Chapter 44: Confession

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「That reminds me、how has thou lived until now?」

Mira presented a question to Aizen Faldo as they traveled in mid-air。During the time it was still a game、there was no explanation for character backgrounds、when they were summoned、and when they were sent back。However now that it has become a reality、it wasn’t so simple。

「I lived with friends in the Capital of Dragons。During my time there I learned how to transform into a human。I’ve heard that compared to the form a dragon、you can suppress more energy。It seems to be called energy conservation」

「Hou、is that so? Human transformation in the Capital of Dragons……」

Mira paid attention to two unfamiliar words。First、during the game era there was no such thing as the Capital of Dragons。Judging from his tone of speech it was possible to imagine。A place filled to the brim with dragons。But when it came to human transformation、as what had been seen、other than that there was absolutely no idea。If one had previously known of it、Aizen Faldo’s transformation wouldn’t have been surprising。

「Someone taught thou human transformation?」

A dragon transforming into a person has never been had never been heard of before。

Judging from the transformation effect、it felt close to Demon Invocation magic、but the problem was a dragon using a magician’s magic。Only humans could handle the nine different types of magic。Alternatively、it was also possible if a person was of mixed blood like Creos。Be they Monsters、Spirits、 or Demons。Additionally、other various intelligent races possessed original magic。If that were the case、the existence of transformation magic would be exclusive only to dragons。

A thought occurred that it was developed recently within the past thirty years、but Mira was interested in the being who had taught it。

「If I recall……、it was long ago。A human woman had suddenly come over to the Capital of Dragons。I’ve forgotten her name、but we spent some time together、she boldly approached and talked to us and gradually took good care of us。

One day、there were complaints of a food shortage and nothing to hunt、the woman said it was because of a famine, and it was now time to conserve energy。

We didn’t understand the meaning、she told us a way we could live on with smaller amounts of food。That was through human transformation。While in human form we would become much weaker、but food consumption became proportional to that、because of that the food problem was gradually settled」

「So that’s how it was……」

Aizen Faldo finished telling the story about that women to Mira。Thinking of the words “conserve energy”, she may have been a former player。It was highly likely that it was regular magic used by humans。If that were the case、it would mean that Aizen Faldo would be unable to use that kind of magic。It could also be a dragon exclusive skill、and that person simply informed them of it。Did the women develop a skill that even dragons can use? Or did she learn of it and tell them? ……Or was it something entirely different?

In other words、it was a skill that original players didn’t know of。

(I really want to ask Solomon)

To what extent has this world evolved? The outlook of it made Mira’s heart throb。

「After that、for several years、because I hadn’t heard from mother、I travelled around human settlements looking for mother」


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Mira groaned and apologized for having made Aizen Faldo worried。

「It’s alright。We were able to meet、but where in the world has mother been?」

Aizen Faldo spoke in an uneasy tone、and asked Mira a question that was unlikely to have an answer。In actuality、thirty years had passed since Mira’s character make-over。

「Honestly、I do not understand it well either。Thirty years had passed by the time I noticed」

She spoke in a manner unable to recall her memories。Aizen Faldo looked slightly puzzled over the answer and retorted、「That’s quite mysterious」、as sounds rung out from his throat。Being separated for thirty years was a small matter now、because Aizen Faldo was able to reunite with her。

As Mira watched the border of the horizon、while listening to the sound of Aizen Faldo whistling through the wind、she thought of calling her other summons and greeting them。

Traveling one-thousand miles by carriage towards Demon City Silver Horn took two days from the Capital City Lunatic Lake、but riding on top of the Emperor Dragon Aizen Faldo in the sky had taken only 2 hours。

In the vicinity of Silver Horn、in a small opening of the forest、the Emperor Dragon slowly descended as he projected a large shadow。The forest heaved from the wind pressure that came in ripples、and a countless amount of birds scattered flying away in every direction。Aizen Faldo’s silver scales glittered in the sunlight、as he cautiously stepped onto the ground quietly to lay down、stretching his left leg。

「Mother、we’ve arrived」

「Umu、sorry for thy troubles。Thou are a good child」

Mira verified the feeling of the ground as she swung down from Aizen Faldo’s back to his left leg as she pat the tip of his nose。Aizen Faldo joyfully purred from the back of his throat and smiled。

