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≪26≫ – Regalia

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

Beneath the Setulev Royal Palace, there lay a remarkably expansive chamber, spacious enough to serve as a resting abode for dragons.

Encircling the outer rim of the immense stone dome, there formed a network of waterways, perpetually coursing with swift currents. From these channels, several waterfalls defied gravity, ascending toward the surface.

This particular place served as the birthplace of the water that flowed through the city’s waterways.

The central pedestal, now transformed into a five-tiered structure, showcased intricate stone carvings embellished with grandeur.

Within this space, the Regalia of Setulev, known as the Wisdom Eye Vortex, found its resting place.

Under normal circumstances, that is.

However, the current situation was quite different.

A group of approximately ten knights stood before the pedestal, with one among them wielding the Wisdom Eye Vortex as their weapon.

The Regalia, entrusted with governing the land of Setulev… the Wisdom Eye Vortex.

The Regalia possessed the ability to adapt their form according to the circumstances. In its armed configuration, Wisdom Eye Vortex featured a mask enveloping the right half of the face, a sturdy armor encasing the right arm, and a bishop’s staff, all merged together.

Its texture resembled a fusion of dragon scales and carapace, emanating a deep, somber shade reminiscent of the profound depths of the sea.

Facing the knights was Julian, along with a single Golem holding a wriggling sack.

“So Regalia was your aim all along? Damn you, Maltgartz! Have you gone insane? This path will only lead to a precipice. It’s aggression destined to end in ruin!”
“Oh? It seems that you can only see the senile old kingdom but not me who is before your eyes… How foolish. But I shall forgive your rudeness with your death.”

Despite the sizable number of knights before him, Julian maintained unwavering confidence with just one Golem with him, even with the armed form of the Regalia directed towards him.

Observing Julian’s demeanor, Severo, the chief knight responsible for the Regalia, couldn’t help but feel a shiver of unease.

“Son of Duke Tobar, if my information is accurate, your compatibility rate with Setulev’s Regalia was measured at 67% according to the Maurice Assessment Index.”

Severo’s breath caught in his throat as he heard Julian’s next words.

Those born into the royal lineage were immediately assessed for their compatibility with the Regalia, which determined their future paths in life.

Individuals with higher compatibility were able to unlock greater power from the armed form of the Regalia and pass on their exceptional aptitude to future generations. Balancing the number of Regalia users was crucial, as both an excess and a shortage posed challenges, on top of which they had to avoid the diffusion of the bloodline and maintain the purity of it. Managing lineage was a matter of national importance for every country.

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Naturally, individual compatibility rates were treated as state secrets.


To Severo’s surprise, Julian, a noble from another nation, seemed to possess knowledge of this sensitive information.

“Why do you possess such information…?” Severo asked, shocked.
“The guardians of the Regalia require a combination of aptitude, lineage, strength, and loyalty to the nation. Each aspect is crucial. Even if one’s compatibility rate is merely average, they may still be chosen if they excel in other areas. Sorting and selecting bloodlines can be a challenge for Regalia wielders from smaller nations, where such measures may not be adequately implemented.”

Julian chuckled softly and waved his hand casually, giving a signal to the Golem.

“I have prepared a compatibility rate of 79%.”

The Golem set down the wriggling sack and revealed its contents.

Inside was a young girl, adorned in a dress of deep blue. Her long, beautiful golden hair was disheveled, and around her slender neck, a gleaming leather collar clung with an eerie presence.

Casting fearful glances around her, the girl’s face contorted with despair as she seemingly grasped the situation.

“…What… Who are you?”
“Ah, Princess Monica. Claim the Regalia for yourself. It is truly fitting for it to be in your hands.”
“No… I don’t want to…!”

As Severo’s mind briefly touched upon a sense of familiarity with the name Monica, it happened.

An abrupt sensation of vulnerability, akin to being stripped bare.

The tremendous power that had once intertwined with his very soul had vanished into thin air.


The Wisdom Eye Vortex adorning Severo’s body shattered into fragmented pieces and burst apart.

The disintegrated parts, like grains of magnetically drawn iron sand, floated through the air, reconstructing themselves to cover Monica’s right arm and the right side of her face.

