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Chapter 51: Primal Forest Demon’s Maze

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As I flew with the guide of Catsith, I was able to secure half of the seeds I was asked for earlier than expected.
To think she could finish it earlier than planned, Mira went through the tree branches with a pleasant mood.

「Dangerous ~nya … dangerous signs. Enemies are coming ~nya …」(Catsith)

When Catsith was sniffing to find the 6th founder seed, there was something from above.
Catsith, with his vigilance, sensed everything and warned Mira while still sitting on her shoulder.

「So they came」(Mira)

Mira glanced at the monsters that Catsith spotted.
It’s the kind of demon called treeman (樹木人) that often appears in big forest areas.
Their body was made of wood, humanoid in shape.
Every special place with the 「Demon Maze」in its name was inhabited by unique demon subspecies.
The demons that appeared before Mira were a subspecies of treeman. Their surface was made of bark, the skeleton was a tree. They had their body parts joined together with ivy that worked just like muscles. This demon subspecies name was Nirud/Treant (ニルドレント).
It was the demon that had a creepy appearance, unlike ordinary treeman.
It tended to extend ivy to grasp the surroundings so that it can gradually get closer to its prey. It squeaked as it used the ivy as a spear to attack Mira.

「For now, you should quietly stay in here」(Mira)

As Mira said that, she held Catsith’s neck, stretched open her one-piece dress’ cleavage with her other hand, and put him in there. (T.N: Don’t ask me, I just translate it literally, maybe an inner pocket or something) [ED: It’s easy. Catsith just became the happiest cat in the world.]

「Roger that ~nya!」(Catsith)

He stayed in Mira’s cleavage. [ED: As I suspected] Catsith struck the salute pose and used his tail as a rope to hold on Mira’s body.

「Nu …please don’t use your tail, it’s ticklish」(Mira)

Mira squirmed because Catsith’s tail touched her soft skin tickling her.

「Yes ~nya」(Catsith)

Catsith answered so and he retracted his tail.
Mira got ready and looked back. The three treants were already close by. One of them jumped high and attacked Mira.
Mira instantly confirmed the position of her opponent. Jumped to the back while embracing Catsith. Other treants brandished their ivy like a spear and rushed at Mira.
The treant that first attacked also raised its face. It tried to attack Mira again but unfortunately it could never do it. A black arm appeared from behind treant and swung down a jet black sword.
Pieces of bark, wood chips, and vines were covered in sticky green liquid and scattered everywhere due to the impact.

(Looks like this much is already slight overkill) (Mira)

It was a blow of the dark knight. Mira used her partial summon in an actual battle for the first time and the result was quite spectacular.

Mira thought about it for a brief moment. Two other treants, tramping on the remains of their colleague chased after Mira. One of them used its limbs to attack through the ground, other one leaped high to attack from above.

It looked like the first attack but it was a simultaneous attack from the top and bottom. Before the one who jumped could finish its attack on Mira, it was struck with a large white shield and fell to the ground.

[Sage Art: Red Lotus’s Grip] (Mira)

[Sen-Jutsu-Chi: Kurenai Hasu Ichi Nigi] (Mira)

As one treant fell to the ground, the other was forced to fight with Mira one on one.
Mira used her art to blow away the treant. Its burning body got caught by a white hand.
What remained was something like a person shaped piece of charcoal which was laid down in front of Mira.
The last treant that fell to the ground after it had been struck with the shield of the Holy knight tried to get up with an awkward movement. Another black arm appeared and swung down a Jet black sword, the treant’s body was crushed and left a large green stain on the ground.

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(This is useful…) (Mira)

Mira was satisfied with its high versatility. Because it disappeared quickly, it didn’t need much space. Partial summoning could be used even in limited space.

「As expected of Ring Leader ~nya」(Catsith)

After confirming that the hostile force has been defeated, Catsith came out from Mira’s cleavage. His placard said 『This is life』. [ED: lucky *******]

「Well then, where is the next one?」(Mira)

After the battle, Mira wanted to continue the search for founder seeds.
The surroundings were branches and vines tangled at random.
Mira asked Catsith to search for the sixth one but the first member was instead searching through the remains of treants.
As Mira tried to ask what he was doing, Catsith pulled out what he was looking for with from within the corpse.

「Got it ~nya!」(Catsith)

Catsith took out the chunk of flesh entangled with ivy and said so.

