Chapter 16 – Lily battles Yamato’s Eight Legion · Yaiba

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3050 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1717 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Tenba Goro? That’s also a person who will die!” Yaiba coldly proclaimed.

“Tenba Goro is my adopted brother. Since you are also one of the Yamato’s Eight Legions, and we have no great hatred, I would prefer not to fight against you.” Lily was not afraid of the Yamato’s Eight Legions, but she would prefer not to become enemies with one of brother Tenba’s old comrades.

“To fight or not to fight, ask this ancient blade in my hand! Though I usually disdain killing women, your strength makes you worthy! Yamato’s Eight Legion is nothing but a boring name. Don’t worry, after I send you off, I’ll let you meet with your brother Tenba in yomi, ahahaha!!”

Raising his gleaming steel blade, his terrifyingly thick arm muscles bulged with power as the power of a throned sovereign erupted around him.

Seeing Yaiba’s intense battle intent, Lily knew that there was no room for discussion. Today, she would have a life and death battle with one of the Yamato’s Eight Legions!

Acknowledging the inevitable battle, her crimson spirit energy gushed out around her.

“To think that Tenba Goro had an adopted sister in the throne realm.” Yaiba grinned as he muttered, “Ancient Art – Flowing Blade!”

The powerful spirit energy surrounding him glowed dark red as it swirled and gathered together.

“Hah!” Letting out a shout, Yaiba charged at Lily, his speed as quick as thunder!

Boom! Lily dodged the fast heavy blade swung at her, the resulting shockwave carved through the ground and scythed through the middle of the shrine up front, collapsing it in half!

“What a heavy blow!” Lily was caught off guard, rarely did she face an opponent of equal strength with a heavier slashing power. This Yaiba’s heavy slash was more powerful than her own.

Their domains continued to grind and clash, though Lily’s had a slight advantage, it was not enough to suppress her opponent. This was only after her domain was boosted by her Unmelted Snow, otherwise she would have long been suppressed!

“As expected of one of the Yamato’s Eight Legion! A man as famous as my brother!”

However, Lily’s blade was not light either!

After flashing through the gap, Lily’s long legs stamped down forming a steady base, and delivered an immensely heavy and fast blow1!


A splendid sharp crimson blade arc was sent out, the middle of the arc shone bright with the silver lunar light, flower after flower bloomed on the sides as it flew! But the aura blade was sidestepped by Yaiba.

Crash! Lily’s heavy slash also left a deep blade scar in the ancient stone.

“A woman actually has such slashing power?” Yaiba was surprised, “Damn!”

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With a thought, suddenly several dark red spirit screens with red plum and bamboo patterns surrounded and boxed Lily in, without any delay, he chopped down at the screens.

Clang! The translucent screen was shattered as Lily’s Yasutsuna blocked Yaiba’s chop!

Her hands went numb as she endured the heavy impact and took several steps back. Yaiba’s chop was too heavy, not only did he have immense strength, his blade was also heavy!

“Master, be careful, it looks like that man is using an ancient sword style!” Kagura cautioned, “Do you need my help?”

“No, keep Kiyoko safe and keep track of that old onmyouji!” Out of respect for her adopted brother, she would face this man in single combat!

“Ancient swordsmanship…” Akimoto Hara, who she had defeated, was an ancient samurai wielding ancient swordsmanship. These ancient samurais were much more simple minded and ferocious than eastern land’s samurai. They were not afraid of death at all and were extremely battle-crazy, they would prefer to perish together than survive. As enemies, they were much more threatening than other ordinary opponents of the same strength.

And this man before her was many times stronger than Akimoto Hara!

“Ahahaha! Amazing! What will it feel like to slash into your delicate body with my blade!” Though he said such words, there was no cruelty in his eyes, only crazed battle intent!

For Yaiba, slashing people was his everything!

Dashing from side to side, another six screens appeared surrounding Lily. But how could she fall for the same skill? She quickly evaded. Quickly changing her steps and positions, she flashed through the various gaps.

“Good evasion!” Yaiba laughed!

In speed and agility, Lily was superior to Yaiba.

However, when it came to weapon speed, Yaiba was just as fast as her. Dashing in front of her, the sky went dark as he slashed down three times. Her body light and agile, Lily slid past his blows and sent a backhand blow as she retreated.

Fsst! The retreating slash left a bloodmark on Yaiba’s sturdy shoulder!

But such a tiny wound would not hamper Yaiba. With a shout, he reversed his grip and swung, sending a bright colored blade beam at Lily’s retreating form, missing once again as she bent her back horizontally, the beam just barely brushing against her chest.

Tear! The beam cut through the neckline of her miko outfit, revealing the purple Celestial Maiden Garment within. However, Yaiba was unaffected by her exposure. To him, the person in front was an opponent to slash, not a woman!