“Regalia, return to my hand! Regalia!!”
“It’s futile.”

No matter how loudly Severo yelled, the Regalia refused to leave Monica’s side.

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And rightly so.

If what Julian was saying held true, Monica’s blood resonated with the Regalia on a much deeper level than Severo’s. There was no room for him to intervene.

“Heh… This is how conflicts around Regalia happen. ‘Guarding it tightly under the palace’ — That very idea is fundamentally flawed. You peace-loving idiots of Setulev, lost in the comfort of domestic stability, neglected the proper measures.”

Julian looked down with an air of self-satisfaction and chuckled, even though his thoughts were nothing more than inherited wisdom from those who came before him.

In Maltgartz, during times of peace, the four Regalia they possessed were stored separately in heavily fortified strongholds built in the heart of desolate wilderness. It was said that anyone who approached without authorization, even if they were of noble or royal lineage, would be mercilessly killed.

After all, Maltgartz had experienced internal conflicts over the Regalia in the past. These measures were taken to prevent a catastrophic scenario that could potentially destroy the entire nation.

Currently, they were deploying the Regalia to the eastern front, and even the movement of Regalia wielders was meticulously planned, considering the number of individuals involved.

Severo, as a Regalia guardian, had a certain understanding of the circumstances in other countries.

The reason why Setulev couldn’t adopt similar measures was due to their overall shortcomings.

In comparison to larger nations like Maltgartz, they lacked in terms of finances and land.

With a smaller population, the number of noble families governing the realm decreased, leading to a reduction in the available houses that could contribute to the preservation of Regalia wielders’ bloodlines.

Moreover, the scarcity of population limited the number of exceptionally powerful individuals who could be deployed for the defense of the Regalia and the royal palace.

Severo was a skilled warrior, capable of facing off against minor dragons single-handedly. However, expecting to find an abundance of knights of similar prowess was unrealistic.

Given the importance of safeguarding both the palace and the Regalia, it was deemed best to concentrate their efforts for maximum efficiency in utilizing their personnel. Conversely, they had to exercise extreme caution to maintain internal stability and prevent ambitious lords from seizing the Regalia.

While it required careful management, they recognized it as a necessary cost to uphold the nation’s interests.

However, this situation was unforeseen, at least for now.

Indeed, Maltgartz was considered the “enemy of a friendly nation” with a tense relationship, but it was never expected that they would dare to lay their hands on the Regalia.

What’s more, they had someone of Regalia lineage from within Setulev accompanying them…

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…It was an audacious display of power and recklessness, defying the “political deterrence.”

Setulev, unfortunately, did not have the resources or preparations to anticipate such a scenario during peaceful times.

“This will serve as a suitable warm-up, Princess Monica. Use the Regalia and kill them all,” Julian ordered, his tone resembling that of admonishing an unruly child.

“Ah……” With a face contorted in fear, Monica raised the Wisdom Eye Vortex as she was instructed.


The surging currents encircled the altar, twisting and swirling.

The purpose of the Wisdom Eye Wordex was to harness and control the formidable power of water that naturally existed within Setulev’s lands, transforming it into a habitable domain for humans.

But what if that power were to be employed in combat?

Yes, what if it was used in a ‘mere’ battle…?

Like a rearing serpent, water surged, rising in numerous streams.

Transforming into rushing torrents, it spiraled and surged toward the knights from every direction, colliding and intertwining.

A mist of white enveloped the surroundings.

“Well, it may not be a sight of beauty, but there’s no need for an elegant execution.”

The intersecting currents of water remained frozen, suspended in their explosive state.

The water, once bursting forth and bristling like a hedgehog, now lay frozen and still.

Within the colossal ice formations, the bodies of the knights could be seen… crushed, torn apart, impaled, their shattered armor scattered around. The blood that had flowed mingled with the frozen water, creating a patchwork of crimson stains.

These were no ordinary warriors, worthy enough to bear the responsibility of guarding the Regalia. They should not have been so fragile as to be easily dispatched with a mere spell or two. Yet, here they lay, lifeless, like discarded refuse.

Julian showed no interest in the frozen bodies lying within the ice.

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Once he had assessed the power of the magic, he promptly turned away.

