Chapter 15 – Yamato’s Eight Legions · Yaiba

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Author: Carrot Sauce Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3158 characters
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 0 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

In the darkness of the night, the young girl in a crimson white miko outfit stood there with her long hair fluttering from her spirit aura, and a hint of furious crimson in her eyes.

Terrifying spurts of blood came out from the two permanence staged samurais as their auras drained away before falling down dead.

“Miko Administrator!??” Shigeyuki had not thought Lily would actually appear! “Two permanence experts were killed in one blow? Just, just how powerful is she?”

Shigeyuki broke out in cold sweat, he knew Lily was strong, but not this strong!

However… a hint of smugness flashed through his heart, thankfully the Fujiwaras sent a true powerhouse! Lily was Ayaka’s retainer and she had opposed him during the day, this was a perfect time to eliminate her!

The burly middle aged samurai holding the scroll in one hand pointed at Lily, “Who are you?”

Ignoring him, Lily knelt down and supported Kiyoko up, “Miss Kiyoko, are you ok…”

“Miss Lily…you must retrieve that scroll, that, that’s likely one of Lady Ayaka’s important scrolls!” Kiyoko ignored her wounds, she only cared that the scroll not be taken away.

With a sweep of her spirit aura, Lily could tell that Kiyoko was not gravely injured, she was only stunned by a powerful impact.

Fwish! Kagura appeared beside Lily with a red parasol.
“Kagura, guard Kiyoko.”
“Yes, master.”

Lily stood up, her eyes coldly locking onto the three people, simultaneously detecting through her domain and spirit probe.


Of the two on the sides, the middle aged samurai was a peak permanence expert, nothing to worry about.

The elder onmyouji had just entered the throned general realm. But he was an onmyouji, who knows what strange arcane artes he might know, carelessness would not be allowed.

The one in the middle however, majestic looking with half his shoulders exposed, was an extremely powerful expert, a throned sovereign! Because his power level was close to hers, Lily could only vaguely sense his strength and could not judge how he compared to her.

The majestic man spoke up, “Little miss, that strike of yours was a bit interesting, who are you?”

“She’s the miko administrator sent by the imperial court, Kagami Lily! Lord Yaiba, she’s one of Ayaka’s people, she must be killed!” Shigeyuki pointed at Lily.

“Silence!” Yaiba shouted, “I don’t care what faction she belongs to, I took your money so I am responsible for sending this scroll to the employers house, as for who I kill depends on my mood! I only kill those I don’t like.”

After saying so, he walked to a large rock and sat down, grabbing a large cup and a wine flask and started drinking.

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“Kagami Lily!??” The others might not know, but the middle aged samurai was from Heian-kyo. Though he did not participate in the Yoshitsune Memorial, but he still knew that name.

“You, you’re that foremost genius of the younger generation, the champion of the Yoshitsune Memorial martial tournament, that Kagami Lily bestowed with the title of Imperial Inspector1!?” That middle aged samurai felt that this errand had become a hot potato.

“Oh?” Yaiba’s eyes flashed as he took a big gulp of wine, “The champion of the Yoshitsune Memorial is such a charming seductive little girl? Ahaha, interesting!”

“What!??” The second son of the Imperial Chancellor, Fujiwara no Doji was shocked, “She, she’s the champion of the Yoshitsune Memorial?”

He still remembered the scene of his gang of onmyouji being knocked flat by an airwave slash.

The middle aged samurai reminded them, “Kagami Lily is one of Ayaka’s close confidants, she must not leave here alive! Otherwise what’s the use of getting this weakness of Ayaka’s2?!”

“What?” Killing intent flashed through Lily’s eyes, that scroll is sister Ayaka’s weakness?”

“Hmph,” Lily icily sneered, “So you bunch are trying to harm Lady Ayaka? Then let us see who lives and dies!”

The middle aged samurai was nervous and worried. He knew he was not Kagami Lily’s opponent, but Yaiba and Hiroto were here, he wasn’t afraid!

“Attack!” He shouted, his spirit power flaring over his form.

At the same time, a talisman appeared within the elderly onmyouji’s hand as he chanted.

Shigeyuki shouted before chanting, “Be careful of that shikigami!”

The staff member in charge of arranging the scrolls screamed and fled after seeing the situation.

Swish! Fujiwara no Doji grabbed a kodachi from his belt and flung it at the staff’s back.

“Ah!!” That person fell to the ground dead.

“Hmph, all outsiders who know of this must die!” Young as he was, Doji was ruthless.

“Hah!” Shouting, the middle aged samurai struck, sending a powerful blade light scything through the ground at Lily.

Looking at the attack in contempt, Lily reached out, Unmelted Snow shining with spirit energy on her slender white arm.

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The heavens and earth changed, huge cherry blossom trees appeared and a splendid beautiful aura appeared in the night sky, the wind blew as the trees swayed, and countless cherry blossom petals danced in the sky like a blizzard.

The swirling cherry blossom storm slammed into the blade light and easily annihilated it!

