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≪27≫ – Laws of the Human World

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

Julian Angus, who had visited the Setulev Royal Palace, orchestrated the theft of Setulev’s Regalia, known as the Wisdom Eye Vortex, utilizing Monica, the illegitimate daughter of Queen Loreina…

The news spread rapidly, creating a wave of shock that traversed across nations.

During a grand palace banquet, Julian released Golems, causing widespread chaos. Seizing the opportunity amidst the commotion, he kidnapped Monica and subjected her to his control through the use of the Enslavement Collar, enabling him to acquire the coveted Wisdom Eye Vortex.

In the aftermath, Julian mercilessly eliminated the palace guards, leaving the palace in a state of partial destruction before making his escape. It is speculated that he fled hastily, fearing the presence of another highly skilled Regalia user more proficient than Monica, who could potentially reclaim the stolen Regalia.

As the sun rose the following morning, a new day began.

“Julian, have you lost your sanity?”
“Watch your words. I am no longer your pupil.”

An elderly figure, dressed in garments reminiscent of a hermit, stormed into Julian’s chamber, spitting out his protest.

Seated deeply in a new chair adorned with the tanned hide of a Naga, a species of minor dragons, Julian brushed off the disturbance with an annoyed wave of his hand. This chair had been promptly commissioned for his office, an upgrade from his father’s meager seat.

On that particular day, it was Dimitris who burst into Julian’s workspace, bellowing with fury. Despite being well into his nineties, Dimitris still stood firm, displaying the vigor of his youth.

Dimitris was not only the revered mentor of the reigning Emperor of Maltgartz but also a distinguished political scholar. He was famed throughout for his wisdom.

Kenneth, Julian’s father, had a practice of summoning numerous teachers to mentor his son, and Dimitris happened to be one of them.

There was a reason behind Dimitris’ alarmed appearance.

Interfering with another nation’s Regalia was an absolute taboo.

A country that loses its Regalia becomes incapable of harnessing the untamed power residing within its land, rendering it uninhabitable. Essentially, seizing a Regalia is tantamount to abandoning the nation’s territory and exterminating its people!

Even in conflicts among human factions, if you conquered another nation the population would become your assets. There were ethical issues involved too. And should the conflict escalate into a war against dragons or demons, the survival of the human race would depend on their unity.

In this world, where the constant menace of monsters governing half of the world existed, the human nations were bound by an unspoken boundary precisely because they carried the memories of past battles.

Yet, despite all the justifications, human factions found themselves in conflict. However, an unwritten code had gradually formed regarding the handling of Regalia.

Only Regalia deployed on the battlefield were targeted. Even if a Regalia became a target, the rationale was that those who employed such a crucial asset in warfare were to blame (although, in reality, a war without Regalia was unthinkable due to its immense power).

When a Regalia was seized, the aggrieved party swiftly surrendered, exchanging the guarantee of their people’s lives for its return. And the victorious side, without fuss, would hand back the Regalia.

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This was the rule of war, upheld through mutual vigilance among human nations. When negotiations faltered, neighboring countries would exert collective pressure for peace. After all, the consequences beyond breaking this rule only led to inevitable destruction.

“There is a simple solution. By utilizing the power of the Regalia, we can overcome the barrier of Mount Kuguse and subjugate Setulev. Under my supervision, we will employ the Regalia to establish tranquility in the land of Setulev. Once the people realize that their lives will be safeguarded, the clamor of defeated dogs clinging to trivial rules will gradually fade away. Punishing the victor, after all, is a complex endeavor.”

Julian nonchalantly expressed his thoughts.

Upon hearing this, Dimitris, his face marked with deep wrinkles, widened his eyes and fell into stunned silence.

Indeed, similar events had occurred in past wars.

However, in those instances, the Regalia was taken strictly within the context of battles, and the attacking side meticulously orchestrated political maneuverings at a national level before swiftly taking action.

But Julian was different. He had audaciously seized the Regalia from the royal palace, acted unilaterally, and now intended to proceed with reckless abandon. However, Julian recognized the inherent limitations of his position as a mere lord.

There was a chance of success. And if there was a chance, it was worth trying. Julian paid no mind to how Maltgartz, reluctantly involved, would perceive it. Furthermore, he cared little for the lives of the people of Setulev, even if thousands or millions were to perish.

