Chapter 45: Post Confession

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It had taken a while for the truth revealed to Mariana and Creos to settle。

Mira confirmed the two had digested the situation after explaining what happened。

It was caused by an item containing a special power。When the box was opened、her form changed into her current figure。It seems that the same item is necessary to change back、however it was possible it no longer existed。

She was unable to reveal these facts immediately in fear of being spited by them、so to speak。

Mariana was the first the speak with some slight anger。

「I could never despise Dunbalf-sama。Such a terrible thought is unthinkable!」

「I think so as well、Dunbalf-sama」

Creos drank his fifth cup of tea as he agreed with Mariana。

「We of the fairy-kin do not judge a person based on their looks。Whatever form Dunbalf-sama may take、I will serve you no matter what for rest of my life」

「I don’t mind at all either。……On the contrary、I became less fearful while in front of you」

Although Creos was simply agreeing with whatever Mariana asserted、his eyes were unwavering。

「But、the box that can change a persons figure……。By chance is it a type of Artifact?」

Creos closed his eyes in thought。A powerful tool with an effect to change a person’s figure does not fundamentally exist。Creos thought that if there was such an Artifact、it was probably a miraculous relic given from god。

When it was still a game、the existence of some Artifacts were confirmed。It was the reward for a difficult quest、or a drop from a transcendental class Demon、of course it wasn’t anything like a Vanity Case。

You could say it was close to something given from God。In other words、a charge item received by the admin。

In any case、it wasn’t possible to say it was a purchased item that allowed you to alter your character、in the present world it was meaningless。

「Perhaps、I was too careless」

Mira had supported the artifact story because it wasn’t quite a lie。It was a good starting point by understanding it was a magic item able to create a miracle。

「Ahh、also。Do not talk about this matter to anyone」

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「eh、why? If everyone is informed of Dunbalf-sama’s return to the seat of the Nine Sages、won’t the future of summoning magic become secure?」

Unlike Mariana who obediently obliged、Creos prompted a question。It was reasonable to say、however Mira understood Solomon’s words。Although she was the same person、the image was too different。The two of them understood only because they were the closest to Dunbalf、while other people wouldn’t willingly accept it。If the masses were unable to accept it、it would become difficult to move around as one of the Nine Sages。If that were to happen、searching for the remaining Sages would be impossible。Sooner or later she would return、however now wasn’t the time。


After organizing the information、Mira spoke about everything。The two of them were worth trusting、and by believing in her they would become closer。

The relationship was different from the conventional one。It was the level of kinship。

「There are only two others who know this。Solomon and Luminaria。Presently I am following Solomon’s request of looking for the remaining Sages around the world」

「The Nine Sages、you say!?」

For Creos、it could be said to be an abnormal situation。

The disappearance of the Nine Sages was the biggest event that happened in Alkite Kingdom、but as far as Creos knew、there hadn’t yet been any cases of a country performing a search。They were the Kingdoms greatest fighting power、but searches had been nonexistent。There were several speculations about it、but there was one common rumor among the strongest adventurers。It was……、currently they weren’t in this world。This rumored theory had been authenticated and spread around as the true answer。

Creos had also come across the rumor。

But、King Solomon the ruler of the country and Danbulf of the Nine Sages himself were looking for those individuals。The firm belief that the Nine Sages had vanished would no longer hold、for they were somewhere in this world。

「I cannot move around as one of the Nine Sages。In conclusion、I ask of thee、can I entrust everything to thou?」

「Of course! If it the return of the Nine Sages、I will happily do so」

Creos trembled in excitement from Mira’s words、and recalls the time of when all Nine Sages were together。Creos couldn’t help getting excited as a simple Magician、thinking about the time of the Golden Age’s Silver Tower’s、and how they could return。

「In any case、Dunbalf-sama will leave once again」

Mariana quietly mumbled a few words。Her quiet voice reached Mira during the moment of silence。After coming back and bringing tears of joy to this girl、she would still have to leave again。Even so、it was an important mission that would influence the nation、and it couldn’t just be thrown away。