“What!???” The group was shocked at the result!

The full powered strike of a peak permanence expert was so easily extinguished by the domain? That woman did not even have to raise a weapon to block!??

Lily had long wanted to test the enhancement of her domain treasure, the power of her Unmelted Snow.

But the result surpassed her imagination, under the enhancement of Unmelted Snow, her domain, Sakura Blizzard, had a power surpassing that of a peak permanence!

“Hmph, since it’s like that…” Killing intent filled her eyes.

Several cherry blossom blades appeared surrounding the group and flew at them from all directions!

Slash! Pfft!!!
“Agh!! Oof!!”

Fujiwara no Doji and Shigeyuki let out screams as they were instantly grinded into pieces by the cherry blossom blades.

Even though the middle aged samurai defended with his all, he was mercilessly struck by several blades. Terrifying wounds deeper than the full powered strike of a peak permanence expert littered his body.

Collapsing onto a knee, he vomited blood.

That throned general old onmyouji had hastily pulled out a life-saving treasure, forming a barrier that barely blocked Lily’s blows.

As for Yaiba, his powerful shoulder only had a thin bloodstained line, but his winecup had been slashed in half. He held the remaining half of the winecup with a wild mad grin.

“What…cough…” the middle aged samurai bled while staring at Lily in shock, “Just your domain killed Lord Shigeyuki and…and…”

“Kagami Lily, do you know what you did!?? You killed the Imperial Chancellor’s son3! How dare you! My grandson, that was my grandson…”

The elder onmyouji went mad, he pulled out several talismans radiating an extraordinary aura and flung them at Lily. The talisman surged into the sky and turned into vicious ghosts, all of them were peak permanence staged shikigami!

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“Pointless.” She didn’t bother moving, but only guided her domain. The cherry blossoms converged on the ghosts.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Ghost after ghost rushed at Lily, but were surrounded and ground into pieces by the cherry blossom blades. They screamed in despair, unable to get close to Lily.

The skies were dark and snow fluttered around.

Not a single peak permanence ghost was able to get within five meters of Lily before being extinguished by her domain! The bodies of the ghosts littered the shrine as the flowing black blood became a river!

“What!???” The elder onmyouji turned pale, “Those were all peak permanence ghost shikigami! They all died in a single clash against this woman’s domain!? This, this is impossible! Even if she is the champion of the Yoshitsune Memorial, how could she have such a terrifying domain!”

Countless cherry blossom blades flew at him, though he was able to defend using various arcane barriers, his spirit energy was being consumed.

“Kagami Lily, let’s see how long you can maintain such a powerful domain!”

Looking at him, Lily leisurely raised her hand, a single cherry blossom landing in her palm, “How long? If I want it to snow for several days, it should be no problem.”

“What!??” His face turned desperate and gray, “You, you must be joking…”

Waving her hand, several cherry blossom blades slashed through the middle aged samurai’s hand.

“Ah—!” Clutching his trembling hand, the scroll he had held was knocked flying.

With a mental summon, the scroll flew into her hand.

Once the scroll arrived in her hand, the scroll’s aura was transmitted into her palm. For some reason, the aura brought a sense of darkness and mystery…it was as if…as if she had encountered this feeling before.

She didn’t need to open this scroll to determine that it was related to Ayaka!

“Lord Yaiba! Help!” The old onmyouji cried out.

Smiling, Yaiba threw his broken cup, “Hmph, as expected, this woman is an eyesore.”

He stood up, his eyes glowing coldly in the night and sneered.

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Boom!!! An incomparably powerful wild aura flared out, the sky behind him turned pitch black and broken ancient temple phantoms appeared.

Yaiba had deployed his domain, Acorus Calamus Soul4!

The dilapidated and desolate ancient shrine phantoms collided with Lily’s Sakura Blizzard and clashed for a while, before slowly receding. Lily’s domain had the upper hand!

“Kagami Lily, this name, I feel like I’ve heard it before…but to think you can compete against my Acorus Calamus soul, looks like I can’t treat you as an ordinary woman! Otherwise, I might be in danger.” Yaiba’s tone had no fear, it only had the excitement of the upcoming battle.

“Kagami Lily, your end is here! How can your little accomplishments compare to one of the Yamato’s Eight Legions, Lord Yaiba! For our lord’s sake, you shall be eliminated!”

The middle aged samurai recalled that so many deals had been wrecked by this woman and not Ayaka!

Lily could feel Yaiba’s strength and dared not be careless. Lifting Yasutsuna, she asked, “Yaiba? You are one of Yamato’s Eight Legions?”

“It’s just a boring title some guys gave.” he grinned, “For me, slashing someone is enough!”

“Do you know Tenba Goro?” Lily continued to ask.


  1. Robinxen: It’s good to have an enemy in the know for once.
  2. Robinxen: Death warrant signed and dated.
  3. Robinxen: Good thing she has an Imperial title.
  4. Robinxen: Dude’s a chuuni.

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