“And by slaughtering all the Regalia users in Setulev and impregnating this girl, I will be the undisputed king of Setulev, both in name and reality. Anyone who dares to oppose me will become an enemy to the people of Setulev, a threat to the human world. Hehe… Well, the crown of such a small kingdom is beneath me, but being a king isn’t so bad. If I rule, even in such a rural place, things will improve to some extent.”

Julian haughtily pointed towards the girl sitting against the wall.

Monica, clad in restraining garments and adorned with a sturdy neck guard protecting the Enslavement Collar around her neck, had been hanging her head in an overwhelming sense of despair.

Beside her lay the Wisdom Eye Vortex, the Regalia. However, Monica had no freedom to wield it as she pleased. She existed solely as a tool, commanded to use the Regalia as directed. That was her current existence.

Dimitris’ face contorted in anguish.

“But have you considered the consequences if your plan were to fail?! For instance, what if the surrounding countries align with Setulev and we cannot swiftly bring about its subjugation?”
“Take a moment to think about the future. If Setulev crumbles due to the loss of the Regalia, Gufare, which relies on Setulev as a crucial supply route, will be left incapacitated. Then, who would dare to hold our nation accountable?”
“Our country would lose the trust of the human world, and the repercussions would haunt us for generations to come! Not just between individuals, but between nations as well.”
“The dynamics of dominance and subservience are the only viable options. Talk of trust and friendship is nothing more than a facade, a mere euphemism. What truly matters is how we establish an unassailable rule, and how we pacify and swallow up any discontent.”

Julian stood up from his extravagant chair, reminiscent of a grand throne.

Beyond the window, a neatly aligned cityscape displayed rows of rooftops. Radiant sunlight poured in, casting its glow upon Julian’s face.

“Our nation stands strong. Once we eliminate the interference of the Gufare Union and further bolster our might, it will become impossible to eradicate our country. …For if we are eradicated, the entire human realm will crumble. Freedom, you see, is achieved by acquiring power and exerting control. I… I yearn for freedom.”
“What audacity!”

Startled, Dimitris clenched his teeth so tightly that it seemed as if his molars might shatter.

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“Julian, I have been approached by the Marquis–”
“I am the Marquis now!” Julian interjected.

“…By your father, who sought my assistance, and imparted knowledge to you, believing it would contribute to the strength and prosperity of this nation for the sake of peace among its people. It was never intended to create a world of relentless chaos and violence, where humans tear each other apart like wild beasts! Domination and subservience? Fine! But I also emphasized the importance of pride for those in power!”

Dimitris declared, defiantly taking a seat that blocked the office door.

“Let’s have a remedial lesson then! I won’t budge from here until you prove yourself worthy! If you insist, you can try to strike me down!”
“Is that so?”

Julian unsheathed the treasured sword decorating the place, and bisected the body of the unresisting old man with a sharp movement that his sword teacher had taught him.

There was no hesitation in his action.

“Groaah… Aaah…”

“You’re getting in the way of my duties. Move aside. …Tch, killing a person is messier than I thought.”

Dimitris groaned, coughing up frothy blood, his body reduced to a pile of flesh.

The odor of scattered entrails permeated the air. The once pristine carpet now bore the stains of filth, while Julian’s executive suit was adorned with splatters of blood.

The irony of having to clean up the aftermath of his own actions elicited an involuntary click of Julian’s tongue.

It was during a distant journey when Julian first commanded a large Golem to attack Monica’s (‘s guards), resulting in their demise. Yet, Julian remained unaffected by any stirrings of emotion.

And now, Julian had taken another’s life with his own hands for the first time, but still, it stirred no emotions within him.

“What… My Lord, did you hear something…? Uwaaah!?”
“Clean it up. And bring me a change of clothes.”
“What?! Y-Yes, right away!”

The trembling servant, drawn by the sound of screams, hurriedly ran off to fetch cleaning supplies.

Unaffected by the scene, Julian turned his attention to Monica.

“But this girl, she has such a meager physique. Her chest is completely flat, lacking any curves. Not quite like those wretched street prostitutes… Nevertheless, it dampens my enthusiasm to impregnate her. Is there no way to resolve this…?”

Perhaps she already thought this situation was as worse as it could get, Monica didn’t feel shocked and remained dazed even with a corpse before her.

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She remained there, her tears of terror exhausted, but on closer inspection, she was softly singing a nursery rhyme.


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