Chapter 40: Glimpse of the Army

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From among the ringing applause、a single person glared at the girl standing in the center of the stage。Kairos。Summoning which had eternally been at the lowest rank、he couldn’t allow it to be more outstanding than himself。

「Everyone、please wait a moment!」

Kairos became irritated、and jumped onto the center of the stage raising his voice and hands exaggeratedly。From his actions、everyone directed their attention towards his hands。Kairos glanced at the audience、chuckling to himself at the noises of praise directed at someone other than himself as it stopped。

「Don’t you think it’s strange?A sudden change of representatives on the same day、moreover a child not even suitable for school、did Hinata think such an unknown skill could work?」

(……What is this person saying?)

Kairos was incoherent、and watching Mira the judges seemed different。It was clear that different summons had been seen until now、excitement had appeared witnessing the phenomenon、the words of Kairos had become a stone sending down ripples。

「Certainly……Is that really summoning magic? Wasn’t summoning only involved with Dark and Holy Knights?」

A judge speaks out a question of doubt。It was、a noble who had only ever seen Hinata’s summoning magic。A younger generation that grew up without knowing of the original summoning magic。In truth、the judge that was coaxed by the words of Kairos、was a young person in their mid-twenties。However、as for the present conditions with the influence on points, it was a considerable thing since the people of that generation occupied the most of the judges。

「Outside of the Alkite school teachers、the only summoners with more power are those from the towers。Such things couldn’t be handled by a child、there must be a gimmick。Surely、Hinata must have become tired of being last every time、and within the attention attracted to the good looks of this child、something was done from behind。Surely everyone remembers the results of summoning from the last examinations」

From Karios’s words of doubt、the judges turn thier gaze to Mira。To be incited to this degree、was the viewpoint of the present summoners this weak? Mira stamped on ground with her worried soul。

Mira’s ability had been doubted、Mira with the same thoughts as the middle aged man wanted to settle it on a grand scale、and attracted the attention of the venue。

「If you say that much、how would you like to end this in a match rather than an examination?」

The principal had proposed a suggestion。In only moments、along with a groan immediately followed by、「That’s a good idea」had been voiced out。

The proposal was immediately accepted unanimously、in particular the match was specially held because of Kairos’s protest of Mira。

In preparation、both sides would take a fifteen minute break。However、those that were seated in the meantime excitedly talked before the exceptional match


「Somehow、I’m sorry。Trouble has steadily accumulated」

Mira had returned and was talking to the wall、while Hinata with her head down apologized。There、two certain people had come to visit。

「Goodness、I apologize for this。I intended to settle this without being accompanied」

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The person who incited the opportunity of the game、had come with the principal who spoke out。Wearing a tall grey robe、with creased eyebrows、an apologetic expression surfaced on his face。

Seeing the figure、Hinata bows in respect。The principal returned a light bow、and turned his eyes towards Mira。

「I’m sorry、but please stay with us for abit longer」

The principal smiled wryly。Mira spat out a sigh「Well、it’s fine」to which the principal answered back、「I’m saved」。

The principal grieved for the current state of the review board。The recent downturn of the review board、was due to the nobles who did not know much about magic。However、there were many influential nobles who invested in Alkite School、until just thirty years ago・・・・・people who didn’t know about the times of upheaval appeared。A decline in the quality of magicians began to pile up、that was the current state of the school。

Not only the principal、but those who had piled up years of old age were charmed at the scene that unfolded in front of their eyes。It was as if it time had turned back to when all Nine Sages had gathered。

The principal had grasped Mira’s ability just watching。In front of that girl’s eyes、they were no match。Rumors of Dunbalf’s apprentice appearing were overheard。

(The appearance is consistent with the rumors。And this power……)

By chance it was a possibility。Presently、it was a good opportunity to witness her power。

If it turned out to be the truth, the situation of the school could be reversed。Coming to this realization the principal considered a plan。Defeating the modern day magician Kairos、like a magician of the former Alkite Kingdom、a genuine magician who specialized in everything。And most of all、he wanted him to remember the sense of fun within himself。As such、he proposed the review match。

「Give it your best shot」

「Thou may count on it」

「I also want to thank you」

After the principal left、a representative spoke to Mira。The representatives had surrounded Mira、and with the accumulated feelings of bitterness、they began to cheer for her。The people who were here、they were influential people who carried the heavy responsibility of changing the opinions of magicians every month。With the unbelievable events、they understood that Mira was not an ordinary person。Originally Kairos should had been able to judge that as well、but his pride as the schools strongest had clouded his eyes。He averted his eyes from preceiving the ability that was the difference of heaven and earth。

