Chapter 41: Acting Apprentice、One Teacher

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As a result、it took Hinata several minutes to regain her sanity。Mira in the meantime was talking about the situation of summoning magic acquisition to Creos、assessing the the material cost for the creation of sealed exploding magic stones was advised。Creos expressed excitement、and promised to give his best effort。

After the talk finished、Amaratti repeated her questions about the magic robe set、to which Mira dutifully answered in detail。As soon as Amaratti heard about the effects generated from magic stones、her eyes shined as she bit at her clothes。Eventually、Amaratti settled down when they agreed to ask Lily to make a set。

In the midst of the conversation of the three people、Hinata finally rebooted、interrupting by asking about the story details of Dunbalf’s apprentice、as the others remained silent。

(Dunbalf’s apprentice!? I’ve never heard of one。But that kind of technique、Creos had also mentioned it……。Ah! Then I wonder、did Dunbalf-sama retire? If that is the case maybe he put effort into the upbringing of his apprentice。

I’ve somewhat decided on what to use expenses on。Well、it’s particularly thanks to Mira-chan。……I wonder if it would be unpleasant to Mira-chan。But I could ask for Creos’s input。Uun、it’s because it’s Creos-sama。Then what about Mira-sama? I wonder what……It would be surprising。Is it because of a kind of speech? It’s awfully impressive。

Amaratti likes clothes、more specifically magical girl fashion? Is that so。The clothes are really cute。Mira-chan……Although the atmosphere is slightly different、Mira-sama is the same。Me too……Well、it doesn’t suit them。

Rather than that、What am I doing over here!?)

(TLN: Hinata is following along with their conversation and talking to herself inside her mind)

Hinata had come to a conclusion after going around in circles in anguish。In front of her was a famous person、he had mentioned he was only acting as a stand-in Sage。But the fact was that he was still one of the highest ranked magicians in the continent、in an event at the Country of the Three Gods a decade ago、a demon that attacked Alkite Kingdom、and being known as the strongest fighting power that fought alongside Luminaria remained unchanged。And、the girl sitting next to that person was said to be above them。On one end、that power was firmly burned into her eyes。At the moment、Hinata was present in the gathering of three people with the war potential equal to a country。It was impossible to be calm。

「Fuumu、as I thought、for better efficiency it seems physical reinforcement products are needed」

「That’s right isn’t it。I can’t allow the students to encounter danger。Using Mira-chan’s equipment is much safer、but because of the large amount of applicants it takes a lot of time。I’ve collected various equipment some time ago、but it’s not good enough since there isn’t anything powerful」

Conversation with Mira started up again、it was discussion on the upbringing of new summoners。As expected、the content’s degree of difficulty of contracting and efficiency is a problem。

「Hou、is the equipment made for body strengthening?」

「Mostly one for vitality and one for physical strength。But because the effect increase is small、we can’t guarantee absolute safety so I don’t go 」

「I see。Then I may try and manage something 」

Mira pondered a little、and concluded that some refining could be done。Even if the equipment had a small effect、it was possible to extract and increase it with refinement。


「Umu、leave it to me」

Creos asked in earned、while Mira replied with confidence。The exchange Hinata heard seemed similar to personal affairs。

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Mira who made up part of the group of four was directed to the Summoners Warehouse Department、and was currently moving through the special study department inside the school。With the lighting and furniture arrangements、it was reminiscent of a noble’s mansion rather than a school。

Mira who asked Creos and Amaratti about the school’s history、was interested in a variety of different things in it。Behind those three、Hinata nervously followed。

Students who saw their appearance、immediately moved out of the way lining up against the wall with an expression of etiquette。On the other hand、Creos with a bitter smile addresses them「Please excuse us for the disturbance」。With this polite demeanor、from people who weren’t under the umbrella of aristocracy、not just strangers、but students had also fallen in love with Creos。And It wasn’t just Creos。All of the stand-in Sages、were humble、and did not abuse their position。Therefore、some of the nobles hadn’t noticed it。The stand-in Sages、were each compared with each other without any words spoken。But、at it’s core there were many nobles who expressed their thanks。

