’s Mira’s job to notice this.

When Mira went out of the tower and was about to take off, she remembered her promise as she watched the tower next to her.

It’s the Necromancy Tower, and what she remembered is the promise with Amaratte.
She already had a talk with Lily, the castle maid, Lily wanted to measure in order to make clothes.

(Speaking of which, I totally forgot) (Mira)

Mira changed her destination to the Necromancy Tower before heading to the capital.

Once again, the people inside the Tower gave her the curiosity gaze as she entered the Tower.
Unlike the Summoner Tower, there are people working on this Tower day and night.

As the researchers saw off her figure, “The certain rumored…”
They don’t know why this girl comes to this tower,
Did this girl have the abilities in this direction as well?
The researchers became excited with Mira’s appearance at this place.

At the top floor of the Tower of Necromancer.
Mira confirmed the presence of someone in the Aide’s Office with her living body detection.
Amaratte is the Wiseman’s Aide so she should be in the Office.
With that conclusion, Mira knocked on the door of the Office.

After a while, Mira noticed the sign of someone was approaching.

Amaratte came out without wearing her red hood.

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『Oh, Mira-sama. Why are you here today? Is it about that matter?』(Amaratte)

Amaratte immediately confirmed the matter with Mira’s appearance and smiled gently.
She gave out an intellectual impression that didn’t change so much without her red hood.
Mira admired Amaratte in a certain meaning while replying《Yes》

『Lily seems to be pleased about it as well.
She wanted to measure so she needed to know what time you can come to visit』(Mira)

『Yes. Thank you, Mira-sama. Well, let’s go today』(Amaratte)

Amaratte answered so.
Her face showed a joyful expression that I have never seen before.
She thanked me and gave me a parcel that was placed on the shelf.

『It’s nothing worth to be rewarded』(Mira)

『I’m thankful and this is also my feelings. I thought this would look good on you』(Amaratte)

『Look good? What is this, I wonder.』(Mira)

Please check it later. I’m sure you will like it』(Amaratte)

After glancing at the package she received, Mira put it in the item box and said, 《I’m not so sure about this》

『Clear white skin, sparkling silver hair.
As expected, black suits her the best.
Don’t you think so, Charlotte-san?』(Amaratte)

When Amaratte asked someone so, a tall girl appeared from the Assistant’s office.
Her presence is thin and she dresses in a mourning-like costume.
Her left eye is somewhat dark and empty, her right eye is cover by an eye pack.
The girl is Charlotte, an assistant to the Necromancy Tower. She a vampire, the race called “Daylight Walker” (in EN)

(T.N: Ha ha ha, Ryusen Hirotsugu-sensei made a mistake here, Vampire is either Twilight Walker or Night Walker)

『I can not agree with that.
I will definitely choose Pure White』(Charlotte)

Charlotte’s eyes follow Mira to the bottom of the Tower.
Her ghostly eyes could see through the wall and capture the silver-haired girl’s figure.

『(Ara) Oh my, you have a different opinion again』(Amaratte)

『I won’t give in for this matter, not even with Amaratte-sama』(Charlotte)

Even though the two girls smile, they give off the different aura.

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Mira left the tower without noticing that and she went to the Magic Tower on her own feet.

This time, she visited Luminaria.
She got a piece of the world tree and she wanted to ask if it could be used instead of charcoal.

『Oh, Luminaria. Are you here? Answer me!』(Mira)

Mira knocked on the door of Luminaria’s private room while shouting so.
As the door was unlocked, a red shadow burst out of the door and grabbed Mia.

『I remember this kind of exchange, how nostalgic!』(Lumirania)

Luminaria said so happily.

『Yeah yea, I thought so. You went overboard again』(Mira)

『I see, thank…you think I will say that』(Lumirania)

(Luminaria says “thank you” and changes it halfway)

Luminaria proudly put Mira’s face against her chest.
However, it’s a shame because she doesn’t have power.

(Luminaria is Pure Magic build, Mira still have STR and DEX in her build for close combat)

『So, what do you come here for?』(Luminaria)

Luminaria let go of Mira as she was pushing away.
Then Mira operated her bracelet.

