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Chapter 52: Opposing Organization

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After quickly wearing underwear from the bag, Mira jumped into the forest with just a towel without hesitation.

Basing on his appearance the suspicious man must have been trained in the art of subterfuge.

However, Mira didn’t have to worry about that because her skill was better.
She went into the forest while keeping track of the man’s trace with her Biological Sensing skill.
Meanwhile, Mira took out a magic robe set from her item box and put it on in a hurry.

She also had the Wiseman’s robe, but right now she felt like wearing the magic robe.
Her Biological Sensing skill showed many reactions throughout the forest. Most of them were coming from animals.

There was a lucid reaction that appeared nearby when she had first used the skill, but after Mira finished changing, that reaction kept getting further away.

That reaction was from the man who was moving too fast to be walking. He was running away.
She carefully moved according to the map to avoid monsters and chased after the man who was still within her perception range.
As she looked over the forest again as she was tracking the man, there was a lot of flora and fauna.

Herb useful as a material for recovery medicine, the tree with an unparraled beauty which was used as a raw material for Fletcher as well, another one used in armor manufacturing etc.
Ignoring every treasure of the Primal Forest, Mira zipped through the forest like a ghost.

As she was tracking the man. She arrived at an unnaturally quiet lake.

It was smaller than the lake where the exit of the Primal Forest Demon’s Maze was.
There were a lot of purple flowers floating on the lake surface. It was surrounded by a somewhat morbid aura.
As the man was approaching the lake, Mira hid by the tree and observed.

(Is that … a spirit?) (Mira)

Near the center of the dim lake, there was a spirit. The spirit girl was young and very pretty. She was wearing a light transparent clothing. She had an ankle length blue hair.

Which wasn’t much different compared to not wearing anything, Just like Mira a while before.

The spirit girl was dancing on the lake using the purple flowers as footholds.
There were countless butterflies dancing together. The spirit girl was laughing happily.

And then, the man suddenly approached the spirit girl.

Mira was looking at spirit girl in awe from behind the tree, her vision was somewhat narrow than usual, that’s why her reaction was a little. And there’s quite a distance from where she was to the spirit girl as well. (T.N: Farsight skill maybe)

(Hey … what are you doing!?) (Mira)

Mira felt uneasy with his disturbing action and tried to call out to that man.
But she was late. The man got into action earlier than Mira approached the range to call out.
With the low posture holding the dagger with both, the man started running toward the spirit.

『Tch… I can’t make it in time!』(Mira)

Mira used 《Flash step》skill to close the distance, but she won’t be able to reach the lake when that man’s dagger is almost stabbing the spirit’s back.
A shrill sound echoes in the silence of the lake.
Mira facial expression was distorted, her eyes were closed for a moment.

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However when she looked back, the young spirit girl didn’t get stabbed, but the butterflies were still scattering from the noisy.

Between the man and the spirit, a Naginata user was clashing with the assassin-like man. And the blade end burned like a lightning stroke.

(T.N: Naginata = Japanese polearm)Naginata

The assassin-like man somehow managed to pull back his dagger and avoid the blast by rolling along the shore of the lake to kill the momentum.
Did he get scratched by the blade edge, the mask on his face fell to the ground.

The spirit girl looked back to the sudden impulsive sound and fled to the lake hastily in surprise.

(Who are you …?) (Assassin-like man)

After Mira confirmed the safety of the spirit, she instantly observed the situation behind the tree.
The Naginata user is a man in costumes like the shrine-priest (kan’nushi).

He has black hair, he wears red and purple clothes, and in his hand is Naginata with five stars engraved on it.
He had a yellow braid tied to the bangs, the shrine-priest-clothing man swung his Naginata and said

『Chimera Clausen, I have a lot of things to hear from you』(Priest)

『So you are the Isuzu Federation…
You guys are so persistent, coming to even this place』(Assassin)

Their conversation reached Mira’s ears.
The 2 men stood on the lake glaring at each other.