「I’m sorry。It was selfish of me to mention」

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Towards Mira’s expression that was hard to describe、Mariana apologized and immediately smiled without a problem。However、hey eyes contained loneliness。

「I understand your feelings Mariana。However、this is a serious matter that concerns the country。Besides、Dunbalf-sama is here。It was different until now。Surely you can be happy knowing that alone」

Everyone along with the advisors will represent the towers until the return of the Nine Sages。The Nine Sages were originally abnormally odd people、they had absolute trust for their representatives and advisors。Creos seemed to try to persuade himself and spoke、

「Don’t you think?」while directing a smile towards Mira。

「Then、I promise to return as frequently as possible」

Mariana and Creos felt nodded in relief hearing those words。Mira placed the cup of cooled tea into her hand and held it against her mouth、she smiled wryly as coming and going would become difficult。However、she was also met with a slight warm spreading inside her heart。


Uttering a small sound、Creos turned his gaze towards Mira motionlessly with a serious expression。


Mira gazed back puzzled。Seemingly as if it were funny、Creos revealed a happy smile filled with fascination。

「It feels strange to call you Dunbalf-sama while in that form。And because it’s a secret、is it better to call you Mira-sama in the future?」


The tip of Mira’s eyebrows came together as she squinted in worry。What Creos had mentioned was reasonable。Regardless if it were kept secret、the information would still somehow leak out。

「Umu、Certainly。……Then、while I’m in this form, please refer to me as Mira」


Mira had told the two、if a person’s true colors bloomed、they would have to decide whether or not to trim them off。Creos felt strangely uncomfortable knowing a secret from one of the nine。

「Are you fine Mariana?」

「Yes。There’s no problem」

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Mariana answered while protectively touching the featherlike pattern that appeared on her left hand with a fingertip。It was the proof of connection, the Sprites Divine Protection。And in front of her was the person she held dearest。For the Fairy-kin、it something they valued more than anything else。The difference between names was merely trivial。

「Well then、with that said。I will be away again、I hope to rely on thou」

「Please leave it to us」

「I’ll so as much as I can」

Mariana and Creos excitedly nod in earnest。However、in the next moment、the sound of a bell echoed throughout the room。

「Mu、what is that?」

「This、it’s a magic communication signal!」

Creos stood up and rushed towards the desk of the work room、and opened a black box turning a lever on one of the devices inside。

「This is Creos、the acting sage」

〔This is Jozu of the Silver Horne guard patrol group。We seek emergency instructions from the tower〕

The voice of a slightly indistinct man was incoherent。The voice seemed to be exactly the kind heard over a telephone。Mira and Mariana listened to the voice in silence。

「In any case、what’s wrong?」

〔Well、a huge dragon appeared in the sky roughly three hours ago、it came near the vicinity of the residents。In order to confirm it、we searched the outskirts in groups but the dragon wasn’t found。

But、in an empty area northwest of the forest we found a large trace of it。We widened the search range in that place、but were unable to find anything。

It seemed we were mistaken after searching、but there was communication of a large dragon that left the area after making the round trip back through the sky several to Silver Wand a few hours ago。

It is likely to be identical。However there hasn’t been any information whether or not its flown away、there is a high possibility the large dragon is hiding and excels in concealment magic。

We cannot do anymore with our power alone、but with the help of the towers more can be done〕

「Dragon……?。From the district of Silver Wand、Perhaps it also passed by the vicinity of Lunatic Lake……」

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〔Yes。It’s very likely〕

Lunatic Lake could be seen over the mountain range of Silver Wand。After hearing the report with a foreboding feeling、Creos turned his sight towards Mira for an instant。

In that moment、Mira quickly evaded his gaze。Bringing the cup of tea to her lips、she noticed that its contents had been drained and quietly placed it back onto the table trembling。


