Chapter 2 – Birth

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Author: We Ain’t Not Fish Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1601 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1087 words


In the wake of the thunder, I was assaulted by intense pain as every fiber of my being was being pricked by the electric shock constantly.

Incapable of doing anything else, I could only pray that I didn’t get killed by the lightning. Otherwise, I, Akabel— (omitted the rest)1, will need to go see those two retarded goddesses again.

Perhaps surprised by the lightning, noises began to surface from the outside again.

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“What…? Why did the lightning…”

“The barrier is destroyed…”

“My child!”

So… noisy… I was hit by sudden drowsiness.

The pain and numbness caused by the lightning gradually faded away, but the egg was still in one piece.

“Huu…” My lungs began to work and supplied me with all the oxygen I needed to stay awake.

However, the air in the egg was obviously very thin.2

Could it be that, I, Washington— (omitted the rest), will really die in my eggshell?

Looks like I still need to go see those retarded goddesses after all. I wonder if they will give me another chance at rebirth.

“My child… a- are you okay?”

“My queen, please refrain yourself. He must rely on himself at this time.”

“Why did the lightning strike? Is there an enemy?!”

“Go investigate quickly!”

So noisy! I am dying okay? Do you guys really need to make so much noise? Will you not just let me die in peace?

They’re really… so bothersome!

Thump-thump, thump-thump… as abruptly as my pulse quickened… my whole body began to feel hot.

“Huu… huu…” My lungs desperately squeezed out the last of the oxygen present in the shell.

The blood in my body began to boil. I could even hear the flow of blood as they coursed through the veins.

“No, I’m going to break the eggshell.”

“Think about it trice my queen! If you break the eggshell now, it will affect his fu—”

“There’s no future if he dies now?! Out of my way!” There was yet another uproar coming from the outside.

I say… you guys… are too noisy!

I suddenly stretched my hands outward.

“Crack,” I became dumbfounded.

The noisy bunch also quietened down.

The sound of my heartbeat became clearer. At the same time, I felt like I could hear countless heartbeat sounds resonating with mine.

I exerted a little strength into my fingers and the seemingly indestructible eggshell from a moment ago shattered like a piece of paper. Light began to penetrate into the egg from the small crack.

Usually, when one stayed in the dark for too long, they wouldn’t be able to look straight at the light at once. However, my eyes adapted to the dazzling light very quickly.

“Crack! Crack!”

The eggshell cracked every time I exerted a bit of strength. When the entirety of my hand finally stretched out of the egg, I found that they were long and slender, completely unlike that of a newborn baby.

In other words, I’ve skipped the whole infant phase and reincarnated as a little loli? Isn’t that too big of a jump? We… I haven’t mentally prepared myself for this!

It was at this time I suddenly thought of a problem; I am currently naked, and there are unknown numbers of dragons out there fixing their eyes on me. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I am an infant, but with my current body… that would be a little… too much…

A warm hand suddenly grabbed me as I contemplated whether to go out like this or not. Her originally dignified voice now carried incomparable affection as she said, “Don’t be scared, my child. I’ll be here for you.”

The voice dispelled all my doubts. I stretched my other hand outside and pulled apart the eggshell separating us bit by bit.

Every time an eggshell dropped off, I heard a sound reminiscent of my heartbeat.

“Thump-thump, thump-thump.”

And then what appeared before me was a beautiful madam looking at me with affectionate eyes. The slight smile at the corner of her mouth refused to go away.

Her fiery hair looked as though they were burning and outshone the dazzle of the sun.

She slowly lifted me from within the eggshell and used a gorgeous cloth to wrap me up.

“It’s alright, don’t be scared. You may restrain the Dragon Might now. Otherwise, some of the little fellas wouldn’t be able to endure it.”

Only now did I realize the surrounding was a huge valley, and figures of huge life forms could be seen everywhere around the valley.

Huge body, fierce-looking head, the scales that reflected light under the sunlight, and those huge pair of wings… so cool… are those the legendary dragons? They are every bit as cool as my imagination!

The strange thing was that all the dragons were crouching down for some reason. Some of the smaller-sized dragons were even trembling a little.