『Thou asked me to gather the Charcoal of the world tree. However, I only got this.』(Mira)

Mira took out the piece of the world tree and handed it over to Luminaria.

What Luminaria received was a piece of wood, not the requested Charcoal of the world tree.
However, Mira would never deliver something totally irrelevant.
After Luminaria considered several possibilities, she talks to Mira

『Hey, is this a piece of the world tree?』(Luminaria)

『Fumu, correct.
I don’t remember but it should be possible to make it charcoal with this, right?
If you can, then I already finish your request』(Mira)

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『I don’t know since I’ve never tried it, but it’s okay if I ask the craftsmen’s union about that.
That’s a haunt of strangers who don’t care about how rare the items are.
I guess they will be experimenting a lot』(Luminaria)

A piece of the world tree has many uses and is highly effective, but it’s a very valuable item.
On the other hand, the Charcoal of the world tree is mainly used only for the material of special items such as Purification Secrets, so the Charcoal wasn’t really in demand compared to the wood piece.

Besides, the rare drop rate of Charcoal is also higher than the wood piece. Even if you want the Charcoal, it’s not necessary to make the wood piece into charcoal.

『A craftsman’s union? Is there such a guild』(Mira)

『Oh, there are Agricultural, Forestry, and Marine Unions too』(Luminaria)

『It’s getting so close to the original world. Which means we might have the International Union, too』(Mira)

Mira laughed as she said that. Then Luminaria smiled and replied.

『There is a similar union』(Luminaria)

Mira asked more about it and Luminaria explained the rough contents.

It called《Hinomoto Committee》
It was made by a former player in secret.
Because they are former players, that Committee has modern peace thought.
They have the moral of real life, not from the war game even though they have been reborn in this world where war constantly happens.
The Lord has made a series of rounds and exchanged the former players’ agreement in the back of the world.

As a former player and the largest nation, Atlantis Kingdom takes the lead to invites and discusses with the state’s Lord. The first meeting, they have an agreement on banning of war.
Even though that agreement greatly reduced the chance of war, but it never went away.

Because there are nations ruled by someone other than the former players. In other words, the country of the people who lived in this world from the beginning.

The 《Hinomoto Committee》 was called a new country.
The country ruled by the Lord of the land was called Origin Country.
There is a big gap of power between The Lords of the former players.
Most of the Japanese players are trying to avoid war.
But those who live in this world are trying to wage war.

Therefore, if there’s an opportunity, the former player’s country will be invaded or surrounded by the Origin country, and that state will not improve with diplomacy.
As the New country was overwhelmed by the repeated invasion (small skirmishes) of the Origin country until it exhausted, the Lord would declare the open war with it.

With the current agreement, it was prohibited to wage war between former players.
So, the economic effects are undermined in other areas.

『Even if we are continuing persuasion, they don’t seem to want to give up.
In the first place, we couldn’t solve the cause of the war.
They fight for a better life, for the sake of the nation, for the wealth, etc.
It’s not wrong but it’s distorted.
They might join hands together if they have common enemies such as invisible monsters threat or something.
Well, to be honest, I don’t understand well』(Luminaria)

『I’m not good at something like that as well. It would be better to leave it to Solomon.』(Mira)

When they talked to each other like joking, they thanked Solomon in their heart without ever showing up.

『First of all, if something can make this into charcoal, it should be the sword of King Guren, right?』(Mira) (T.N: Not Garen)

『Oh, I will ask them ~daze』(Luminaria)

Mira said her farewell to Luminaria and went out.

Luminaria called for Ritalia immediately and asks the Artisan Union.

As Mira went down in the elevator, Mira remembered the location of the Alkite Kingdom.
If it hadn’t changed from the old days, there should have been some primordial nations near the Alkite Kingdom.

(War was originally that sort of thing. Once it started, people will die.
I want to restraint for that …) (Mira)

Mira left the Tower of Sorcery and realized the weight of the task imposed on her.

As Mira left the Tower, she called Pegasus and flew off from the silver horn.

Several hours later, she arrived at the Royal Castle of Lunatic Lake, Alkite Kingdom.
After greeting a gatekeeper, she entered the castle.