After they had passed、the students began making noise。

「I understand if its Hinata-sensei、but who was the girl?」

「Aahh、that child was really cute」

「I like Amaratti-sama、but that girl is also good」

「So、who was that?」

Of course it wasn’t someone they knew、and many speculations were made。Creos’s illegitimate child、one of the three’s younger sister、new student、tower researcher、Amaratti’s magical girl fashion companion。Everything had been delusions with no connections、but the students happily engaged in conversation。

Specialized Study Basement。Creos stood in front of a dimly lit room inside the warehouse with every other magic department lined up、Hinata opened the door with a key she borrowed from the staff room。

In its own way、parts of the warehouse was in good condition、it was slightly dusty without airflow、and a light smell of paper and metal slightly drifted。This was because Hinata had cleaned and organized it it on a regular basis、as she made effective use of her spare time being a part of the Summoning Magic Department。

「Hinata-sensei。Could you bring out all of the accessories?」

「Yes、please wait a moment!」

With her spine and cat ears standing upright、Hinata tackled a corner of the warehouse。In the meantime、Creos spead out a stand in the center that had been propped up out of use。A myriad of symbols and shapes lined the surface、creating a magic formation。It was a refinement stand。

「Sorry to have kept you waiting」

Hinata held a box within her hands、and placed it on top of the table。Countless rings and necklaces were inside。The materials were common、none of which contained any mysterious power。


Creos while saying so、took a pouch from inside the warehouse and placed it on top of the table after arranging things。There were turquoise and moonstones、and countless amounts of crystal-like jewelry。It was the materials required for refining。

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「Fumu、then I’ll finish it quickly。I wonder if all the accessories will be refined?」

「That won’t matter」

Mira began working with jewels side-by-side in a predertmined position for this refinement stage、as Creos took notes。Creos and Amaratti had once seen it when they were in the castle with the matter of the Accord Cannon、they had stared and admired at what they saw。However、Hinata wasn’t able to understand what was happening。

Hinata was originally taught that refinement required care and time。It took thirty minutes to reform more than one accessory with refinement。

And、it could be said that the true value to refinement、was extracting the special effects that had been affixed to equipment。

Right now、Mira finished processing the accessories into several refining stones and begun her next task。The work detailed the extraction of the effect from the accessories turning it into a stone、and increasing the effect by refining it。By doing so、the sealed magic stone’s effect would be upgraded upon completion。The upgrade success rate wasn’t efficient、but it would surely be completed with enough repetition。

Approximately ten necklaces had been reformed on the stand、and the stone refinement upgrade had completed。

(This is……It’s refining isn’t it!? Although I’ve seen it several times in practice、this is differently entirely! A mountain of sand is steadily growing……)

「I’ll do it」

Hinata exclaimed、moving away Creos’s hand、and substituted in for him in the sand hill removal。

「To have it taken」Creos shrugged his shoulders、Amaratti advised expressionlessly「Please take Hinata-sensei into consideration」。Creos had good intentions and normally he did everything alone、but for a person with a superior position、it was impossible for people lower than him to settle down。Amaratti had mentioned the circumstances several times intending for Creos to change his temperament、but it was still quite difficult。

Was it roughly thirty minutes that had passed since Mira began refining? All of the accessories changed into sand、and twelve sealed magic stone’s effects had increased on top of the table。

「As I thought, it’s amazing isn’t it」

「Yes、it really is」

Seeing it again、Creos and Amaratti couldn’t help but to raise voices of admiration。Hinata looked at the two who were acting as stand-in sages calm down witnessing the extraordinary phenomenon that altered common sense on its own。

「This has increased Vitality、 and this has Physical Strength reinforcement。If the accessories can endure what comes after then it’ll be complete」

「Accessories?……Ah、In that case then perhaps around here……」

Creos began rummaging around the largest shelf in the warehouse while recalling something、taking out metal objects and things similar to work tools。

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A mountain of miscellaneous things gathered at his feet、and from the innermost part Creos came back with a tiny box in his hand。

The size of the box could fit in both palms、opening the lid after it was placed on the table、simple rings and necklaces without taste were inside。

Creos had created them when he was looking for new ways to acquire summons。As a result、the failures were resting in the back of the shelf、but now a time for being useful had come。