「Well、Leave it to me」

Mira answered as she began walking towards the stage。

The break ended with the both of them facing each other in the middle of the stage。Standing between them was the main in the white coat、preaching the rules of the game as the referee。

Accordingly, they are to fight fair and square。Victory or defeat was determined by being unable to fight、or the referee confirming the surrender。The act of depriving one of their life was prohibited。Along with other such things。Originally、there was no such thing as a review game、so the competition rules were applied。

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「Someone、please keep watch over Hinata-sensei。In case any strings are pulled from behind me again」

Kairos had deliberately made note of Hinata in a loud voice。If there was even a little moment、he would immediately denounce it。In his words、Kairos’s attendant colluded with him in advance and moved next to Hinata。

(It’s already over。After a suitable amount of time has passed、it will end in a tie。I don’t know what sort of trick that summoner used to show off)

Kairos sent back a gaze towards the attendant、to which he gave a small nod。There was another thought in this preparation。Kairos would not only knock down Mira、he planned to turn the position of summoners into that of frauds。Kairos held in his hands the Tool。He would use it immediately just before victory、while his attendant would accuse Hinata of fraud。With Mira nearly defeated、Hinata would likely interfere with the match。It was the perfect display of a crushing defeat、with that Kairos’s muddy eyes turned black。

「Now then、the special examination game will begin。Both of you、bow」

Kairos gracefully struck a pose、Mira recalled Leticia、and lifted the hem of her skirt as she bowed。With that lovely gesture、the audience slightly rustled。Mira loved one on one combat battles、and thus had the tendency to respectfully give a formal introduction。Mira didn’t know of the difference between man and woman、and therefore decided to mimic Leticia whom she had just seen。

The man in the white robe withdrew behind after glancing at both of them、and at a sufficient distance he raises his right hand。


Kairos began to move at the same time the signal went off。Making a large jump to the rear、magic overflowed in both his hands。

「Army of flames dancing in the sky、in accordance to the ki…………ng!?」

In the middle of Kairos calming chanting。Instantly、Kairos was surrounded by six Dark Knights、with swords pointing at his neck。

「This is!」

The scene which had unfolded in front of them sent a shiver through spine of everyone in the audience。The audience that was able to look around the entire stage、was unable to grasp anything from the beginning。

The beginning was in other words、the movements such as an aria or the convergence of magic。

Kairos had jumped back while gathering magic in his hands。But in the next moment、magic appeared in the surroundings、and from it appeared ominous sword wielding Dark Knights。Involuntarily they blinked、and as they opened their eyes Kairos had been encircled with swords pointed at his neck。No one was able to see what Mira had done。

(What……Wha What is this。What’s going on!? Where did they appear from! It must be that person。That teacher!)

Kairos completely turned his head with suspicion、and glared directly at Hinata。What reflected in his vision was、an expression of astonishment on the faces of Hinata、the other representatives、his attendant as well as everyone else.

(Damn! What’s going on。What the hell did this kid do!?)

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Kairos glared at the girl in front of him in frustration。Mira ignored Kairos、and pressed the referee who had become stiff for the judgement。

「What is the verdict?」

As Mira spoke while poking the man in the white robe’s cheek、he finally came to senses and raised his right hand。

「Winner、the Representative of Summoners!」

As the voice sounded、applause rose up。The youths who had yet grasped what happened、remained absentminded。In contrast、the middle-aged who had years of experience sent a heartfelt praise to Mira。


As soon as victory and defeat were decided、and after Mira returned the Dark Knights、Kairos uttered in rage。

「What’s wrong、Kairos・Balon。are you dissatisfied?」

The venue had fallen silent simultaneaously as the principals voiced echoed。Kairos left behind any remains of emotions he held and shouted。

「By all odds no matter how you look at it it’s impossible! It’s not possible to summon six entities without even preliminary movements! How the hell can a single summoner easily do something not possible! Simply looking you would understand、without collaborators it’s impossible! Yes、cooperation、cooperation was involved! Where are they hiding! Come out!」

To Kairos who was ranting on stage、everyone directed a cold gaze。The Dark Knights that had emerged、simply watching gave them goosebumps witnessing the unusual air of intimidation。Even if there were collaborators、to be able to handle that kind of summoning、it was impossible for school teachers。And there were no such summoners in this day and age。Thinking a little、you would find it was largely delusional。

