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Episode 63 『Atos』

The chant, that she didn’t dare to finish before, came out smoothly.

Selena activated the spell.

She channeled the mana in the magic guns, pointed at Seiya and pulled the trigger. This time, it wasn’t a single bullet. A red laser came out.

Immediately after, it split apart and spread in a zigzag pattern.

All of those lasers suddenly twisted and flew towards Seiya. They numbered roughly twenty thousand.

Twenty thousand lasers further split and poured on Seiya like rain. Each and every laser carried the incredible heat with it.


Once he saw this spell, even Seiya became speechless. At this time, there were multiple ways to deal with those lasers, but most of them included the dark element and were rejected.

That’s why he chose the best possible solution from the options that were left.

「I didn’t want to rely on it too much, but it can’t be helped.『Mantle of Light』」

His whole body was permeated by the light mana, but it wasn’t the end.

「Limit Break」

In the next moment, the color vanished from his eyes. In the monochrome world, Seiya gazed at the lasers.

He faced the multitude of lasers. Seiya enveloped the Hollins in the water mana and touched a laser.

Once he calmed a laser that was about to hit him, he breathed out a sigh of relief. With this, he can successfully deflect『Atos』, at least he thought so.

However, once that laser touched the ground, it bent at a weird angle and came straight at Seiya.

「Oioi, is this the tracking type?……」

As he said, the laser was of the tracking type.

He was tempted to cast『Dark Wave』 but didn’t do it in the end. Seiya kept hitting the lasers and calming them down.

Three seconds didn’t pass, but Seiya felt as if he did it for 10 minutes.

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Once he completely calmed all of the lasers, he dispelled『Mantle of Light』and the world returned to its original speed. There was no one in the audience who was able to perceive what had happened.

「Wha…..what just happened?….」

Nils was petrified, the same was true for the audience.

That wasn’t surprising, first, they saw the lasers closing in on Seiya and, in the next moment, they vanished together with Seiya.

Seiya appeared several meters away from his previous position with the scorched lines all around him.

「What on earth did you do?」

Selena asked in a stunned voice. The spell that she just cast was moving at incredible speed, there should have been no way for him to dodge it.

However, she couldn’t comprehend how he was able to remain unscathed.

「Don’t you think that twenty thousand was a bit too much?」

On the other hand, Seiya complained about the number of the lasers.

「Waha, awawawawawaawawa」

Hearing his words, Selena laughed as if she broke.

He didn’t just destroy her strongest spell, he even complained about the number of the lasers. Even Selena herself only approximately knew the number.

She could only laugh in the face of Seiya’s abnormal actions.

「It seems it’s my win」

Seiya tried to finish Selena off but at this time,

「It’s not over yet」

Suddenly, a girl with the short blue hair appeared in front of him, it was Aishi. She had the twin swords in her hands.

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「Is it all right to leave Yua?」
「No problem. Mona-senpai will take care of her」

When he looked in Mona’s direction, he saw Lily and Yua fighting together against her.

「I understand. So that’s what happened」
「Yes. That’s why your opponent is me」
「I see」

Seiya decided to disregard Selena for a moment and engaged Aishi.

Aishi pierced at Seiya’s face with the sword in her right hand, but he strongly deflected in with the Hollins.

While taking a step back, she changed the sword in her left hand into a scythe and tried to hit Seiya’s neck.

「I’m aware」

As if he knew about the scythe beforehand, he easily evaded it by falling back. At the same time, he threw the Hollins in his right hand at her face.

However, an ice wall blocked the Hollins.

Once it happened, he created another one in his right hand. At this point, the audience believed that it was the summoning magic. But Bagil wasn’t sure.

After blocking the Hollins, she made the twin swords once again and pierced at his abdomen.

「『Wall of Light』」

However, Seiya prevented her attack by『Wall of Light』. And once the ice twin swords hit『Wall of Light』, they broke.

「You are wide open」

While falling, he put his left hand on the ground and used it as a leverage point to kick at Aishi’s left side.

Aishi, who received the kick, was blown away and fell on the ground.

「Nice technique, but naive」
「You are wrong」

Aishi laughed as if convinced of something.

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「Don’t move」

He heard a dignified voice from behind. Behind him, Selena, who was spacing out just a moment ago, pointed the magic gun at his head.

「Were you acting before?」

Seiya knew that it wasn’t an act, but decided to confirm.

「Ho, then how did you recover?」
「I remembered」

Seiya had no clue.

「Yes, we are the strongest when together. Even if I can’t win alone, there are others. Aishi reminded me of that」
「I see」

She was certainly spacing out, but once she saw her junior coming to her rescue, she remembered.

They are a team, they are the strongest.

And she sought to take advantage of the situation where he completely forgot about her.

「All right, then why am I still alive?」

Seiya was perplexed. The people aren’t able to die inside of the barrier, there was no need to hesitate.

「Because I want to hear something from you」
「Something you want to hear?」

Selena wanted to learn the secret on his strength.

「Who on earth are you? What was that power? 」
「That power?」
「Yes. That technique that was akin to instantaneous movement.  I didn’t see or hear about such magic」
「It’s not like you know everything」
「That’s not the problem. That thing was closer to a technique than to a magic. It was close to the body arts. With your ability, you should have been an apostle long ago. However, you are a student. Why the hell someone like you is a student? Who on earth are you? 」

Selena gave in to curiosity and asked. Because if she knew his secret, there was a chance for her to become stronger.

「I’m also interested」

Before he knew, Aishi pointed the ice blade at him. Aishi too wanted to know his secrets.

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From the side, it looked like they were in a position to finish Seiya off, but were hesitating.

Normally, the audience would have booed already.

However, the audience was long ago rendered speechless by the high-level fight, they couldn’t utter a word. That’s why everyone held their breath and watched the match.

Some were able to voice their thought, but there were no jeers and hate. On the other hand, Bagil was just quietly watching.

「Who knows, I have no idea what you are talking about.」
「Stop playing dumb! If you won’t answer, I will shoot! 」

Selena rushed him for an answer and pressed the magic gun on his head. Aishi too was ready to pierce with her blade when the moment arises.

「This is the final warning. Answer」
「Did you think that I will be defeated that easily? 」

Seiya glared at Selena. His eyes contained an incredible killing intent and Selena faltered for a moment. She didn’t falter only because of the killing intent, but also because of his pressure.

The atmosphere around him changed to that of the violence. The two were frightened by his sudden change.

And Seiya wasn’t in a mood to let go of this opportunity.

Seiya used his right elbow to knock away the magic gun and the Hollins in his left hand to shatter the ice blade.

The two, who lost their weapons, glared at Seiya. However, the two’s attention was quickly attracted to something else.


The appearance of Mona being blown away reflected in their sights. Selena and Aishi immediately rushed to catch her, but before they were able to, she crashed into the stadium wall.


The two approached her.

「It’s all right. I was just too complacent」

On another side, there was Yua with a big white hammer and the adult version of Lily wearing a bewitching smile.


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