(With a fuzzy coat it would be perfect。From here、movement shouldn’t be a problem。)

「Mother、will you call on me again?」

「Of course、please take care of me from now on。」

「Yes Mother!」

Aizen Faldo’s voice burst open and echoed out、as he was wrapped in light。Mira had dismissed him。Slowly his contours blurred、he returned back to the city of dragons as if it was reflected in the shadow of the fog and disappeared。

「It will take thirty minutes on foot」

Mira mumbled to herself recalling the terrain’s topography she saw while in the sky、as she stepped towards the thickly growing trees aiming for the road。

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The purpose was to clearly see the nine towers at the end of the road。

After the scheduled time passed walking、Mira put off her original purpose and peeped into a shop that was on Silver Horns main street。

(That mana water is cheap。And this stardust fruit、placed inside such a common shop……thirty years is a long time。I don’t want to leave this……)

Mira checked the displayed goods one by one。Prices were half of what they were from the old days、and moreover、individual trades were more natural if it was a rare item。As Mira went around shops、she thought it would be better to abandon the former sense of values。

About two hours had passed since arriving at Silver Horn、as she finished checking the current prices。

Slightly past noon、Mira entered a nearby coffee shop feeling hungry。While taking a break、many different races appeared in her view and slowly passed by、as she sipped her hot chocolate。There were many local magicians、narrowing her eyes along the city street、it was a place that prospered as a touring location、and she quietly stored the spectacle in her mind。

Mira finished and left the coffee shop after paying。The nine towers visually looked close、however in actual fact they were still far off。

(Now then、I suppose I shall be off)

Making up her mind as she continued walking、Mira cut off the temptations of shop attractions and immediately left for the Silver Tower。

It was located in the district of the towers、away from the commerce area but still bustling with tourists during noon。When Mira arrived at the square in front of the tower at during peak times、it’s surroundings were full of countless tourists。Various races、and magicians who wore high ranking equipment scattered around the area。

Mira laid her eyes on children who were frolicking about。They were children who ran around playing with wooden sticks。Shouting an unknown aria while waving the stick、a man who seems like a parent falls down unnaturally。And the child wearing a replica robe of a Wiseman……raised his stick in triumph。

Mira who saw the scene、remembered her own figure a few days ago。The figure of her-self walking with her chest held high wearing the replica robes。

(Roleplay costume?!)

Mira who realized the truth felt completely embarrassed、so much that she thought of rolling on the ground in embarrassment inside her mind。Her expression twitched as she calmly understood something as she watched the children play happily。Whether or not she was seen、she looked up towards the sky with empty eyes。

Shaking off the embarrassment、she ran and stopped at a gate。Looking up at the gate、she leaked out a voice of admiration、tourists were also at this place。

The public observers wouldn’t disperse immediately。Mira looked around her surroundings、and took out her Tower Master Key from her inventory and held it up at the gate。The surrounding voices began to clamor、as the gate opened in recognition of the key。It was only natural to be confused、only research workers、advisors、the stand-in sage、and the sages were able to open the gate。Other than that、people passing a rigorous inspection were given a temporary pass。

The researchers were superb magicians in regards to the people that were concerned、they held influence on the level of nobles in the country。Furthermore、the stand-in sages had a much larger influence、they were treated as equals of the imperial family when it concerned the Nine Sages。

In order to enter that place that had such people、even influential royalty would have to clear the wall known as the inspection。However、a complete stranger to the public eye had come to the gate and opened it。

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After Mira opened the gate casually without thinking about the present situation、the atmosphere abruptly changed as she held the key overhead。She felt everyone’s gaze pierce her back sending shivers down her back。

(Did……I do something wrong?……)

The cold sweat streaming down her face signaled Mira to dash through the gate as she suppressed her expression。

Before the gate closed without a sound、the tourists were able to see it opening for the first time and went wild with joy、celebrating the good luck。For the first time、someone was able to view the inside of that place whiling making lots of noise、subsequently a researcher inside kneaded together his eyes in opposition。A wave of excitement washed over every corner of the square、people who were able to witness it directly were glad、and lamented for the people who were unable able to see it。