「Cowards! Who do you think I am! I am……!!」

Kairos kept spouting nonsense、unable to accept his loss。However、in the next moment on stage swallowed up by the sight in front of him。Once again、Dark Knights appeared instantly as if they were ghosts。


Kairos fell on his back with tangled feet、 and unconsciously twitched and scoot back in fear。In front were twenty Dark Knights with forty shining red eyes were holding large swords in anticipation of Kairos。

「This degree is……」

The principal muttered in admiration。The high difficult technique of quick multiple simultaneous summons、moreover the reactions of the Dark Knights moving with the summoning。Everything was out of the standard。

「Up to here、will thou truly be able to understand?」

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Mira who rapidly consumed her mana、stroked her chin with her finger while feeling some fatigue。

To use summoning magic、some procedures were necessary。

First was the position they would appear in。Within a capable radius spread around yourself。In Mira’s case、it was possible to summon anywhere within twenty meters。

Next was choosing a summon。To decide on what to summon on the specified position with timing。

As soon as it’s been decided、use enough mana necessary to summon。With this summons would be ready at any time。

And the final step。After summoning、control the behavior of the summon。

This was the basic flow。But this was merely the general flow for the summoning mechanics、for Mira it was exercised all in one step。The theory for the summoning technique、and behavior control of Dark Knights had been built up over time。

The invocation procedure that was simplified、was a technique that could be called the gateway to being the highest ranked magician in any magic。Therefore it was extremely limited to users、as for the people who didn’t know、they would first need to break away from common sense to understand the phenomenon。

This could only be called the entrance、the users who mastered this technique were the existences known as the Nine Sages。

Mira’s contained a twist、there was more than one appearance position for summoning the same armored spirit type、and simultaneously in one breath they could be called。That was her specialty。Abruptly、the threat was clear as the surrounding Dark Knights swung down their swords。


The principal stands up and voiced out praise、the clapping overflowed to one girl as soon as the others came to their senses。

As for judging、Kairos disappeared with his attendant during waiting period of counting。

Mira received a grand reception from the representatives、pursuing the matter of her ability。A certain person visited the examination venue with their usual excuse like so。

「Oya、has the exam committee finished?」

「It seems like it」

It appeared to the men and women one at a time。A beautiful young male elf with shining blonde hair that extended down to his shoulders wearing a black and blue robe。A woman with blonde hair、in an impressive magic girl style red hood。

Both were well-equipped with features、but above that the venue’s atmosphere transformed。The principal and teachers hurried to an open space on the stage with an upright attitude and tense expression。Hinata and the necromancy representative among them was particularly intense。

「Mu。Well、if it isn’t Creos」

Mira fixed her eyes on the male elf、calling out to him after a long time。The man see’s the figure of Mira moving his face towards the voice、and walks towards her with a smile of surprise。

「Mira-chan。I heard you returned、but you were the last person I expected to see in a place such as this」

A bow was made to Mira blending in with the representatives。With Dunbalf’s absence、Creos was currently serving as the elder of the Tower of Summoner’s。

「Ara、is that someone you know?」

Little Red Riding hood followed and looked into Creo’s face。She had stared directly into Mira’s eyes and replied with a smile、Cute child」、but soon her expression disappeared。Mira did not remember if she had seen this Little Red Riding Hood before、and turned towards Creos for an answer。

「Speaking of which、at that time、you only directly talked to me。This is a person with the same Elder’s position。She is the manager the Tower of Necromancy、Amaratti-san。And also、this is the child Mira-chan I’ve talked about before」

Creos introduced Amaratti、the red hooded girl that was a managing elder、and introduced Mira to Amaratti。And with the exchange、Hinata along with the representatives looked stunned。Why were they talking normally、as if it were a lovers suicide? Along with other such things。

「Ara、the lady there。Nice to meet you、I’m Amaratti」


Amaratti took a step forward、and with a light nod introduced herself。She had focused on the clothes Mira was wearing in front of her。

「By the way、that is well made。Could you tell me where you ordered it from?」

Amaratti’s height was slighter higher than Mira’s。She had slouched as if looking to devour the magic robe set of Mira who remained expressionless。She was also a magical girl freak。She was interested in Mira’s smart elegant magical girl costume。

「Nu、this? It is Lily’s group……the work of the castle maids」

「The castle maid、Lily。They made such clothes?I wonder if I can make an order。Thank you Mira-san。That’s very good information」

Amaratti shows a small smile on her face、and began walking towards the principal been keeping track of time。

「Well then Mira-chan、see you again。I came for a quick greeting。ah、there are various things I walk to talk about so don’t be reserved」