From Mira’s reaction、Creos had concluded something。

「Leave the minimum number of people and standby until further contact is made and return。Besides me、who else has been informed?」

〔As ordered。In addition to Creos-sama、we’ve also contacted Luminaria-sama〕

「Ok。I will get in touch with Luminaria-sama here。Please return to your post」

〔Understood。Please excuse me〕

The sound was cut off、and stillness filled the room。

「Mira-sama、you were in Lunatic Lake until yesterday correct?。What means of travel did you use to come here?」

Creos seemed shocked as he closed the black box、but had sent his gaze towards Mira with an expression of curiosity。It was the face of someone who understood everything。

「Umu……ahh-……well……it was……」

「Ah、Mira-sama could it have been……」

From Creos’s way of speaking and Mira’s reaction、Mariana came to the realization。And with that decisive factor、Mira bowed her head in resignation and began to talk。

「I rode a little on…… Aizen Faldo……」

「As I thought、so it was Aizen Faldo-sama……。Something like that would cause an uproar」

While traveling around with Dunbalf、Creos had met Aizen Faldo on numerous occasions。The bold、massive figure that exuded an overwhelming presence。If such being was seen around human cities、it was impossible not to cause an uproar。Mira had intended to be careful。Therefore she summoned him inside a forest near Lunatic Lake。However、it wasn’t enough precaution in human society。People were unable to bear the darkness at night、even more so when an existence that could harvest lives by simply playing around。

「I will convey this matter to Luminaria-sama。Mira-sama、please be a little more prudent in the future」


Relief washed over Creos looking at Mira’s troubled figure、as he quickly left the room。
(The report came at just the right timing。I was able to escape before being confronted about the matter of my complaint before。

Nevertheless、to ride on Aizen Faldo、it was completely overdone。Certainly、it seems that it’ll become lively here again from now on)

Creos、with a feeling that skipped about、was headed out towards the Tower of Sorcery。

「Mira-sama hasn’t changed at all since the past」

A smile bloomed on Mariana’s face as she remembered the distant past in which Dunbalf overdid everything in every meaning of the word。Mira smiled awkwardly in embarrassment with a short reply「A warning is sufficient enough」。

(Aizen Faldo。In the end、I may not be able to call thou too much in the future)

Just before sending him back she said declared herself be under his care、but thinking about the current situation it wasn’t possible to readily summon him。Inside of her mind、Mira apologized and would convey it to him in a secluded area。Although large、he was considered as her lovely child。

After Creos left、Mira and Mariana were alone。Mira unintentionally gripped the tea cup、while remembering the contents were already drained、it may have stemmed from the tension that she couldn’t understand。Mariana caught a glimpse of it and curtly stood up taking the two cups、「I’ll make more tea」。Mariana headed to the corner of the room where an exclusive Magic Machine、that Creos had prepared to make tea sat。Mira watched、staring at her back as Mariana’s small figure retreated。

(Isn’t this like being a newly married couple?!)

In this case however、which was the husband and which the wife? Mira was worried about such a simple thing。From another perspective、they could be a gentle looking older sister accompanied by their free spirited younger sister。

「If you please、Mira-sama」


As Mariana placed the cup on the table、Mira thanked her and quietly drew the cup near her lips。


The fragrance quickly spread inside her nose、as Mira regained her composure she directed her attention towards Mariana who had reseated herself。

「While I’ve been away、thou has managed to clean and care for my room。Sorry for the trouble」

「No、it was no problem at all。It is my duty」

Mira apologized for her absence、while recalling the words of Solomon which stated that Mariana believed he would one day return and continued to wait。However、the current Mariana naturally smiled、and the two began their heated recollection as their conversation blossomed。

As Mira finished hearing about the emotional past thirty years of Mariana’s life、Creos who finished handling the uproar returned。

「I’ve returned。There is no need to worry about the matter concerning the dragon、I’ve glossed over the incident with Luminaria-sama」