「Hou, so you can recover the loot, too」(Mira)

What Catsith held in his paw was the Treant’s core, a unique item that can be taken from a Treant. It could be said that it was the treant’s heart. It provided the magical power to move Treant’s body. It was classified as a material.
Catsith handed over the Treant’s core to Mira and ran to the next corpse.
They couldn’t collect the core from the treant which was burned to a cinder. Therefore Catsith recovered only 2 hearts. Mira put the hard-working Catsith on her shoulder and rushed to the next seed location.

After entering Primal Forest’s Demon Labyrinth for a bit over 1 hour Mila began to feel hungry. She had already secured 10 founder seeds that were requested by Solomon. It’s all thanks to Catsith.

Mira trampled over the Treants’ corpses as she walked. There were dozens of green blood puddles on the ground as the aftermath of her battles. There were also countless black stains around them. Even the poison fruits that the treats threw were crushed.

There were three subspecies of Treants in this Demon Labrinth. One that used a sharp, spear-like limb, a kind that threw poisonous fruits, and the last one that shot poisonous needles.

Catsith carefully wrested the heart nucleus from the corpses of the Treants and handed them over to Mira.

As the hunt went on, Mira went around the outer edge of the Primal Forest’s Demon Maze. The deeper ones enter into the Maze the more valuable items could be procured. On the other hand, demons became more powerful as well. It’s difficult to solo in the deepest part of the forest even if she was one of the 9 Wisemen. Nonetheless, the founder seeds could be found throughout the Demon Maze. Mira currently had no reason to go deep into the forest.

「I have done my business here, I guess I will return soon」(Mira)

「Okay ~nya」(Catsith)

Catsith climbed Mira and settled himself down at his reserved position. Because the entrance and exit of the maze are separate, Mira needed to look for an exit. The area nearby consisted of tangled branches which were spreading at random. An ordinary person would get lost in no time. The maze lived up to its name.

Fortunately, Mira had visited this place several times. She knew where the exit was.

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As she walked, she kept looking around, looking for the landmark.

「Muu …, I can’t find it. First member, can you see blue flowers anywhere around here?」(Mira)

「Do you want me to look for blue flowers ~nya? I will find them ~nya」(Catsith)

Because Mira couldn’t find it on her own, she decided to rely on Catsith. In response to Mira’s request, the First member opened his eyes wide and looked at tips of branches, backs of leaves and vines carefully with the placard saying『Searching』in hand.

「Found it ~nya, right over there ~nya.」(Catsith)

From the top of Mira’s head, Catsith emitted guiding light and pointed the direction. Mira stroked Catsith’s throat. The placard said『Good job me』. Mira jumped in that direction.

Beyond the branches were blue flowers. Four blue petals as large as a palm formed blooming flowers stemmed from the thick vines. If somebody could find these flowers, finding the exit was just a matter of time. The blue flowers emitted unique, sweet scent at regular intervals. They were blooming on the path as if to lead players. Everyone could find the exit if he followed these blue flowers.

Mira noticed that there were blue flowers on both sides. Due to height, the blue flowers grew on, which was very high, they were as small as a drop of water for Mira. Although she could reach the exit following flowers on either side, the distance to exit would differ.

(Well, I wonder which way is better.) (Mira)

She had no idea which one was faster. Mira had no way to check it as well.

(Rather than wasting time considering their length, it might be faster to move forward even if chosen road proved longer.) (Mira)

Mira began to walk along the flowers growing on the left side. She continued her partial summoning experiments on treants she encountered on the way out of the maze. After a while, Mira arrived at a place with dozens of branches. An old-fashioned chest was placed behind these branches.

「Ringmaster, it’s a treasure!」(Catsith)

「Well, it’s a treasure chest indeed」(Mira)

The placard in Catsith’s hand changed its words to [An old chest is hidden in a secret place. Whether it is hope or despair!]

As Mira saw the Treasure Chest in front of her, she remembered what Leonil the association leader had said. This must have been why Primal Forest’s Demon Maze was regarded as a forbidden area and sealed up.

When someone collected contents of the chest, this mysterious treasure box would appear again somewhere else. It was one of the game’s mechanics – respawn and relocation of treasure boxes, it was still the same even in reality.

Mira slowly put her palm above the treasure chest.