「Thou is right。There are some things I would also like to hear、it will be good」

「Thank you。Then、Take care」


After exchanging a few words、Creos chased after Amaratti heading towards the principal。Amaratti had already met up with the principal、and were discussing something。

After Creos had joined them、Hinata finally coming loose from being stiff jumped onto Mira。

「Why! Why is Mira so close with Creos-sama!? I mean、what’s your relationship with him!?」

Hinata talked wildly as if upset。The representatives nearby had also done nothing to stop it。It was because they also wanted to know the answer to that question。

「We have met before。So there’s no excitement。Compared to that、thou is fine without greeting him?」

With Mira saying as such、Hinata’s ears stiffly stood up and raised her voice「ah」。Having been completely surprised she had forgotten。

In a hurry、Hinata ran towards the principals direction。Mira took out some Apple au Lait gazing at her back、and breathed out a sigh。

Two people came to have a look at the state of the examination committee with much effort。The return of Creos led to an acquisition of applicants for summoners。Amaratti had settled business in the castle、before finishing errands in the school。

A commotion temporarily appeared with the principal, but the count was completed safely, and the result was Summoning had taken first place with the highest score out of all generations。

After、the committee dissolved、and each of them went back to work。

Mira was currently relaxing on a sofa of the guest room of the school with two representatives。In front was the excited Creos and the expressionless Amaratti。Next to Mira、was Hinata with a cornered expression finding it very difficult to understand why she was attending。

(Wh、why is Mira so dignified)

For Hinata who was a teacher、the two in front of her were a far away existance。Facing them with the same eyes、she wanted to fall to the floor and prostrate。

Hinata’s hand was trembling with tension、 while lifting the tea cup towards her mouth。


(TLN: She burned her tongue)

The freshly brewed herb tea was still hot、Hinata involuntarily let out her voice。Mira held out a glass of water、as the cat ears and tail rose calmly。

「Thank you」

Taking the glass、Hinata sipped the water to cool her tongue。But in the next moment、she recalled the situation she had been placed in、and turned her eyes upset。

Creos watched Hinata with a grin。Amaratti placed her hand on his mouth、with beaming eyes。

「Are you alright、Hinata-sensei?」

「I-……I’m alright」

Creos called out、and Hinata replied biting her lips while expanding her cat ears。Mira watched Hinata with a bitter smile、taking a cookie placed on the table、she rammed it into Hinata’s mouth。

「Here Hinata。Why is thou nervous?」


Hinata flushed down the cookie with water。

「Mou、why is Mira so calm?」

Hinata who recovered slightly、replied to Mira。In front of two acting Sages、how could she be so calm。

「Even if thou asks」

Mira inclined her neck while talking。Honestly、it was something that wasn’t answered even if it was asked、she had been ignorant of their social position。Although the minimum thing she knew、was her close friend was the King of the country、and Creos was originally a servant。It was something that somehow had a sense of discomfort。

(In the future、I’ll have to think about the circumstances)

For peaceful human relations、Mira had begun to think about compromises。

「Hinata-sensei、don’t worry too much。We’ve said it many times already、you don’t need to be nervous because we’re merely representatives」


「What is it Hinata。How many times do they have to say it?」

The words were from Creos’s true feelings、because it was something he continued to respect from childhood、and Hinata hesitated to change her expression。When Mira voiced her opinion、Hinata stopped thinking with her eyes wide open。

To the other party that didn’t get nervous、how often had she been told to change her way of thinking?。That sinful thing。

「Please excuse me」

Unable to bear the feeling Hinata prostrated。Creos smiled bitterly、as Mira grasped Hinata’s neck and got back on the couch。

「Troublesome。As for me、I’ll talk normally。There are a variety of things concerning the classes and future schedule of summoning。Although I’m talking normally to Mira-chan、I guess I’m useless」

Hinata slightly reacted to Creos’s lonely smile turning her cat ears down。

「Eh? Um、Mira-chan is there something wrong?」

Why was Mira’s name mentioned? Hinata sent a glace towards Mira tilting her neck。The girl reflected in her field of view was very cute、but hid an enormous summoning strength。Judging by strength、it would be normal to prostrate oneself。However her partner was an adventurer。An adventurer respects freedom、and is unrelated to such things。When it came to people with corresponding power like that of the higher ranked、there were only a handful of them。

「Mira-chan is Dunbalf’s apprentice。Her ability is probably above mine」

Creos talked with slight envy towards Mira、and Hinata who heard completely stopped thinking。


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