Mira looks around in the entrance to find some she can ask where Solomon is.
Once again, Mira is impressed with the gorgeous red carpet, the chandelier, the paintings, the classic armor, the lamp, the embroidered red carpet that continues from the central stairs, and the lavish introspection.

(This is only the entrance, and it’s still gorgeous.
But who painted the picture on that side?) (Mira)

Mira has trouble judging whether this picture is good or bad. It was a painting of the lake where half-naked spirits gather.
A dynamic version that captures the moment that a young girl runs through the river.
Then, a girl who wore a piece of thin cloth and an angel who dances in the sky are obsessed with entangled hands.
In the original world, a fantastic picture that is likely to be called an illustration is displayed in a splendid frame.
While looking at such a picture, Mira’s eyes, who were thinking about something really good, caught the figure of the person she knew.
One of Solomon’s aide, Suleiman, who carries an infinite number of books on a dolly.

『Oh, isn’t that Suleiman? Just in time』(Mira)

When Mira came closer to him, Suleiman stopped and returned a smile.

『 Isn’t that Mira-sama? Welcome back.』(Suleiman)

『Umu, I’m here just now』(Mira)

Suleiman took his hand off the dolly and had a brief greeting.
When Mira returns the greeting, she glances at the books carried by Suleiman.
The titles were varied, but all of the piled books were consistently about ancient times.

『I’m sorry that I’ve pressed everything on you.
I’m not good at deciphering although I want to help.』(Mira)

『No, I just want to say thank you.
I didn’t think that the day that my ancient and spiritual knowledge would be useful for Solomon-sama would come.
Right now, every day is very fulfilling.
It’s all thanks to the material that Mira-sama brought back』(Suleiman)

Suleiman was overflowing with happiness as he said that.
Mira was reminded that Suleiman was such a person.

『Mira-sama, are you on the way to report now?』(Suleiman)

『That’s the way. Speaking of which, where is Solomon?』(Mira)

『 His majesty should be in the office this time, I will guide you』(Suleiman)

Suleiman begins to pull the dolly again while trying to lead the way.
But Mira thinks that it’s bad to disturb his deciphering work,

『No, it’s fine. I see you are busy. I remember the place』(Mira)

Mira glanced at the office direction while saying so.

『I understand. I will stay in the library for a while, so please call me whenever you need.』(Suleiman)

『Umu, it’s not good to hold back』(Mira)

The two of them just met by chance at the entrance.
Mira went up the central stairs towards the office, and Suleiman pulled the dolly across the entrance.

『Look, this is some good samples』(Solomon)

At the king’s office, after greeting and all, Mira arranged the Founder’s Seed collected at Primal Forest’s Demon Maze on the desk.

『Wow, that’s great. Ten of them have been collected. No, thank you very much』(Solomon)

Solomon took out the box from the desk and stored the Founder’s Seed inside. He was really grateful to Mira as she brought back more than enough.

『That’s right, “First Mate” found most of it.
He can see where it is.
His ability made it a lot easier』(Mira)

Mira sat on the sofa and spoke about her Catsith.

『That’s right. It’s a great ability.
If it’s so easy, it might be good to ask you again.
I’m so glad.』(Solomon)

『Uu… Well, if I have business to do nearby』(Mira)

Mira answered with a wry smile.
Seeing that, Solomon smiles saying thanks then asking about the main subject 《Well, how was it?》

『I got some testimonials from the Elders.
It’s no doubt that Soul Howl is asking for the Holy Grail』(Mira)

『I see. Then if you follow this lead, you might find him』(Solomon)

Solomon was expecting the result of collecting materials alone didn’t reach out to the Holy Grail in the end.
However, because Mira has confirmed Soul Howl’s trace, their action won’t become seawater bubbles.
Solomon loosened his cheeks a little, probably because he felt relieved to the good news.

『Oh. Well, when I saw the condition of the cutting roots, it looked pretty old.
The Elders didn’t remember when he came. Only if we could know about this, we could skip the process a bit』(Mira)

As there is no specialized knowledge, it’s not possible to identify the time of the cut.
Even if she has the knowledge, it will be difficult to grasp the growth of the sacred tree that isn’t common sense.
However, Mira thought that if Soul Howl was following the procedure, she could omit the early part which he already completed.