(Chimera Clausen… It seems I was right.
However, who is the other man, I heard that he is from Isuzu Federation.
But he seems to be rather hostile against that assassin-like man) (Mira)

When Mira was still thinking, the two men started running at the same time.
A priest-like man ran to the lake and put his hands on the surface.

《Magic Pattern Art: Water Dragon》(Priest)

His hands were shining with light.
The magic pattern sucked up the water of the lake and start forming a water snake figure.
The priest-like man ran like drawing a curve to the right, while the water snake drew the curve on the left.
It was a pincer attack from the left and right.

The assassin-like man gazed at both sides and then he took out the small bottle from waist.
When the priest-like man swung down his weapon, the assassin-like man parried it with his dagger, 2 weapons clashed with each other and made the spark.

As he jumped back a little, the assassin-like man threw the small bottle he kept hidden in his hand.
As soon as the small bottle hit the《water dragon》, it exploded and created a sand wall with a roaring sound.

『A small bottle of Earth Art!?』(Priest)

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With that blow, the 《water dragon》 was erased, became water and fell to the ground altogether.

The priest-like man had a slightly disturbed expression and guessed the item that caused the phenomenon.
The magic sand wall created by the assassin-like man started falling apart and poured down to the ground again.

The assassin-like man used that moment of distracting to counter-attack, he aimed for a fatal blow.

『I heard that there are many onmyōji masters in the Isuzu Federation, it’s natural to prepare countermeasure beforehand!』(assassin-like man)

The priest-like man couldn’t react in time and had no choice but used his left hand to stop the attack.
And he felt an intense pain as the dagger penetrated his left arm.
However, he endured the pain and draw the magic pattern.

《Star Pattern Art: Wood third Magic – Eight Soul》(Priest)

The magic activated and stuck to the left arm of the assassin-like man.
And then, his facial expression distorted as he glared at the priest-like guy.
The magic entangled in his arms started spreading.

『This’s a rather troublesome one…』(assassin-like Man)

The 《Eight Soul》one of the onmyōji techniques.

It has the effect that giving the opponent the pain that the caster received.
The closer the caster to the target, the more effective that magic will be.
So, it’s possible to lower the effect by escape or take a distance from the caster.

As he somehow realized about the magic effect, the assassin-like man fell back quickly, however, the magic effect range was rather large.
He broke a cold sweat due to the severe pain and grabbed his arm to endure the pain. But this won’t keep up for long, because his body will get used to this pain soon.
However, the priest-like man aimed for the momentary gap.

《Star Pattern Art: Water third Magic – Water duplication》(Priest)

The priest-like man activated his magic art.
Meanwhile, the assassin-like man kept staring at his opponent’s movement, but there was no magic art on his opponent’s hand.
But suddenly there is a chill runs on his spine.

As he concentrated his senses, he could feel the sign of some unknown something was wandering nearby.
It is certain that the art was already activated.
As he realized it, he tried to leave his current spot but…

『This is …… Water Dragon’s Magic Pattern!』(Assassin)

When the assassin-like man tried to deal with the Water Dragon and the priest-like man from the front, all of sudden, he was caught from the back.
As he was caught, he silently stared at the priest-like man without changing his expression.

(Somehow, I got caught …) (assassin-like man)

The Chimera Clausen guy has abilities to deal with the spirit.
From his outfit, we can easily recognize him is an intelligence unit.
And he has considerably strong abilities as well.

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In order to capture him, the priest-like man must be very careful to deal with him from the beginning.
The water dragon is just a decoy. Its purpose is to distract the enemy. So that he can sneak behind and capture the Chimera Clausen guy.

《Water duplication》 is a technique to create an alter ego of caster with water because it has a corresponding mass. It wasn’t easy to hide unless the opponent was distracted.
The priest-like used this measure because he understood the risk.