Creos happily smiled at the two in the room、as he reported himself in、

「The atmosphere seems enjoyable。May I join?」

While talking、having left his cup on the table、he began brewing a new pot of tea to serve。

「By all means、I would like for thou to join」

A woman’s voice had come from behind Mira。A woman with crimson long hair wearing a sages robe with black lines fearlessly stared at Mira。

「It’s like a family reunion」

She recognized the beautiful woman as her best friend。As Luminaria teased her、she embraced Mira from behind。

「I’ve forgotten the face of my grandchild、ojii-chan」

Bringing her face in close、she softly opened her lips whispering in her ear、「Seems like you’ve told them both。Were you able to prepare yourself a little?」。Receiving tea from Creos、she quickly separated one of her hands。Slurping the tea、a satisfied smile appeared on Luminaria、

「For this memorable reunion、I’ll treat you to dinner。It’ll be alright、let’s have fun!」

Having been forced into it、they met in front of the Tower of Sorcery half past six、as Luminaria sprang out triumphantly in preparation。

「As forceful as ever……」

Although Mira smiled bitterly、she was thankful for being able to talk about old memories while conversing with Creos。

「To consider the best course of actions、sorry。Creos」

「No……It was nothing at all……」

Mira apologized for the course of events in a grumble as she conversed。However Creos began to strangely sweat as she continually apologized、in contrast Mariana had been grateful。

Three people had arrived in front of the Tower of Sorcery as scheduled。It was an astounding sight、a representative along with a tower advisor had gathered together。People randomly appeared to greet them、along with researchers handing them tools as a pretense for the revival of Summoning Magic。It could all be described as one word、selfishness。According to Creos、if they didn’t have a certain impact、then no contract would be made。While supporting the ideas it was beneficial not to forget about your own profits。

Mira confirmed again that there was no change。

「I’ve kept you waiting。Please come in」

Luminaria appeared energetically at the door、and invited them inside the tower。

「Does thou not go out to eat anywhere?」

「There are some things you can’t speak of inside a general shop。The things you’ve experienced from adventuring。I want you to tell me in detail」

「Fumu、so it was like that」

Events that occurred during adventures。In other words、the appearance of the demon and the Wandering Spirit。The three of them were guided into a private room on the top floor by Luminaria。

Although it was furnished with a simple appearance、there were elegant items lined up nicely、it displayed a side completely different from the usual Luminaria。After all、Luminaria was one who wasn’t concerned about appearance。The private room had been furnished by the tower advisor with good intentions。It was the advisor who had an excellent view of living aspects。

And that very advisor、Litaria、had finished arranging dishes on the table。Tonight’s dinner was all prepared by Litaria。

「Sorry to have kept you all waiting。I look forward to hearing the story about Dunbalf-sama、Mira-sama。」

「Ahー、Umu。well、In future……」

Mira answered with an unsure expression、recalling what she had said during their time of parting。

Mira had the lead role in telling her story of her adventure during their dinner。
Whereabouts of Soul Howl、appearance of the demon that were said to have gone extinct、the Spirit kidnapping incident 、it was all things that were unable to be said in a general shop because of the many ears and eyes that would surround them。

Litaria kept a close watch on Mira happily、watching as she conversed。Mira eventually reached her limit and revealed her truth、to which Mariana and Creos confirmed、Litaria who listened became rigid and required suitable time to recover。

Aside from those stories、she also spoke of the events inside the school to Luminaria and was immediately scolded。Apart from Mira’s stories、talk about the resurrection of Summoning Magic went underway and Luminaria was asked to assist Creos。As for Creos、strangely he was once again unable to stop sweating profusely。

In exchange for Luminaria’s help、she requested for a collection of a set of catalysts。A snow crystal and the scale of a pale dragon、along with three kinds of Icicle Spears。

There was no way to reconsider things、as Mira went with it、and the four continued to talk about national secrets of the country while leaving out Litaria。


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