“Well then, let’s make our way back. Small kingdoms like this are simply pitiful, and their poverty seems contagious.”
“Gh, a-aaah…”

Monica, her tear-stained face covered, trembled uncontrollably and collapsed, succumbing to the fear and shock of having killed people.

“Get up,” Julian commanded.

Despite her trembling, Monica obediently rose to her feet, compelled by the magical item known as the Enslavement Collar wrapped around her neck.

The nefarious magic item, known as the Enslavement Collar (although it was not truly forged with demonic powers), possessed a potent ability to manipulate the wearer’s mind, ensuring unwavering obedience to the one who commanded it.

Despite Monica’s innate talent for wielding the Regalia, she herself was a powerless young girl. She had no means to resist the collar’s binding spell.

Among the assembled nobles at the grand feast, there were other wielders of the Regalia besides Monica.

In this instance, if targeting Monica proved challenging, there were numerous alternative candidates available. The fortuitous gathering of individuals at the palace facilitated Julian’s plans. While he had previously attempted to capture Monica using a colossal Golem (thwarted by Lucella), it was primarily because she conveniently served as a suitable target for premeditated acquisition. Now, with his strategy shifted towards acquiring the Regalia users at the banquet, he could have achieved his goals without necessarily relying on Monica.

However, Julian targeted Monica once again due to the perceived higher success rate of striking while chaos unfolded. Furthermore, Monica, being a vulnerable target incapable of resisting the Enslavement Collar, made her an ideal choice. Moreover, there was an additional purpose for Monica beyond utilizing the Regalia—a consideration for future plans.

Within the frozen silence encompassing the altar, the unwelcome sound of footsteps drew closer.

“The Regalia?!”
“…Hmph, so you’ve caught up.”

At last, the palace guards, alerted by the commotion, stormed into the altar room.

The stationed guardians were only part of the emergency deployment and had not anticipated Julian’s preemptive action.

Thus, Julian had taken the initiative.

“Eliminate them! Retrieve the Regalia!”
“They’re in our way. Obliterate them. Blast the entire palace along with them,” Julian commanded.

Confronting the charging knights, Monica pointed her staff.

“Ah… Ahh… Ahhhhhh…!”

A forceful impact, reminiscent of a sudden surge, jolted the ground, causing the knights to stumble.

The stone floor cracked, and fissures emerged. And from within them, water erupted. Like sprouting fountains. Numerous fountains.

Then, as if the floor swelled, it burst open.


The eruption of water sent everything flying in all directions.

Amidst the cascade of shattered wood and stones, the knights’ cries were drowned out.

Moonlight pierced through the scene, casting an ethereal glow.

Encased within a protective water bubble, the Golem carrying Julian and Monica rose above, effortlessly deflecting any obstacles in its path. Ascending through the newly created opening in the palace, it lifted them into the night sky, defying gravity with an air of mystique.

“What the?!”

There were figures on the ground, their voices echoing through the air.

Within Julian’s intense gaze, two distinct crimson figures stood out.

“Oh? You were supposed to have headed north… Did you turn back? How do you do? As for me, I couldn’t be happier.”
“A collar…?”

Lucella’s eyes widened with a mix of anger and astonishment as she glanced at Monica, held by the Golem.

“The Enslavement Collar?! Are you resorting to such means to control the Regalia? Julian, do you even comprehend the consequences of your actions? You’re plunging the world into utter chaos!” Lucella yelled in anger.
“If that’s the case, then stop me if you can. Or perhaps you can try paying back Maltgartz in the same manner?”

As he beheld her desperate cries, laughter surged up from the depths of Julian’s being.

He thought that even the strong beings before him were this foolish.

“You can’t, can you. Weak, weak, weak! These ignorant fools have built a world akin to lukewarm waters. Some lazily rule while others blindly submit! Pathetic!! What can those without the resolve to change the world ever accomplish? You can keep screaming like the sore losers you are…”

Under the moonlight’s gaze.
The crumbling palace.
The scattered nobles in flight.
The soldiers on the ramparts, gazing upwards.
The soldiers gathering in vain.
And the presence of the dragon mother and child.

“…And die without leaving a trace! Do it!”
“R-Run, Lucella!”

The raging waves swallowed them all.


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