The secret organizations called Chimera Clausen had many mysteries and he needed to obtain information even at risk.
He used the water from the previous water dragon in the ground to make a duplication of him behind the Chimera Clausen guy and created another water dragon to distract the enemy.
Even though he got seriously injured in his arm but he already succeeded in capturing the enemy. Because his《Water duplication》may get erased, he came closer and put the Naginata on the neck of the assassin-like man to ensure the capturing.

It was supposed to be.

The priest-like man looked at the lake again.
The spirit was no longer there, after confirming that she was able to escape, his body felt numb and the Naginata was dropped on the ground with a dull sound.

『This is …paralysis poison …』(Priest)

『Correct』(assassin-like Man)

The priest man felt numb all over his body, he went down to the knee and tried to speak.
His facial expression is disturbing because of the paralysis.
In the end, he started losing his focus, and all the art that he cast before were disappeared.
The assassin-like man was free from the《Water duplication》 readied his dagger while looking down at the opponent with satisfied eyes.

『This is the end』

As he said, he swung the dagger at the neck of the priest-like man with a smooth movement. But it was blocked by a hand holding white shield just before it reached the man’s neck, and a high-pitched metal collides sound echoed.

『What!?』(assassin-like Man)

He was surprised at the sudden event, but he had a faint feeling from the back and tried to look back.
But even before he finished turning his face around, his body was penetrated by a heavy shock and was blown away.

(T.N: perhaps by this art)

『Apparently it looks like paralysis, please wait for a bit』(Mira)

When the white shield that obstructed the view of the priest-like man disappeared, there was a silver-haired girl wearing a black dress and a coat.

Without worrying about her skirt was lifted with the wind from the shockwave, the girl told the priest-like man so after confirming his condition.
Mira interrupted the battle situation where the priest-like man was about to be killed.
Mira didn’t know about his identity nor what kind of organization the Isuzu Federation is.
However, it is certain that Chimera Clausen guy was planning to kill the spirit. That means his organization is Mira’s enemy.
Then, it will be obvious which side she will take.

『You are……』(Priest)

Mira disappeared before the priest-like man finished speaking his word.
In a flash, there’s an explosion right before his eyes and he could hear a groaned voice as the black dagger was falling on the ground.
As he was looking in that direction, the assassin-like clenched his teeth with pain.

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『Damn it … isn’t it the summon master … why are you here?』(assassin-like man)

While staring at the girl he just met at a lakeshore a while ago, the man muttering so in angry.

『I may ask you the same. What are you doing here?
I remembered hearing you said you were going back to the village』(Mira)

『I just got lost!』(assassin-like Man)

He raised his voice as he confronted Mira.
He tried to endure the pain on his hand as he tried to take some distance with Mira.
He tilted his body so that his tool bag is on the blind spot of Mira,
he took out a small bottle, his trump card from inside and hid it in his hand.

『Either way, can you calm down for a moment. There are many things I want to ask of you』(Mira)

『There’s nothing to talk about … and also … there’s no need to speak』(assassin-like man)

The man was glaring at Mira with clearly murder intent. But Mira didn’t really bother by it, and she used《Flash step》to close the distant.
His enemy disappeared before his eyes, the man instantly went in an all directions defensive stance.
This is the way to fight against instant movement techniques.

The Chimera Clausen man seems to have seen this kind of technique before, and he concluded that Mira is an Art user and a powerful one at that.
He underestimated Mira because he thought summoner is the weakest class of all, and now he could only pray with a bitter smile.

Moreover, because Mira helped the Isuzu Federation, he thought she was another member and took countermeasure.
That was the small bottle of paralysis he held in his hand.
If it breaks, it will release an electronic fog which causes paralysis to the nerve system of all the living creatures around it.
But if he breaks it in this place, he will be affected as well.
For this reason, most of Chimera Clausen members have been prepared with paralysis resist and lightning-resist types of equipment.

With countermeasure to minimize the effect, they can recover faster than their enemy within range.
He concentrated his mind to break the small bottle in his hand with a good timing.