「They aren’t beautiful、but because the base is pure gold it should be sufficient」

Gold had high durability in retrospect to refining、which made it a material that was useful for refining equipment。As Creos had mentioned、as a base for refining products it was sufficient。

「Fumu、Certainly。Then shall I use these as the foundation?」

Mira answered back、taking a gold ring and necklace to carefully refine。When the increased effect was transferred to the accessory、the sealed magic stones evaporated into colorless dust。

The usage of the foundation was repeated twelve times、and creating the refined equipment had finished。

「Thank you Mira-chan! It’s possible for many applicants to form a contract。Really, thank you very much」

Creos expressed his gratitude multiple times、expressing a very happy smile taking the refined equipment。And this had also pleased Hinata。She wasn’t able to understand what happened in front of her eyes、but she understood that the accessories with strength reinforcement to help Summoners form a contract was completed。

「I would also like to thank you as a Teacher for Summoners。Mira-sama」

「…………Hinata、what is wrong with thou? Thou seems strange in many ways」

「There isn’t anything。I’m very calm」

Hinata who was informed that Mira was in fact Dunbalfs apprentice、did not know how to treat her and as a result showed a confused behavior。

「Uun、is it my fault afterall?」

Creos smiled bitterly as he talked。The origin of cause came from telling Hinata without any care。

「Fuumu。In the first place、I don’t have a title like them、I’m only an adventurer。There’s no need to be nervous」

Mira said while lowering her eyebrows、while Hinata recalled the words that caused her to feel as such。Creos had been told many times、but couldn’t change his manners。

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After being troubled for a while、Hinata makes up her mind and speaks up。


Towards Hinata’s voice、Mira responded with a smile。With the position of a teacher、Hinata was weak to the smile of a child。After unconsciously loosening up、her cat ears stood up immediately。

「Thank you Mira-chan。I will do my best as well」

Hinata was relieved of her former expression as Mira was also satisfied、and being fired up once more she thanked her once again。

「Umu、I couldn’t overlook the present condition。When thou needs a hand、you may call to me anytime」

Mira did not spare her cooperation。Developing the upbringing of Summoners was a troubling task。

And on this day、Hinata had unknowingly made a connection more powerful than any other magic department。She would be unable to fathom until much later in the future。

「Mira-chan、what are you doing after this?」

In the middle of the stairs going towards the first floor、Creos asked。Mira had been thinking slightly about the committee。Was it the result of 30 years? Mira had shown the board of review a magic that wasn’t known。 Mira recalled with excitement、despite the immature representatives her magic had effectively changed them。As such、it was a matter of wanting to know about the changes that happened in the last thirty years。

「If possible、I would like to look around this school」

Creos was delighted to hear those words「Then……」He immediately stopped as soon as he started talking。Instead of showing her around、he had remembered Amaratti’s words。

「Umm、Hinata-sensei。If there aren’t any lessons today。Could you guide Mira-chan?」

Hinata’s expression brightened from Creos’s question、it was a direct conversation with Hinata。

Creos’s struggles were continuing to increase、Hinata’s current Summoning Magic classes were held weekly。There was a lot of time。

「Please leave it to me、I will accomplish it 」

Hinata’s cat ears rose in stimulation to her excited reply。

Upon reaching the first floor、they parted from the two representatives。Creos left the school after repeating his thanks many times。Amaratti was asked to give Lily her regards as she left towards another school building expressing her farewell、「Until we meet again」。

After seeing the two of them off、Hinata looked back towards Mira fired up。

「Mira-chan、where would you like to go? I can take you anywhere」

Hinata had been fidgeting her cat ears and tail、asking Mira where to go while calming down。

「If possible、I would like to see the practical skill of magicians in a mock battle type environment」

「Practical skills and mock battles?。In that case training practice is ok。Right now it should be the Magic Department」

「Hou、that may be good。Won’t thou bring me there?」

When mentioning the Magic Department Kairos comes to mind、the charming points of Kairos’s magic、was its originality。One could say that aspect had the largest change in the past thirty years。Mira who was interested、hurried Hinata along。