[Hermit Art – Heaven: Impulse] (Mira)

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After the end of invocation of Art, a roar of wind similar to shoot was emitted out of Mira’s hand. If the Art hit the treasure chest it would be smashed to smithereens. However…

「This treasure chest seems all right」(Mira)

「The Ringmaster is a rough ~nya」(Catsith)

Catsith fell from Mira’s shoulder. His feet were numbed with the landing. Therefore he fell on his rear.

「Allow me to take care of the treasure chest ~nya…」(Catsith)

Catsith slowly lifted his upper body. His eyes shined red and he glared at the treasure box. The placard that supported his body like a cane displayed [This chest is just the normal chest]

「There’s no problem ~nya!」(Catsith)

「I see. I should have asked you to do that a from the beginning」(Mira)

Catsith managed to stand up somehow and looked at Mira with confidence when he declared that. The placard displayed the same as what he said.

「That’s right ~nya」(Catsith)

「So you can identify chest type. There wasn’t such skill before. You are amazing」(Mira)

「It is the result of 3 decades of training ~nya!」(Catsith)

Catsith regained his momentum as he talked with Mira. Then he ran to the treasure chest while holding the placard saying 『It’s Evolution baby!』.[ED: sorry I had to XD] (T.N: I like this joke)

There were two kinds of treasure chests in Demon Mazes. Regular treasure chests and monsters (T.N: MIMIC maybe)

The basic method of distinguishing them was really simple.

You could just attack the treasure chest like Mira did. If it was a treasure box, nothing would happen, if it was a monster, it would reveal its identity and attack.

Because there was no reaction this time, it meant that it’s an ordinary treasure chest.

「Hmm, what piece of wood is this?」(Mira)

As they opened the treasure chest and took out the contents. the chest turned into sand and disappeared without a trace. However, Mira didn’t care about that but wondered what the fist-sized piece of wood was.

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「Nya nya nya nya … This is … It looks like a piece of world tree ~nya」(Catsith)

Catsith climbed Mira’s shoulder and looked at that piece of wood.

「Hou, so can you recognize it?」(Mira)

「I have seen this kind of thing in an illustration ~nya」(Catsith)

It also matched Mira’s memory.
A piece of the world tree.
It could be utilized as raw material for the production of a powerful recovery medicine.
It was used for the creation of accessories that would raise your healing power.
Also, it’s possible to create a weapon with immunity to harmful effects such as poisoning, paralysis, and a curse.
Therefore, it’s rare even among senior adventurers.
Due to that, it’s sold at a high price.

(World trees …? That reminds me, Luminaria wanted charcoal of the world tree as a catalyst. Should I burn it to charcoal and give her? Or …) (Mira)

Mira received a request to find a magical catalyst for Luminaria.
As a reward, she would get several skill books.
One of them was a coal of world tree.
Although it was just a coal as its name suggested, Mira had never tried if it would really turn charcoal if she burnt a piece of the world tree.

(Well, I will show it to her and let her decide) (Mira)

Mira threw the wood piece into the item box. She didn’t feel like trying anything without sufficient information. She decided to store it for now.

After that, she didn’t find any other treasure chest but she encountered a lot of treants as she walked. After few encounters, Mira finally reached the exit.

「It is unusual for people to come to places like this」(Blue Flower Guide)

「It talked ~nya!」(Catsith)

As Mira followed the blue flowers, she got to this place. There was a large hole in the rock wall. The hole was going further back, therefore, she couldn’t see its end. A myriad of light emitting vines hung from the ceiling, making it bright as at noon. There was a small lake at the side. On the lake surface, leaves resembling a lotus float swayed gently. There were no tree branches in the vicinity. There were only weeds.

Such a space was the exit of the Primal Forest’s Demon Maze.

「I want to leave this place」(Mira)

Mira looked up at the Guide near the exit, which was in front of her. Catsith stared at the Blue Flower Guide from Mira’s shoulder with his mouth wide open.

There was a huge blue flower there. The plants around it emitted a brighter light than ones on the ceiling. Space was wrapped in a strong scent of herbs. Blue flower lowered from its vines.

「I see, I see. I guess this would prove useful if this is your wish. Bring me the source of power, I shall send you to the ground」(Blue Flower Guide)

A blue flower supported by a thick stem several times thicker than Mira shook the petals irregularly when said so. The voice seemed to rebound from the bottom of the earth. It reverberated throughout the area. The source of power that would please the Guide. This was also one of the common points of Demon Mazes.