And then Mira appeared in front of him. He received a palm attack enhanced with the windstorm. The raging storm attack is so strong that makes his body like falling apart.
But he endured it.

While desperately enduring all the pain from his body, he succeeded in breaking the small bottle in his palm as he fell on his back due to the impact.

『I, … win…』(assassin-like Man)

He was convinced of his victory, secretly smiling with blood in his mouth.
The electronic fog scattered the surroundings.
He felt numb throughout his whole body.
He concentrates his mind and willpower to recover from the paralysis, with countermeasure prepared beforehand, his body will be recovered in a few seconds.

Because this is his specialty, he can recover faster than anyone else.
That is his winning pattern.
However, before he recovered from paralysis effect, the numbness turned into a severe pain.

『Oh … Gyaaaaaa!』(assassin-like Man)

He could still feel the severe pain in his abdomen from the palm attack just before, now he got another pain from his hand.
A thin white leg stepped on his hand holding the bottle.
The assassin-like man’s right hand was stained with countless pieces of glass and blood.

『So you really did hide something after all?』(Mira)

Mira stepped her feet on the right hand of the assassin-like man.

She confirmed on his right hand, there was the trace of something broke, the shattering parts were shining golden.
It’s an evil eye. 《Undead Pupil: Paralysis Evil sight》which will make a Paralysis mist when break and cause Paralysis.

『Why … why can… you still… move …?』(assassin-like man)

He has recovered a little from paralysis and started talking in surprise while looking up at Mira from below.
The girl before his eyes must be in the effective range of the Paralysis Bottle when he broke it.

But she didn’t even flinch.
Even if she dressed with specialized types of equipment like him, she must a least get paralysis in a few seconds.
Then why.

The girl lightly showed the back of her hand to the man lying below her feet.
It was quite dark in this place, but the man could see it.
As he was convinced, he laughed like getting broken.

『Ahaha… A protection… Is this a joke …』(assassin-like Man)

What reflected in his eyes was a feather symbol shining faintly in the shadow.
The bond was given by Mariana, the emblem of fairy protection.
There are countless benefits from fairy protection depend on individuals.

Mariana’s fairy protection gave Mira abnormal status resist.

But Mira and Mariana’s bonding level is rather high. That’s why Mira has really high resistance for abnormal status, almost to immune state.

The paralysis bottle that the man used as a trump card had no effect on Mira, it was nothing more than a joke.

『I don’t know who you are, but I was saved. Thank you』(Priest)

The priest seems to have recovered from paralysis, he starts walking to Mira a little unsteady.

『 Do not worry about it.
I, myself also had something to deal with those Chimera Clausen men.
So I couldn’t let him roam freely as well 』(Mira)

As she was saying that, Mira changed her sight from the assassin-like man under her feet to the priest-like man.
His eyes seem to have returned to blue color, which means he already recovered.

『Nu … so who is that girl? Is she also your companion from Isuzu Federation?』(Mira)

After finishing the battle, as Mira looked the priest-like man, there was another woman with white Yamabushi clothes coming closer to him as if they know each other.
The woman has long blonde hair and blue eyes, she has an atmosphere like nobility that somewhat doesn’t fit in her clothes right now.

『Oh yes, we are the same group. We both belong to the Isuzu Federation and my name is Blue』(Blue) (Blue in katakana)

『Likewise, I’m White』(White) (White in Katakana)

『It’s somewhat rude to tell our benefactor not our real names but pseudonyms,
Because there is circumstance, we will be appreciated if you forgive us』(Blue)

The man named Blue and the woman was White.
Mira had no particular concern, whether it’s a codename to use for external use.

『 My name is Mira』(Mira)

As she said so, she turned her sight to the assassin-like man.
The Chimera Clausen man finally recovered from paralysis thank to his types of equipment.
As he looked up, he could see the under of Mira’s skirt with his eyes.

