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≪41≫ – After the Rain

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

Maltgartz possessed a strong imperial (or more precisely, the emperor’s) authority, excelling in creating a system of governance and common standards for the state. The lords also exhibited characteristics of being part of a vertically-divided organization.

One significant advantage, regardless of its merits and demerits, was the automatic determination of command succession on the battlefield if the commanding officer fell in battle. The entire army would then follow the new leader, whether it was to continue or cease the fight.

“I am Baron Paulos Greylaine, a vassal of Marquis Angus household. With all superiors having fallen in battle, I now hold the command authority over the entire Marquis Angus army present here. …Our forces declare surrender to you.”

Paulos, one of the knights who had been protecting Julian in the main camp, used the Caller held by Lucella to contact Christophe in the fortress.

The battlefield now bore the grim aspect of a one-sided massacre.

The vanguard of Marquis Angus’ army was caught in a half-encirclement, relentlessly pounded by attacks. Their disintegrated formation left them unable to mount any counterattacks or effective defense. The only reason they still held their ground was the blockade preventing them from escaping.

The rearguard soldiers had lost all cohesion and were fleeing one after another.

It was said that the highest casualties occurred during the pursuit phase after the battle’s outcome had been determined.

The only way to halt the pursuit was through the commander’s or the nation’s declaration of surrender.

“This is Christophe Murdu, Commander of the Mount Kuguse Defense Force. We extend our respect for your wise judgment. Are you able to signal? If so, in accordance with convention, please raise five consecutive ‘white’ signals. Once confirmed, we will also raise a white signal and order an end to the combat for the entire army.”

“Understood. I am grateful for your leniency. I am familiar with the ≪Signal Bullet≫ magic. I will proceed immediately.”

As the retreating soldiers rushed past to save themselves, Paulos raised his hand.

Magic bullets shot from his fingertip soared upwards, leaving behind trails of light. They exploded with white light and smoke in the cleared sky—five shots in total. This was the signal of surrender, announcing the end of the battle to both friend and foe.

After a brief pause, from the fortress on the mountainside, the same signal was launched—a single shot signifying acknowledgment of surrender.

“All units, cease the fighting! Deal only with those who resist!”

Christophe’s order to the entire defense force resonated through the Caller, and the screams and clash of weapons abruptly ceased. The remaining sounds gradually faded away.

Though both armies had been engaged in a chaotic melee, the Setulev side now reorganized their formations and took a step back.

The sound of the magic cannons pounding the ground also vanished.

Instead, the groans of injured soldiers became audible.

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And thus, the battle came to an end.

“…Now then. That was how humans handle the matter. Can you enlighten me on why you followed such orders? Depending on your response, even if you surrender, I may turn all of you into ashes with my Breath.”


The knights of Maltgartz stood there, looking worn out, some of them even sitting down.

Lucella glared at them, scrutinizing their reactions.

Upon hearing her unsettling words, Tim was surprised and tried to dissuade her, but Lucella paid no attention.

Surrendering would end the battle, leaving the resolution to diplomatic means, and individuals would be judged based on the laws of the human world. However, that place only judged for crimes against humans. At this moment, what Lucella considered was judgment for trespassing into the dragon’s territory. She believed in a judgment that wasn’t driven by justice or fairness, but rather one filled with awe and fear.

Paulos hesitated, searching for the right words.

With his fully-armored face, his expression remained hidden from Lucella’s sight.

“I believed it was the best… No, perhaps the most reasonable course of action. Loyalty to the nation and the Marquis. The well-being of the people. Political stability. Personal gains. My position and life… There were too many factors to consider. But following those orders seemed to offer relatively significant prospects of gain with relatively small prospects of loss. If I had rebelled, not only would I have become a traitor along with my entire family, but I would have faced death. There was no choice but to go in the direction where there was a prospect of gaining something and surviving. The world is not always as we wish it to be. We try to navigate through it as we can, like a leaf slipping through the gaps in the waves……”

His words trembled and faltered.

The doubts he had pushed into the trash can, thinking he could discard them, now overflowed, pressing upon him as if ready to crush him.

“Was there any other way for me…? It felt like wandering through an endless maze with no way out. And the end of that journey is this, this…”

Clad in sturdy, silver gauntlets, he held his head in his hands.

“If only I possessed the strength of a dragon, perhaps I wouldn’t be tormented like this…”

“…Dragons have their own struggles too.”

“I see, forgive me for the slip of the tongue,” Paulos uttered with a deep sigh.

He had no other path to choose… Whether or not he would be forgiven for that was a separate issue, but Lucella found herself slightly more understanding, sensing no trace of deception.

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What mattered now was the fear, the reverence that arises from realizing there is nothing to shield oneself from when confronting a dragon. Having ended Julian’s life, it seemed unnecessary to showcase further dominance.

“Am I granted forgiveness?”

“No. However, I will let the humans judge you for it. Please spend your time without remorse.”

“I am much obliged…”

This was a major incident that could shape the very survival of the human world. The involvement of the Pontifical Council was highly probable.

As for the soldiers, the knight commanders faced a strong likelihood of being condemned to death, bearing the shameful title of traitors to the human realm.

The Setulev Kingdom might have desired to extract ransom instead…

Shaking her head, Lucella dismissed such thoughts, considering it no longer her concern.

“…Viola, how are things on your end?”

In the heart of the battlefield, Viola still held her Regalia aloft.

Though Tim and Lucella remained watchful, anticipating any potential attackers, even the retreating soldiers seemed to avoid Viola, as if fearing her presence.

With no more immediate threats to handle, knights of the defense unit, most likely vassals of Duke Foster, ran towards her while navigating through the surrendered forces of Marquis Angus.

“I’m using a Regalia for the first time, so I can’t say for certain, but I think it’s fine. I mean, look how pretty it is,” Viola reassured.

The rain clouds had dissipated completely, leaving behind a clear, azure sky with a vibrant rainbow.

The flapping sound of powerful wings echoed through the air as Kafal returned, having flown over the mountain. Given that, it likely meant that things had settled down on the other side of the mountain as well.

Seeing the dragon’s return, Viola decided to stow away her Regalia. Its flashy deployed form, resembling arm armor, folded back, and the Wisdom Eye Vortex transformed back into a singular staff meant for enshrinement.

“Bi…Big sister?” Monica remained bewildered by the situation, still huddled and gazing at Viola in astonishment.

Although the Enslavement Collar was still around her neck, it required a command machine or a commander to activate its power. With Julian’s demise, all commands had been nullified, rendering it powerless.

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Viola knelt before Monica, meeting her eyes directly.

“Yes, I am your big sister, Francesca. But in my daily life, I go by the name Viola and work as an undercover adventurer. Can you see these glasses? It’s a magic item known as the Mob Glasses. It manipulates the perception of those who see me, preventing them from connecting me with anyone they know. This allows me to move around unnoticed and—”

“Viola, enough,” Tim interrupted, bringing her back to the point.

“Why are you here?”

“To save you.”

Monica couldn’t fathom why Viola would be there, so she asked, visibly puzzled. Viola’s unwavering response seemed to catch her off guard, as if she hadn’t expected such a straightforward answer.

Viola then hugged her.

She held Monica in a tight embrace, refusing to let go.

“I’m sorry… I wanted to do this much earlier… Sorry I made you wait for so long…”


Monica’s emotions overflowed, and she began to sob uncontrollably. Like a freezing little bird that had fallen out of its nest, she clung back to her while trembling and buried her face in Viola’s flat chest.


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