In Demon Maze, not only the entrances and exits were different. Certain items were necessary to get in and out. However, it was by no means a difficult thing to procure. It was always something that could be obtained without difficulty if you had the power to fight in a Demon Maze.

「Will this suffice?」(Mira)

Mira took out the core of a Treant and raised it. The common drop item from the Demon Maze’s monster also could serve as an escape tool.

「I shall accept it as your toll … Now, drop it into the lake. I shall bring you to the exit」(Blue Flower Guide)

Mira brought Catsith back into her dress and threw the treant’s heart into the lake as she was told. The ripple spread and the heart shone faintly as it slowly sunk.

「Certainly, I received it. Now, we shall proceed.」(Blue Flower Guide)

After that, the large blue flower ate Mira with its petals.

「Nyan desu ~nya!」(Catsith)

(T.N: a cat version of “Nan desu” which means “What is this?”)

「You don’t have to worry, it just takes us to the exit」(Mira)

Catsith panicked with a sudden darkness and struggled. As he struggled he got tangled in Mira’s brassiere. As for Mira, she had already experienced exiting from a Demonic Maze several times when it was still just the game, so she just kept calm. During their travel, she got an uncomfortable feeling of incongruity. After some thought, she came to a conclusion that her chest is being clawed and touched. As their ‘travel’ would take some time, it would be impossible to remove Catsith from that place any time soon, so she had to endure it.

The whole room shook with a rumbling noise. The surface of the lake got rough due to vibrations. The Blue Flower Guide that gripped Mira slid into the hole.

No, actually that was what the flower tried to do.{that would … indicate that it failed, but as we can read further ahead it succeeded without trouble … so this sentence is a bit .. pointless ?} The Blue Flower Guide went through the hole while enclosing Mira. Then, after round of tremendous shaking and sudden centrifugal force, the flower finally stopped moving.

[ED: so she had shaky travel… em while her cat was entangled in her bosom and tried to get out? …i guess Luminaria would pay much for some photos. Considering that type of flower is rarely …em.. dry and she probably got properly chewed out .. em … … +1 vote for R15]

Mira was spat out and her butt hit the hard rocky ground.

「Could you have treated me a little gentler?」(Mira)

Mira complained while rubbing her butt. But of course, the Blue Flower Guide couldn’t care less.

「Follow that river and you will find yourself outside. Well then, farewell rare guest」(Blue Flower Guide)

Blue Flower Guide slowly returned to its former place.

The place where Mira was brought was a small cavern. Said river flew through its center. Light barely seeped from far ahead. Source of said light turned out to be glowing moss which was growing in small bunches barely illuminating the dark cavern.

Catsith jumped out of Mira’s chest and began to examine the river.

「Is this the end of the adventure too ~nya? Regrettable ~nya」(Catsith)

The placards held in his hands is said 『Adventure until returning』.

「There will be another opportunity. At that time, I will summon you again」(Mira)

「Yes ~nya!」(Catsith)

Catsith jumped around and rejoiced at Mira’s declaration. The placard on his hand is said 『adventure, a way to go to the ideal village』

[ED: so now we know how he calls Mira’s bosom]

While savoring such a cute appearance of Catsith, Mira began to undress.

She unfastened her coat, then took off one piece, underwear, and stored them all together in the item box. Mira exposed her white birthday suit. [ED: as we can see on illustration later on it’s not that white… i mean i have seen paler]

「Well then, let’s go. First member」(Mira)

「Where are your clothes ~nya」(Catsith)

Mira took hold of Catsith and jumped into the river.

「This is cat-a-strophe ~nya … I can’t swim ~nya…」(Catsith)

The river ended with a small waterfall which led into the lake located near the maze entrance. Mira swam with the current and fell into the lake. Catsith clung to the placard wretchedly. The placard said『rescuer needed asap.』.

The lake itself wasn’t deep, hence Mira could manage somehow. (T.N: It’s from Raw, I think the Author means Mira only need to swim a little to the shore and she can reach the bottom and starts walking)

「Hush, don’t panic.」(Mira)

Mira grabbed Catsith and put him on her hard. Afterwards, she started swimming leisurely to the shore.

The sunset was coming near. Darkness was slowly spreading over the forest. A naked girl stood on a shore of the lake. She was squeezing water out of her wet hair. That figure was somewhat uncommon and fantastic.