『Well then, what do you want to do with him?』(Mira)

Mira lightly kicks the man’s head and then turns her sight to Blue and White.

『If you do not mind let us take him, we want to take him back to our base and interrogate various things』(Blue)

When Blue suggested so, Mira thought for a moment and then talked to Blue.

『Your base. In the case, would you mind let me accompany?』(Mira)

An organization that opposes Chimera Clausen, the Isuzu Federation. Encountered on the way home from Ancient Temple Nebrapolis, the Shikigami users that protect spirits.

Perhaps, these two may be related. Mira thought so.

『To our base…
Well, you are our benefactor and I would like to do it.
Although I’d like to do so I can’t promise anything yet.
For now, we will stop at a relay camp before we return to the base so I will try to ask the captain for you.
How do you think?』(Blue)

Although he is thankful he can’t suddenly bring a person he just met to an important base.
As Blue puts on a wry smile, he says that he will try to help as much as he can.

『That’s fine』(Mira)

Mira also understood that it would be inevitable for an organization to have such policy. She handed over the man under he feet to Blue and White.
The two members of the Isuzu Federation are carefully dealing with him.
They tied him with a cloth with a pattern on the whole surface.
The pattern of this cloth is a stamp of a seal, which means they can stop this man to use any abilities.
It is an item for capturing

And they started moving through the forest, aiming for the relay camp.
Mira asked what she thought on the move.

『By the way, You are White, right.
It seemed like you appeared unexpectedly, so where were you before?』(Mira)

They listen to Mira and they laugh each other and start talking about a little before.

『We, the members of Isuzu Federation are always acting in a pair of basic two people.
We have kept their eyes on this man for several days and kept tracking him all the way here.
And then today, this man encountered you and talking to you.
As we were watching from afar so we wouldn’t get discovered, that’s why we could not hear the content of what you talked.
So, I thought that you were a member of Chimera Clausen, and we divided to follow each of you』(Blue)

『Blue was following this man, and I was following after you.
But if we approached a certain distance, you would spot us, so we were followed from as far as we could.
Just as I thought, not only your intuition was good, but you also could use art.
We were really worrying if you have noticed our signs with your biometric sensing.
But because I was at the approximate range, I was late for helping

My my, it was such a hard labor for you Blue.
White had a wry smile as she explained.
The captured man stared at the other two, wondering why couldn’t he realize he was followed for that long.

『By the way Young Lady.
How far is the range of your biometric sensing?
And your appearance looks like a fairy warlock』(White)

White seems to get interested in Mira’s appearance.
Mira’s clothes are aligned with the fashionable magical girl style, it is over the top compared with her own costume like Yamabushi.

『No, I’m a summoning master!』(Mira)

Mira protested against White’s remark.
White was like《Oh?》when Blue laughed 《Is this a joke?》
It couldn’t be helped when she showed her arts in close quarter combat before.

And Mira decided to summon the dark knight as a proof to show them.
However, Mira didn’t give any warning beforehand.
Blue and White were surprised with the black knight appeared suddenly out of nowhere and instantly took vigilance.
And, as a result, Blue dropped the man on his shoulder to the ground, made him groan.

『Ah …that one is a dark knight, it’s my summoning skill』(Mira)

Mira realized it only after summoning.
And then she tried to explain it quickly to the other two.
Dark Knight, as if to confirm what Mira said, standing in a pose.

『Please do not surprise me like that, it’s bad for my heart』(Blue)

『Yes, you should tell us about it beforehand』(White)

Even they knew about it now, they still didn’t want to come closer to the dark knight which released a terrible intimidation feeling.

『Ugu …. sorry …』(Mira)

Although I had told you that I’m a summon master… Mira swallowed those word and apologized.
However, if anything, the worst victim among them would be Chimera Clausen man.
Because the place where he was dropped had a lot of insects gathered near the insect’s nest, …and he was in an un-resist-able state.


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