Completing a spell, the old onmyouji to the side completed an arcane arte; two entwining black purple snakes flew jaws open at Lily! Caught off guard, Lily was unable to guard, but Kagura sent the Sakura Parasol spinning in, scything through the snakes.

Surprised, the old onmyouji gaped, “What!? That blocked my low-level Spirit Arte · Black Viper?”

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Before Kagura could attack, Yaiba jumped up and landed a heavy kick to the old onmyouji’s face, sending him flying.

“If you dare interfere again, I’ll kill you!” Yaiba threatened.

“Ughh…” The kick had deformed his face and all he could do was groan holding his face, he dared not protest.

Far away, the middle aged samurai could only look and consider Yaiba a lunatic. That crazy man dealt an ally such a heavy blow!

“Kagami Lily, if I can’t kill you one-on-one, what’s the point?”

“That makes two of us.” Lily was not one who enjoyed slaughter, but her fighting spirit had been completely roused!

The beautiful maiden also had a samurai soul determined to kill!

Yaiba’s terrifying spirit power gathered, the heavens and earth blackened, the huge phantom temple trembled, the skies turned dark red and the temple cracked and crumbled into rubble. Within Yaiba’s ravaged domain, his Destruction Intent was fully displayed!

“Ancient Sword Art·Calamitous Thousand Ruins!”

Unexpectedly, Yaiba’s full powered swing sent out five blade lights! Each blade light was like a mirror reflecting the blood stained nighty sky, burning buildings could be seen within.

Five blade lights destroyed everything as they flew towards Lily in a heavenly net, it was unavoidable!

“Sakura Clad Moon·Afterglow!” Yasutsuna’s glow bloomed with flowers as Lily swung out. A crimson blade light with the power of the blood moon flew over the shrine towards the Calamitous Thousand Ruins!

Boom! An explosion enveloped the entire mountaintop.

Buildings collapsed, trees snapped, and huge boulders were sent flying to the bottom of the mountain. The gigantic mountain shook from the shockwaves.

At the foot of the mountains, the mikos and onmyouji students all thought it was an earthquake and ran out, panic and horror covering their faces as they witnessed the red light illuminating the mountain peak.

“The shrine…what happened to it?”

Inanoji of the onmyouji gang was originally drinking with his buddies in a thatched hut, but the tremors collapsed the hut and sent the wine jars crashing into the floor.

Crawling out of the hut, he looked up and saw the mountain peak illuminated with red light and surrounded by misty black light. He was shocked and puzzled.

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“Damn! Wh-what happened up there?”

On the mountaintop, Kagura used the Sakura Parasol to shield Kiyoko from the monstrous shockwave of the collision of two full powered blows from throned sovereigns.

It was as if the armies of two powerful countries had instantaneously collided in slaughter.

But, Lily’s blow was slightly weaker. After her Afterglow had been dissipated, the remaining ruined remnants of Yaiba’s Calamitous Thousand Ruins flew at her.

At this time, Lily had overexerted, and didn’t have enough space or speed to evade. She was struck head on and knocked flying, the remaining parts of her miko outfit was torn apart.

She hit the ground hard, though her Celestial Maiden Garment had defended against this attack, the immense pain caused her misery.

She endured and stood up, her beautiful form trembled incessantly. Her clothes torn and ruined, half of her shoulders were exposed and her ruined clothes revealed half of her swaying breasts, crystalline sweat trickling down the hemispheres2.

One side of her red hakama was torn off, revealing a white slender thigh. But Lily didn’t care, within that man’s eyes, there was only kill or be killed!

Yamato’s Eight Legions were frightening indeed!

Lily had reached the level of a throned sovereign, but only that of a regular sovereign. Yaiba on the other hand should have reached the late stages of sovereign power!

“To think that you’re so powerful, you can be compared to that woman in the Yamato Eight Legion, but it’s time to end this. To be able to stand up after receiving my blow, you are an opponent worthy of my attention! But even so, you still have to die!”

Lily had already been beaten into a miserable state, but Yaiba became more frenzied, even more violent power erupting from his form, his skin turning red like a burning bronze figurine. Without relenting he charged straight at her.

“Not good!” Lily had not completely recovered. Though Yaiba was not too powerful to fight, he was a magnitude stronger than her, in addition to his battle frenzy, she could not defeat him! But she didn’t have any Blood Spirit Magamatas left, though she was only lacking half of a stage, the difference was enough to be fatal!

“Looks like I can only use that power!” Lily stared at the incoming man who held battle as his existence and slashing as his life, her eyes had sadness within them.

“Once I use this power, all outsiders must die!” Her beautiful eyes turned steely with resolve3!


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