(TLN: so magic department has been used often in the last few chapters, explaining it a little, the magic department that’s referred to when making a connection with Mira was 術学科 which is a nonspecific magic study subject/department, while the magic department used in this scene is 魔術科which means more literally black magic study branch. I guess for future translations, sorcery is probably more appropriate )

「Un、it’s this way」

Hinata while saying so、guided Mira to the training building that was adjacent to the specialty department。

They crossed over the first floor of the specialized study department opposite of the school gate、and came out the back door appearing in front of a building approximately half the size of the school building。It’s appearance was close to a gymnasium、and inside the voice of a person along with roaring sounds could be subtly heard from inside。

The two entered from the front entrance of the training building、and were greeted inside the lobby as if it were an event for a meeting place。Numerous simple chairs were lined up、aside from that、several students were buying drinks or wiping away their sweat。

「Oya、Hinata-sensei is it。Did the summoning department have a schedule here today?」

From the back of the lobby、the middle-aged man approached Hinata with his voice becoming louder。With an average face that showed a nonexistent expression、he asked a simple question with slight tension。

But rather than that、from the beginning Mira’s attention was focused elsewhere。

(Jersey、a Magic jersey。It’s good、it has such a comfortable appearance)

The middle-aged man was wearing a blue jersey top and bottom。Exercise、house clothes、and even for casual outings。Mira believed the clothes to be very useful。

「Ah、Siegfried-sensei。Goodwork。No schedule today、but Mira-chan wants to look around」

「Oh oh、was it like that?」

The middle-aged man named Siefried-sensei turned his sight towards the girl beside Hinata。

(Siegfried’s jersey appearance……)

Mira hid her face、recalling something impolite trying to bear with her own laughter。

「Anyways、Hinata-sensei。Because my name is long、just Sieg will do」

「Yes、but for a new teacher like myself to address a senior」

Hinata answered conservatively。This exchange was not only today’s。Siegfried who was fine with just his a nickname、HInata had modestly declined。

Siegfried dropped his shoulders in regret、and looks at Mira again。As for Mira、she had turned away looking around the lobby。

「Umm、so it was a tour?。As it is now、is it alright for the magic department to train their magic techniques?It would seem to be dangerous for the girl」

Siegfried adjusted his sight back to Hinata saying so。As a matter of fact、the Magic Departments training had only an aggressive nature、and touring would involve risk。However taking Mira into consideration、Siegfried was different than Hinata who knew her ability to a degree、to the cute girl advised he advised with uncertainty in his eyes.。

「There’s no need to worry around us。Because Mira-chan is strong」

Hinata answered full of confidense、with her chest held high。There、Siegfried recalled a report he had heard a while ago。

「Oh oh、then this child was the representative for Summoning Magic、this is the girl who stole first place」

Finishing his speech、Siegfried rushed up to Mira and held out his hand。

「Nice to meet you、Mira-chan。I’m a teacher of the Magic Department、Siegfried。It’s a shame the Magic Department was defeated、you did well」

「U、umu。It was nothing special」

Siefried with his jersey appearance put on a good-natured smile。Mira held in her laughter、as she accepted the handshake。Mira、who was the cause of the Magic Department placing second、was puzzled about the gratitude expressed。However Siegfried seemed to be pleased with the hand shake、and happily faced Hinata。

「Well、congratulations Hinata-sensei。Creos seems to be doing many things、this is the beginning of Summoning Magic!」

「Yes、Thank you very much」

Hinata seeedm happy about Siegfried’s congratulatory speech and expressed her own gratitude。And Siegfried who received that smile blushed greatly。

Summoners were currently in a weak position、and Hinata struggled with many things、but Siegfried concerned himself with her in many ways。

Mira became aware of such circumstances while watching。Someway or another、Siegfried seemed to be in love with Hinata。Although they were defeated he had been able to consent to it。When you’re favorite person becomes discouraged from taking last each time in the review、worry begins to surface。

「But well、something like that is fine isn’t it?」

Mira’s ability was reliable。Siegfried who understood consented to the tour

「Thank you very much。…Siegfried…sensei」

Hinata bowed、and left to the back of the training building together with Mira towards the practice field。While seeing Hinata off、watching her from behind with no response Siegfried let out a big sigh。

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