The gray dragon that’s closest to me said with a trembling voice, “All hail the royal princess. Shortly after she was born, her Dragon Might was already strong enough to overpower all of the dragons here. Only the queen who’s a half-god remains unaffected… Th- this might be comparable to the power of the first generation dragons with the purest bloodline… It looks like Her Highness incubated for twenty years for a reason. Maybe someday in the future, Her Highness may be able to launch an attack at the illusory Heavenly Realm.”

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Heavenly Realm? I suddenly thought of those two retarded goddesses. In other words, I have a chance for revenge in the future? Wahaha, just wait for me you two idiots, I will definitely make my way towards that whatever world and then press my little brother against your ⓑⓔⓔⓟ— to let you two experience my agony!

The madam… no, my mother gently stroked my head and said proudly, “Of course, this is but my baby girl. Good girl, quickly retract your Dragon Might or someone might really not be able to stand it anymore.”

What? How am I to know how to retract it when I don’t even know how to release this thing.

Maybe because this body had never once spoken before, my voice wouldn’t come out when they reached the mouth. Only after spiraling in my mouth for a long time did a word finally made its way out.

“Iya?” That was the only sound I managed to make.

“Ss——3” Mother’s face suddenly flushed, then she suddenly buried me into her E, no… at least F-cup breasts.

“So… so cute!!!”


  1. In my own defense, this is what’s written in the raw.
  2. Hm… I don’t know how eggs work, but do their lungs start working already while in the eggs? What about the yolk and egg whites, all those liquid in the eggs?
  3. Sound of air sucked between the teeth.

17 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Birth”

  1. About eggs, incubation, and breathing… In bird eggs, at least, there is a rather complicated system of pores in the shell that allows for gas and moisture exchange. There’s also an air space in the egg that gets bigger as the chick grows. The moisture in the egg is mostly either incorporated into the growing embryo or diffuse out of the pores on the shell. The chick starts breathing quite a while before hatching. In fact, some birds, including ducks and chickens, actually start calling while still in he egg. Apparently, this allows the whole clutch to synchronize their hatching time.

    I assume reptiles have similar adaptations, but their eggs aren’t rigid like bird’s. Anyway, all of these questions can be rendered moot by just waving your hand and saying “Dragon!” .

  2. I imagine the egg breathing works the same way breathing does while in a human womb. IIRC the yolk in a fertilized egg would become the chick, while the white was the embryonic fluid to feed, develop and cushion the youth inside. Don’t quote me on this though, I could be wrong. xD

  3. why MC acts like a jerk, weren’t everything is his fault for not having any proper and gentle attitude toward women let alone those two goddesses, for some reason I could foresee that mc will **** or at least forcefully sexual harass other females in future and conveniently push the blame on them instead of himself.

    also, why did goddess forget to turn mc’s soul into dragon, then there’s almost no point into turning him into princess dragon if he couldn’t turn into Dragon since I might as well consider him as a very strong human instead of dragon.

    1. well, the MC is delusional to begin with. And the goddesses weren’t really faultless either from what I read. It was actually their fault in the first place that the MC was born as a human and now they are trying to correct their mistake by putting the MC back into his original body that’s been in the dragon egg for twenty years, but they made a mistake again and didn’t turn his soul into that of a dragon.

    1. Too bad the Chinese novel sites don’t have the same kind of genre “tags” as we do in English. Otherwise, we would be able to tell the genres by looking at the raw, but nay, we just have to do it the hard way and find out by reading more~

  4. Thx for the chapter Silva! I assume the mc’s desire to shove his non-existent one eyed snake into the two goddesses means that at the very least we won’t have a reverse harem? Btw what gonna be the release schedule for this series if you have one already? Again thx for all your hard work even though I may not be able to help financially I can provide as much moral support as possible!

  5. This story seems really fun ! So our MC has just a op aura and the power to summon ******* lightning but just can not use his power as a dragon ^^ i’m so hypped that i want so much to read the next chapter !

    1. Although the power to summon lightning is more of a curse than a blessing for our MC 😅

      And the target of the lightning is himherself. But hey, the lightning itself is powerful enough to destroy a saint-level barrier, if she uses it properly… it might prove to be useful? Who knows xD

      1. … For some reason, I just imagined something scary… The MC chanting a chuuni-esque incantation while using some kind of trick to divert the lightning towards her enemy.

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