(T.N: Thank you very much, dbm reader for the picture link)

Mira took out a large bag from the item box.
It’s a bag with her clothes packed.
When Mira was taking a towel out, she noticed a faint noise.
Mira double checked the rocky mountain with her biological sensing.
There were countless reactions that were from animals of the forest.
Only one of them was a human who was trying to hide.

「Who’s there?」(Mira)

When Mira glared at the top of the rocky mountain, that person jumped off wielding a pair of daggers.
There was a man, who wore a black cloak that perfectly blended with the darkness of the night.

His arms were covered with a cloth.
Similar black cloths were wound several times around his hands.
His lower half of the face was covered with a mask.
At first sight, he might have been mistaken for a ninja.
The man held something behind him and looked at Mira with sharp eyes, like a predator looking at its prey.
Then he noticed her being in birthday suit and turned his eyes to the bag Mira had put beside her.

「… You are not a spirit …」 (Assassin-like Man)

「Spirit? Where have you seen one?」(Mira)

「That’s right ~nya, Ringmaster is Ringmaster ~nya!」(Catsith)

The man still kept his vigilance. He scrutinized Catsith, who was looking at his face from ground level.

「Is this a cat fairy …?」(Assassin-like Man)

「Well, I’m a summoner.」(Mira)

「That’s right ~nya, the Ringmaster is a very strong summoner ~nya!」(Catsith)

Heard both Mira and Catsith ‘s words, the man lowered his stance.

「I’m sorry, you are as beautiful as a spirit that’s why I have mistaken you for one」(Assassin-like Man)

Being praised to be as beautiful as a spirit pleased Mira very much and made her happy that others found her attractive.

Mira felt something suspicious about this man and asked further.

「Hou, I see. But then, even if you mistook me for a spirit, why did you keep your guard up? They are harmless existences」(Mira)

「That’s right ~nya, unlike the Ringmaster, the spirit girls are very gentle ~nya!」(Catsith)

As she was praised as beautiful like a spirit, Mira was a little happy about the attractiveness of this body in other eyes, but then Mira felt something suspicious from this man and asked more.

She raised her eyebrow for a moment but then instantly made poker face fast enough for the man not to notice her expression.

「No, I have been in a territory of an anxious spirit before, so I’ve been cautioned against spirits ever since」(Assassin-like Man)

Hearing so, Mira struck a serious pose and nodded.

She opened the bag and took out the towel.

「Fumu, is that so. Then it can’t be helped」(Mira)

「That’s right ~nya, you are a stupid one ~nya!」(Catsith)

「Be quiet for a moment」(Mira)

「Okay ~nya …」(Catsith)

Mira lightly wiped her body with the towel.

Then she handed the towel over to Catsith.

(Spirits are free … They have no territory. Maybe he considered me a child? Then that would be an appropriate excuse. All in all, what is he hiding?)

「What were you doing in this kind of place?」(Mira)

「I was just gathering medicinal plants and tree nuts. It was almost time for me to return home」(Assassin-like Man)

The man answered so and gently tapped the bag on his waist that contained something.

「Fumu, I see. If you entered this far, you should be able to gather a lot of stuff」(Mira)

「yeah yeah, I have many different things. Have you seen any spirit in the vicinity?」(Assassin-like Man)

「No, I haven’t. But why do you ask?」(Mira)

「If there was spirit in the vicinity, I must avoid it」(Assassin-like Man)

As a matter of course the man said. From his behavior, Mira could see how much he cared for spirits.

「Well, I shall return to the nearby village」(Assassin-like Man)

As soon as they reached conclusion, the man turned around and ran into the forest. At the man’s back was a short sword with a strange pattern strapped behind his belt.

Everything about that man was suspicious. Not only his appearance, but also his sorry imitation of an excuse about his being alert against spirits. And above all …

「Fumu, I may as well investigate this man.」(Mira)

Mira tried to check that man with her biometric sensing. Man suddenly turned to a different direction and started speeding up. After Mira confirmed it, she terminated Catsith’s summon, his placard said『Okay, see you again』.

Catsith’s sad voice echoed while he still being wrapped in the towel.

(T.N: Also in Raw, my guess is “Mira handed over the towel to Catsith before, but the towel is big for him, it must cover his body, as he dries himself with towel, his body must be wrapped in the towel somehow” = clumsy character)


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