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≪34≫ – Adventuring Attire

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Author: Kisasaki Suzume Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Deximus-Maximus

While Tim was investigating the Reiner Clinic, the rest of them headed to Adamant Sewing. It was because they were contacted that Lucella’s equipment that they ordered was completed.

Adventurers, for better or worse, were full of misfits and heretics that didn’t fit in common sense.

Tim suggested that Lucella, who had obtained the power of dragons, could somewhat alleviate his abnormality if he dressed like an adventurer. Thus, they ordered the equipment to be made using the pelts of the Variants that he brought back, but…


Lucella raised that cramped shriek and became speechless. The pervert (Midum), on the other hand, looked self-satisfied.

After putting the finished “armor” on, Lucella was frozen from shock. If you were to describe it overall, it was a deep crimson dress, or maybe a mini-dress, that gave a similar vibe to the dress Kafal’s clone wore.

Under the exposed shoulders, the torso was tightly bound with a decorative belt, which was tied into a giant ribbon at the back akin to spread wings. The skirt with exaggerated frills had a hard texture and was quite short. It at least guaranteed that Lucella’s underwear wouldn’t be seen directly.

The arm guards that looked like long, fingerless gloves had frilly flowers on the upper arms, and the leg guards that were like thigh-high stirrup leggings (tights-like garments with exposed heels and toes) were suspended like a garter belt.

And what finished the set was a headdress that gave off both fancy and countryside vibes.

Coupled with her red hair, she looked like a blooming flame flower.

It looked childish, girlish, and, despite its low exposure, a somewhat indecent masterpiece where the artisan’s skills shined in the uncalled direction.

“Right… I forgot… I forgot to tell her to make it an inconspicuous design…”
“Despite knowing that would end awfully if you left the design choice up to an eastern human or a dwarf…”
“H-H-H-How could I do something so blasphemous?! This! Is! The cutest! Design!!”
“I agree that it’s cute but you’ve overstepped into a territory that makes it impossible to defend you, you know?!”

Adventurers sometimes dressed eccentrically to make themselves known. But this getup would most likely stand out as eccentric and peculiar even among them. It was equipment you could only wear if you abandoned some of your shame.

In the mirror stood a cute girl whose getup would put something at risk.

“Oh my. I wonder who’s that cute girl with such a humiliating getup?”
“Please face the reality…!”
“Is embarrassing the first thing you need to say? This is cutting-edge equipment!”

The dwarf that looked no older than Lucella inspected the equipment state with heavy nasal breathing.

“Hear me out, ufufufufu! Adventurers tend to wear equipment with artistic designs, gehehe, to call attention to themselves, so this much falls in the normal category, uhehehehe.”
“Maybe I would’ve believed you without that shady smile and laughter.”
“But isn’t it cute?”

Lucella was stumped for the reply to that direct question.

The problem was something else entirely, so if you asked whether it was cute or not, the answer was yes, it was indeed cute.

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The beauty’s face in the mirror got flushed red.

“It’s c-cu… Um, was there a need to make the skirt this short? A little jump could be enough to make it visible…”
“Huh? It’s supposed to be visible.”
“Isn’t that weird?!”
“Listen. If an adult wore that it would give off indecent vibes. But if it’s a child wearing it, people would just pass it off as ‘cute’!”

Midum said something incomprehensible so Lucella decided to change her direction of protest.

“The exposure would just lower the defensive power…”
“The material is too strong, so if you imprison your body in it, that is, if you don’t add any exposure it would negatively influence the biological magic power cycle. It wouldn’t matter if an amateur with a weak body decided to wear it, but you have power that corresponds to that armor, right? Your torso which has many vital parts and limbs that are easily injured are properly guarded. So with that, I needed a bigger exposure on the lower part, and the relatively safe area was the thighs. If it was a guy just exposing their upper arms would’ve done the job, but the biological flow of magic power is different in girls, you see.”
“…I-I see, so this armor is on that level…”
“It could be handled if I turned them into loose clothes, but those wouldn’t work for a vanguard.”

Lucella’s argument was shot down with reason even in the functionality department, so he was stunned and speechless.

Top-class female adventurers had a high degree of leg exposure. The reason for that was the functional aspect.

“No wait, even then, couldn’t you have gone for a more subdued design or some…”
“Lucella… cute.”
“C-cu-… agh.”
“See! Even your esteemed mother likes it!”

Since Kafal seemed happy, Midum found an excellent justification for herself.

—For dragons that fundamentally live naked, the threshold for shyness is something else…

Lucella didn’t object that it looked ‘cute,’ but dragons and perverts’ viewpoints were apparently irreconcilable with that of humans when it came to the problematic issues outside of that.

“I also made a few underwear using the material stock, so I’ll hand them over too. Everything will be paid with the scraps of the pelt that remained. They look fragile but are actually stronger than steel and wouldn’t be damaged be it using fire or acid.”
“T h a n k y o u…”

Incidentally, regarding the underwear issue that was temporarily settled with bloomers, they would be completely visible with clothes like these.

The underwear that Midum passed over to match the armor was naturally ‘tight’ and “lacking in coverage.” Despite that, the ornaments imitating lace and cute ribbons attached to it made them quite ominous.

“Heey, are you do-… woah!”

Then suddenly, Tim entered the workshop, and bent backward in surprise when he saw Lucella as if he was smacked with an ogre’s club.

“You said ‘woah!’ just now! You definitely said it!”
“Don’t worry, it suits you and it’s cute.”
“Look me in the eye!”

The armored man decided to make no comment about the problematic aspect of it.

“B-By the way, I found that Charles Reiner guy.”
“You did?”
“Wow, that was fast.”
“I mean, compared to the Dragonian interpreter that we aren’t even sure exists, it’s a former doctor even if he closed the clinic. It was easy to track him by tracing the rumors.”

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Tim skillfully changed the topic. But as usual, his stern face turned bitter.

“But it seems he’s famous in a bad sense. He apparently quit being a doctor due to some reason, and has been constantly drinking ever since… They say he even attempted suicide once.”


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