『I was expecting the Elder to remember but God is rough, isn’t it?
After that, was there any information that he tried to find a specific material?』(Solomon)

As Solomon said, Mira couldn’t afford to spend time alone to find Soul Howl’s clue, she was flying a lot to complete her task.
However, there’s nothing to be the indicator at the present time, they have to search for more information.

『Hmm, now that you ask about it,
It’s not a specific material,
The Elders said he needed a black-something on his way home』(Mira)

『What is black-something?』(Solomon)

『 Hmmm, something… scrape… sharp to cut…』(Mira)

『Scissors… or something-black that cuts the roots, but I think it’s black』(Solomon)

Solomon is pondering with unconnected information and murmurs 《Black … scrape, black…》
Mira is also looking at the ceiling while murmuring 《Black, Black》

『In the meantime, I think it’s just a waste to think about it.
It’s new information so will we call an expert?』(Solomon)

Solomon gave up quite soon and flick the Callbell from the other day with his fingertips.
After a while, there is a knock on the door, the expert, Suleiman showed his face.

『Suleiman, how far is the decipherment going?』(Solomon)

Solomon says it in a low voice with dignity.

『At the moment, we know that that it’s necessary to do something natural to process the roots.
Furthermore, it seems that it can’t be processed unless it’s a special place, but there’s no description of the place itself.
I’m troubled』(Suleiman)

Suleiman explains the situation and lowering his head apologetically.

I don’t know what it will be like, but Mira has got new information directly from the Elder.
The roots might be scraped with something black.
Do you have any idea』(Solomon)

『I’m sorry to bother you when you are busy』(Mira)

『No, this is my role. I am honored to be called by you』(Suleiman)

Suleiman was happy to know the reason he was called.
With Suleiman joining the talk, Mira starts talking from the beginning about the Elders and everything.

Then, Suleiman was thinking for a while, he tried to unify the decipherment and the information that Mira brought back.

『I see. Thank you, Mira-sama. I understand the next place』(Suleiman)

In a few minutes of thinking, Suleiman got the final conclusion.

『Wonderful. That’s a great news』(Mira)

『Suleiman, where is that place?』(Solomon)

Suleiman took out the map in his pocket and spread it on the desk saying 《Excuse me》
It is a full view of the Continent. Suleiman pointed to the mountains to the east, north of the Arispharius Holy Land.

『I guess it’s this abandoned city』(Suleiman)

『Umu. Why is that?』(Mira)

First of all, a natural thing is needed to cut the roots.
From the processing difficulty degree of the god tree, it’s expected to be quite hard.
The next special place was totally unknown and according to the description, it’s impossible to process outside the area.
However, given the level of processing difficulty, the word “something black” that Mira-sama heard about gave me a breakthrough.
With the light in the deepest part of the Temple, you can transform the fragile Black Quartz into White Quartz which is harder than any gem.
It would be possible to cut the Elder’s roots.
White Quartz will return to Black Quartz in a few minutes. It explains the statement that processing elsewhere is impossible』(Suleiman)

When Suleiman explained the grounds, Mira and Solomon were greatly convinced and eager to hear.

『Surely, for the Elder’s Roots, not even the finest steel can do anything.
But if it’s White Quartz, it will surely be cut. Well done, Suleiman』(Solomon)

『It’s an honor to be of use』(Suleiman)

Suleiman replied in a humble and respectful attitude.
At that time, Solomon remembers what he was talking about before.

『Suleiman, if it was processed on the spot, there may still be shavings at that time.
Is it possible to identify the time of shavings by examining it?』(Solomon)

『From the shavings…
Yes. I can not say exactly, but that place is an abandoned city and the depths of the temple…
There is no deterioration due to wind and rain, the shavings will be left as it is so it’s possible』(Suleiman)

『Fumu, I see. Then it’s decided』(Mira)

Upon hearing Suleiman’s reply, Solomon turned his eyes to Mira.
Needless to say, Mira also got what Solomon wanted to say.

She shook her shoulder lightly and got off the sofa, waving her hand showing approval.


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