In the site where the Nine Towers stood lofty。The tower that shun in silver attracted tens of thousands of tourists every month。In the past it had been an important war base、but now it had devolved into a tourist attraction garnering national interest。After an antiwar pact was concluded、tourism increased。

Mira faced directly towards the Summoner’s Tower、while glancing sideways at the researchers immersed in their study。

Several researchers chased after the figure of the girl with their eyes、as she went inside one of the towers。The Tower of Summoners、and a lovely girl with silver hair who had been discussed as Dunbalf’s pupil。People who were originally interested in only research recalled Dunbalf of the Nine Sages、and the heroic saga’s he left behind。The Nine Sages were a supreme existence for the tower’s researchers、the magic they used were also different。The people here also had no objections to summoning magic。

In the past、the towers had people who worked together mutually with friendly rivalry trying improve themselves。That will had been inherited。

「Dunbalf-sama’s pupil?。They should be able to help revive Summoning Magic」

A researcher muttered。It was someone who worked together with the stand-in sage Creos、and explored his contracting method for Summoning Magic。It was regretful that it didn’t bear any fruits of merit、but they would entrust it the existence known as Dunbalf’s pupil。

Tower of Summoning、First Floor。Mira traveled straight through the deserted halls and entered the top floor with the central elevator。Third floor、fourth floor、fifth floor。Mira constantly repeated deep breathing exercises in order to calm herself、and when she finally made up her mind、she stepped forward into the top floor。

She stopped in front of the assistant room before entering a private room。She intended to confess everything to Mariana。

Mariana believed that Dunbalf would return and continued watching over everything for thirty years。And despite being known as his pupil、taking out materials was still rejected without direct permission。Permission would be given if she designated as such、but she didn’t want to lie to Mariana anymore。There was also the feeling of wanting to let Mariana be relieved。

Mira raised her right hand、and lightly balled her hand into a fist、when suddenly the door to the next room over opened、Creos with his fluttering blond hair had appeared。

「Oya、if it isn’t Mira-chan。Did you have business with Mariana?」

Creos with a happy smile approached Mira、just as she was going to knock on the door。

「Umu、something like that」

「Is that so。Un、afterwards could you set aside some time for me? I want to address the continuation of the things from the school about Dunbalf-sama」

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「Afterwards will be……」

While talking、Mira stared at Creos、and thought now was a good opportunity since he was currently present。Concerning the problems inside the school、the current situation of summoners、it was convenient to be recognized as Dunbalf。

「Umm excuse me、is there something……ah、Mira-sama」

As the two people talked in front of the assistant’s room、the door opened。A girl in maid clothes with twin tails similar to glistening sapphire stealthily peeped out from the door、it was Mariana。

Only certain guests、and people knew how to operate the elevator to bring them to the top floor。It was natural for Creos to be in the Tower of Summoning。In other words、in accordance with the voices the person was visiting。If there was business to be had with Creos、they wouldn’t talk while standing there。That meant that they were there for Mariana。

「It has been a while、Mariana。I have something important to discuss with thou、does thou have time?」

「Yes、of course。What would you like to talk about?」

「Tis a slightly complicated story。Let’s discuss it inside。Creos、thou must come as well」

While Mira talked、she had taken out the master key。Mariana gazed at it nostalgically and replied、「Understood」as she left her room。

「I as well? Ok、is the work room alright? I’ll get the tea」

「Fumu、that will be fine」

Creos proudly declared so and went ahead and opened the door to the work room。Mira placed the tower key back into her item box、and went inside together with Mariana。

Mira settled down in front of Mariana and Creos、sipping her share of the amber colored liquid served by Creos。As a refreshing mellow fragrance spread around inside her mouth、and passed through her nose、a small breath unintentionally leaked out。

Creos watched joyfully as his expression loosened in satisfaction。Mariana extended her hand towards a cup along with the other two and nodded in understanding。

「Now then、this will be a poor roundabout conversation。So I will say it briefly……」

Mira placed her cup on the table along with her introduction。

(What will these two think after hearing this……。After turning into such a figure……)

As Mira emptied her lungs、she forcefully opened her mouth again rejecting the bad thoughts that came to mind。

「I am not a pupil。I am dunbalf himself」

She said it as sincerely and earnestly as possible。With her mind made up、she turned her eyes straight at the two in front。Facing each other、the two of them rummaged their brains slowly taking in the meaning of those words、Creos had become absentminded from the strange contents the words held。

「Umm……so in other words、Mira-chan isn’t Mira-chan、but Dunbalf-sama right?」

「As for mine name Mira、it’s just an alias for this form。Well、it’s reasonable to be skeptical at first」

Creos slowly and carefully observed Mira with his eyes with a perplexed expression and groaned。

Mariana had kept silent with a blank expression、rearranging her words。

「Is……is there any proof?」

Mariana’s words were suitable for the current condition。No matter how much you could insist on it、without proof it was just an invalid statement。There was no need for anymore words if you could show the impossible。

「Fumu、that’s right……」

Mira placed a finger on her chin、and thought of the quickest way to convince them。

Evidence that only Dunbalf would have。It had already been assumed that the tower key was obtained by having it transferred、so that was out of the question。Because of that、she wouldn’t be able to use items as proof。Cash shop items were also untradeable。In the first place they also held no meaning as all players had access to them。

There was also the method of showing off Dunbalf’s power、however、because she had already mentioned she was a pupil it was reasonable to assume that kind of power was natural。Even if she had showed off her powerful summons、she could only be regarded as an ‘excellent pupil’。

Anything she could use was likely impossible。Mira looked over her item list and status looking for something that could become proof。

(I could summon Alfina、and have her speak on my behalf。……However、forcing them to speak with compelling force could be said。Words alone won’t suffice for decisive evidence……)

After closing her menu、she was able to see both of their serious looks。Mentioning stories long past would be irreverent、it could be brushed off as just stories told by her master。

Mira realized that providing proof of herself was something hard to do。

As far as Dunbalf was concerned、Mariana’s expectations had repeatedly come into Mira’s view。

(Mariana……fairy-kin……Mariana of the fairy-kin……)

In that moment、Divine Blessing’s floated into her mind。

「That’s right、there was that!」


Mira vigorously stood up、 stopped right next to Mariana、and bent over presenting the palm of her hand。

「Sprite’s Divine Blessing。It’s given only to one person throughout a lifetime。Mine proof will be updating that Divine Blessing」

Mariana realized the meaning of those words、and became startled at Mira’s words。

The Sprite’s Divine Blessing was special contract、it resembled a vow between a man and woman、both accepting each other as their companion。The effect of the Divine Blessing differs from fairy to fairy、but it was impossible to break that vow。However、that vow had a time limit。When both parties mutually shared that connection、a Divine Blessing is born。Its effect lasted for three days、but it was possible to update and renew its effect。The renewal of this blessing will become the proof。
If she could update the Divine Blessing、it would be the absolute evidence that tied Mariana to Dunbalf。

「I see。Mariana certainly gave Dunbalf her Divine Blessing。That is to say、if Mira-chan can materialize the blessing……」

The girl in front of them could very well prove herself to be Dunbalf。Creos’s expression turned dull as he grumbled、if there were any complaints from Mira he would fall into a predicament。With shaky hands caused from the tension、he grabbed a cup to drink the contents in order to maintain a calmness。


Mariana’s lips quivered quietly as she matched her left hand with Mira’s right and closed her eyes。Mira had also felt some slight tension、after blinking numerous times、light gathered and overflowed on her hand。


It was the reaction of the Sprite’s Divine Blessing being updated。Creos who had guessed it、looked around the area confirming an escape route。

A design of a small feather slowly appeared where the light converged on the back of their hands。

「Update……it was done」

Mariana opened her eyes widely and gazed at the back of her hand、she held her hand to her chest with great importance。Mira traced the proof of the blessing in satisfaction with her fingertip、「With this……」her voice was clogged with words。The Mariana she saw had tears overflowing in both of her eyes。

Mira recalled her first time meeting Mariana when this world became a reality、She had been touched to tears at that time。


Mira directly faced her while saying so、and gently touched her cheeks。Mariana was slightly shy、but happily held onto Mira’s hand

「We are finally able to meet!」

She cried out with a smile。Overwhelmed with happiness、tears streamed down constantly、as she continually rubbed Mira’s hands over and over again。


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